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MG You are really doing great service to Indian Muslims by providing them correct information through Milli Gazette. May Allah give you more strength. I have been trying my best to enhance its circulation.                 Syed Khurshid Anwar,Advocate High Court Allahabad II MG 16-31, May 2013 issue was excellent. Read the report saying that there were 1336 Rape cases in Kashmir. Kashmir is in India but its people are still being treated as equals. The article “Karnataka: Sonia Succeeds, Modi Fails!” was excellent. Nellai Saleem,   Woeful neighbours I say ‘woeful’. But, perhaps, only Kuldip Nayyar can say what India and Pakistan ‘Distant’ around 1971. But now even prisoners in these countries have extended retaliation to skull for skull Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Terrorist attack in London The shocking and barbaric attack on a Britisher on a street in London yesterday and the terrible bomb blasts on a street in Boston targeting Americans a few weeks ago, are absolutely horrible instances of insanity, What is very awful is that in both instances the perpetrators were Muslims who never knew the victims whom they targetted; they implied that their actions were protests against injustice to Muslims. At a time when Muslims should be and are in the forefront of advocating interfaith peaceful coexistence among diverse religious communities, a handful of insane and evil people who claim to be Muslim, are causing so much harm to the very basic image of Islam, by such viscous and barbaric violent acts. There are not enough words in any language, nor enough hours in the day to condemn such gory and barbaric violence.             Kaleem Kawaja, Washington, USA   Press’s silence on corrupt bureaucrats Today corruption is all - pervasive in the country and has very deeply affected all walks of life. It can be effectively checked and eliminated when not only highly effective and strict laws are passed and deterrent exemplary punishment is given to the guilty and very strong public opinion is mobilised against this cancer. Surely, press can do a lot in this matter. But it is really distressing that the press has miserably failed to perform is duty in so far as corrupt bureaucrats are concerned. It has done a real national service by exposing corrupt politicians and political leaders by condemning their highly deplorable misdeeds and has correctly corruption without the active assistance of bureaucrats. Infact, bureaucrats have beaten the politicians in this nasty and sordid game of amassing wealth. Hardly, any day passes when we do not read reports of CBI raids at the residences of bureaucrats both serving or retired and come to know the details of their amassing wealth amounting to several millions and about their highly disproportionate assets. The most glaring example of this is that of a former chief secretary of U P who had been appointed by Mulayam Singh Govt. who had amassed wealth amounting to crores. Silence of the Press over the corruption of bureaucrats on such a vast scale cannot be condones. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP (Rajya Sabha), New Delhi - 91   Let 99 Muslims be hanged to death rather than... To the author, unfortunately the ratio is very true. 99 Muslims are hanged in terrorism charges, but hardly a Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jew, Buddhist or any other people are even accused of terrorism. Islam Vs Other religion: 99:1. Sir, what a ratio? Why do Muslims score so high in field of terrorism. Anyways I do have answer, would love to share it if you say. It is verses of Qur’an, for ex:- 9:5. And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. I do have much more verses than this, hope you liked it.                                                                                                                               Rahul Raj [to MG website] MG: This is mastery of manipulation and quoting out of context. This verse relates to pre-Makkah Conquest Arabia when Arab polytheists were waging an active war against Muslims. It came to an end with the conquest of Makkah during the Prophet’s own life-time. This rule was only for the Arabian polytheists who were all related to the Prophet through his father or mother. This rule does not apply anywhere outside Hijaz in the Arabian peninsula. If it was indeed applied in countries like India and Spain you would not find a single non-Muslim there when the Muslim rule ended after 7-8 centuries. The ground reality is different. It is dangerous for a layman to start reading a text without knowledge about the context and the historical realities.   Bhagwa Ideologue In Secular UPA The basic Ideology of congress party (and its allies) is based on Socialism and Secular Democracy so it is expected that Ministers in UPA Govt shall be secular in their approach and sensitive to the aspirations of the weakest section of the Society ,that is, Muslims. If one goes through the working of Central Minister Kapil Sibba during last 7 yearsl then it could be observed that he had been worst than any communalist in the Bhgwa group whether his action is related to Minority Character of JMI which was forcefully opposed by him, Establishment of Schools for Minorities(The MUSLIMS),he ensured that schools to be opened to provide education to the Muslim children are established in the places far away from Muslims dominated localities or the appointments of Urdu Teachers in Central Schools. Not only this, as a minister of HRD , he has made irreparable damage to the cause of education especially higher and technical education .On fight against corruption he was in forefront to resist any strong law against it.. Therefore all secularists specilly Muslim Community should appeal to the PM and Smt Sonia Gandhi, who is certainly honest and secular, to get rid of him before 2014 Elections. The electorate of Chandni Chowk shall be advised not to vote for him in case he is given ticket from that constituency.          Prof. Shamim Ahmad   Khalid Mujahid The manner in which the lawyers’ bar association in Faizabad court has expelled three of its colleagues and brutally assaulted one of them, for the simple reason that they participated in a protest demonstration demanding justice in the suspicious death of Khalid Mujahid, a bomb blast suspect - speaks volumes about the heights of communalism in the so-called intellectual circles. What is more reprehensible is the refusal of the police to lodge an FIR in the murderous attack. The apex court should take cognizance of the incident and take urgent remedial steps by initiating a stringent action against the errant bar association. Otherwise, a day may not be far off when advocates would bluntly refuse to represent the accused if they happen to be Muslims.   Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa II We shall truly be a lawless land if lawyers are permitted to prevent their fellows from defending those accused of terrorism. These people appear not to know the meaning of “accused” and the necessity of defence lawyers if those accused of crimes are to get justice. Mukul Dube,Delhi 110091   Extreme Savagery I unreservedly condemn two Nigerian neo-Muslims butchering a British soldier on the street of London in broad daylight. This is unmitigated savagery. Such flagrant acts of naked violence besmirch the name of Islam and vindicate the universal misconception about Islam being a violent and militant faith. There’re so many decent and peaceful ways to express grievances individually as well as collectively. Hacking and beheading an innocent person in public can never get any sane individual’s approval and acceptance. We all must disapprove of this barbaric spectacle, the Londoners witnessed recently.                 Sumit Paul, Pune   Muslims' Demand Of Justice To Community The congress win in Karnataka is mainly due to the unconditional support of Muslims of the state .Muslims are the worst affected community of the country by the central congress regime .Unmindful of all oppressions done by the congress Muslims have voted to the congress party .Though there is much deference between the regional and central congress .The congress in centre has lost its credibility .as it is involved in number of scandals and scams .It has to take support from SP and BSP to continue in the power .It means it is lingering with the support of two BYSAKHIS .The congress has done great injustice to Muslim community. Thousands of Muslim youths have been apprehended on the fake charges of terrorism .number of youths have been shot dead in encounters .The Babri Mosque was demolished in the day light in the gaze of the then promise of Late Prime minister Narasimha Rao. No culprit was punished or arrested .Modi who managed to kill 2000 innocent Muslims in Gujarat but he was given clean chit.               Dr AH Maqdoomi,Hyderabad    AMU This refers to news item (MG 1-15 May) regarding military ambience prevailing now-a-days in AMU. Your comment appended to news item is apt and candid. AMU had been for long a nursery producing Muslim leaders. Shafi Qureshi, Mohd. Adeeb, Arif Mohd. Khan, Rasheed Masood, are only few to name here. This role of AMU was thorn in the eye of govt. Indira Gandhi with the help of the then VC Saiyid Hamid ensured that university did not remain attaining ground for Muslim leaders. Had Indira Gandhi not been assassinated before the expiry of the term of Hamid sahib as VC, he would have been awarded suitably for his service. The trend set by Saiyid Hamid has been adopted by almost every VC after him. Present VC has adopted the same approach. He is really doing great disservice to AMU. All well wishers of the AMU particularly Old Boys should take up the issue of expulsion of AMUSU president. Being an old boy of AMU. I appeal to the Lt. Gen.(retired) to recall the expulsion of student leader forthwith in ther largest interest of great seat of learning. Syed Khurshid Anwar, Allahabad II I agree with you and the fallout of army rule is already visible but as per unique Muslim character most of the people in campus are silent. The VC has embarked upon finishing everything which is known as Aligarianism. He is taking arbitrary decisions under his Special Powers like merging Centre of Indian Languages & Cultures ( A dream project of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi ) into department of Indian Languages and withdrawing urdu from admission tests of class ist, 6th & 9th. I have not seen such an autocratic Vice Chancellor in my 44 years life in AMU except Mahmudur Rahman who was a BJP man. NJ Ansari, Aligarh  [on mg website] III AMU We should congratulate Vice-chancellor of AMU, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah, for completing one year in office on May 17, 2013. He has brought changes in the academic and administrative areas and laying a lot of stress in improving the living conditions of students. In his own words, he is on mission to take the University to number one position among the institutions of higher studies in the country and restore its past glory by reviving traditional values. He is working really hard to achieve his goals. Insha Allah, the positive mindset will take Aligarh Muslim University to number one position. M. Yunus Khan, AMU, Aligarh.   Indian First, Indian Second And Indian Last Let Indian Muslims reinforce their Iman and patriotism as was exemplified by one of India's greatest Freedom Fighters. A great Muslim freedom fighter in India in 1930s ( Name: Maulana Mohamed Ali Jauhar) At the Round Table Conference in London in 1930, he said I have a culture, a polity, an outlook on life-a complete synthesis which is Islam', 'Where God commands', he added, 'I am a Muslim first, a Muslim second, a Muslim last, and nothing but a Muslim. If you ask me to enter into your Empire ( British) or into your nation by leaving that synthesis, that polity, that culture, that ethics, I will not do it.' He did not believe that by being a Muslim he was any less an Indian. His religious beliefs and nationality never appeared to him to be incompatible. He could--and must--be true to both Islam and India. He explained thus: 'Where India is concerned, where India's freedom is concerned, where the welfare of India is concerned, I am an Indian first, and Indian second, [Page 28 My Life: A Fragment] an Indian last, and nothing but an Indian.' As a Muslim, I must be free and subject to no autocrat who demands from me obedience to his orders in defence of those of God.... Faith is my motive of conduct in every act ... and my faith demands freedom. That Swaraj will give me, but it does not demand the subjugation of the Hindu or any one else differing from me in faith.... My own freedom and not the enslavement of any other is my creed. .               Pamohamedameen  (via email)   Is brutal America pampered by UNO? The global terrorists America and Israel are unleashing unlawful, unjustifiable and unkind wars on innocent citizens of Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria etc; making fictitious stories of terrorism only in the aim of looting wealth of that countries; several lakhs of citizens were killed by these disastrous and the countries in question are remains as modern crematoriums. The chaotic wars made rich the attackers and the victims are following the agonized life and pulling on dread full life. The so-called UNO is not taking any fruitful measures to prevent the unwarranted and unkind attacks on other countries. The dhrone (pilotless) planes bombing in Pakistan and Afghanistan kills hundreds of citizens as well as destroyed the dwellings and business centres of the country. Once Iran was targeted by the attackers on silly grounds, but totally failed and withdrawn their forces, since the citizens were stood rigidly against the attackers. Though the country was in turmoil the then cunning ruler of Iran. "Shah pahalavi" flew to America with loaded planes of wealth of Iran and settled there. Leaving all the wealth of Iran in America he was vanished. Still America is threatening Iran on silly grounds and not allowing the needy countries to import fuel products and other commodities from Iran. The autocratic and Zionist atrocities on innocent peace loving countries should be dispensed with and the UNO should do the needful against the atrocities in the countries from any corner or at any level so as to maintain global peace.                 Rajmohan, Kochi, Kerala   Education Muslims need to correct their path for education The performance of Indian Muslim in UPSC will always hover around 3 per cent of the total lot as in 2012 exams. In addition to this they will also remain behind in different educational fronts unless they change their directions. It is not because of some hidden policy of the government to prevent them becoming the part of its machinery. But because of the myopic vision of the Indian Muslim community especially the so called educated class among them. All of them frame their opinions based on the perception of the general perceived beliefs in the society. They fail to see the grand scheme of affairs for the upliftment of Indian Muslims. These so called Muslim scholars run and suggest others about organisations which provide coaching to the Muslims aspirants for UPSC civil services examination such as Jamia Millia Islamia, Hamdard Study Centre, Zakat Foundation and various other government helps. However, there is not much improvement in the passing rates because they are hitting on the wrong side of the nail. Their effort is like awarding the persons who will cross the river which in any case will follow the Gaussian curve rule. Help is needed by those who are to be taught to swim at the other end of the river. Even if they don’t provide coaching, this much percentage will routinely clear the UPSC exams.                 Dr. Mohammed Imran, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi -110062   Match fixing Considering the recent match fixing issue leading to several arrest of RR team , its time to take things seriously. Perhaps it’s the time that IPL should take a temporary break to resolve the matter rather than following relentless playing schedule. At the moment the atmospherics seems pretty hostile for playing cricket since things like suspicion, anger and cynicism are the over-riding emotions. However, looking at the BCCI, it’s seems that it simply want to continue to be an opaque body, which is interested in handing huge amount of money that comes in through this tournament. The fact is, the top brass at the BCCI now needs to engage with law enforcement agencies simply to understand how deep rooted is this menace. If other players and teams are under the scanner and what more could be public soon. Surely, no right thinking person will believe this begins and ends with Sreesanth, Chandila and Chavan? Indeed, it’s quite logical to assume that a good amount of players have been compromised? Surely other passages of play in other games have been similarly scripted over the last few weeks?             Mohd Ziyauallah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur - 440013   “Muslim kings cared and loved Indians” The last night of Indians rule overpowered by British invaders the king Bahadur Shah Zafar called his daughter Kulsumm and son-in-law and asked them to leave Lal Qila under darkness of night, then he prayed to Allah and made Dua’ I leave these uncared children to your will. They are dwellers of palace, are going in jungles no one is heir supporter Khandan-e-Taimur’s name save the prestige,…. and all Indians Hindu and Muslims are my sons now a day they are in trouble…. kindly help al Indians and save them from problems”. This statement is sufficient to show how Muslim kings loved and cared Indian. S. Haque, Patna   Are we great? Can a country consider herself great in which tiny babies are being wildly raped and killed continuously almost every where? Does such a heinous thing happen anywhere else in the world? Is this greatness or meanness?                     S. A. U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Unite to face Chinese dragon China had invaded north India in 1963, and had occupied our large areas. It had also invaded and occupied Tibet. It says Arunachal Pradesh is China’s province. Kailash and Mansarvar are in China’s possession. Now Chinese troops have entered Indian territory in Laddakh. China is worlds second military and economic power on the contrary rampant corruption, capitalism, casteism, regionalism, linguism, terrorism and wide spread poverty etc have weakened India. Naxalism is infact Chinese Maoism, which is spreading in 79 districts of seven states of India. Naxalities are trained and well armed. The believe in violence. They have killed hundreds of police men. In some areas they have been running parallel Govt. Poortribals and villagers are their sympathisors and supporters. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra  (441904)   Apropos of President Hamid Karzai’s visit to India, one cannot help to note from a CNN Farid Zakaria interview of Daryl Dalrymple on the last British involvement in Afghanistan, back in 1860s when out of about 18000 British troops, only one survived the retreat, and in that expedition with the British were about 5000 Indians too - helpless coolies recruited to die, apparently not for the sake of their own country, India. Another episode blurs up the confusion on Afghanistan, when a British soldier, Joe Geldon, on Steven Sucker’s BBC Hardtalk program accuses that UK was merely hanging over the coattails of US and it has no business to be in Afghanistan. With so much world experience being articulated day in and day out even in current media programs, one hopes our Prime Minister will take heed and not drag us Indians into Afghanistan imbroglio, either hanging from the coattails of the US or Hamid Karzai - the later-day Shah Shuja --- whatever promise of gold at the end of the rainbow will be shown to him and his advisers. India should opt for a war-less future for the sub-continent and even with China, it should finalize a neighbourly relations just like US has with Canada - open borders, open hearts. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai