Indresh of RSS and Purohit of Abhinav Bharat: common agenda

With all the startling revelations coming out as a cascade, it will be strange if for the larger interest of the security of India Indresh Kumar and other high ranking RSS chiefs are not quickly put behind prison bars for the sole reason that RSS never stops the execution of  its closely guarded plans which can potentially change Indian polity. Such is its cultural nationalism nurtured over the decades that it does not want the Muslim minority, perhaps also other minorities, to exist in the country.

                                                      Shrikant Purohit         Indresh Kumar          Praveen Togadia

Indresh Kumar is a member of the central committee of the RSS in charge of the Muslim minority affairs. The RSS cannot allow Muslims to exist as they want equality with their fellow compatriots. Make no bones about it with the RSS because they are so cussed that they would continue their sophistry believing that you can fool all the people all the time, at least in India.  

Serving Lt. Colonel Prasad Shrikant Purohit wanted to kill Indresh Kumar and, according to his Abhinav Bharat constitution, decimate Muslims because they would not be eligible for the Hindu Rashtra he had visualized. Purohit and Indresh Kumar have the same goal. Telling more than this according to the formula of truth of Albert Camus is a lie. To be precise, intended killing of Indresh Kumar is a lie, a white lie, planted to mislead. For, their aim is not mutual destruction. Both have the Hindu Rashtra in their hearts.

Even if it is believed for an argument that Purohit and Shyam Apte of Pune had given a gun to one Alok and the Kolkata Hindutva activist Tapan Ghosh on April 11 or 12, 2008, to kill Indresh Kumar; their desire to purge India of Muslims and other minorities does not change. Nor does their capability to wreck havoc in altering the political map of the Subcontinent, change.

Truth also is the revelation that the medical doctor did want to kill Vice President Hamid Ansari at Jamia Millia in 2007. Creating anarchy is the hidden agenda of the RSS because it is the most secretive and hence most dangerous organization existing in India. Anarchy would lead to the kind of Hindu Rashtra Purohit and RSS envisage. What is the proof that they submit themselves to the Constitution of the Republic of India? When Allan Octavius Hume founded the Indian National Congress in 1885, the Viceroy Lord Dufferin called it seditious. Indresh Kumar’s secret meeting and conversation with all those involved in Malegaon, Ajmer, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express blasts constitutes just that. It is matched by Purohit’s parleying with the Israeli officers seeking recognition, help and diplomatic immunity once the Hindu Rashtra comes into existence. Purohit was busy in recruiting youths into his organization Abhinav Bharat when he was posted at Deolali camp of Nasik, February to September 2005. Does this not constitute sedition on the part of a serving officer of the Indian army with a hidden Constitution to replace the Constitution of the Republic of India?

Abhinav Bharat had 5000 members across the country then. What has the military thought of the 5000 that the lieutenant colonel had taught and trained? What has the Maharashtra government done about KP Raghuvanshi inviting Purohit to teach and train the Anti-Terrorism Squad officers?  What has the government of India thought of Praveen Togadia who according to Purohit was actively engaged in the founding and financing of Abhinav Bharat? Why did Togadia want to know from Purohit as to who was investigating the Nanded blast of 2006? What have the investigating agencies done to know why the VHP chief of Maharashtra, one Prashant Hartalkar, was prying into this matter and under whose instruction? Does the Constitution of India allow such anti-constitutional goings on?

The government of India has shown no interest in the only Hindu majority country in the world after India, Nepal. Is this also pseudo secularism for it has not shown any awareness let alone publishing any white paper on the matter recorded by Sudhakar Pandey regarding how Pandey also instructed Purohit to contact Dr R P Singh over the telephone in August 2007. Dr Singh had told “Purohit that Indresh had “sold off Hindus in Nepal”. This had fetched Indresh Kumar Rs 3 crore rupees.  The money was floated by the ISI. When Purohit conveyed this to Togadia that doughty heart specialist from Gujarat acknowledged that he already knew about it.

So the question, whether the government of India knew it?

The most wonderful thing for the government of India to know is: how come the RSS and Abhinav Bharat slept over the fact that Malegaon was a rich mine for communal violence till SIMI and the Muslims blew themselves up on September 8, 2006 and only then Abhinav Bharat followed suit on September 29, 2008? (But the itinerary of Togadia shows another direction. He met Purohit in the house of Nasik VHP leader Vinayak in February 2006, just months before the first terrorist attack in Malegaon. In December 2006 Purohit called upon Togadia in a Mumbai hotel and told him about the details of Abhinav Bharat. Togadia had informed Purohit in March April 2007 of the people who had given funds for Abhinav Bharat. In August-September 2007 Togadia gave Purohit 2 lakh rupees donation for Abhinav Bharat. Then on August 2, 2008 again, shortly before the second terrorist attack in Malegaon, Togadia and Purhit met. This time Togadia was not happy with Purohit for breaking up the Madhya Pradesh unit of VHP. Thus Togadia and Purohit acted in tandem around the time of both the bomb attacks in Malegaon.)