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Pitiable condition of Urdu schools

A letter written by a former student of Yaqoob Baig Urdu School describing the pitiable and neglected condition of this and other Urdu schools, which had appeared in an Urdu newspaper (Sahafat) of 13 January was so popular among the lovers and sympathisers of Urdu that at many places photocopies of this letter were pasted and at many places its photocopies were distributed among the people.

This shows the awareness and also the concern of Urdu lovers at the neglected condition of Urdu and Urdu schools; but what is a matter of greater surprise and also pleasure is that at least two popular Marathi daily newspapers Ram Prahaar and Nirbhat Lekh published this letter word by word in their 28 January editions, probably to familiarise their readers with the pitiable and neglected condition of Urdu and Urdu medium schools.

A large number of urdu medium schools run in the state of Maharashtra and also Urdu publications generally enjoy maximum readership from the state.