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Ekta Yatra fetches BJP political dividends

New Delhi: The showdown at Lal Chowk has further fuelled BJP’s ambitions which is contemplating to move the court on the one hand and also to raise the issue in Parliament on the other hand. It wants to make the debate a vigorous one.

The legal aspects of Omar Abdullah’s government’s to block and detain Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj at the Jammu airport as well as stopping of special train carrying BJP workers in Maharashtra are being assessed so as to follow the best legal line. By moving the court for confining the leaders for about six hours at the airport and then “physically abducting” them and sending out of the state; the party wants to keep the matter alive. What might be seen as an administrative ‘victory’ for Omar Abdullah will prove to be a political “triumph” for the BJP.