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Practical steps needed for release of innocent Muslim youths

New Delhi: A delegation of Muslim leaders and intellectuals led by Raza Academy Mumbai’s Chairman Muhammad Sayeed Noori, and chairman of Darul Taleem, Maulana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi met Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh in Delhi on 1 February. While criticising central government and CBI, which had opposed the release on bail of innocent Muslim youths falsely implicated and jailed in Malegaon bomb blasts case expressed their anger and displeasure and plainly told him that instead of verbal talks and promises, practical steps are needed for their release at the earliest. He pointed out central government’s delaying tactics for their release and CBI’s opposition to the grant of bail to them. He reminded him that after Aseemanand’s confessional statement about his and RSS activists involvement in Malegaon and other bomb blasts, they should have been released but not only the central government is adopting dilly-dallying policy, the CBI is strongly opposing their release on bail.  

Maulana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi said that it is a matter of shame that without any proof and investigations innocent Muslim youths are being jailed and tortured for offences never committed by them, even after Aseemanand’s confession. He said that this also shows the mentality of our security and investigating agencies. Hence it is also necessary to purge those agencies of people who are working with such mindset. Other members of the delegation told him that they fully supported his (Digvijay’s) stand that RSS should be banned but at the same it is also necessary that innocent Muslim youths accused and jailed in Malegaon, Hyderabad, Ajmer, Prabhni, Jalna and other bomb blasts should not only be released immediately but they should also be suitably compensated for all the indignities and tortures and mental afflictions and the officers who weaved cock and bull stories for their arrest should also be punished. Digvijay Singh assured them that since some legal complications are involved in their release, they will be released as soon as those complications are removed.