Special Reports

Yaqub Bhai Zinga: NRI philonthropist

Ahmedabad: Yaqub Bhai Ibrahim Bhai Zinga, an NRI settled in Preston (Britain), is a trustee of North West Relief Trust which has been spending huge sums for humanitarian causes. It began operating when Gujarat was devastated by an earthquake in 2001. Since then the trust has been offering support not only to victims in Gujarat but every where in the country. Yaqub Bhai is the secretary of the trust.

Among the beneficiaries are the victims of 2002 carnage. He not only provided houses but also supported them with ration kits. Thousands of cataract patients received surgery support. He has also been instrumental in getting mass marriage programmes arranged. In addition, destitutes and widows / divorcee’s were assisted with sewing machines. Food kits to the needy are provided to many during the Ramadhans.

In several charitable hospitals dialysis machines have been provided. The volunteers of the trust visit India, at their own cost, to assess the needs of distressed people. Persons in rural areas have been provided with lorries (four wheeler hand carts) for carrying out small trades. Trust activities cover Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Assam.