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Jamia Hamdard  One of the reputed Universities of India, Jamia Hamdard, cheated its MBA aspirants candidates. Firstly, they informed just on 26th April about GD & PI for MBA course admission which was to be held on 28th April. The question is: how can a candidate attend the GD & PI on 28th April if he/she is living hundreds of kilometres away from Delhi or is Jamia Hamdard is interested only in NCR region candidates? Secondly, SBI had announced 2-3 months in advance the date for its prestigious Probationary Officer exam to be held on 28th April which almost every graduate candidate had applied for. Now the question is: whether Jamia Hamdard is interested in depriving the Muslim minority candidates from SBI PO exam or from taking admission in Jamia Hamdard. I just cant understand their policy Mohammad Zaki Naeem, Kumarganj, Faizabad, zakistar555@gmail. com   Online abuse Online abuse, particularly aimed at women seems to be accelerating in our country. Online threats are reportedly the most typical provocation to violence against women. As per the study conducted by Internet Democracy Project (IDP), the verbal online abuse in India against women is simply on a rise. It said that to be a woman online is just like “to be a woman walking the streets of an Indian city, town or village - is to transgress an unwritten law of patriarchy; to cross over into a space that isn’t meant to be yours. The IDP study found that women faced being called names and abuses online, getting their defaced pictures posted online and receiving threats, etc. The trigger however could be anything from a tweet on rape, to a blog on a politician or a peace process, or even on inoffensive issues and pictures. The grim reality is that so far Indian streets were considered unsafe for women but now women online too are exposed to abuse. It’s high time that the bane of a patriarchal society is put to rest and offenders are punished and sexual harassment be curbed in the nation. Mohd Zeyaullah Khan,Nagpur - 440013   Momin Conference I just came across an article titled ‘Merger of all factions of the Momin Conference’ published in your magazine (issue 1-15 May 2013) where wrong information about Jb. Muhammad Wazir Ansari sb. has been presented. He is not a retired IPS officer. In fact currently he is serving as an Additional Director General of Police (ADG) and has joined MAEF on deputation from Chhattisgarh. Would request Mr. N. A. Ansari (Author of this article) to correct his facts and must verify such important information before writing about such officers in future. I also request you to please correct this in your next issue if possible. Mohd. Shahanshah Ansari MG: Thank you for correcting us. We are sorry for this human error. Mr M Wazir Ansari is a well-known figure and we know that he is a serving IPS officer on deputation to MAEF. Your mail will be published in the next issue as a correction (Editor).   Heart breaking news from Karnataka More than 20 organizations of the so-called Muttahda Mahaz sent a circular that Mahaz which comprises JIH, SIO, Jamyet Ulama, Ahle Hadith etc has recommended only 12 candidates to give votes to Congress. It is nothing short of slavery of Congress. In Gulbarga, a candidate Mr. Abdul Hameed from WPI was contesting against one sitting MLA Mr. Qamarul Islam. After the declaration of Muttahda Mahaz, Mr. Hameed was stunned. How JIH of Karnataka can support Congress instead of Welfare Party of India? It clearly indicates that JIH has not freed itself from the clutches Congress. It has preferred its own interests over the interests of the Millat-e-Islamia. We have been blaming Jamiat that it is the born slave of Congress, now the JIH is also walking on the footprints of Jamiat. Jamaate Islami knows better the tyrannies of Congress since independence. Thousands of riots took place. The inclusion of SIO is also questionable. It is purely a student organization. It should not indulge in politics. Their main purpose at this stage only to study well and pray Allah five times -- that’s all. It seems the Congress had pressed JIH to take it in its fold and support Congress. I had suggested to JIH long back to relocate its headquarters from Delhi to Kerala but the party bosses declined to accept my suggestion. Now they bound to oblige the ruling party on some petty conditions. The president and secretary should resign either from the JIH or from WPI. This hypocrisy does not tally with Islamic tenets. Dr AH Maqdoomi Gulbarga   Margaret Thatcher I read tributes to Mrs. Margaret Thatcher by certain prominent personalities. In this context, I beg to invite your kind attention about the matter published in various periodicals. I reproduce the relevant portion of the said article, editorial hereunder for favour of kind information and ready reference: “I met Mrs. Margaret Thatcher for the first time when I was India’s envoy at London in 1990. At that time, she was counting on her achievement including the triumph of cold war. I sent her a congratulatory message for having vanquished the Communist ideology. But, she said she had even bigger enemies to defeat and mentioned Islam. I have also wondered whether stirrings in the Islamic world were the doing of great Britain. (Eminent journalist Kuldip Nayar in The Stateman, Kolkata of 11th April 2013). “She was elected to a safe Conservative seat in Finchley, with a large Jewish population, with whom she developed a long term association and became an ardent supporter for Israel. Her proximity to the Jewish community was later demonstrated by the disproportionate number of Jewish minister in her cabinets.” (Mr. Ahmed J Versi, editor of Muslim News, UK, in his editorial for the month of April 2013). Sir, her death on April 8 2013 was mourned by world leaders and rich tributes were offered to her but I cannot join in offering tributes to Margaret Hilda Roberts Thatcher. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani,Rajkot Gujarat   Conspiracy to target Muslim women Earlier Mumbai police had issued a circular blaming “Girl’s Islamic organization Earlier Mumbai police had issued a circular blaming “Girl’s Islamic organization”, the wing of Jamat-e-Alami hind for “brain washing and training girls for Jihad”. This false and baseless allegation was condemned by Jamaat and Muslim community. A delegation of Jamaat led by its president met additional police commissioner Naval Bajaj and asked him to prove the false allegation or apologise in writing failing which a defamation suit would be filed in the court. After some days home minister R. R. Patil told Maharashtra Assembly on 15/04/2013 “women suicide squads are being trained to carry out terror attacks in Mumbai, pune and other major cities in the state. He further said wireless message is sent to police officers of Maharashtra to remain onhigh alert. According to official sources among other measures security officials have been instructed to remain on the look out for women wearing scarves. Infact it is R. R. Patil’s conspiracy to defame and target the entire Muslim community of India particularly Muslim girls and women. R. R. Patil’s Home Deptt has done maximum damage to Muslims by falsely implicating innocent Muslim boys in bomb blast cases. Now R. R. Patil is conspiring to implicate innocent Muslim girls and women. I am writing to sharad pawar, praful patel etc to dismiss anti-Muslim and anti-dalit R. R. patil, failing which the N. C. P. will pay heavy price in elections.     G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara - 441904 (Maharashtra)   Why military and para-military force don’t reveal DATA Though Congress constituted Sachar committee only to engage Muslims and not let Muslim hopes die as it is proved in the UPA tenures of governance, Para-military and military forces denied to give datas about persons working and presence of Muslims among them. Military and paramilitary must have conveyed some reasons but other reason can be derived from the award ceremony held at Moinul Haq stadium in Patna on 12 April in which 9 officers rank and 13 junior rank of inspectors (total 22) awarded for outstanding work. No Muslim name appeared. This is the hidden reason behind not divulging the datas of military and para military forces.                  S. Haque, Patna   The Indian Bravado To kill an old Pakistani detainee was not bravery. But the brave activists made a soft target and killed Sanaullah who was in jail for 15 years. According to Islamic philosophy he attained the privilege of martyr and entered into Heaven. This was a chock let for Sikh community. But the brave Sikh will not admit this a brave act to kill a jailed and old person. The government wanted that the Sikh should come out openly against Pakistan and also China. The Pakistanis are more brave ten terrorist can enter in a motor boat and create mayhem in Mumbai and kill 160 innocent people along with the 3 major ATS officers. If Indians were really brave they would retaliate and kill some 200 Pakistanis in Karachi. The world would have praised the Indian action. Now there is a great challenge from China. It has intruded 320 kms In Ladakh. The Indian commanders are in doldrums what to do. The commander in chief is also a Sardarji but he cannot go ahead unless the defence minister orders him. The defence minister has to take cabinet nod. The cabinet cannot give a nod unless the higher caste lobby permits. This lobby is thinking to make use of so called mechanism devised by Salman Khursheed.      Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   China and India It is heartening that China has withdrawn from its latest incursions in Ladakh. India’s tactical move to take up positions on the Chinese side as a counter measure appears to have worked for now. But, the Indian establishment shouldn’t live in the delusion thatChina would never do it again as the latter has been claiming Ladakh as a part of its territory since a very long time. The opportunity lost by the two Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Zhou Enlai to resolve the dispute had led to a purposeless war in 1962. The two countries cannot afford another war in the present milieu, as both the nations have nuclear capability. It is high time the Indian leadership engaged with China with diplomacy and resolved the long pending dispute over MacMohan line and Aksai Chin. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar famously said: “Boundary-marking is the task of a surveyor; boundary-making is the task of a statesman”.        Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A, P)   Conspiracy ostracizing Muslim women organisations From the conduct and Muslim crushing policies of central and various state governments’ agenda all the so-called secular governments including congress bestowed home portfolios to the communal or anti Muslim crazy ministers having direct or indirect link with RSS and its policies and ideology. It is quite clearly evident that Maharashtra Home Minister Mr. RR. Patil though for name sake is the representative of national congress party headed by Mr. Sharad Pawar, physically, are concerned proving his malevolent and Hindutva ideology as far Muslim various agencies including Maharashtra Police under him. It is to be noted that most openly communal mined police officials are entrusted with the job to every thing possibly to crush Muslims specially youths in the name of anti-National activities and terrorism thus put them behind the bars for years together with no relief even after ten to fifteen years. During this period they have to face all sorts of inhuman treatments on one hand and go on applying all attrocities, attacks, hooliganism including killings, murdering, looting and raping by the people under the umbrella of police protection. Now the same Home Minister not satisfying with his all ill- motivated actions through his police, came forward with the new story of women suicide squads ready to target Mumbai, Pune other major cities of Maharashtra. The written statement made by him before the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly in reply to the related question of two members made in the month of January this year the Honourable minister stated before the August assembly of the members that soon after inputs of the central intelligent, state government has taken counter measure in this regard and directed the chiefs of state and railway police and other security forces to remain on high alert to meet the new challenge. It is to be noted that all the inputs till the time about the terrorist attack either on eve of national celebrations or Hindu congregations like kumbh mela and others proved totally false as the same happened to be made at the instance of Israel or US or both as they want to kept on India disturbing in all the way so that them may continue their interference in the internal affairs of the country to achieve their endless nefarious objects. According to the Hon’ble home minister, the terrorist squade women got trained in Pakistan and ready to sneak in our country but failed to explain how it is possible in the wake of strict vigilances and tight security at the borders. Faheemuddin, Nagpur What are they doing against barbarous vulgarity? They, the people, the govt. administration judiciary and especially the woman folk against showing and seeing of blue films, semi-naked scenes on TV screens and in news papers, women walking voluptuously on public roads exhibiting their charms? Indeed what The Holy Qur’an says is coming true that the human being which was created as the nicest creation (Ahsane Taqweem) is turning into ‘Asfalas Saafileen’ (lowest degree) The Satan (devil) is deviating the worse than animal masses by drawing them towards egotist games and plays. Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392 150   The Politics of Hate Election time has come. The leaders of India and Pakistan have started speaking in terms of rhetoric. Slogans and counter slogans continue. Leaders of both the countries are trying to persuade the voters by adapting different techniques. However, the technique which is common among the politicians of both the nations that they love to play the politics of hate. No wonder what is going to be the impact of their hate politics on the citizens of their countries? Unfortunately, selecting Ajmal Kessab and Afzal Guru for execution from a long list of condemned prisoners in India is one example oft his hate politics. The Congress government executed them keeping in mind Hindutva vote bank and to corner BJP in the coming election. One must condemn Pakistani government’s failure to protect Sarabjit in the prison. At the same time, deadly attack on Haqin Jammu Jail must also be denounced. Mohammed Shahid Kamal KKU, Khamis Mushait, KSA   Book on Syed Shahabuddin I heartily congratulate PA Inamdar for publishing a book on Syed Shahabuddin. This book is very timely and correct rebuttal to the people who levelled charges of communalism and impotency on Syed Shahabuddin. Indeed after demolishing Babri Masjid there were attempts by Brahminical forces to demolish Muslim leadership too by blaming them for all the weakness of the community. Almost on a regular basis, there had been items in the media calling Shahabuddin as separatist, opportunist and ‘modern Jinnah etc. The Hindutva forces could see awakening among the Muslims because of Shahabuddin’s increasing popularity and his genuine constitutional demands. Shahabuddin was able to show the ratio and data of Muslim’s deprivation. He was inviting Muslims to see and find their faces in the governance, in the legislation, in the judiciary, in the bureaucracy and their share in the development of the country. He dreamt of reservation for backward among Muslims, which was considered synonym to demanding another partition those days. Today even BJP, in principle, accepts affirmative action for backward Muslims. Some of the states have endorsed certain percentage of reservation for backward Muslims. The centre too is considering extending this benefit to backward Muslims.  The book substantiates the fact that Syed Shahabuddin had been a truly and unparrally visionary Muslim leader, who had all along been pleading that the problem of Muslims should be given a place on, as he puts it, the “national agenda”. He raised the genuine grievances of Muslims and their legitimate aspirations but within the context of a secular order and with a nationalist motive. He encouraged participation, not separatism, quest for a solution within and not outside the system, cooperation, and not confrontation. There is hardly any leader or intellectual, Muslim or non-Muslim, who opposed and exposed Hindutva forces with such strong force as Syed Shahabuddin. I can’t agree more than what Sayid Hamid had once commented: ‘Some years ago Syed Shahabuddin was the best to lead (Muslims). But people did not support him’ (Milli Gazette, 1-15 July, 2001)                 M Naushad Ansari, Patna (Bihar) ruby.    Hinduism is not a religion I have read with interest the letter “Hinduism is not a religion” by Mohammad Azam (MG, 1-15 May) and wanted to write a few lines on it. The word “Hindu” does not appear in the ancient scripture like Vedas and Puranas. Renowned international Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik says that the word “Hindu” indicates a geographical area and the people living in that area are called “Hindus” but not a faith. The area is Sindhu now situated in Pakistan. In his famous book “The Discovery of India” by Jawaharlal Nehru tells that Hinduism means a people but not the followers of a particular religion. Passing his comment on Hinduism he further says “Hinduism, as a faith is vague, amorphous many-sided, all things to all men. It is hardly possible to define it or indeed to say definitely whether it is a religion or not in the usual sense of the word. In its present form or even in the past, it embraces many beliefs and practices from the highest to the lowest, often opposed to or contradicting each other. Its essential spirit seems to be to live and let live.                              Muhammad Abdus Samad, P. B College, Gauripur                   abdussamad834@gmail. com   Terror victims Following seial blasts in Varanasi, Faizabad and Lucknow, on Dec 22 2007 the special task force [as it happens after every terror attack] rounded up two Muslim young men, Tariq Qasmi and Khaled Mujahid ostensibly from Bara Banki railways station. The task force also dubbed them as members of the banned HUJI [Harkat-ul-Jehad Islami]. Recently the UP government had to release these young men following the report of the Justice Nimesh commission appointed by Mayawati in 2008. This commission concluded that the two Muslim young men were abducted by police from two different places, detained illegally for days, tortured and beaten up before being jailed. The Justice Nimesh commission also recommended action against the police officer involved in the abduction and the illegal detention. The BJP leader Kalyan Singh has been quick to dub the release of innocent Muslims as blatant example of Muslim appeasement. He is warning the people of UP that “this government is not going to release just Tariq Qasmi Khaledand Khaled Mujahid but also all the other terrorists lodged in jail. “ He also called this release the betrayal of the people of UP. Is this not poisoning the minds of people against a particular community? Doesn’t the Section 153/A of IPC deal with promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion…. and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony? Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054 drmookhi@hotmail. com