Urdu Media viciously attacks Israel

Arab world, Israel and its supporters this time round are on the target of Urdu media. There has been an overall criticism of people and countries opposed to the Palestinian rights and Hamas’ aggressive approach towards Jews. Among all Urdu newspapers, one was common: that the support of the world community during the blockade was far below what the Palestinians deserved or expected. India’s close relations in the name of terrorism with Israel and America are disliked by all. Etemaad in its editorial tried to project the horrible plight of the Palestinians by mentioning that in Gaza Strip about 60 percent households do not have anything to eat and nearly 70 percent people do not even earn a single dollar per year. Three fourths of its population do not have access to clean water on daily basis. Israeli commandos attacked ships carrying humanitarian aid to these deprived people by peace ambassadors of various countries like Turkey, Britain, Ireland, Algeria, Kuwait and Greece and the attack left many dead and wounded. Another newspaper, Sahafat, venting its ire wrote that the ships carrying humanitarian aid were also carrying intellectuals, journalists, writers and social activists who were termed as “terrorist” by the Israelis. Mark Sofer, Israel’s ambassador in India, said the people on board the ship were not interested in humanitarian aid but they were trying to incite in the guise of aid. He added that when the Navy officers tried to stop them, these people retaliated with iron rods and wooden sticks. Israeli authorities were of the view that the Turkish organization IHH, like Lashkar-e- Taiba, was perpetrating terrorism in the guise of humanitarian aid. Some should remind these authorities that wooden sticks and iron rods have never been weapons of Lashkar-e-Taiba which beleives in killing people.

Israel’s barbaric acts were headlines in Urdu papers which highlighted Israel’s inhuman acts which were highly criticized. These newspapers urged the world community to lodge a strong protest against Israel and its barbaric aggression. On the front page of Hamara Samaaj, MLA of Okhla (Delhi), Asif Mohammad Khan through an advertisement urged the world community to take this incident seriously.

These newspapers believe that no matter what is said to Israel and what kind of protest is made, the policy of Israel is not going to change. In this regard another newspaper, Jadid Khabar, has termed Israel a terrorist country and has said that it must be treated like all other terrorist organizations. The newspaper said that Israel does not even listen to the mighty America and that is why the question does not arise that it will pay any heed to such demands and protests. After having sensed its weakness, America in the name of terrorism has killed thousands of Muslims and its president Barack Obama only condemned the Israeli attack on the peace ambassadors. He did not utter a single word against the blockade. When UN Human Rights Commission initiated voting on human rights violation by Israel, America opposed it.

Urdu newspaper also criticized the Arab world for they failed to take any strong steps over the incident. Except Sudan, Iran and Turkey nearly all other Muslim countries kept mum over Israel’s gruesome attack on the humanitarian aid. Daily Siyasat wrote that most of the Arab countries consider America to be their well- wisher. After depositing their abundant wealth in America, these countries feel that they are safe. And that is why these countries never initiated any steps to end the Israeli brutality against the  Palestinians. Whenever there was a demand for any protest or action the Arab countries generally shirked their responsibility and thrust it on the UN and America to speak on behalf of them, in spite of knowing that America does not favour the Palestinians. Inquilab wrote that even today most of the countries do not openly voice their protest against Israelis. There are also some countries which try to make political benefit over this issue. Countries strongly opposing the atomic programme of Iran have ignored the huge stockpiles of the atomic bombs by Israel. The European Union is also silent. (Malik Asghar Hashmi, Hindustan Hindi, 7 June 2010 - translated by Mohammad Naushad Khan)