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MG From the very first sight I feel Milli Gazette is very informative. It highlights issues and problems of Indian Muslims. But may I disagree with your style. Why don’t you write about the development models of Muslims? Just look to Kerala, how many colleges are there for Muslims. The living style of Muslims, their political strength under Muslims league. It will give an inspiration to others Sharafudhin Mangalad     Inhuman act in the name of religion In a gruesome event one hand of T.J. Joseph, a professor in Kerala's Ernakulam district was severed by some Muslim miscreants. The law, of course, will take its course rather promptly; the criminals will be apprehended, put on a quick trial and be given the severest punishment. However more important is the need to go into the minds of these fanatics to ascertain what motivates them to perpetrate such heinous crimes. There must be some organization or entity that must have instigated these impressionable young men to perform this” divine duty”. The investigation of this crime must not end with the arrest of the men who actually did it. Their gurus need to be identified and brought to book. Muslim organizations have done the right thing by severely condemning the barbarism. Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai   Blasphemous query of Joseph Taking the law into own hand is unlawful. But India is a country where 90% of the criminals are released unpunished. Political influence and corruption are the main reason. There are hundreds of murders, rapists, abductors, thieves, go Scot free though they can be apprehended but due to the political influence they cannot be arrested and punished. Even the judiciary can be paralyzed with money and power. Therefore people take the law into their hands and punish the culprits. There are number of youths who can rape and murder innocent girls on the basis of their political power. Professor Joseph might have been misguided by some fascist organization to prepare the question paper with alleged inflammatory references to the Prophet.Being a Christian he should not have done it. Muslims not only have faith in Jesus Christ but they respect on par with Prophet Mohammad, they also believe He got birth without father. In the Holy Quran It is mentioned that He could not be crucified but he was taken up by God. This Quranic faith makes Jesus more creditable than Christians but the converted person Mr. Joseph may not know all this easily became instrumental to the fanatics. He should be thankful to God that his life was spared. ‘The Muslims love Prophet Mohammad more than their parent and their children. They can forgive the man who scold their parents but never forgive any man who makes blasphemous remarks to Prophet Mohammad. If there had been Islamic state the guilty have been given death sentence. The non Muslims cannot appreciate the mental torture and the agony felt by Muslims if the Prophet is insulted. The non Muslims are totally ignorant about the services rendered by the Prophet to the humanity. Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Why India can’t afford to imitate West’s Islamophobia While America  seems to be all set to re-launch its aggressive military approach in Afghanistan with thirty thousand more troops, President Karzai doesn’t seem to be that respondent of the American move. Politicians, however indifferent to the apathetic conditions of their people, do have an heart that melts, cries and protests in times of indigestible crises. Karzai, may be more committed to retaining the powers of the president, but can’t get away from the responsibility of protecting his people from America’s crazy war against terror. He has categorically declared that in such a situation he would prefer to join the Taliban’s. Americans, given their historical apathy towards the victims of their terror, either in Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Vietnam, can’t be expected to end the war that consumed five trillion dollars and three thousand soldiers so far. Americans, ostensibly, seem to have a programmed penchant for bloodsheds that can result in huge sales of expensive weapons, so do the Afghanis, who, being racially Aryans, have a long and unbroken record of wars since centuries. But what about India? Mushtaque Madni   Karnataka’s Cattle Bill 2010 Karnataka BJP Government has passed “Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill 2010” (June 2010). It is not the first time that the debate around Cow slaughter bills, beef eating is taking place. The BJP led NDA during their regime went to the extent of appointing a committee to go into the matter and the committee concluded that cow protection should be made fundamental right and there is a need to constitute Central Rapid Protection Force to prevent cow slaughter, and also to invoke POTA to detain those smuggling cows! The cow obsession of BJP is a part of deeper agenda of targeting Muslim minorities as they want to Brahminize the society by creating situations where beef eating becomes a taboo for large sections of society. Today with the rise of communalism we need to recount the examples set by Gandhi in matters pertaining to community relations and the efforts to demonize and communalize by resorting to such symbolisms of cow or Ram Temple should be put aside to focus on the issues of living in peace and harmony in a plural society.         Farzana Nigar, Ranchi-834002   Usman Gani Aadil (A humble poem of tribute) Surely had a will Many troubles came Allah gave him fame Never had he lost his heart Got much inspiration for his art Almighty gave him light Never diverted him from the right Islam’s service was his aim Attending only to it earned him name Allah’s remembrance soothed his soul Defeating the devil was his goal Insha Allah his grave will remain vast Languishing in bed now a thing of the past S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh, Gujarat   Hindutva organisation demand for ban on Mushrif book Is it not ironical and strange that some 'Hindutva' organisations, probably without complete knowledge of the book, demanded an immediate ban on 'Who Killed Karkare' on the pretext that its conclusions are 'Pro Pakistan' and thus tantamount to contempt of the Court. This outrage would have aptly been justified, had the original version, in English, that had appeared last year (Oct 2009) and after an exhaustive review in Pune Mirror and many leading dailies and weeklies, sold like hot cakes, been met with the same demand. Recently released book is the Marathi translation that, perhaps, because of an overwhelming impact, shook the 'Hindutva' brigade. India, according to Union Minister Veerappa Moily, may be a victim of 'Too much democracy'. But, could the right to call spade a spade, even in the most sensitive matter like 26/11, be curbed because the majoritarianists think otherwise? 'Secularism' can't be taken for a ride and defined or redefined, as the law of majority. In fact, All the book release functions, held so far, of 'Who Killed Karkare', in different parts of the country, were actually organised by 'Hindus' who seemed to be in complete agreement with the writer's views. If the ban demanding 'Hindutva' organisations truly desire to prove Mushrif wrong and see him behind the bars, they should demand a thorough and transparent reinvestigation of 26/11 from the government. As the age old saying in Urdu goes, Haath kangan ko Aarsi kiya? Unless, Mushrif is not challenged in the courts of law, he, indisputably, would continue to be considered right and the courageous 'Hero' of the stark truth of 26/11. Mushtaque Madni, Pune   Pigs are Haram according to Quran Halal and Haram are opposite words. That which is permissible is termed Halal.Pigs eat dirt. Even when they are kept on vegetables their bodies contain an abundance of uric acid, a chemical substance which can be injurious to human health. Chemical analysis of the meat and blood shows that it is not good for us. There are many harmful effects of the consumption of pork in any form. Pig is found to be a host for many parasites and potential diseases as the pig's biochemistry excretes only 2% of its total uric acid content, the remaining 98% remains as an integral part of the body. The pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is the only animal that invites its friends to have sex with its mate. In America most people consume pork. Many times after dance parties, they have swapping of wives. They behave like pigs. No matter how hard you try to keep pigs clean they are filthy by nature. They eat and enjoy their own as well as their neighbour's excreta. Nazneen O. Saherwala (Surat, India)   Why media forget Mirchpur incidence Mirchpur is village in Hissar district of Haryana. In last April, a dog belonging to a dalit community barked a some jat boys, this simply triggered riot in Mirach Pur killing tow innocent dalits and destruction of 150 dalit houses by upper caste manuwadis.The whole dalit family shifted and camped in other areas. The matter was brought to Supreme Court notice. The Supreme Court on June 1, 2010 slammed Haryana government for brutal killing of two dalits and destruction of dalit houses. A vacation bench headed by Justice G.S. Singhvi pulled up the state govt. for its failure to prevent the violence and warned the govt. to take very serious view if such accident recur. First time court took serious stand against government failure in saving human lives where as more than 35000 anti-Muslim riots took place, even govt. sponsored pogrom took place but court just blinked. In Mirchpur riot case court took revolutionary decision. That is why media forgot Mirchpur incidence because Supreme Court every decision is a rule this may be applied to anti-Muslim riot cases. S. Haque, Patna   Food adulteration and safety measures RTI response has confirmed that both Food Safety & Standards Authority of India and Union Ministry of Food Processing are having a closed eye on open violation of ‘Prevention of Food adulteration Rules 1955’ when cola-companies have failed to print names of ingredients on their packs. Union Ministry of Food Processing responded to the RTI petition dated 17.11.2008 only after 20 months but only when Central Information Commissioner Ms Deepak Sandhu acted harsh by imposing the maximum penalty of rupees 25000 under RTI Act. Printing of ingredients of cola-drinks on their packs will expose harmful ingredients in cola-drinks at a time when cola-companies voluntarily decided to stop selling cola-drinks in schools worldwide. Strict-most action should be taken against those responsible for neglecting violation of rules by cola-companies by not printing ingredients on cola-packs. Even refillable glass-bottles are also to carry details of ingredients now after 19.03.2009. Union Government should ban advertisements of cola-drinks because of hazardous and addicting effects of these drinks making children diabetic at young age. Earlier also, soft-drink manufacturers were asked to remove an oil from their products which was found to be harmful for health. Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi   India’s greatest enemy – corruption Corruption has become a way of life in our country. Corruption is rampant in polities, legislature, executive, media and even Judiciary. Corrupt people like Madhu Koda, Mayawati, Sukh Ram, Bangaru Laxman, P. D. Dinkaran. Dr Ketan Desai etc have been amassing illegal assets and wealth. Most of the politicians are naked in the bath room of corruption. Corrupt people must be awarded stringent punishments. In China on April 14, two top corrupt officers were sentenced to death for taking bribes. Corruption in high places will destroy not only democracy and constitution but would end anger India’s Unity, integrity and solidarity. Faith in Almighty God and accountability before God is also essential to kill the monster of corruption.             G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS)   Price hike It is an undeniable fact that any escalation in fuel prices will have cascading effect on the inflation. The decision to hike the price of petrol by Rs.5 per litre, diesel by Rs.3 and LPG by Rs.50 smacks of the UPA government’s lack of concern to the common man – when he is already feeling the heat of skyrocketing prices of all essential commodities. There were better alternatives to this harsh step – such as reducing the central customs duty on the fuel prices, imposing taxes on the windfall benefits reaped by private sector refineries etc., The disunity among the opposition parties is also responsible for the UPA government’s recurring thoughtless actions. The move on cut motions in Lok Sabha organised by Left parties just two months ago to demand a rollback in the fuel prices was abandoned by some opportunist political leaders.          Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Economic liberalisation Though economic liberalization in India can be traced back to the late 1970s, actual economic reforms began in right earnest only in July 1991. Progress has also been made in many areas that were previously off limits to reforms. Ever since economic liberalization set in, India has been ushered into a whole new world of change. These reforms have paid handsomely. The economy has grown at more than 6 per cent for a long time, coupled with full macroeconomic stability. This compares with a growth rate of 3.5 per cent during 1950-1980. However, as noted economist Arvind Panagariya writes in a paper on India's Economic Reforms, 'the accomplishments of the past decade are dwarfed only by what remains to be done. To begin with, the fiscal deficit is in a dire state. The combined deficit at the centre and states exceeds 10 per cent of gross domestic product. So if we ask as what does economic liberalization mean, we will end up saying that it is nothing but an overt obsession with the issue which has given birth to an unmanageable problem of inflation? Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Youth approach to trendy lifestyle Off late the approach and life style of teenagers and youths have undergone unexpected transformation during this period. On the one side, youth is very much aware of all the latest happenings and trends in the world, while on the other side, which seems dark, there is a kind of rat race in copying and imitating things in the name of modern fashion. They copy their favourite star’s stunts or dressing sense, youth’s imitation action leads to his/her untimely death and become stubborn to achieve what they want and this leads to excess expenses for the parents, which imbalances their budget further leading to financial crisis in the family over time. At the same time, the flood of reality shows on various channels on TV where the under age children participate, while certain parents too want their children to participate for small time publicity and money. Ironically, they tend to forget that Education can only make you a man of substance. These TV Channels are exploiting our children who are crazy to be seen on TV for the sake of their revenue and to raise the TRPs of their respective channels. Do remember that good manners and discipline helps to great extent in making a strong nation and it all starts from home for home is considered to be the 1st school of a child and it is we who finally constitute a nation and the entire world and the opposite is not true.             Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur   Naxal Menace While it is deeply painful to see the young CRPF jawans being brutally killed by Maoists, their throats cut open and their bodies thrown in the jungles, one is reminded of that pregnant Muslim woman's stomach in Gujrat carnage in 2002, which was cut open in broad daylight by the RSS-VHP goons and the foetus victoriously thrown in the air, and lo, in front of these very CRPF jawans and Gujrat police who were ordered to go 'slow' on the rioters, killing Muslims enmass. The world may have witnessed worst brutalities but not the kind of RSS-VHP displayed in Gujrat. I, undoubtedly, have complete sympathy for these jawans who are left with no other option by the selfish politicians. But, Being a member of a vulnerable community, called Muslims, squarely sandwiched between hypocrite Congress and communal BJP, I know what it means to be a minority in 'Secular' India and to dare to dream for a 'Forbidden Fruit' called justice. Nonetheless, it is high time the government of India took necessary measures to provide unconditional justice to all its citizens including Maoists and stopped the age old tradition of robbing Peter to pay Paul.       Mushtaque Madni, Pune
  Valley of death and unemployment
The situation in Kashmir valley has never been as bleak as today. 1989 is much far back in history, albeit the policy of governor Jagmohan has come home to roost. He not only induced the minority Pandits to migrate by offering them government largess but even gave them transport facility and thus accentuated the communal divide rather than bridging it. Simultaneously the even more minuscule Muslims, who braved all odds to live a decent and safe life in Delhi and elsewhere fared worst, became suspect terrorists in the eyes of the rest of the country. This structured bias persists. So, the walnut tree grows through the windows and cracks in the walls of the deserted houses. Basically the human situation in the valley and of the Pandits who left it is existential as well as political. Stark realities include Srinagar being one of the dirtiest cities in the world. India shining has left it far behind. The valley is no Gaza and yet nothing was rushed to it to make amends and ameliorate the situation. Among the most common human development index is the job situation. Muslims have fared the worst during Hindu, British or Indian rule. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, no exception as he also failed to get a government job despite a master’s degree in science: “Why Muslims were singled out for such treatment. We constituted the majority and contributed the most towards the state’s revenues, still we were continually oppressed…Was it because a majority of Government servants were non-Muslims?..I concluded that the ill treatment of Muslims was an outcome of religious prejudice.” Has the situation changed in the first decade of the 21st century? In 1988 this writer was in the valley for three weeks and had to cash traveller’s cheques and do shopping. Government jobs in banks and revenue departments and elsewhere were almost to the last man staffed by Hindus. At one time curiosity drove him to humouredly ask why so. The bank official was having a plate of bhajiya and a cup of tea with fellow staff members. Some of them turned to the interlocutor. The concerned officer proffered bhajiya as a reply! Earlier in June 2010 the Prime Minister made a visit to Kashmir and spoke in polite Urdu that getting a job was tough indeed for the people there. It would be untrue to say that the Kashmiri do not qualify. Justine Hardy in her new book “In the Valley of Mist” says about Kashmir: “its children (are) the most highly educated in the country because of the Central Government’s attempt to buy the love of the Kashmiri people, spending more on state education than in any other part of India. “It meant that they had been sowing one of the main crops of rebellion themselves, producing thousands of graduate full of ambition but very little employment to temper their expectations.” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh confirmed the paucity of jobs, electricity; ration shops, roads, drinking water and infrastructure in the valley when he addressed the students on June 7, 2010 in Srinagar. “I can imagine the disillusionment of those who have received education in premier institutions like the Sher-e-Kashmir University and yet cannot find good employment… “Hamare naujawan hamaare mulk ka mustaqbil hain. Hamein apne naujawanon se bahut badi umeedein hain,”“where Kashmiri youth can find lots of avenues for their ‘zahni (psychological), jazbaati (emotional) and peshawarana (professional) taraqqi”. “Main jaanta hoon ki behtareen taaleem haasil karne ke baad bhi kam mauqe milne se kis qadr maayoosi hoti hai.” Mustafa Khan, Malegaon, Maharashtra