Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor



In the long run Amit Shah came under the scanner of intelligence agencies and brought to book for his role in gory story of Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter followed by the mysterious disappearance of his wife Kausarbi. What had happened needs no explanation? But it is high time that the judiciary should take its course without fear and favour so that the case history may not be repeated.

Shafaque Alam, New Delhi


Rubabudin Shaikh, brother of Sohrabuddin said on 22 July, 2010 that CBI should also question Narendra Modi for his role in Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. He emphasized that Modi’s minister of state for home Amit Shah had directed Sohrabuddin’s elimination. Modi Government had admitted in Supreme Court in April 2007 that Sohrabuddin was killed in fake police encounter and his wife Kausar Bi was also killed by the police. Supreme Court had ordered an investigation about the killings. Three senior IPS Police Officers were arrested who were behind the cold blood murder. Supreme Court had also ordered the transfer and retrial of Best Bakery case to Maharashtra. Supreme Court had also remarked that those who indulge in violence in the name of religion are more dangerous than the terrorists. Even Prime Minister AB Vajpayee had called Gujarat violence a matter of national shame. On the contrary, the then Home Minister LK Advani, the hero of bloody Rath Yatra and demolition of Babri Masjid, had praised Modi for “a great job”. BJP president Gadkari had said in an interview “Modi has capability, capacity and potential to lead this country”. The top industrialists Anil Ambani and SB Mittal praised Modi and suggested Modi should be the next Prime Minister of India. It shows that India’s communalists and capitalists are hand in glove. There have been dozens of such fake encounters in Gujarat, Andhra, Maharashtra, UP, Delhi etc where large number of innocent Muslims were murdered. UPA government must hold high level probe to punish all the culprits and their masters to keep people’s faith in clean democracy and judiciary.

G Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS) 441904


Urdu in Tamilnadu

The Urdu linguistic minority in Tamilnadu regrets that the Tamilnadu State Academy has become a mere ornamental organisation which does nothing but "Jee Huzoori" and sings the songs which the State DMK Government wants it to sing. Whilst Tamil is being imposed on Urdu, it ill behoves the Academy to be silent. Of what use is such a hands and tongue-tied outfit? The earlier it is wound up, the better.

S.M.Pasha, Chennai


Promoting promiscuty

The governments of developing countries are increasingly forbidding professional prostitution, but simultaneously they are furthering the free prostitution of our daughters by pushing them to try sex from school age, by providing them with preservatives and contraceptives and by making the purchase of the “day after “ abortion pill and abortion very easy. Although some are successful with the business of selling their bodies, others show themselves half naked in the street, their clothes not differing from those of the prostitutes who seek clients having shed most of their garments and who charge for their services.

Eva N Ferraz, Barcelona


NHRC chairperson on death penalty

Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) KG Balakrishnan has rightly favoured continuance of death-penalty, evidently in extreme-most cases, being necessary to maintain fear-psychology. But there must be some time-bound procedure to decide cases involving death-sentence at various stages especially for deciding mercy-petitions. There exists a unique example where one Ravji of Rajasthan was finally hanged less than three years of having committed the crime, after crossing all stages of trial from trial-court to Supreme Court. Even his mercy-petition was rejected by President of India within record six days. He murdered all his family-members on night of 6-7th May 1993, and was finally hanged on 04th May 1996. Even convicted persons like Afzal Guru feel that waiting for decision on a mercy petition in solitary prison-cell is worse than being hanged. Delay in deciding on mercy-petitions results in diluting fear against committing the crime.

Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi -6


Qualitative education

The real deplorable aspect of Indian public education system is its low quality. Just glance the quality of schooling discovered in any government school as the quality of teaching they receive is extremely pathetic. A common feature in all these government schools is the poor quality of education, weak infrastructure and inadequate pedagogic attention. The most glaring of the problems with government-run schools is that of infrastructure. Poorly maintained buildings, dilapidated classrooms, ill-equipped libraries and laboratories, lack of sanitation facilities and even drinking water are issues that the students grapple day in and day out. Another reason for this poor quality of education is the substandard teachers in these schools. The government currently spends only 3% of its GDP on education which is inadequate and insufficient. India adopted a National Policy for Children in 1974, declaring children to be the nation’s most precious asset. According to the UNESCO, India has the lowest public expenditure on education per student in the world. How can our education system be so apathetic is beyond my understanding?

Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur


Net should be thrown wider

Congress’s Digvijay Singh is right in asking the Central Vigilance Commision why it did not act earlier when it had access to all information on the irregularities in the purchases and contracts by the Commonwealth Games organizing committee. The answer lies in the history of Balco disinvestment under the NDA in 2001. On March 12 of that year Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) N. Vittal wrote to Ajit Jogi, the CM of Chhattisgarh at the time and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) regarding the allegations of kickbacks in the Balco disinvestment deal. He based his action on "a complaint that money had been paid to officials in the Disinvestment Ministry". He wrote to Ajit Jogi and CBI Director R.K. Raghavan for their comments. Jogi has alleged a Rs.100-crore payoff, a charge denied by Arun Shourie. Jogi has said that since the CVC's jurisdiction would cover only government servants, and since the alleged payoffs were made to extra-constitutional authorities, a veiled reference to the Prime Minister's Office, no worthwhile gain would be served by a CVC probe. Thus Vajpayee’s PMO and Shourie’s ministry escaped further probe. In short, either CVC’s jurisdiction should be expanded or the CBI/Government should take over the investigation where the CVC’s domain ends.    

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West,


Driving away disappointment

Really fortunate are those who get fully benefited by Qur’anic verse which not only announce that there is no sin worshipping anyone or anything except the One, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Most Merciful Allah but also promise that even such polytheistic idol-worship is pardonable if one repented sincerely before one reaches the final moments of his/her death. Realising that money is not the only remedy for every trouble; it also causes many unbearable hardships and unrest. Some narrations of the last holy Prophet state that poor people will be the first to enter paradise as they will have to face less questioning about the manner of earning and spending money. That the number of suicides is more among those who are above poverty line and less among those who are below it also testifies to the truth that following the last revelation of Divine Guidance only can give all peace of mind in this transient world and eternal happiness in the unending Hereafter.

Sultan AU Patel, Khanpur, Deh- 392 150


Dharma and religion

By noting the report published in Deccan Herald on 26 July about two day national level seminar in Gulbarga University I came to realise that it was nothing but a flop show. All the deliberations were confined to a particular religion. The holy books referred were also of the same religion. No Muslim or Christian scholar was invited to participate in the seminar. I do admire the respect and love shown by Dr Jois to the holy books of Hindu religion such as Vedas, Upanishads, Smirtis, Ramayana, and Mahabharata. But he cannot claim that these books are time tested. These holy books have divided the humanity in castes and untouchables. Modern religions have proved it false. Even the constitution of India does not support it. There are number of conflicts and confrontations about the holy books. Some scholars hold that these are not holy books revealed by God but are fictions. Dr Jois could not clarify the difference between Dharma and religion. In what way it is disastrous when some one equates the dharma with religion. He might have clarified in any of his book or article but it was not mentioned in the report. What I understand about religion is that it should guide the men in all walks of life. It should give the perfect concept of God, the code of worship, the code of economy, the dress code, rights of parents rights of husbands, the rights of wives, rights of citizens etc., It should guide in formation of the government too. It should give penal code rules of marriage and divorce. There should be a role model for the whole humanity.. It should not divide the men on the basis of colour race or region. Equality and fraternity should prevail among the followers. It should protect the interest of the fair sex. It should allot them share in the property of deceased father or husband. There is one religion which can withstand all and fulfil all the terms and conditions, which also gives the guidance in task of national integration

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Sport category and minority character of Jamia

It is surprising that the sports category admission list declared by Jamia Millia University, which is fighting for its Minority Character, contains 75 percent non-Muslims. In a list of 91, there are only 24 Muslims and 67 Hindus. Should this be celebrated as a victory of secularism or defeat of minority rights? The list includes 10 names for Cricket including two in the waiting list none of whom is a Muslim. There is a need to launch an inquiry why this has happened. Have Muslims stopped playing? Or their level of sports has gone down? Or there are other reasons than merit? As one who has lot of sympathy for Muslims in India, I feel concerned.

Narendra Singh


MNS and migrants

The recent remark of the MNS chief Raj Thackeray blaming migrants for the spread of malaria in Mumbai is ludicrous and unethical and nothing but an attempt at making a mockery of the whole issue. This is not a scientific explanation about the spread of malaria. Moreover, the mosquitoes are not selective when they bite. His comments make a mockery of the whole thing. However, the plight of Mumbaikars due to malaria is 'very sad'. The problem should be attributed to the Bombay Municipal Corporation. Action has to be taken against both the Malaria and Raj Thackeray.

Farzana Nigar, Ranchi – 834002


Benign supreme court

It is a pity that honourable judges of apex court have remarked that the wasting of food grains was a crime. But they did not award any punishment to the defaulters. Instead, they made a sermon sitting on the throne of justice. The food grains worth 6 crores were wasted by the government. Negligent attitude of the ministers and their staff be held responsible. How carelessly they locked the doors and saw the stock only after the rot. The amount of 6 crores be collected from the agriculture minister and the department. If this punishment is given they will become cautious.

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Iyer spoiling the game

Indecent remarks by former Sports Minister and Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar saying that he would be unhappy if the games are successful have created a bad image of his leadership abilities. He was also the sports minister and was shunted out from there because of his outspokenness. He had earlier written an article criticising the whole CWG Organising Committees and its function for spending lot of money on games uselessly. He attacked Games Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi for his improper functioning and delay in completion of various Stadiums. The first Asian Games in New Delhi was envisioned by the then Prime Minister of India, late Pandit Jawar Lal Nehru, who was the mainly instrumental in enhancing the image of India in the whole World by initiating the first big Sports event in the form of Asian Games in 1952. He also had faced similar opposition from many such unsporting and negative leaders of his time but the 1952 Games enhanced the image of India. Similar opposition was faced by the then PM of India late Mrs. Indira Gandhi when she also initiated an outstanding step to organise the Asian Games again in New Delhi in 1982. The Agricultural Minister late Chawdhary Charan Singh also had opposed her and said that she was spending crores of rupees that could have been utilised in better ways of making one crore water tube wells for the farmers to produce better crops. I hope, this CWG-2010 will also be a great success and give similar opportunities for Indians to perform in and outside the field and India would again be popular through out the World. Though Aiyar will not be happy but the whole country would positively be happier than ever. Mani must keep his mouth shut up till the CWG-2010 comes to an end.

Er. Ahmad Rais Siddiqi, New Delhi


The Cental Vigilance Commission has made serious allegations against the Public Works department observing that in various projects undertaken by different departments of the government towards preparation for the Commonwealth Games there have been widespread procedural violations and corruption. The PWD minister Rajkumar Chauhan’s response is on expected lines. He has, in essence, accused the CVC of irresponsible statement by saying that his department had followed the highest standard of transparency. Now, both cannot be right. If CVC is right, the PWD minister should be placed on mat. If the minister is right the Central Vigilance Commission has much to answer. In either case the Cental government cannot remain a silent spectator. Will Manmohan Singh act?

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West,


The most wonderful CM of the world

All wonder-recording books of the world should take a note of the world’s most wonderful chief minister in India in whose ‘shining’ leadership not only scores of his own police officers but also the jail minister has been jailed.              

S Akhtar, Khanpur Deh- 392150


Global warming

After all is said and done, global warming still continues to be the biggest known menace to be tackled by the human race. The irony is despite the mushrooming threats of global warming; we consistently overlook the nature. We still afford to cut trees for making furniture, but we fail to remember their function of making a forest which sustains us. Moreover, there are lots of our transgressions that lead to global warming. With this picture in mind, UN’s declaration of 2011 as International Year of Forest is quiet relevant. One significant fact is the time taken to evolve these forests. These forests keep ecosystem in the right path. A forest is an ecosystem which is a habitat of varied vegetation, animals and micro organisms.

Mohd. Ziyaullah Khan, New Delhi


Change in Chidambaram

Better late than never. Wise counsel has prevailed upon our home minister P Chidambaram or PC or Chidu as he is fondly referred to by a section of media. He has announced the Integrated Action Plan which in essence very much forms the part of what civil society has been bellowing for. Maha Sweta Devi, Medha Patkar, Arundhati Roy, Sukla Sen, Dr Binayak Sen. Himanshu Kumar and many activists have been demanding shunning of violence against our own people. The announcement of the Integrated Action Plan reflects a sea-change both in P Chidambaram’s language as well as the programme. Maoist menace is now left wing extremism. Maoist infested areas are now naxal affected areas.Opetration Green Hunt is now Green India mission. The tribal youth will be employed as Community Forest Officers and not SPOs [special police officers] of Salwa Judoom. P. Chidambaram, who once contended that neutralization by the state of the ruthless and indiscriminate killers that the Maoists are; is the solution to the “maopist menace” is now stressing that development was the key to end influence of Naxals among tribals and forest dwellers, “How much we may romanticise life in the forests, let us remember they will remain poor as long as they live the way they have lived.” PC seems to have picked up these lines from Arundhati Roy’s or Maha Sweta Devi’s book.

Dr A R Mookhi, Mumbai


Sting on Rajya Sabha elections in Jharkhand

It refers to Election Commission directing Jharkhand government to file FIR against MLAs demanding cash-for-vote in Rajya Sabha elections as caught on camera in the sting carried by a TV channel. Congress party has done well to instantly act by issuing show-cause to its camera-caught MLAs. Other parties should also initiate similar action against their MLAs demanding cash for vote. It is indeed unfortunate that revised open-ballot system for Rajya Sabha elections has given party-bosses undue power to offer en-block party-votes of its MLAs to rich affording to woo big party-bosses. MLAs in open-ballot system have virtually become bonded persons to dance to tunes of party-bosses. To avoid any possible role of money-power in Rajya Sabha elections, secret-ballot system should be restored. Also to give true-most party-position in the Upper House, system should to hold all regular and by-elections to Rajya Sabha simultaneously. Persons getting most votes may be declared elected for full terms, while those getting subsequent lower votes for part-terms. To avoid Rajya Sabha being made dumping ground for rejected politicians, persons losing any election in last six years must not be allowed to enter Rajya Sabha.               

  Madhu Agarwal, New Delhi


Marriage and divorce of Mr. Tharoor

The famous Urdu poet Ghalib has said ishq ne Ghalib nikamma kar diya warna ham bhi aadmi they kam ke. It means that man becomes worthless in love affairs otherwise he had been a responsible man. Living in USA, Mr. Tharoor forgot and neglected all the moral and religious values of his religion. In USA he married a Canadian girl Christa Giles. After coming to India he divorced and plans to marry his long time companion Sunanda. She is a Dubai-based businesswomen. The question is what will be the fate of Christa. She was deserted by Mr. Tharoor. Sunanda being a woman should think of Chtista’s plight after divorce. Islam permits four wives, but does not allow a man to give divorce after few years just to marry a second wife and enjoy her. It is inhuman behaviour of man. The state should take the notice and apprehend such fellows who destroy the life of women just for the sake of their lust.

Kausar Fatima, Gulbarga