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Political jiggery-pokery In politics no one is a friend or a foe forever. Policies and strategies of parties vary invariably as per the situation demands. Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, who have been a Good Samaritan to the BJP seems to have axed its allies by assaulting Narendra Modi and returning his aid during the Kosi flood. Mr Kumar perhaps tries to depict his secular image to the naïve Biharis by expressing his ‘anguish’ for the advertisement circulated in Bihar dalies joining hands with Mr Modi. In fact he should have done this a year ago when an advertisement of similar magnitude circulated in the country; but strangely then no anguish came from Kumar. It seems that Kumar’s action or reaction is merely political jiggery–pokery, strategically planned keeping an eye to win the forthcoming assembly election in Bihar in October this year.                 Shafaque Alam, New Delhi   BJP’s Green Hunt Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must be ruing the day when he uttered the now famous sentence that “Maoists are the single most serious threat to national security“. Since then the supporters of the Operation Green Hunt are constantly prodding him with it. The Bharatiya Janata Party and political commentators and press friendly to it are not tiring of quoting this statement. It is made out that the likes of Sonia Gandhi, Digvijay Singh and Mani Shanker Aiyer are holding the PM and the Home minister from taking the aggressive military action which has become absolutely imperative. By latching on to this single statement of Manmohan Singh the BJP and friends are making him an uncomfortable icon of this “all out war” which the BJP is angling for. These “Green Hunters” conveniently forget that the same Prime minister has also said as late as in October/November 2009 that “the tribal must be the primary beneficiaries of development process and that there has been systemic failure in giving the tribal a stake in the modern economic processes that inexorably intrude into their living spaces.” The PM has spoken of the tribal’ alienation and how it has taken a dangerous turn in some parts of our country. In what way is this different from what Sonia Gandhi said in Sandesh last month that “the rise in naxalism is the reflection of the need of our development initiative to reach the grassroots?” By juxtaposing this statement from Sonia Gandhi with the utterance of Singh some three years ago the BJP and other “green hunters” are trying to show a rift in the Congress. The civil society, the intelligentsia, the Human Rights groups, the Army, most political parties except the BJP are coming around to the view that brute force is not the solution to the naxal problem. The Operation Green Hunt, as envisaged by the BJP can bring nothing but large scale death, devastation and the scorched earth. Nobody can gain from it except the big business houses and the multinationals who are the signatories to hundreds of MOUs. Does the BJP want this? Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai   Emergency a sordid chapter in history No one with any claim to rationality would dispute that the Emergency in the mid-seventies of the last century was a sordid chapter in modern Indian history. With a single stroke of the President's pen on the night of June 25, 1975, the world's largest democracy was reduced to a tin-pot dictatorship, one of the many then infesting the Third World. To those of us who lived through it, the Emergency was a 19-month nightmare. It took an excruciatingly long time to flush out of the system the poison it had pumped into the body politic. No fewer than 100,000 people were arrested and detained indefinitely without trial; many times that number was harassed mercilessly. What a hammer-blow it was to people's liberty as democratic decencies were chillingly underscored in the Supreme Court, by then totally pliant to the prime minister. There is no doubt that Indira Gandhi did use the Emergency to inflict lasting damage on the institutions that provide the underpinning to democracy by suborning or subverting them. Ironically, these were founded and nurtured by her even more illustrious father. But the question is whether she alone has to be blamed for this depressing development. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Nuclear deal should have had the nod of one and all The Bhopal Gas Tragedy has revisited us on the eve of our passing the Nuclear Liability bill as if to caution us of the horrendous possibilities should an accident occur in one of the many ambitious and potentially perilous nuclear power plants we are in the process of installing. There is no doubt that Manmohan Singh government has pushed the Indo-US nuclear bill through on the strength of a slender majority in parliament cobbled together by frantic politicking. No one can say that the manner in which that slender majority was achieved was not dubious. The deal may have its merits but the opinion of the scientists, economists and political analysts on it was sharply divided. The BJP and the left front may be credited with the best efforts to prevent its passage in the ugly haste. Now that it is the fait accompli and that its follow up bill, the nuclear liability bill, is on the table the government should not repeat its earlier folly. Why cannot the people of India be educated on the implications of the nuclear liability bill? Why cannot a session of the parliament be called to be addressed by the scientists, economists and human right activists of differing views? Let our law-makers listen to opposite views from the people of expertise. As the things stand parliamentarians are only exposed to the views of the spin doctors of political parties. And then there is “whip”. An apolitical academic leader like Dr. Manmohan Singh should have tried to bring unanimity among the parliamentarians on the nuclear deal. Instead he blackmailed the house with the threat of resignation if the bill did not pass. The BJP and the left are patriotic parties. Their anxieties are real and should be allayed. In case of the “liability” bill he should see that the opposition is in confidence and on board as, indeed, it should be in all foreign policy matters and international agreements.                 Dr A R Mookhi,Mumbai   US not capable of mounting pressure on Israel Israel often harks back to its history to justify its hold over Palestine. However, there are people in that country, archaeologists to be precise, who offer alternative explanation to pet Israeli theories and refute many of its claims. The so called Promised Land was never entirely Jewish and Israel's existence as a state did not last beyond a couple of centuries. The Jews should remember that when they were haunted all over Europe and West Asia they were given safe haven in the Muslim lands. If the Holocaust hardened Israel's resolve to survive they cannot do so by making life hellish for the Palestinians who are living in makeshift shanties. Israel is in fact lives on borrowed time. As long as the USA sponsors and subsidises Israel it will continue to behave like an irresponsible bully, obsessed with its security at the cost of other's security The Muslim world should pressurise USA TO KEEP Israel under leash and we in India should not play the American ballgame by cozying up to a killer country. By doing so we will seriously harm our interests i the Middle East where five million Indians live.                 Yunus Chitalwala, Dhoraji-Gujarat   Shift beleaguering Israel to America It has become now crystal clear that Israel is nothing but a beleaguering country. Not only that, but it is inhumane also. It is proved by the world countries that Israel is defying the orders of the UNO not to attack the ships taking food, and help for the Palestine refugees. It is against humanity. It is now right time that Israel must be shifted from the present land encircled by all the Muslim countries. It is planted there by American diplomacy so that the Muslim countries may be engaged in fighting against this beleaguering country; it is now hated by all. It was also Soviet Union which committed a mistake and had backed Israel in planting it in Middle East, when previously it was not here at all and realized now that it was its bad decision and is now against Israeli attacks on innocent population ladies and children without arms. But it is of no use crying now. If it really wants peace in the Middle East and other areas, it must ask USA and other countries to shift Israel from the present land occupied by it unjustifiably, and plant it in America, as it likes it, or at least in Pacific, or beyond Canada or Australia, where none would disturb it. If it is encircled by the Muslim – the enemy countries, then why stay there? M.S. Shaikh, Ahmedabad   Rogue Israel’s State Terrorism Zionist Israel’s brutal attack on a humanitarian aid flotilla comprising of 6 ships in international sea, has been condemned globally. It was carrying food, medicines etc collected by Muslim and non-Muslim volunteers from Britain, Algeria, Ireland, Kuwait, Greece, Turkey etc, for 1½ million besieged Palestinians of Gaza which is blockaded by Israel since 4 years. Anglo-American imperialists have been patronizing and supporting Israel since it is their illegitimate child. The UN must ensure lifting of economic blockade of Gaza. Jawaharlal Nehru had openly sided Arabs, Particularly Palestinians and had condemned Israel. He did not recognize Israel so did his daughter Indira Gandhi. Manmohan Singh Govt. is soft towards Israel under the pressure of America. It is against India’s interests to displease 150 crores Muslims of the world and their 58 independent countries. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS) – 441904   India astrayed in Afghanistan India’s Afghan policy is not only unethical but also lethal.The former diplomat MKBhadrakumar in his article THE HAQQANI CARD in Deccan herald July first has rightly stated that Haqqani’s rehabilitation in mainstream political life will be a bitter pill for New Delhi. This pill, in my opinion not only bitter it may lead to severe diarrhoea in future, sending of delegates of Muslim politicians and lawyers to United States with requesting US not to aid Pakistan and leave Afghanistan without curbing Taliban is futile effort and childish politics. It will do nothing but downgrade our international position, there is Urdu saying which goes “JATHE KE BHAROSE PE PATE “means the women should depend for her livelihood on her husband not on the elder brother of the husband. The American forces are lodged for 8 years in Afghanistan along with NATO forces but so for they could not crush Taliban.There is no hope that they can apprehend the Taliban in the near future. Therefore US has decided to vacate Afghanistan unceremoniously. And it looking for safe exit in such circumstances. The Indian government should change its policy of hatred and enmity towards Taliban.Before the US starts leaving the tough country India should become good friends neglecting the ire of US. Afghanistan is not only an Asian country but a neighbouring country also. It has the treasury of number of minerals and gas etc. The governments Anti Islam and anti Muslim policy will not fetch any thing but total loss. India should endorse the views shown by the senior diplomats and their analysis. The government should shun the policy of hatred and stop misleading the great Indian Nation with 30 crores of Muslims.                 Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Facts of Osama and WMD exposed Why Russian entered Afghanistan? Why USA attacked Afghanistan? USSR lost to Afghanis the world opinion was against USSR because USSR did not have any excuse. USA created Osama and Taliban as excuse. To capture Osama and Taliban USA attacked Afghanistan and destroyed it. New York agency gave news that Afghanistan has vast reserve of Gold Lithium, Graphite, Copper, Iron and other costly materials costing more than 10 lakh million dollars.USA attacked Afghanistan to capture Osama but they reached out Khazana of 10 kharab dollars. On the other hand USA invaded to search WMD (weapons of mass destruction) they destroyed in Iraq in searching WMD but they captured oil-wells. The reality of Osama and WMD is nothing but tacit game of search and capture game of USA which Muslim world does not.          S. Haque, Patna   Stress and strain in glamour world The suicide of model Viveka Babajee once again has posed questions before the glamour world. Despite encompassing all glamour and money, what is the reason behind model taking their own lives? Indeed the world of glamour and fashion is menacingly deceptive which camouflages the dark and the high stress life of the models and the fashion designers. Behind the bright costumes and high end parties lurks the disturbing world of the models and the truth about their lives. But why would a promising young person with a seemingly perfect job, face and figure be desperate enough to try to snuff out her own life? The life of a model can be not only fiercely competitive, but often lonely, mental health experts say. Though it looks pretty glamorous, the fashion world has darkness inside that is not seen from outside. So, what is the actual reason behind this deadly glamorous world? It all lies inside the lifestyle favoured by models and actresses.      Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur   What Honour in Killings The union government is in the false impression that it can frame some rule and eradicate the pernicious practice of honour killing. It is nothing but divine punishment given by God as a fallout of the disobedience of Hindu society which has rejected the genuine laws of God, until and unless they follow and practice the natural laws this self killing pernicious practice will not end.The caste system is not made by God.It is purely made by upper caste persons to safeguard their own interests. The upper caste people must eschew this acquired trait then only we expect this honor killing row will end. The Brahmins are most intelligent people.They lead the Hindus in all the religious and spiritual matters but they fail flat in applying the spiritual matters in political arena.They know very well that God is there to look all the matters. Oppression and killing of Kashmirs by force raises the wrath of Almighty.The floods in Punjab and Haryana may be the result of Army operations in Kashmir .Prolong curfew and killing of innocent citizens might have enraged God who sent floods in the neighboring states of Kashmir.The Brahmans who are astrologers should try to understand the reasons of heavy rains and floods. Lakhs of acres of fertile land submerged and crops damaged .India is the only traitor to Kashmir But for India Indians are the only traitors, every day apart from Honour killings Maoists dacoits ,Sex maniacs, political murders .caste conflicts. Religious riots, accidents, bomb, blasts, separation movements etc are on increase .The whole country has become the hub of crimes. We can say: ANDHER NaGGRI CHAOPAT RAJA..                  Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Mecca and Amarnath The Holy Qur’an says about a Mecca:- And when we made the house (Kaba) a resort for human beings and(place) of security (We ordered)”And take from the place where Ibrahim stood, a place for offering worship (salat)” and we made an agreement that they should clean My house for those who are a round it and those who stay therein for devotion and those who bow down and prostrate C3,125 And when Ibrahim said” My Fosterer! Make this a city of security and provide its people with fruits, those who believe from among them in Allah and the period hereafter “He (Allah) replied “And who ever does not believe, I will provide for him too, a little (enjoyment) then I will drive him toward the punishment of fire, and it is an evil destination C2, 126 COMMENTS: This is the statement of Holy Quran which was revealed by Allah To the Prophet Mohammad 1500 years ago. What ever the Qur’an predicted that proved true.The house of Allah constructed by Abraham and His son Ismail which is in Mecca Saudi Arabia and which is geographically situated in the centre of the earth is the place Visited by crores of Muslims across the world. All kinds of fruits are available in abundance to the Hajjis and tothe visitors of Mecca, Zam-Zam is the sacred water in the same house with wonderful history. It is the clear proof that Mohammad was the real prophet of Allah And it is obligatory to all the Jews and Christians and other religious persons who think Amaranth as a sacred place and visit it with religious fervour is nothing but a sin and it will be tantamount to disgracing the real house of God .He categorically mentioned whoever does not believe and become blind toward the visible proof of the house of God he will drive them towards the punishment of fire,the evil destination.Those intellectuals, journalists, politicians, religious personals, writers, editors,ministers, presidents, MLAs MPS ,Bureaucrats, doctors, engineers,professors,lawyers judges speakers etc should think that this worldly life is the testing time. God has bestowed all the power of discretion and understanding .Their cleverness should not be limited to their limited area but they should think beyond there area of operation. They should not politicize this important matter. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   BJP embraces moderate Jaswant The BJP President Nitin Gadkari may be looking a happy go lucky man next door and he may be receiving some subtle criticism from his own party men. But for all we know he has presented the party with its next prime ministerial candidate, Jaswant Singh. Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West,Mumbai   Halima by writing with legs to be role model Halima Shazia 8 yrs daughter of Moulvi Irshad Alam Vill PO Sagar Dina, Block – Chiraya, Dist Earh Chaniparam is handicapped of both the hands but she write with leg. She is so brilliant that once she reads anything she usually never forgets. She is studying in std III Halima wants to become school teacher and fight against the poverty of her family. She wants to become role model for society and other handicap. Her brother (yrs 3) is also physically disabled but being a Madrasa teacher father Moulvi Irshad Alam cannot provide proper treatment due to financial constraints. He has approached to the administration but no help came to his way. Irshad’s all 3 child are handicapped. Why our Urdu media does not take up such sensitive issues, though Urdu papers is full of poems, poetry, stories, afsane, filmy gossips, and uncountable news about Khanquah’s urs etc. S. Haque, Patna   Bhopal gas tragedy While everyone wants Warren Anderson to be sent back to India, what is equally important is to take these powerful politicians and bureaucrats to task. The nation cannot let them get away so easily. At the same time, it is important to include all those politicians who have been battling in the court for the multinational companies. Hence there is an urgent need for a political cleanup. Unless we clear the known and exposed toxic elements from politics, no amount of clean up at Bhopal will ensure that such disasters do not happen in future. All political parties have to come clean on this. We as civil society should treat them as untouchables, vowing never to connect with them, a kind of a social boycott if nothing else works. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur