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Ban on Dr Zakir Naik and role of Muslim Journalists thereof Renowned international Islamic scholar, preacher President Islamic Research Foundation and founder of Peace TV Dr. Zakir Naik has been banned from the UK. Dr. Naik was planning to speak at different events in Sheffield, London and Birmingham at the end of the June 2010. As per the news reports the decision to ban his entry into the UK was taken by Home Secretary Teresa May who said, “Numerous comments made by Dr Naik are evidence to me of his unacceptable behaviour. Coming to the UK is a privilege, not a right and I am not willing to allow those who might not be conducive to the public good to enter the UK.” Based upon the role and contribution of Dr. Zakir Naik to Islam. I believe that he is the revivalist of Islam in the second millennium (as per the Hijri calendar at present we are in second millennium). The irony of Muslim Media is that it passes the news and views of western (and other Non- Muslim controlled media) without any modification which could have been obligatory because the non-muslim media has been always maligning the image of Islam, Muslims and its revivalists in particular. Today as mentioned in the quote above the west (say Britain taking the “initiative”) says such things about Dr Zakir Naik which is true only when perceived and understood with bias and out of context. Dr Naik’s speeches and other ex-pressions never get volatized, instead, are always recorded for onward utilization and clearance of confusions. Dr Naik is becoming popular with every passing minute in the world not only among Muslims but overwhelmingly among truth seeking Non- Muslims of the world. Ahmad Kashmiri, Tangmarg, J&K   Surrogacy: shameful and immoral India should be ashamed. Congress President Sonia Gandhi should be ashamed. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should be ashamed. Under their watch India is being dragged into a unimaginably hotchpotch world of unbridled libertarian and unethical perverse human relations; without any public becoming aware or wiser to such transformation of an India under some diabolical design working behind the scene, bent on destroying India that we love and cherish. Instead of removing poverty and exploitation of women, the state wears the dubious garb of helping avoid the ‘exploitation of the surrogates and infertile couples and vice versa’. It is a pity that otherwise the most garrulous women’s organisations have yet to cotton on to the open exploitation of poor women and their dignity. Instead of addressing the very practice of surrogacy as another form of prostitution, the Congress government is foolhardily trying to ‘manage’ the traffic of a shameful and exploitative new form of slavery of womenfolk. Surrogate mothers are shamed in their communities and any amount of monetary compensation cannot bring their sense of dignity and morality. Government should stop any such legislation giving backhanded legitimacy to this abominable form of human degradation. Let mothers of India be proud of their progeny and do not offer their wombs to immoral and exploitation of their ‘children’. Was it not enough that Mother India herself was colonized and exploited for centuries? Is our freedom to come to such piecemeal re-colonization and exploitation with our thoughtless leaders hardly having the foggiest idea of where they are dragging their nation to? Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   Former CJI Ahmadi unfairly targeted Criticism of former CJI Justice Ahmadi is wholly unfair. Justice Ahmadi presided over the bench and decided the case with another Hon’ble Judge that took a view that 304A IPC was the appropriate section to apply. Court of law decides a case on the basis of material that is brought before it by the parties during the course of proceedings. Cases are not decided and should not be decided to satisfy the public sentiments. It was the duty of the CBI to make an application before the trial court to get the charge amended with an offence punishable under section 304 part ii after examination of witnesses in the court. The statements in the trial court might have provided justification to frame the charge of 304 part ii. The local counsel on a TV channel disclosed that despite his request, prosecuting agency did not apply for the amendment of charge. Supreme Court had obviously decided the case as per the evidence available on record. It is now no longer a secret that District Magistrate and SSP of Bhopal allowed Warren Anderson to flee from the clutches of law and legal process. Now it is also well known that the CBI was working under pressure of Govt. Thus we can safely presume the reason as to why charges could not be amended to one of more stringent sections of IPC. Union Carbide case is not the first case that has been decided after inordinate delay. Those who are having first hand knowledge of criminal justice system of our country would agree that a major portion of delay is usually attributable to prosecuting agency. In the instant case CBI, the investigating as well as prosecuting agency, was admittedly made to act in furtherance of accused persons. Can we still hope for an early decision? Take example of the case of infamous Hashimpura(Meerut)mssacare. About 50 poor men of the town were murdered in cold blood. FIR was lodged in the year 1987. Charges could be framed only in the year of1996. Let’s take other example. Sri Krishna Commission Indicted 31 policemen of Bombay police for their role in 1992 riots ranging from arson to cold blood murder. None could be brought to justice. Syed Khurshid Anwar, Allahabad   Too-lenient-verdict on Bhopal gas tragedy The issue of Bhopal Gas Tragedy at last died down with petty condemnation and little surprise. The verdict, in fact, failed to justify the victims. The judgement, however, invited criticism and protest but it was not so vigorous to have the government’s interference in the case. On May 31, after 26 years of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, a city court in Bhopal convicted former Union Carbide India Chairman, Keshub Mahindra and seven others and sentenced for two years of lenient imprisonment of causing death by ‘negligence’! As usual there was little surprise in common man as such verdicts have been delivered in most of the cases especially when the convicts happen to enjoy political patronage. Aam Admi could have really taken aback if the convicts were sentenced to death or rigorous life imprisonment for the mass murder; which unlikely happens. In 1984 two unfortunate incidents took place which added a black chapter in the otherwise brighter history of Independent India. On October 31, 1948 former Prime Minister, Ms Indira Gandhi was assassinated which led to the violence against Sikh community; and on December 2-3, 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy in which thousands of persons died by inhaling toxic gases. Both the incidents left irreparable loss of thousands of human beings besides maligning the face of the country on global map. It is irrelevant to relate these two incidents; but one point in both the cases is similar – the victims still longing for justice and the convicts, scot-free. In the recent Bhopal gas verdict the court simultaneously granted the bail pleas of the convicts, which added insult to the injury. It is a widely argued issue that the court took more than a quarter century to pronounce judgement in a mass murder case; and even after the verdict, the convicts face no fear. The gravity of disaster can only be imagined as it was not less than a doomsday for those who witnessed the day. Shafaque Alam, New Delhi   Don’t blame Rajiv Gandhi All the important decisions are not taken independently by the prime ministers unless their advisers advice them. We should inquire as to who were the masters or mentors of the congress party in those days who allowed Anderson to leave India. The more important is the permission accorded to the Union Carbide to establish the factory in MP, Americans are clever enough to select India which is nothing short of its colony to establish such a dangerous industry in our country. We are so much under the hegemony of US virtually we transferred our sovereignty to white house. If Nehru had been the prime minister of India he never had allowed US to plant the factory in India. The only remedy is to nationalize the Company and the total profits be expended on the sufferers of poisonous gas leak. No blaming and counter blaming further. Let our politicians be bold and learn the lesson from Iran and Turkey Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Stop CBI becoming his masters’ voice It refers to yet another exposure of country’s premier investigating agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) dancing to tunes of political masters rather than acting with autonomy as has been repeatedly emphasised by successive governments and existing CBI Chiefs. The then Joint Director at CBI BR Lall has revealed that a note from Union Ministry for External Affairs (MEA) led to instant release of Warren Anderson, main accused in infamous Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster. Irony of the situation is that after retirement, tones of senior officers from CBI including its Chiefs change to be explosive for revealing ‘truth’. If BR Lall is revealing untrue stories so prominently in electronic and print media, then action should be taken against him under various offences and service-rules. CBI must not be allowed to serve as ‘His Master’s Voice’, by selecting CBI Chief through consensus between Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to avoid misuse of country’s premier investigating agency for political purposes even at cost of patronising corruption at high posts. Madhu Agarwal, Delhi   Faith upon Indian Judiciary eroded Now Indian society seems to have lost faith in judiciary when the decision came on Bhopal gas tragedy. Leading Hindi Daily Opinion Poll says that 89.07% opines that judiciary comes under suspicion due to the decision by court in Bhopal gas tragedy. What Muslim and other oppressed class have been telling that Indian Judicial system is kept of power. The whole Indian judicial system is rotten. A simple case of bulgry (lock of Babri Masjid broken and idol placed) is continuously messed by judiciary when asked opinion from Historians and later on searching building or any construction by digging Babri Masjid site. Now the news came that many historical documents are missing. Our judiciary are swayed by saffron propaganda that Ram Lalla appeared then why FIR is lodged when any idol is stolen from any mandir why not it is considered that idol disappear? In every anti-Muslim riot all the culprits escape. Charges against Sajjan Kumar are lodged for creating animosity between two communities after 36 yrs. The rioters escape from punishment this encourages the killers and rioters. That is why more than 35000 anti-Muslim riots took place and lakhs innocent Muslim were killed and crores Muslim properties looted. The riot duration and intensities are increasing due to non-performance of judiciary. Minority and other oppressed class had lost faith in judiciary in long back.    S. Haque, Patna   President’s visit to China This refers to the article by Mr. Vidya Subrahmanian published in Hindu on 10 June, 2010. There is a proverb in Persian which means that testing a man who was already tested is a folly. AZMUDA RA AZMUDAL JEHEL AST. Before 1962 we made the slogan Hindi Chinee Bhai Bhai popular but China made an attack without provocation and captured our 10,000 SQ miles of land in Ladak. Till then its anti India stance is being continued, It is progressing slowly, It is trying to divert the flow of river Brahamaputra. Constructing 450 MW hydal project in Tibet neglecting our objection. Doing mischief in POK, issuing visas to Kashmiris. Its companies making profits in an unbridled manner. With all the anti India efforts It is making a siege of India. Under such anti India movements our wise top brass leadership planned to make a visit by the Lady President to China. There she played the role of a Prime minister. Avoiding all the troubling issues she requested the Chinese premier to favour us to get the seat in UNSC. It is ridiculous how our leadership can neglect all the important issues and take up a useless issue. Since a long time the Veto power is being used by powerful nations and making the UNO a farce organization. The psychology manifested by our rulers seem the same shown by caste Hindus before the Mogals, British and the Nizam of Hyderabad, Mr. Vidya should shun his policy and be honest in view of safeguarding our national interest not the interest of ruling junta Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Practical order by High Court Judge Justice SN Dhingra of Delhi High Court, known for his several landmark and practical verdict, added one more such verdict to his credit when he ordered an accused to inflict injuries to his body similar to ones on his wife’s body directing the SHO for video-graphing the complete process, when the accused argued that injuries on his wife’s body were self-inflicted to slap a false dowry-harassment case on him. If judges become practical also apart from written law, fear-psychology will emerge in wrong-doers who in present system find it easy to bail out from courts through loopholes in legal system twisted in their favour by costly and known faces of legal community. Subhash Chandra AgarwalDelhi   Five crore row The 5 Crore row between two CMs raises some questions. The Chief Minister’s relief fund in a state is built by, among other things, donations from the citizens of the state. Is the Chief Minister free to donate it away outside the state? If at all one chief minister wishes to oblige another, shouldn’t he do so through the centre? The amount of 5 crore was donated by Narendra Modi to Bihar government in 2008. Surely it must have been utilised for Koshi flood relief for which it was meant. From where did Nitish Kumar produce the 5 crore to throw back on Modi’s face? Bihar CM Relief Fund? Most probably yes. How did he explain this “reverse donation” to Modi. Alternately he paid the amount from the state’s exchequer? If yes, it is much more irregular and much more difficult to explain. Mookhi Aamir Ali, Santacruz West,Mumbai   Grave threat to the mankind Global warming has warned the world about the degrading condition of environment. Increasing carbon dioxide and green house gases is the result of increasing industrialisation in the world particularly in developed industrialised western countries. Climate change, air and water pollution, imbalance in the ecological system etc. are grave threats to mankind. We must save forests, grow trees for saving our earth. It is our responsibility to conserve natural resources. Degradation of the environment could lead to horrible disasters and unless we check further damage to the environment, our future is in grave danger. Strong measures should be taken by the government to prevent further damage to the environment. N.G.O’s, political and social organisations should lead the mission to save the environment. Nuclear powers, particularly America who has 5113 atom bombs, should climate all the nuclear weapons. God save our planet and mankind. G. Hasnain KaifBhandara (M.S.) – 441904   NIC has appointed some dividing members National Integration Council (NIC) has recently been in the news as one of its members; Shabnam Hashmi resigned from the council. The questions Hashmi’s resignation raises are what should be the composition and functioning of such bodies. The question is being asked that while people like Narendra Modi and many of his ilks are already the members of this august body, in what way will Uddhav Thackeray being there make it worse? One recalls that Shiv Sena has been the major party accused by Srikrishna Commission report for its role in Mumbai violence. It is precisely because of this that Shiv Sena first discontinued the commission when it came to power, then it sat on the report on the ground that it will reopen the wounds of Mumbai violence. Lately Shiv Sena has been playing the divisive politics in the name of language and region. In the competitive divisiveness with MNS, it is devising new ways to put the wedge between Marathi speaking and non Marathi speaking people. So surely people like Thackeray will add to the communal elements in the council. It is a message to the authorities that they should keep Thackeray type elements to the minimum obligatory level. At the same time they can make this council more active and dynamic and ensure that the voice of victims of divisive politics is heard more often than at present and that remedial measures are implemented in all seriousness. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Rajapaksa paving way for turmoil in Lanka The policy adopted by Rajapaksa as expounded in an interview given by Sri Lankan President to a prominent print media on the eve of his on-going visit to India that – “police powers can’t be given to provinces and police powers on the island should be centralized” – is a sure recipe for the growth of another militant organization of Sri Lankan Tamils like LTTE. (1) First and foremost Rajapaksa ought to realize that in the decimation of LTTE if Govt. of India and People of Tamilnadu (and India) supported (did not oppose) Rajapaksa then it is primarily for the reasons that:-(i) LTTE was killing other Tamils and Tamil leaders of Sri Lanka.(ii) LTTE had killed ex-Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. (2) But if Rajapaksa believes that the gross injustice which have been done over decades to Sri Lankan Tamils by State discrimination against Tamils and by denying them the devolution of power will simply be forgotten by Sri Lankan Tamils and the loud talk by Rajapaksa government about rehabilitation (though important in its own right) of Tamils will be enough to assuage these Tamil grievances of several decades against Sri Lankan State, then Rajapaksa is hoping against hopes.(3) It is as clear as day light that this intransigence of Rajapaksa of resisting devolution of power to Tamil majority provinces of Sri Lanka (including granting police powers to these provinces) is going to create a situation where emergence of new militant organization (for separate Tamil Elam) is only a matter of time. Hem Raj Jain, Greater Noida, U.P.