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Dr. Zakir Naik addresses Oxford Union via satellite

Mumbai: The Islamic scholar and preacher, Dr. Zakir Naik whose entry in England is banned by the present British government addressed the members of Oxford Union at Oxford (UK), considered one of the most famous debating societies of the world, via satellite video link from Mumbai on 17 February. He chose to speak on ‘Islam in the 21st Century’, said that this gave him an opportunity to clear many misconceptions about Islam. After his lecture on Islam for about 45 minutes, there was a question-answer session. He spoke at around midnight (IST) when it was prime time in England. It may be recalled that in June last year (2010) the present Tory-led coalition government of England (Home office) had banned his entry in England (where he was to deliver some lectures) on the ground of his preaching violence and religious extremism, though he strongly denies that he preaches, or ever preached, violence. He had contested British government’s accusation and said that he was quoted out of context. At the time of ban, he had stated that he will challenge the ban in a court of law. Court’s verdict on his petition has not yet been pronounced but he says that the legal battle against the ban will continue. In order to neutralise the effect of ban on his entry in UK, he had to chose electronic media to address the people there.