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Muslim leaders’ guidance to Muslims for census

New Delhi: Muslim leaders at different forums are trying to convince Muslims that there is a planned conspiracy in the whole country to show a much smaller population of Muslims in the country by hiding their true population and there is a whole lobby behind this conspiracy. Mufti Mukarram Ahmad, Shahi Imam of Fatehpuri Masjid, said that the interesting thing is that the person to whom the whole conspiratorial work has been assigned is a Muslim but the persons or agencies in whose hands he is being made a tool are others so that if objections are raised in future these people and agencies can wash their hands by putting the blame on him. He cautioned the people that they should bear in mind that unless complete information is furnished they should not sign on the census documents. He called upon Muslim organisations and members of Residents Welfare Association (RWA) should come forward for this because through them only census forms/documents can be properly filled in.

Tasleem Rahmani, President of Muslim Political Council of India, appealed Muslims to tick on the word ‘Muslim’. He said that in none of the previous censuses the population of Muslims was rightly mentioned and effort was always made to show their population to the minimum so that they could not claim their due rights. Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, Islamic scholar and Vice Chairman of Delhi Urdu Academy said that though our religion is Islam but if the word ‘Islam’ is not mentioned in the census form and in its place ‘Muslim’ or ‘Musalman’ is mentioned, people should write or tick ‘Muslim’ or ‘Musalman’, whatever it is, otherwise population of Muslims will be shown wrongly.

Muslim Personal Law Board member Qasim Rasool Ilyas said that this problem is not with Muslims only but with the people of other religions also but Muslims at least should tick or write ‘Muslim’. Working President of  All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat, Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, said that for this, every body should come forward to create an awareness. He further said that for creating such awareness, letters have also been sent to all Muslim organisations with a request to extend their full cooperation for this. He said that a case against wrong and misleading words should have been filed in the court but since courts take very long time in deciding cases and time now is very short, we should tick on the word ‘Muslim’ or ‘Musalman’.