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MG I am a fan of MG since its inception for its mind-boggling articles in the true colours. I always look forward to receive every copy with eagerness and anxiety. I enjoy every bit of MG particularly Islamic perspective and rejoinder-opinion-letters with profound interest. I pray the Almighty “LONG LIVE MG” Mohammad Azam, Karimnagar (AP)   Fatwa hype is a media creation In his front page article Deoband fatwa and media politics (MG 1-15 June 2010), The Milli Gazette editor, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan has rightly indicated towards the ill-willed media politics to brand every aspect of Islamic life as illogical and irrelevant. This is not a new media plot to ridicule Muslims and to show them in poor light. With few exceptions, most newspapers and news TV channels have been trying to peep in Muslim households and trigger unnecessary debate over their religious affairs. I had watched the debate over the said fatwa on a national channel wherein the programme anchor was seen thrashing a point on those favouring the fatwa and trying to explain its details. A Bollywood lyricist who has spent most part of his life in composing romantic lines than in studying or practicing Islam was called to illuminate on the relevance of such fatwas. I wonder if an unlettered rustic would rush to a first class engineer to check what’s wrong with his fast-failing health or a medical professional. How could our national media houses appear to be so ignorant of the fact whether any issue related to Islamic practice needs to be asked to a scholar of Islamic disciplines who has devoted his life to its cause or to someone who seldom finds time to read the Quran and the huge body of hadith and Islamic literature? Muslims like other communities may lavish high praise on Khan actors for their superb acting, but no one would appreciate it if any one of them tries to teach them what’s lawful and prohibited in Islam. The value or necessity of a fatwa or religious edict for a practicing Muslim is similar to what a particular medicine is for a patient suffering from a particular disease. Whether the patient wants to apply the medicine or not depends on his/her personal choice. Islam is a complete way of life where a woman’s chastity is highly valuable. A woman in Islam has her individual identity and thus she can go on with the daily routine of her life so far as it does not affect her modesty. But it does not allow her to enter the demoralized world of fashion or a freewheeling work atmosphere wherein she becomes a plaything in the hands of perverted male or is chased by prying eyes. Manzar Imam, New Delhi   Deoband fatwa a gameplan of media This is with reference to the wonderful report by Zafarul Islam Khan MG (1-15) June 2010, which is an eye opener for all the readers that how the media is playing a dirty game with religion on Islamic fatwa which is totally distorted. As per Quran Islam does not encourage free mixing between sexes, which can be seen in almost all the western countries and the result is wrecked women who sell their bodies for few bucks and resorting in abandoning illegitimate children and many more evils can be seen in the society. Islam strictly prohibits. It has been noticed that some newspapers like Indian express June 3, 2010 edition wrote ‘’threat to fundamental rights and Deoband fatwa is unconstitutional’ is untrue, unwarranted and baseless. Such distorted articles will not help the society but deeply hurts the sentiments of Muslims in India and abroad. Mohammad Azam, Karimnagar(AP)   News about UPSC topper I’m very new reader of "Milli Gazette". I read about the Kashmiri youth topped in UPSC in 16-31 May edition of MG. He really made his family, society and community very much proud. Particularly I was very much surprised to know that only 2.4 percent Muslims have passed the exam whereas Muslim population share is nearly 14 percent. What surprised me the most as how the news or matter is published and what language used for this. In the article we have shown that only 2.4 percent candidates were selected out of 14 percent population, but do we have any data showing that how many Muslims appeared in the exam? Where do we stand in education level? The article gives very negative impression to Muslim youth rather than motivating Muslim youths to prepare for competitions ahead. I request you to please publish that are stunning as well as motivating for youth. Be positive! Faisal Khan   Union Carbide This refers to the recent controversy regarding the Union Carbide case. A section of media has sought to attack the Supreme Court particularly former CJI Justice Ahmadi. The diatribe is wholly unfair. It is no longer a secret that it was the investigating agency that colluded with the culprits at the behest of the government and political establishment. We have already seen that justice was buried in the case of culprits indicted by Sri Krishna Commission and in the case of Hashimpura massacre with the connivance of police as well as by the corrupt and dishonest political establishment. Syed Khurshid Anwar, Allahabad   Tussle over Jamia Millia’s minority character Recently Supreme Court passed a verdict that minority has right to establish own education institution and government cannot pose hindrance because Indian Constitution allows itose hi.But secular (so-called) Congress snatched minority character of Jamia Millia University. Muslims opposed the govt. step and when demanded to reinstate its minority character. The HRD Minister, Kapil Sibal said on 14 May that “the government intention is to maintain the historical character of Jamia Millia Islamia and not to accord minority status there to”Mr. Kapil Sibal could not have won on Congress without Muslim votes but the mentality of Congress is to push Saffron agenda that is to strip off Muslim education. Like VHP has been protesting against starting of AMU campus at Kishanganj.The Prime Minister accepted at the Pc of UPA- II one year completion that Muslims are lagging behind in education. One the other hand Congress pushing Saffron agenda. This is the character of secular Congress to deny Muslim educational institution of minority character. S. Haque, Ptana   Massacres, Law and the leaders When I was studying in Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulema, my English teacher was delivering the lecture on history of massacres and injustice. In a reply of a question, that in today’s world, such massacre is possible, he said that there is less possibility that any community or any nation to be punished collectively in today’s atmosphere because Media is active, Human rights organizations have much powers and entire countries in the world have signed the charter of the United Nations to respect International Law and will check the violation of human rights if it occurs. If such incident takes place in any of the country, United Nations and other Human right organizations will take strong action to prevent such massacre. After that, years have passed, and one question always strikes my mind that was my teacher right? Is it possible that such incident should be stopped immediately? Nevertheless, some massacres proved that analyzing of my teacher was wrong and my doubts turned into reality. After few years, in India, in 1992, Babri Mosque was razed the land for which Muslims made all sacrifices, had narrowed on them in all over India, in mostly city Muslims were fleeing to save their lives. Despite the activeness of Media and existing of Human rights organizations, Muslims in entire country were on target by the Hindu right wing activists and sometimes by the police. History tells that, entire culprits and offenders of the law still are free. After this cold blooded murder of Indian constitution by a so-called political party and Hindutva activists, in 2002, once again entire world witnessed the pogrom of Gujarat. The then central government and State government of Gujarat played a Holy with Muslims blood to strengthen their vote banks. Everything was happening at this time, was being telecasted by Media as live, but what happened. Muslims butchered, their homes looted and set on fire. Everyone tried to save his life was put on fire. Majority of people who killed in this pogrom was Muslims and majority of people who killed in police firing was Muslims. However, what happened. No need to say that, culprits where they gone, and why security forces turn blind eye from killers and rapists? They were free at the time of pogrom and they are now free to do more Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi, Saudi Arabia   The Real Face of Terrorism in India The veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar writes in his popular weekly column “Between the Lines” (Lokmat Times, Nagpur, dt. 13 May, ‘10) “in fact, India has discovered to its horror that there is a network of Hindu Taliban as well. They are connected with RSS and said to be responsible for the bomb-blasts at Ajmer Dargah, Hyderabad Makka Masjid, Malegaon, Goa and Samjhauta Express. He further writes that BJP-run Rajasthan and M.P. governments have been safe sanctuary for Hindu outfits. “Hindu Jagran Manch” from Indore is considered by Maharashtra Police responsible for Malegaon blast which killed 37 Muslims. Top Police officer Hemant Karkare is alleged to have been eliminated by Hindu extremists when he had collected certain leads on the devolvements of Hindu organisations, in the attacks across the country”. An interview of S.M. Mushrif, former I.G. Police Maharashtra, author of scholarly volumous book, “Who Killed Karkare, Real Face of Terrorism in India,” by Times of India,” Nagpur was published on its front page on 4 January, 2010. Mr. Mushrif told TOI that Ram Pradhan Committee Report was a distorted and incomplete version of the facts. He demanded a highest level re-investigation into the 26/11 incidents. He said he had highlighted in his book how former ATS Chief Hemant Karkare was killed in conspiracy hatched by Intelligence Bureau (IB) to pave way for the appointment of favoured K.P. Raghuvanshi as ATS Chief to thwart investigations against Hindu terrorists Lt. Col. Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Dayanand Pande etc. who were involved in Malegaon blast of 2006. He alleged that Raghuvanshi was brought into shield the “big names” that were surfacing in connection with “Hindu terrorism.” Mushrif claimed that Karkare’s death was an outcome of saffron forces colluding with IB. My book clearly exposed how IB conducted a parallel operation to kill Karkare in the lane of Rangbhavan. The modus operandi of the Pakistani terrorists at Taj-Oberio-Trident was completely different from the one at Cama and Rangbhavan lanes. I have found out at least eleven harsh contrasting elements in two operations. There were media reports corroborated by top government official about how the terrorists were speaking in Marathi at Cama. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) - 441904   Rarely used term Hindutva terrorist becomes common It was indeed refreshing to have noticed in TOI’s editorial (4th June, second part) the almost untouchable rather abandoned word ‘Hindutva Terrorists’. To be honest, I have not yet seen or read this word in any of the Mainstream Print Media’s editorial. It must be seen, as expected, as an unbiased and rational approach of the responsible media towards terrorism. It is also an indication of the fact that mainstream media, belatedly though, realised that, apart from other terrorisms, the country is facing the danger from ‘Hindu terrorism’ too. Mushtaque Madni, Editor usool, Pune.   Fate of Afzal Guru All the kind and tender hearted persons of our Indian society should mourn on the plight and predicament of Afzal Guru, the parliament attack convict. It is a wonder that his application for mercy is yet to reach the president of India even after laps of four years. It clearly denotes that there is an authority which is more supreme than the Supreme Court and the president of India on its behest Afzal’s application was kept under pending. As it was not the prima facie case fighters the Supreme Court had listened the case. There was also that the buzz that the BJP was the actual master mind for the attack on the Parliament, Ms Arundhati Roy had claimed that the attack was the brain child of BJP. In view of all these allegations the hidden bodes of Congress party kept the mercy petition in cold storage till 4 years. They might have the impression that the Supreme Court judges might have been influenced rather they have been ‘ordered’ to pass the death sentence against Guru. The BJP made number of demonstration to implement the punishment earnestly DAL MEIN KUCH KALA HAYE. As Afzal said he was very much disturbed by the delay in hanging. He got more severe punishment by living in confinement for four years due to delay in execution. After so much politicizing the case and inflicting pain and torture to an Indian citizen the real justice is aptly to acquit him honourably. This justified judgment will go a long way in winning the hearts of Kashmiries. I request the Good Bosses of Congress not to as cruel as those of BJP bosses Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga II This refers to this week reports in prominent print media that the Supreme Court of India (SCI) sources has told the media that Afzal Guru (a native of Kashmir and sentenced to death in Parliament terrorist attack case) has been approaching Supreme Court for various relieves but SCI has told him that SCI has become non-functus in his case hence he should now approach the President of India regarding mercy petition and appropriate government authorities for other matters, moreover from Afzal there is no petition pending in SCI. No doubt on the face of it SCI’s stand sounds logical and unexceptional. But if the reports in media that Afzal Guru’s objections in curative petition also were that – “[he was denied a fair trial in the Sessions court as the judge failed to follow the procedure laid down by the Delhi Legal Aid Rules]” and the summary dismissal as SCI did in curative petition by saying that "there is no merit" in his curative petition. Then Afzal still has one option to move SCI under article 32 read with article 21 & 13 of the Constitution of India. But Afzal will not be able to invoke Article 32 because now a days SCI has rendered Article 32 meaningless in the garb of ‘Curative petition” which is unconstitutional. Therefore Afzal should first of all challenge the constitutional validity of “Curative Petition” and get it removed from the statute and then move SCI U/A 32 and should insist in that writ petition that SCI gives a speaking order on the point raised by him that – “[he was denied a fair trial in the Sessions court as the judge failed to follow the procedure laid down by the Delhi Legal Aid Rules]”. Hem Raj Jain, Greater NOIDA   Dear Mr. Praveen Swami In connection with your article, Kashmir: pessimism may be good news, I want to pose you some important and fundamental questions: 1) Do you think any moral values are involved in making Kashmir as colony of India? 2) It is a Muslim majority state with a separate history and geography. Will its people fully accept the rule of India and abide by the Indian constitution? 3) Do you hope that the insurgency in Kashmir will end soon? Even after laps of sixty years it is being continued unabated. What are the reasons? 4) Do you have any statistics about the casualties occurred due to insurgency in the state, What is the number of jawans killed so far and what is the number of army officers killed in cross firing of militants. 5) On whom you put the responsibility of these deaths? 6) How many crores of rupees India is spending on the Kashmir every day? And what benefit it is fetching out of annexing Kashmir 7) Did you ever meet the widows and orphans of the army men who were killed in Kashmir. What is their plight and sufferings? 8) Do they opine that Kashmir should be a part of India? 9)If your son or brother had been killed in fake encounter what will be your impressions about Indian army 10) If your daughter or sister had been raped and killed by the army will you not be dismayed? 11) Do you find any thing common in Al-Qaeda,Taliban, Indian Mujahedeen, LeT, JeM, Hizbul Mujahideen etc? 12) In the same way is there anything common in Israel, RSS, BJP, VHP, CIA, RAW? 13) Did you try to study the difference between the Islamic and Non Islamic Organization? 14) What are the good characters of Islam, Why did it spread in the world and still spreading vastly in the world? 15) I know you are a high caste Hindu, personally do you believe in the Caste system? 16) In your opinion this caste system is beneficial or harmful? 17) In Kashmir Islam is the motivating force behind the insurgency, their inclination is towards Pakistan only due to Islam, but the government of India does not appreciate it fully what do you perceive? 18) The misbehaviour of Indian army in Kashmir is seriously viewed in the Muslim world; it will have adverse effect on their foreign policy. The Indian government is insensitive toward this fact. What do you feel? 19) You can be or must be treated as Encyclopaedia of Islamic terrorism. Your pen might have been fatigued writing so much did you get any reward of your efforts? 20) No minister or political leader has done these efforts. Let me know what the motive behind your efforts is. Do you have any belief that you will be rewarded in the life hereafter? But the question is do you believe in the life after death? 21) Are you fully confident that you are favouring the oppressed not the oppressors. Under the bias of Islam if you are favouring the oppressors what will be your fait after the death, Will God spare you?22) Do you think any connection between the separation movements of Indian states and the state of Kashmir freedom movement? 23) Did you ponder that India is keeping seven lakhs of army in Kashmir where as Pakistan has kept only fifty thousand army only. Why India should nurture so much fear complex? 24) Why Kashmiri pundits migrated To India .Is it not the undue support extended by the ruling caste of India? 25) The Islamic terrorists have not done so much harm to India in comparison with Maoists but you incurred total energy on writing against Islamic terrorists. Don’t you feel any guilt for this injustice? 26) I appreciate your talents but you are barking a wrong tree. May be some vested interests might have promoted you toe this line. Did you not strike a wrong bargain Mr. Swami? 27) Why don’t you think the God is punishing in the guise of Maoists. China is coming forward in the same fashion. Hope you will reply all my quarries which are not irrelevant. I also request Mr. N Ram to maintain his secular cerdential. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Commission instituted to satisfy Saffron Brigade Modus operandi of a secular government is to satisfy saffron brigade. Sachar Commission, Ranganath Commission and hundreds of such Commission were instituted by secular party’s government. Commission gives it report which gives satisfaction to saffron brigade. Sachar Commission report says that Muslim condition are worst than Dalits. This completely soothed anti-Muslim forces. This helps UPA to return back. National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) concluded that 31 per cent Muslim are BPL. Now National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSR) in its recent report says that out of 10 Muslims students only one reaches to higher school level. Alarming condition of Muslims means all the cosmetic steps taken by secular governments like 15 Point Programme, Bank Loan Schemes, 1st Div. Matric Pass 10000 allowances minority area development schemes etc are farce and without reservation condition is not going to change. This shows that all the commissions and programmes for the Muslims are merely an eye wash which soothes saffron brigade. S. Haque, Patna   NHRC chairperson After RC Lahoti having declined to accept and YK Sabharwal not considered fit for post of Chief of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), appointing committee had no option left other than to appoint the only available retired Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan as NHRC Chairperson. Only a retired Chief Justice of India is eligible for the post, this being the reason for important posts being lying vacant for more than six months. For wider range of choice available before the appointing-committee and to avoid such vacuum on the post in future, NHRC Act should be amended to widen scope of choice for post of NHRC Chief by making all retired Supreme Court judges and retired Chief Justice of states eligible for the post. Already there is a fine mechanism to check favoritism in such appointment, because the post can only be filled by consensus amongst Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi