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Two-nation theory is a gift of Savarkar


New Delhi (27 January 2011): Digvijay Singh, Congress general secretary, holds Veer Savarkar responsible for postulating the two-nation theory which is wrongly attributed to Jinnah. The original idea propounded by Savarkar was, later on, hijacked by Jinnah. Trying to trace the origin of terrorism he pointed out, “extreme ideology creates a divide.” He further pointed out that Hindutva was also first coined by Savarkar though he was a “declared atheist.”  Holding BJP responsible for provoking emotional issues, he asked why does the party want to hoist the national flag at Lal Chowk (Srinagar) and Idgah (Hubli) when it does not hoist it at the RSS headquarters at Nagpur. He asserted that this is simply to create law and order problems. Singh demanded an investigation of RSS funds. Holding Sangh responsible for starting terrorism in independent India he pointed out that Gandhi’s assassination was the first terrorist act.