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‘Intelligence’ deficit admitted by retired officers

New Delhi: Admitting their obsession with Islamic terrorism intelligence officers continued to ignore clues after clues, admits a recently retired officer. He further acknowledged, “several vital clues that should have prompted us to be far broader in our approach towards these blasts were ignored.” Assuming that only Islamic terrorists could have carried out sophisticated blasts; the intelligence agencies ignored several clues. Citing an example he recalled, “in the initial days, after the twin blasts in Jama Masjid (14 April, 2006), we had intercepted a suspicious phone call to an RSS member, but we chose to ignore it.” Repeatedly the absurdity of Muslims targeting a Muslim place of worship did not ever arise. Malegaon blast on Shab-e Baraat (2006) was seen as the handiwork of an angry reformist group who did not approve of such rituals. These agencies downplayed the Nanded explosions in which two RSS members were killed.

Another officer also admitted that Muslim group were routinely blamed and “fantastic stories were being created” resulting in the arrest of many innocents. They had been groping in dark with no credible leads to follow. These “confessions” are enough to point out that the counter-terror operations were exercises in futility. The unfortunate fall out of their blindness was, of course, the miserable plights of thousands of Muslim youths rotting in prisons, resulting in a very bleak future.