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MG is very informative and accurate in the world of biased media.

Imranul Haque, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


I am proud of Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan for publishing the Milli Gazette. Undoubtedly, this fortnightly English newspaper has surpassed all the English fortnightly newspapers of India which are published from different cities and towns of India. The main reason for this is that its reports and articles are very informative, unbiased, useful, interesting and up to the mark. The reports and the articles raise the voice of the Muslims, and the problems faced by them. With best compliments to Mr. Editor and the MG team.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (UP)


Today, for the first time I read The Milli Gazette, the Indian Muslims’ leading English Newspaper. The Milli Gazette is really a leading newspaper. I don’t know whether Milli Gazette is published in Hindi or not. If not, then, I request you to kindly publish a Hindi newspaper just like this. I am a student of Hindi journalism.

Ansari Muhammad Saheb-Alam, Allahabad


It is a matter of profound pleasure to know that Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan is going to publish the Hindi edition of the Milli Gazette very soon. Now Hindi-knowing people, who neither know English nor Urdu, will be able to read its Hindi edition gladly. Thus the Hindi knowing people will comprehend the problems and exploitation faced by Muslims  at the hands of anti-social elements. I hope that the Hindi edition will be very popular and will also be liked by the readers.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (UP)


CBI finally files chargesheet against Amit Shah

Amit Shah of Gujarat is now known world over for all wrong reasons. With the Central Bureau of Investigation filing a chargesheet against him, he will now have to defend himself for a lifetime, both inside and outside the court. Though there is hardly any doubt in the minds of political observers that the Congress party has orchestrated the event from behind the scenes. Despite this, Shah and the BJP do not have any convincing argument to claim that the case, now known as the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, is a political humbug. But, the most shocking thing for him is that today he is not merely a Hindutva or communal person who is under the scanner, however, today he is now branded as a murderer and extortionist. There are some 20 evidences against him in the chargesheet and some are likely to stand in a court of law. Moreover, the weakest link in the BJP's arguments is that a large part of the investigation of the Sohrabuddin case was conducted by Gujarat cadre police officer Geeta Johari, who was sidelined by Shah. Shah had been accused of transferring police officers who were not conducive to him. Lastly, the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case has turned into an ugly war between the Congress and the BJP. It is the saddest moment for the country that the proven fake encounter case will remain more political and less about the principles of upholding the ethos of the Indian Constitution, which doesn't give men in khaki any power to kidnap and kill a good, bad or ugly Indian.

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur


Cow slaughter and Hindutva

India is a secular country. People of different religion, caste creed and culture are living in this country. The constitution of our country does not permit anyone to compel other to lead their life other than their own. Hindutva forces are aggressively forcing people of other religion to follow the directive of RSS Gau Kushi (cow slaughter) is one of the important issue before them. They accuse Muslims that they slaughter the cow and are beef eaters. No doubt the Muslims are beef eaters, but they alone are not to be blamed for cow slaughter. Let us examine that who are the persons responsible for bringing the cows in slaughter houses. There are only 18% Muslims in India out of them only 2% Muslims are keeping cows in their houses for their poor economic condition. 98% cows are seen in the house of non-Muslims. The cows are also living beings and after certain age they have to die but hardly will you see any cow ultimate place of their end are slaughter houses. It is well-known to all that the old cows who do not give milk becomes burden to their masters and are sold to butchers for their slaughter. The cows to whom they claim to be their mothers would have died at their homes and not in the slaughters houses. Can you give any example that any non-Muslim mother dies some where else like cows? This type of discrimination indicates that they do not have love for cows. It is only like service for spreading hatred against Muslims.

Al-Haj Syed Fakhruddin Ahmad (Adv.), Muzaffarpur


I believe the religious sensitivities of Hindus regarding cow slaughter should be respected. From the medical point of view, chicken and fish are much healthier food than beef. Western countries have developed poultry industry on such a large scale that chicken is much cheaper than beef. Such a growth of the poultry industry based on modern business and scientific techniques would also result in a plentiful supply of eggs which too would become cheaper. As an aside, let me say that countries such as the U.S., Argentina and Australia have plenty of beef to export. If arrangements can be made with a few of the exporters to use halal methods of slaughter, we can still continue to have beef, although at a slightly higher price. Hindus in America who eat beef say in half-jest, "American cows are not sacred!"

Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York, USA (via email)


Javed and Joseph

In Mumbai, Javed Akhtar was sent threatening emails. One Anisul Islam Abdul kalam was arrested. Javed Akhtar said something on a television programme which this young man found unpalatable. In Kerala’s Muvattapuzha a few young men assaulted a college lecturer T J Joseph and severed his hand from his body. The unthinking professor had given the name Mohammad to a mad man in a story which formed a part of a question paper on English composition. Both are criminal acts and the perpetrators will get the due sentence. With this police will close the file. Criminals arrested, proceeded against and the sentence carried out. But is this all that matters in these cases? The criminals in both the cases have a particular notion of what should be considered a “sin“, how grave it is and what should be the retribution. They also regard themselves as responsible or obligated to carry out this divine punishment. Their minds have been influenced by what has been incessantly impressed upon them. They are like robots that have been programmed to think as they do and to do what they did. The police and the courts will deal with these robots but whose assignment will it be to identify the programmer?

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west,Mumbai


Hindutva terror

Now the Hindutva Forces's involvement in many terrorist blasts is well-established and officially recognized. Hindutva Forces Retort Terror Charge If they call us terrorists, they must know; Our bombs explode with a nationalist voice; It echoes our faith and deep patriotic words, We are the masters of our land: It is our choice. Have they forgotten the death of Hemant Karkare? Against us, he wanted to spread rumour and hate; Now no one has the courage to reveal the truth. Do our opponents want to meet the similar fate?

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow , U.P. India

sherwanimk@yahoo. Com


Ban on hijab

Mr. A Faizur Rahman has out-Sarkozyed Sarkozy in his write-up on the veil (Op-Ed, The Hindu (July 21) by urging Muslim women not to worry about the ban on the niqaab. His interpretations of the Quran are wrong. To wit: (1) He has omitted the words “ all over their bodies i.e., screen themselves completely except the eyes to see the way) in the Suratul Azhab: 33-59 (2) “….to draw their veils all over Juyubihinna ((i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms..” in the Suratun Nur: 24-31) As regards the Hadith in Bukhari it applies only in the case of a Haj pilgrimage, where there is no possibility of a “fithnah” or ‘mischief” But where are chances of “fithnah” covering up with a ‘niqaab’ is must. Hence, it is high time Muslim women worldwide commence a: “LET US WEAR NIQAAB” movement and Muslim men extend their full support.              S.M.Pasha, Chennai 600003


Naredra Modi compared with Hitler

Naredra Modi has been compared to Hitler times and over again. Through his anti Jew, anti Communist tirades Hitler created the ‘ideal’ atmosphere for the big industrialists. It seems Modi has taken Gujarat on the same path. First he has ensured the suspension of human rights through anti-minority pogroms, then demonized the social activists and now whatever little activity prevailed for democratic rights of the marginalized, is being done away with. The human rights workers, working in the Constitutional framework are being dubbed as Naxalites and are being put behind the bars. The happenings in Gujarat show us the deeper designs of the political class of the country, who are executing industrialization without a human face, industrialization on the bodies of the marginalized sections. Hitler did precisely the same. In the short term it seems very rewarding but certainly one knows from History that once the violation of the concepts of democracy goes too far, the results are not very pleasing. Hitler refused to learn it in his life, that’s why he had to put a bullet in his head. Germany kept toeing his line, that’s why it faced the ruin after the temporary graphs showing economic prosperity!

Farzana Nigar, Ranchi


Cops among rioters

People remember the protesting naked Manipuri women carrying banner “Indian police rapes us”. Khawaja Yunus, Kishwar Bi, Ishrat Jahan, Atif and Sajid (Batla Fake Encounter) like innocents are killed by police. Innocent Namazis were killed by UP police in Moradabad Idgah like General Dyer did in Jalianwala. Muslims complained about police partisan attitude during anti-Muslim riots. Now Jagdish Kaur told additional sessions judge Sunita Gupta Delhi Court that she did not want to go to police station because police officials were among the rioters (HT 13/07/10) during the 1984 anti-Sikh.

S. Haque, Patna


Why get carried away by rumours?

In the name of investigation of the Professor accused in a blasphemy, few communal elements in Police took chance of targeting Popular Front activists across the state. They also gave false information to Media, which is picked by news agencies and floated across the country. Any newspaper doesn’t have to replicate whatever news reported by the news agency. Let me give my observations. The Police found weapons and crude bombs after the Professor attack only. What was the state intelligence doing till this time? When it was said that Popular Front is under the military intelligence scanner, dint even the military was unable to detect the guns and bombs? Two people were arrested and alleged as Al-Qaeda. What is the proof given by the Police that they were Al-Qaeda? Was the CD and Guns seized from their house shown to Media? What help a video can do to train a person and make them to work for Al-Qaeda? Or if those 2 persons were really Al-Qaeda, why they have to keep their guns in their home and join a democratic protest with PFI to arrest the controversial Professor? Just recently a love jihad campaign was done against PFI and it was proved that there is no love jihad. The same was with Marad killings, Calicut bus stand blasts etc. If so it looks like there is someone who wants to keep targeting PFI continuously, why taken away by false information again and again? One news paper has taken interview from Edakkad Sub-inspector (!!) about the arrests, but it doesn’t know the PFI office in Kannur. Massive rallies and protests were conducted by PFI condemning the biased investigation. Why the news agencies fail to collect these reports and send to news papers? Kannur district DSP is saying that PFI and SDPI is a banned organization. PFI is a national organization. In the past three months alone, PFI has been conducted go to School programs, reservation campaign all over India. PFI has marched towards Governor Palace in many states and also towards the Parliament on March 15th demanding Misra Commission implementation. SDPI has conducted a massive member recruitment program all over India and lakhs of people have joined SDPI.

Mohamed.N, State Media Co-ordinator PFI, Tamilnadu


Islam and mercy killing

Euthanasia or mercy killing in modern terminology refers to facilitating the death of an incurable patient at his own pressing request presented to the treating physicians. There are various types of euthanasia and each type has its own ruling. Euthanasia in Islam is forbidden for it encompasses a positive role on the part of doctor to end the life of a patient by giving him injection, electric shock, or by using a sharp weapon or any other way. Allah forbids killing of innocent people. Islam is a religion of mercy. All human life is sacred because it is given by Allah, and that Allah chooses how long each person will live. But in cases when sickness gets out of hand, and recovery happens to be tied to miracle, in addition to ever increasing pain, no one can say that treatment then is obligatory or even recommended. When medicine does not help one may stop giving it to the patient. But it is different from euthanasia. If a patient is medically presumed dead through what is known as brain death, switching of the life support may be permissible, with due consultation and care, especially when it is clear that the life support machine becomes of no use for the already dead patient.

Nazneen O. Saherwala (Surat, Guj.)


One ‘Muslim’ minister’s lonely fight against entire Muslims

The man is not a visionary. He is just a government minister. But he thinks he knows best. The giant size confidence that Salman Khurshid nurses, comes from being very near to power centre for long years and thus being far and very far from the Muslim community itself; which he is now being entrusted to represent. It is reported that such an important bill, which has Muslim community’s stakes worth millions of crores, is being claimed by the minister to be not even read by him. If the report is correct, such a minister should be sacked immediately. The bureaucrat, who was specially transferred to advise and help him in this grossly anti-Muslim enterprise, was known to have his own ideas of how Awqaf should be handled and woe to Indian democracy, that the community whose votes make the real difference between victory or defeat in Indian elections, has no say in such a monumental issue. But all is not lost. Muslims have been awakened at the eleventh hour. Salman Khurshid has been hobnobbing with individuals across the country, lobbying with promises, to help him see the bill through. He has also planned a grand meeting of a cross section of Muslim opinion makers with a view to get a consensus. One hopes that the meet does not end as the circus of the absurd. The real test of power will be not be this Sunday, but the next assembly election in the by lanes of the poverty-ridden Uttar Pradesh. Congress writ does not run in that state which elects maximum number of Lok Sabha seats and this Awqaf bill will not make the situation any better; unless all the recommendations of the Muslim community are incorporated to their entire satisfaction without any overt or covert treachery.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


At Ayodhya no Mandir existed before nineteenth centuries

Famous Historian and ex-Prof JNU Mr. Harbans Mukhia gave a lecture in Raza Library, Rampur UP in front of large section of educated people on 26 June 2010. He said that as a Historian I want to say that there were no temple existed in Ayodhya before 19th centuries. He said that rumour spread that Mughal kings demolished 60 thousands mandirs and Muslim kings freely converted Hindus into Islam. He asked that even after 8 centuries of government Muslim population reached 15%. Prof Harbans said that due to Islamic revolutionary thought Islam spread not by sword. As real sprit of Islam reached to oppressed class they accept it. That is why Dr Zakir Naik is banned in Britain to deliver lecture.

S. Haque, Patna


Congress, Muslim and Bihar

Congress in its toughest time used Muslims then as good days returns kept Muslim away. Congress has lowest strength (10 MLA) and party is sinking i.e. Congress appointed Mahboob Ali Qaiser President of Bihar Congress earlier when congress was in crisis Congress appointed Dr Shakil Ahmad as state Congress President. Similarly Congress was in deep crisis during emergency Congress appointed Abdul Gafoor CM of Bihar. This shows that congress does not want to share good day’s benefits with Muslims. Real face of Congress Muslims could detect in 1989 during Bhagalpur riot. Congress gave SC/ST reservation, and then Dalits and tribes made their own party. Brahmin and Bhumihar, Bania extracted Congress silently shifted to BJP. Muslim got 35000 anti-Muslim riots, Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Muslim character snatched. Muslims got Sachar, Rangnath Mishra, Gopal Singh, Sri Krishna and hundred commissions. During independence year 32 per cent Muslims were in government job in Congress 45 year rule Muslims representation reduced to 2 per cent. Then why Muslim would vote Congress? The recent train accident in West Bengal should serve as a wakeup call to the UPA government, which has time and again failed to censure the Railway minister despite a series of avoidable train accidents, obviously owing to compulsions of coalition politics. There is no gainsaying that Mamata Banerjee, in her pursuit to become the Chief Minister of West Bengal has grossly neglected her responsible portfolio at the Centre. Given the awesome technology nowadays, one fails to understand if it is difficult to automatically make a train to stop when there is another on the same track? It also makes one to doubt, whether the huge quantum of amount earmarked in the railway budgets every year for safety measures and upgrading of technology is being properly utilized?

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa


Status of woman in Islam

The discussion on the status of woman in the society is neither a new one nor a closed chapter almost all the civilizations have failed to give equal status to man and woman in the society. The teachings of Islam are based on the directives of Qur’an and Hadith. The commands of Qur’an on many issues wee original at that time. It was a new one and departure from the norm prevailing in the then society. The right to inheritance in western civilisation was introduced only in 19th Century. Islam makes no difference between man and woman but women have in some respect different roles in life to men because of their natural differences. They differ psychologically, physiologically and biologically from men. Certain types of work are more suitable to women and vice-versa. Islam knows their differences but it does not mean that women are in any respect inferior to men. Islam gives equal rights to women, but not identical role. History is witness that women have been the oppressed section in the society. Woman was sold and purchased like commodity and was treated worse than animals. By a single commanding order, Islam removed the stigma which the society had placed upon woman, Man and Woman, the Qur’an proclaimed, both come from the same essence, hence are equal in the eyes of God. The Qur’an condemned female infanticide as a heinous crime, which will be penalised as much by the Lord on the day of Judgement.” The infant Girl will be asked why she was buried alive."(81:8, 9). Prophet Mohammad (Peace be on him) stated If a girl is born to anyone and he does not bury her alive nor ill-treat her nor discriminate her (favours his son over her) the lord shall grant him the "BLISS OF PARADISE”. The western society, claiming equality between man and woman, has instead of improving the status of woman, actually degraded her to the status of concubine and mere tool of pleasure seekers and sex-marketers hidden behind the screen of art and culture. The respect for women can never leap from the exhibition of their bodily charms. The darkest phenomenon in western culture is freedom for illicit sex. The result can be seen in the ever-rising number of unmarried mothers, pregnant teenagers, illegitimate children, abortions, divorces, sex-related crime, suicides and cases of venereal diseases and AIDS.

Syed Fakhruddin Ahmad Nishter, Muzaffarpur (Bihar)