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MAULANA ZAINUL ABIDEEN AZMI, President of Jamia Mazahirul Uloom's Hadees Department, a religious scholar and an authority on the science of Hadees on which he worked and wrote extensively died in his ancestral home in Mau (Azamgarh) in the last week of April at the age of 80 years. Author of many books he also translated Tazkira Ulama-e Hadees, a book in Persian into simple Urdu language. He was also closely associated with Darul Uloom Deoband.   IMTEYAZ AHMAD KHAN, retired IAS officer who held many important posts in Indian government like Secretary, ministry of finance, NDMC chairman, Chairman of Delhi Waqf Board etc died in Delhi last month (April). He was also closely associated with Madrasa Imteyazul Uloom which is named after him.   SIKANDAR AHMAD, noted poet, critic and man of letters died of heart attack in Bhopal on 5 May. He was a famous critic and author of the new generation.