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I am most satisfied with MG contents. It is our voice, it is Muslims' side. You are our spokesman virtually. Press/Media is our weak point including other shortcoming. God will always help the person who is on the right path (Siraatul Mustaqeem). I appreciate your efforts. It is heartening to note that you have touched the Balesar incident of Jodhpur. Though short yet your report was good.

Murad Ali Abra, IPS (Retd) ex-IGP, Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Dr. ZI Khan has rightly said that Muslims have become extremely self-centred and greedy. Ironically, it brings to my mind the historical image of the last Byzantine Emperor, surrounded by the Patriarchs of the Holy Orthodox Church in the besieged City of Constantinople in 1492, waiting for the angels to come down from heaven, swords in hand to save the city!  In the event, no angel made an appearance and the city fell to the Turks. Maulana Hali, the famous Urdu philosopher-poet, remarks in his Musaddas that when Buqrat, a Greek wiseman, was asked which is most dangerous disease, he replied that God has provided remedies to all diseases except one and that disease is 'inaction'.  Muslims desire development but mere wishful thinking will not do. This requires unity, discipline and whole-hearted co-operation with organisations striving  in the field.  Allah does not change the condition of people who do not endeavour for change.

M Naushad Ansari, CDUM,Bangalore


Syed Shahabuddin

I was shocked to go through the write-up, “Syed Shahabuddin: the most misunderstood politician” (MG, 1-15 August), by M Ghazali Khan. Syed Shahabuddin is not a person. He has become an institution in himself. Younger people like, me, have learned from him in more than one ways. It is undisputed fact that no other person, intellectual, teacher or scholar, has written so much on muslim issues as Syed Shahabuddin. I believe that most people don’t know that Syed

Shahabuddin has become an inspiration to younger generation for

writing and thinking about community. Syed Shahabuddin used to write me his usual “postcards” commenting on my published articles. His postcards not only polished my writings but also shaped my thinking. I am very sorry to point out that the Professor who commented that, “in his view neither Shahabuddin was an intellectual nor an activist” is himself beyond the wide canvas of academics, intellectual thinking or writing and scholarship. Muslims have produced many journalistic writers but if there is any genius in the field, he is Syed

Shahabuddin. I salute him and wish him long life.

N.Jamal Ansari, Aligarh-202002


This is in reference to an article published in MG 1-15 August, 2010, under the caption Syed Shahabuddin: the most misunderstood politician by M Ghazali Khan In this context, I am to state that  Shahabuddin is not a misunderstood politician at all as stated by Mr. M Ghazali Khan. He is monitored by so many Muslim writers and intellectuals. He is a pro-Hindu politician. Observed more minutely, he is a pro-upper caste Hindus. Mr. Ghazali Khan, may I ask you: will you ask Govt. of India to bring out a commemorative postal stamp on the birth centenary of late Shri MC Chhagla whose dead body was cremated? Mr. M Ghazali Khan, please stop misguiding Muslims by defending Chhagla-type Muslims. One more question to the learned editor of MG: why should you publish bigger than passport size photograph of Shri Shahabuddin?

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Gujarat


What are we learning from Israeli security experts?

Reading the above mentioned article “What are we learning from Israeli security experts”, shall I say that I was surprised? No. Was I expecting too much from your magazine, No again. But I was surprised that the magazine publishes articles where the truth is massacred and blatant lies like – 9 “peace loving” and not 19 were massacred (mentioned at least 3 times – only to be corrected later on in this article). The final count according to the official Turkish sources was nine. They were killed (and not massacred) in self defence – yes in self defence as they would be in Turkey, or anyplace else – when the police or army is attacked while executing their duty. Defying the legal blockade as illegal by Israel – let me make the following remark - Israel is at war with the Hamas. The naval blockade was announced according to International Maritime Practices. An offer was made to off-load the ships either in the Port of Ashdod/Israel or in El Arish/Egypt – to be checked and land transported to the “hungry” people of Gaza. Sir, having diplomatic, commercial and defence relations with Israel - is serving India not less than Israel, and your magazine’s negative attitude – sabotages that. And a small correction - the pistols mentioned by your learned writer – were 9-mm and not 0.9-mm.      

       Laszlo D. Yarkony - a civilian Zionist

Editor: Thank you for your feedback. While we firmly stand by our considered opinion that good relations with Israel are not in the best interests of our and any other country, we stand corrected on the factual errors like the number of those murdered by the Israeli commandos in international waters or the calibre of the pistols used by the killers. It is a crime in Judaism, Islam and the law of every land to kill unjustly even one single person. Israel has become a merchant of death for the people whose land it occupies, for its neighbours and for nations beyond like ours to whom it is exporting merchandise of death. Like its sister the apartheid regime of South Africa, this aberration too will disappear one day. Nature and history do not tolerate such aberrations for long.


India - A Country of Paradoxes and Doublestandards

Maoists, never made any qualm about their hard intentions and determined goals. They want to subvert the constitution and have a Govt. of their ideology that would have minus space for our so-called secularism. Luckily, they found a lot of sympathisers in many of our celebrity intellectuals. So far, they killed hundreds of CRPF jawans and civilians, attacked and derailed railways, destroyed schools and hospitals. Yet, the Army chief is too reluctant to order an attack on them because, according to him, they are our 'OWN' people. Now consider the contrast situation in Kashmir. Young Kashmiri boys didn't have any weapon in their hands. They were pelting stones at the security forces, which however hard are hit at the target, can't kill any one. Yet, many of them were shot dead. Because they were Muslims and perhaps, in the eyes of the Army Chief 'Not Our people'. Just yesterday (9 Aug. 2010) Mamta Banerjee, in a Lalgrah rally, made an unequivocal statement that 'We are here to pay respect to the soul of Azad', who was a 'renowned' Maoist and was kllled in an encounter and that his killing was not 'correct'. If, any Muslim leader, in a bizarre moment, comes out with a statement in favour of SIMI, on whom, no serious charge has yet been proved in a court of law, what would be the reaction of our so-called 'Nationalists' who didn't mind showering praises and flowers on the Malegaon bomb blast accused? I think, the only way out to get rid of this diabolic situation is to officially declare India a 'Hindu Rashtra', which she otherwise too, has long been converted to.

 Mushtaque Madni,Pune


Kashmir on the edge

Kashmir has been constantly in the news during the past few weeks...not that it was out-of-news at any point in time, but some things that happened there in the recent past have brought it back to "Headlines”. There have been protests, curfew and much heated political activity. In the meantime, talks with Pakistan on Foreign Ministers level were anything but "cordial". I bring up the talks with Pakistan here because while we in India are convinced beyond doubt that Kashmir is an integral part of India, there are varying views on this issue in Pakistan...and even in some sections in the Valley. Also Pakistan has a part of Kashmir under its wings, which we in India refer to as POK while on the other side of the border it is called Azad Kashmir. Sometime back there was a debate on one of the prestigious English news channels where one of the panellists said that since Kashmir is a part of India beyond any confusion, there is no need to discuss it with Pakistan. Well said. But "beyond confusion" is still a matter of debate. As the anchor pointed out that if this be so (and if there is no confusion) it must be conveyed to Pakistan in no ambiguous words. This clearly means that India and Pakistan cannot talk of peace in the real sense unless Kashmir dispute reaches an amicable solution. Kashmir is an integral part of India, and Pakistan has to get this fact right. It must be told firmly once and for all. What is the point in avoiding a discussion on Kashmir? We now hear of a new kind of protestors, the stone pelters, in the Valley. This is all a result of extreme frustration among the youth who live in complete uncertainty and deep insecurity. The government must come up with enterprising educational and vocational schemes for the youth and take them into confidence by making them feel secure and as much Indian as anyone else. Also there should be a firm resolve to stop giving any special treatment and doling out extra benevolence to the Kashmiris because obviously the intended benefit has not reached the people and hence it has not worked to anybody's advantage. Tourism and handicraft in the state can be immediately revived with a new vigour and enthusiasm involving the youth by making them responsible for formulating policies to improve the conditions. This will most certainly frustrate every anti-social element that seeks to exploit them because obviously then the majority of the state population will not fall prey to their criminal and destructive agenda. It is not difficult if there is a strong will on the part of government in Delhi to implement a peace process in Kashmir. The best way forward is through love and understanding. Kashmiris are Indian first. They have to be taken as such by the rest of the country and by the government at the center, without making them feel "the other" or "special" in any manner whatsoever.          

Zohra Javed


Kashmir remained burning for the whole fortnight where young innocent "Muslim' boys were being killed by our security forces, famous for their 'Indoctrinated' brutality when it comes to shooting at a protesting Muslim mob. So far more than 30 Muslim boys have been killed in the pretext of defence by these barbaric forces that are better handled by the Maoists in the jungles of Chattisgarh or Madhya Pradesh. Is it not an irony that the moment army is demanded in Kashmir, it is sent without a single day's delay but when the same is required to be sent immediately to deal with Maoists, our Army chief, despite being worst victims of Maoist and Naxal menace, comes with an unequivocal rather sympathising excuse that Maoists are our 'Own' and indigenous people and the army can't be deployed to kill them. It is this traditional hypocracy of the Indian system that has given birth to Maoists, Naxalites, Khalistanis, Ulfa, Bodo movement and of course to the unending insurgency in Kashmir.

Mushtaque madni,Pune


For the past few months, Jammu & Kashmir is on boil. Youths, elders, olds and women all are on roads. Demonstrations and protest continue. Curfew, direct firing on mobs and killing young boys cannot stop them to come out to brave the brutality of security forces. All are killed in police firing. The toll arises every hour. Curfew continues while protests and anti-Indian slogans are on. Each killing increases their anger. Jammu & Kashmir is in flame which is not set by terrorists; but by dummy government and security forces. Politicians, journalists and writers who get various awards for speaking truth, are silent on this situation. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has chaired various meetings and discussed the developments. But the situation is worsening day by day. Central and state government thinks that they will control the situation by using force. The police and government are treating the people of Jammu and Kashmir as Israel treats Palestinians in Palestine. Despite slapping curfews and blocking all ways of exits and entries, there is no sign of bringing the situation towards normalcy. Public are coming out on roads to register their demonstrations against the deaths of innocent youths being killed in police firing. Forces, police and CRPF are stationed there to ensure security of the state and for protection of citizens. If these security forces turn killer instead of providing them protections, finger is raised towards them. How long police will fire the bullets directly on the mobs? How long, we will use excessive forces against unarmed civilians? If we cannot bring their problems to an end, we never were given the right to murder them. It is said that people of Kashmir want separation from India, by such killings we are giving strength to their demands. It is said proudly that talks and none-violence end all conflicts. Are we spreading none-violence movement in Kashmir? By such brutalities, we are near to losing a state. The people of Kashmir used their democratic rights to live peacefully with us, mishandling the situation and use of force give them a chance to encourage the separation movement against India. State and central government have to solve the conflict through democratic means. Curfew, firing on protestors and using excessive force against civilians cannot be the part of solution.     

Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi Jedda 21484


Wish that your reports and publications are based on truth. By feeding Muslim population the regular dosage of hatred, and false notion of exclusivity, you are doing no good to them. It is high time you follow the policy of calling a spade a spade on Islamic terrorism (that is a naked global fact) and role of Pakistan sponsored and abetted violence in Kashmir. Suggestion and veiled threat of foreign military intervention on Kashmir by your valued writers is a gross anti national act- at best expected from traitors or enemies of India. Hope you take the above in right sporting spirit, justice and fair-play.

Mahesh Chander


Thank you for raising the real issues and making people feel the reality which has become a rare thing in the media now.. If India claims to be a democratic country why doesn’t it show any sincerity towards the choice of common Kashmiri people? There is no economic problem in Kashmir 4 which people are on the roads. The genesis of the problem is that Kasmiris want plebicite. They should be given their right for self determination. The right to freedom which is their basic political right. Around 18 resolutions have been passed in the UN general assembly favouring the Kashmiri’s right to self determination. But India doesn’t respect such resolutions and continue its terror and barbarism. If India claims kashmir her integral part why has it deployed over100000 forces there? The fact of holding elections in a democratic way is all fake and a way to hoodwink the international community. The fact is that violating human rights and killing innocent people in cold blood has become a daily routine. Indian has killed over 100000 Kashmiris, have disappeared and hundreds of innocent people are imprisoned where they are tortured. For last few days dozens are killed and hundreds wounded and instead of listening to their problem more and more troops are deployed 2000 more troops were deployed in Srinagar. UN should now come into actions and take the issue seriously otherwise this can become a threat for peace of the whole south Asia

Rais Lone (a Kashmiri youth)


Apart from spiraling prices and quarrels of sharing river water, we have two states in turmoil for separation. Kashmiris want an independent state and Telagana people want a separate state. They are struggling for the last 50 years while 25 years ago there was a strong demand for Khalistan in Punjab. The Sikh community wanted an independent state for Sikhs. Late Bhindranwale spearheaded the movement. Smt Indra Gandhi was murdered by her Sikh security man. .As a fallout anti Sikh riots spread in Delhi and hundreds of Sikhs were killed mercilessly. The idea behind this insurgency was to form the government on their own principles. India committed blunder by annexing Kashmir unmindful of the fallout. .If the majority population were Hindus the annexion could be justified. But unfortunately the majority consists of Muslims. The Hindu rulers of Delhi had not intervened in the religious practices of Muslims. .But they committed still more grave mistake by maligning Islamic principles. The chief ministers are not true Muslims they are hypocrites. .Muslims hate them heartily and feel a religious obligation to neck them out..Some one has revealed correctly “Lamhaon Ne Khata Ki Sadyaun Ne Saza Payi” - The mistake committed in seconds the punishment lasted for centuries. .The Government knows pretty well as to how many thousands of our poor army men were sacrificed on the altar of Kashmir? How many children were orphaned and how many women became widows? What is their plight? One lakh Kashmiries died in the insurgency. They think all are in Heaven and whoever is killed he enters heaven directly. How many crores per day we are spending on this diabolic and cruel venture just to satisfy our lust of power. .Crores of people are below the poverty line. .150 districts are infested with Naxalites.Separatist movements are coming to fore .Battles between the states have started. .The crime rates are increasing day by day .Corruption could not be curbed. .Parliaments, Assemblies, and municipal corporations have become transformed into gyms. With all these major set backs we do not have the moral right to make the Kashmir our colony. .For them Indians are worse than the British. Let Mr. Syed Ali Shah Geelani form the government of his choice and we can make Ganga Ashnan. How long we can tame the ferocious bull We should remember the fate of USSR.

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Highlight our role model and project them

Saffron-dominated media forced to make filmy character like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan etc as role model of Muslims. In earlier days Dilip Kumar (Yusuf Khan) Feroz Khan, Naushad, Shakil Badayuni, etc were made Muslim role models. This is deep-rooted conspiracy of Saffron Brigade but even our people also cheat Muslim by sher-o-shairee, afsane, novel, stories etc. In the name of Adab or literature of Urdu some Muslim serve useless things (poetry, stories).Muslim of constructive mentality must oppose such things and strive hard to project Dr Shah Zafar (IAS Topper), Goolam Essaji Vahanvati (1st Muslim Attorney General) SY Quraishi (1st Muslim CEC) Aamir Subhani, Syed Shahabuddin (IFS), ex-chief Justice Ahmadi etc who have achieved top positions with hard labour and total dedication. Muslim educational institutions specially schools must introduce young doctor, engineer, police officers, pilots, IIT, MBA students, medical college students, state public service officers etc so that young brain learn the importance of education and hard labour. Then only we can achieve lost glory.     

  S. Haque, Patna


Arrest of Amit Shah

The drama of arrest of Amit Shah, minister of state for home is nothing but a drama produced by the top brass leadership of Congress & BJP. The main intention or object was of enactment of this drama to save chief minister of Gujarat Mr. Modi, who is responsible for the genocide of Muslims of Gujarat. The CBI awoke after 8 years and raked up the Soharbuddin fake encounter case, in which Soharbuddin and his wife were shot dead mercilessly. Now to be frank, the interest of CBI in the death of only two persons is ridiculous. I perceive that even Amit Shah has been assured that he will not be harmed in anyway. The Muslims are disappointed with the mode of judgment. The CBI is fully under control of ruling junta. If the CBI was duty conscious it would have taken the case of fake encounter of Batla House where two young Muslim boys and Inspector Sharma were killed. Two things are indispensable 1) Strong Army on the borders and 2) Clear judgment among the people of the nation, said Lord Krishna. Delayed judgment will lead to instability of the Govt.

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga