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MG Andaman Island is mini India. Most of them read Hindi. Yet, we do not get a good Hindi newspaper. I hope (insha Allah) your Hindi paper will be successfully launched. I am already a regular reader of The Milli Gazette and want to subscribe to the Hindi newspaper too. Abdussalam Falahi, Andaman II Even a slight delay in delivery of MG makes me upset. Yakubmama, Kamrej, Gujarat III I must tell you that I found the Milli Gazette very informing and revealing the various facets and agendas of the Indian society. Wishing you every success in all your ongoing and future endeavours. Carlos Abad, Ambassador of Ecuador in India, New Delhi   Hindi Newspaper I whole heartedly congratulate Janab Dr Zafarul Islam Khan Editor MG for his meritorious media service not only in English but also in Hindi which is going to be started soon. As Hindi is our Rastrabhasa which is read, spoken and written all over North Indian and some other parts. With Hindi edition more readers will be benefited and will be aware of the condition of Muslims brothers in India and abroad. It is a bold venture of the editor in chief of MG and I Pray Almighty to strengthen his hands with power and good health. Mohammed Azam, Krimnagar.A.P. II I am truly delighted to read the news of Hindi edition of MG. No doubt, you would be able to cover more people and the voice of MG would be heard even in downtrodden areas of Muslim masses. But, in my opinion, MG seems to be making strong inroads even in the non-Muslim fanatic circles and being considerd to be a powerful voice of Indian Muslims. I think, it’s time you focus more on English edition and try to increase the circulation of the same. The funds reserved for Hindi edition could be diverted to stregnthen the English edition. Anyway, this is my humble view and you are the best person to judge the affairs of MG. Congratulations. Mushtaque Madni, Editor, Usool, Pune   Sides of the border The Milli Gazette, the Indian Muslims’ leading English newspaper acknowledges and lauds how Sikh community of a village Sarwarpur in Punjab rebuilt last year a mosque in the village which was demolished during the post partition communal violence in 1947. Khushwant Singh feels proud of his own community’s Gandhian secularism but rues the fact that neither print nor electronic media took any great notice of this excellent example of religious tolerance and pluralism. There is another piece of news from the other Punjab on the other side of the Indo-Pak border which deserved even greater attention of the Indian media. The Express Tribune [Pakistan] reports the conversion of 57 Hindus to Islam near Sialkot in Pakistani Punjab. In the month of May 57 Hindus in groups embraced Islam. This “embracing” of the religion of the majority was necessitated to escape certain persecution, to keep their jobs and to generally “survive in the society”, the paper reports. It will be unfair to the citizens of Pakistan if we do not mention that Pakistani civil society is greatly perturbed by this event and has condemned it in strong words in their comments. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West II I am happy to inform you that after reading the front page news of building of mosque by the Sikhs of Punjab, I sent that news clipping to various persons and newspapers. Sardar Khushwant Singh has already highlighted it in his column and it has been repeated in many newspapers. Sardar Tarlochan Singh, MP, ex-Chairman, NCM, New Delhi   Muslims can’t afford to lose AMU and JMI! I fully endorse the views of Prof. Tahir Mahmood that “The irony we [Muslims] face in this country is that evidence is demanded also for what is quite conspicuous” (MG 16-30 June). It is quite known that India is a great country that boasts of being the greatest democracy in the world, but I have been wondering if democracy is limited to a chosen few. Or else there’s no reason why the same democratic rights that are enjoyed by a large section are questioned when it comes to Muslims. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan braved all odds to establish an institution in 1875 named Mohammaden Anglo Oriental (MAO) College to get Muslims out of their abysmal educational backwardness. The College that later came to be known as Aligarh Muslim University (1920) proved to be a great boon for Muslims. And the founders of Jamia Millia Islamia gave their heart and soul to the institution to make it a means of getting contemporary education to Muslim children. When Jamia was faced with great financial crisis, some of its teachers volunteered their services so that there was no academic discontinuation for their students most whom came from poor and below middle class Muslim families. The same journalists who opposed minority status of AMU and JMI were silent when St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University increased the quota of Christian students. The discriminatory attitude of the office-bearers of Bananas Hindu University (BHU) towards Muslim students is well known. Figuring among the minuscule minorities in India and having hundreds of state-of-the-art academic institutions if Christians can retain minority status for their institutions and keep on increasing the number of quotas for their students, why can’t Muslims do the same. Minority character of Osmania University, which was established in 1918 by a Muslim ruler (Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan 1886-1967) whose beneficiaries among other institutions also included the famous BHU, was snuffed out after the Police Action of 1948. For over two decades, the University did not have a single Muslim vice chancellor. Can a financially and educationally backward Muslim community afford to lose any other institution? Manzar Imam Qasmi, New Delhi   Condemn the Israeli terrorism This is with the reference to the report by N.A.Ansari “Outright condemnation of the Israeli terrorism” is worth reading where as on 31-05-2010 a flotilla of six ships carrying about one thousand tonnes of essential supplies and nearly 700 volunteers from a dozen was on its way to Gaza of Palestinian was interrupted and attacked by Israeli navy is a barbarian act which is a crime under the national law, should be condemn severely and should be tried by the international court of Justice. President Obama should take this matter seriously and should work for peace and Justice. Mohammed Azam, Karimnagar,A.P. II 900 Gandhi’s went on six boats.................. 20 were assassinated 63 were wounded and the rest were taken as hostages from the 877 hostages left back,alive : 255 were deported and the rest are charged of illegal-entry into that illegal-state after an illegal-arrest in illegal-circumstances Humanity is being punished, while , Arrogance is being protected, and  the Israeli-demonstrators in Tell Aviv called those 900 Gandhi’s ,,,,,,,, as being the “Pirates “. Raja Chemayel (via email)   Modi’s false claim over Muslims exposed The farce symbol of ‘Muslim Prosperity’ is open today, wherein the Modi camp tried to showcase the secular image of Modi by portraying the Muslim girls from Azamgarh. It is a clear case of distortion of the facts if the website that claims ownership of one of the photos is to be believed. The Editor of the website claims, not only is the photo used in the advertisements far from representing Muslims in Gujarat, the statistics mentioned to justify the progress of Muslims in Gujarat are not current but are of 2001. The advertisement controversy once again reflected the filthy mindset of people like Narendra Modi - who in an attempt to change his anti-Muslim image tried to project himself ‘Pro Muslims’ but soon was unmasked before the people. The entire ad controversy, is the replica of the famous broadcast made immediately after 9/11 terrorist attack on Twin Towers in New York wherein the ‘Pro-Zionist Media’ that showed Palestinians celebrating after the tragic event. It was only later that the world came to know the video was file footage of earlier date and had nothing to do with the terrorist attack. Similarly, the incident has once again exposed the fact that there exist in India the people who have the same Zionist ideology and follow the same mindset that is normally witnessed against the Palestinians. Though, this was never a mystery that those in power in Gujarat today are the front leaders of the strong lobby in India that takes pride in taking sides with the Zionists. They are in India not only their staunch supporters, but there are incidents to suggest that they try to emulate against the Muslims and other downtrodden people in India the inhuman Zionist tactics used against the Palestinians in their homeland. Farzana Nigar, Ranchi   Fatwa and media publicity Lots of Fatwas are issued by the Islamic seminaries, which are seen day in and day out. However, it is only on few occasions that these get media publicity, and the quantum of media publicity is also not uniform. Some Fatwas are really projected very much hogging all the lime light; some are hidden on the back pages in small column while few others never taken note of. Which are these one’s where media interest and curiosity is maximum? This is the question which media pundits can introspect and debate. Also the media also needs to answer as to why Fatwas like the one against violence and terrorism were grossly underplayed? Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Hijab differentiates pious and poisonous attraction Many people say that women are attractive. Hijab or veil cannot hide their beauty; it is meaningless to make them wear Hijab. It is true but I believe that there are two types of attractions. Pious attraction and poisonous attraction. A woman who wins respect and leads men to right path has pious attraction. Such women always wear respectable dress with veil. Women with revealing dresses are misguided. Such women lead men to wrong path of sin. These women do not look respectable. Women with revealing dresses have poisonous attraction. Women with poisonous attraction are destructive. They destruct mankind not only physically but mentally as well as spiritually. They call me old fashioned saint but truth can never be old fashioned. Truth is eternal. Women are mothers and they have great responsibility on their shoulders. Women must have pious attraction and not poisonous attraction. Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat, Gujarat   Faulty census Look at the faulty format of National Population Register designed by the Home Ministry for Census-2011. In this format the vital information as regard to identity of religion and mother tongue are missing. By this method the whole Urdu population of Hindi belt is going to be declared as Hindi speaking population. Not only has this, in non Hindi stated also their numbers are going to be camouflaged with the population of the languages of the respective states. This will doom into an irreparable loss for the Urdu speaking population in budgetary support and other financial allocations for the development of the language and any demand for the promotion of the language would be proved hollow in absence of any authentic data. The same disadvantage will be applied to all the minorities specially Muslims of this country in absence of religious identity data. It may be noted that in absence of an authentic- data - base- of- the minorities, the existence of Ministry of Minority affairs & National Commission of Minorities is going to become irrelevant and PM’s 15 point programme for minority’s development would also become redundant. Not only this, the identification of minority concentrated areas for opening of Schools, Banks and other social development index would be based on imagination & hypothesis only as no concrete policy for the development of minorities can be framed by Govt. in absence of basic data. One more lacunae is also there, since there is no provision of covering the NRI Population , a large chunk of Indian Muslim & Christian population with other citizens working in Middle East is going to be left out in the whole process. The census is half way to complete, please find a solution of the problem as the Planning commission would be handicapped in the planning of social and educational upliftment of backward minorities. Please look into the matter before it is too late. The items of information as collected for NPR by Census enumerator are: Name of the Person, Gender, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Marital Status, Name of Father, Name of Mother, Name of Spouse, Present Address, Duration of stay at Present Address, Permanent Address, Occupation, Nationality as Declared, Educational Qualification, Relationship to Head of family. Syed Imteyaz Husain, Calcutta,   Shame on you, Mr. Momin
Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Gulamhusain Momin, relative of a martyr of the Mahagurajat Movement, breaks down as he is felicitated by Gujarat Chief, Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmadabad. In this context, it is my opinion that it would have been better, had Mr. Momin not accepted felicitation by the hands of Gujarat’s CM Modi, as his hands are soaked with blood of thousands of innocent Muslims. Such photographs published prominently in media creates his pro-Muslims image, which is otherwise wrong. Mr. Momin could have accepted his felicitation by the hands of honourable Governor of Gujarat of by the hands of Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Gujarat and by registered post, instead. Mr. Momin, shame on you. We, the suffers of Gujarat genocide 2002 strongly condemn you. Farooq A. Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat   Terrorism redefined after Col. Purohit and Sadhvi The inglorious Nazi strategy carried out to wipe out democracy and replace it with fascism does have a less-discussed affinity with the Hindutva strategy chalked out to convert India into a ‘Hindu Nation’. From Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, to Abhinav Bharat-RSS members arrested in connection with Ajmer Dargah blast early this month, have chosen the way shown by Hitler and Mussolini to accomplish their goals. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s closest aide and the Minister of Propaganda, has inspired Brahmin-dominated media which shamelessly lip-sync the police rant against Muslims. More than 15 prominent bomb blasts carried out by ultra right wing Hindutva outfits across the country from the 2003 blast in Muhammadiya Masjid, Marathwada, Maharashtra to the 2009 blast in Margao, Goa acknowledge the threat of Hindutva terrorism pose to the nation. The media and investigative agencies have long hushed up the truth and accused Muslim terrorists for the various blasts taken place across the country at different times. However, the arrest of Malegaon blast perpetrators, Col. Purohit and Pragya sadhvi, paved the way for a turnaround. Now, the latest developments in Ajmer blast investigation expose the knotty web of Hindu terror organizations which have spread across the country and are alleged to have connections with some naxal groups. Mohammad Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Ban on IM The real face of Congress is once again in front of country. This is unique type of ban. There is no office, no office bearers & no monetary resources. It is not clear what compelled the government to ban. Nobody has claimed to be its member except an American who did e-mail before Ahmadabad serial blasts. “All the Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorist are Muslims” this statement was given by the Prime Minister in waiting. That is proved layer to layer wrong. This is a serious ignorance of facts telling why casually American aggression happens at many places in the world killing innocent people. Killing of innocent Palestinians by Israel and what happened in Orissa and Karnataka was seen on television by the whole world. About eleven people were arrested from Nepal for Bombay Local Train Blast for the same case other people from Azamgarh were arrested and charge of mastermind is most convenient tool to harass the minorities’. Government of Maharashtra is putting an opaque glass and is never able to see the activity of Manse, Shiv Sena, Sanatan Sanstha, Abhinav Bharat and the like minded gangs of Hindutva. The story of Malegaon, Ajmer, Goa, Makka Masjid and Samjhauta Express blasts is lighter changed or rapidly changing and if investigation is conducted honestly the real culprits of all the blasts in country can be booked and innocents may be honourably acquitted. There is serious question mark over Government intension of Mr. Abdul Rahman Antulay whose voice was suppressed in a democratic country. Nobody knows why an American sent e-mail before Ahmadabad serial blast, was smoothly managed to let out of country. In place of that American Tauquir alias Subhani was freshly implicated then cleverly shifted to Mansur Pirboy (Pirbhai) because probable former did not know computer handling audit was difficult to cook the story for police and paramilitary forces. Naxallites killing force and persons will not come in the category of terrorism because of oblivious reasons. Rather than they are welcome to open dialogue. The present government has hurriedly banned and imaginary organisation with malicious intention to malign a particular section of society gaining numerical electoral superiority and last but not the least diverting attention of country for those serious problems and making already suppressed people more defensive and humiliated. Dr. Javed Akhtar, AMWELA, Azamgarh, U.P. The Al Qua´eeda possible connection to that flotilla A solution for people “who cannot wait “ or “people with a right to priority”

Immediately, after the attack on the Humanitarian-flotilla to Gaza all the Israeli Media and all spokesmen and women insisted that: “those activists are connected to Al Qa’eeda....” unquote
Since then, came a big and a total silence on that accusation. Sherlock Hommos, private detective has done a thorough investigation and came up with the following results :
Those Peace-activists and Al Qua´eeda have never had any connections nor any direct contacts..... whatsoever....!!
Nevertheless, and to be very objective and very precise one leading Al Qua’eeda figure, has once used the same public- toilets as did the cousin of that Ship’s captain.
Of course, they both did not use those toilets, at the same time, but there was an interval of only 12 hours.
The US-Home-land-security is studying this fact and shall issue, soon, some new directives for CIA, the FBI and to the Kentuky Fried Chicken (KFC).
In the meantime , all Peace-activist are to check-out who used any toilets ahead of them...... In order not to compromise the values of Peace-activism with the vertues of Peace-extremism. Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom (Spokesman for Sherlock Hommos)
(via email)