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Mahajabeen: an icon of courage and commitment

Mahajabeen, a physically challenged girl from Almatti, near Bagalkote in Karnataka, has joined MD (dermatology) course in Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore recently. People in the small town of Almatti are saluting the courage of a challenged girl who is excelling in medical education despite all odds.

After securing third rank in CET, the college has opened doors for her admission; but she is facing the biggest hurdle of her life. It is simply impossible for her family to provide huge finance required for her education at this stage. It is estimated that rupees 15 lakh is required as fee and other expenditures to complete her three years course.

Mahajabeen’s father Saheb Patel narrated the story of upbringing her with joy and sorrow. While he was very happy to see his disabled child climb to such heights, his eyes could not control tears. He recalled a night when Mahajabeen was three years old. He had taken her to Ankola in Maharashtra where the family was staying in a relative’s home. In the midnight, Saheb Patel suddenly woke up and was shocked after noticing that his wife and child were not at the place where they were sleeping. In desperation, he rushed out in search of the duo. Stunned, he found that his wife with the child was going to jump in the sea to end their lives. He said, “I held my wife and consoled her. I told her to have faith in Almighty. Almighty is with this child. She will be successful in her life”.

When Mahajabeen was three years old, she had high fever. Her father was not at home. Her mother took her to a doctor who turned out to be a quake. This man administered her an injection in the thigh resulting in the loss of her limb. Noting this, he gave another injection making her disabled with both legs. Her father recalled, “At the age of five while crawling with two powerless legs she would ask us to admit her in school. We admitted her to a government school. She could not attend school regularly but surprisingly, would score good marks. She passed SSLC with distinction. A local politician B.P. Patil helped her to get admission in one of the prestigious PU College of Dharwad. With full encouragement from her teachers and with her dedicated efforts, she secured third rank in CET and got admission in Karnataka Medical College, Hubli.”

When she got admission in MBBS, she had a desire to get her legs operated and have artificial limbs, so that she could stand with support and perform practices in labs. A surgery was performed but it failed to restore strength in the limbs. She passed MBBS with distinction. Now, she is the post-graduate student of MD (Cosmetology and Venereal diseases) at Father Muller Hospital, Mangalore. (Syed Tanveer Ahmed,