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Burney apologises and agrees to change his book title

New Delhi: Aziz Burney, author of a provocative book titled 26/11, an RSS conspiracy (26/11 RSS Ka Shadyantra) has tendered an apology on the front page of Rashtriya Sahara (published in Hindi as well as in Urdu). The apology is titled: Aziz Burney ki taraf se safaai aur maafi.

Burney has been writing articles on the incidents ever since it occurred two years ago. The book is a compilation of 100 articles. In his apology he has said that he would like to “clarify and apologize if he has hurt anyone by the title of his book” and is ready to change the title.

“I am an Indian and standby my government on all international matters. I will never do anything to compromise its position in the rest of the world.” Citing a page he wrote on 17 December 2010 entitled Hafiz Sayed hamara apradhi hai, ise haemin saunpo. He points out that “this piece” does not talk about 26/11 nor links the incident with the RSS. Burney has consistently maintained that there is more to 26/11 than meets the eye and has discussed Karkare’s death many times. Sources say that Burney is under a lot of pressure.