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As we all know that Milli Gazette is among the first Indian Muslim English Newspaper. Now its even better and you can access print edition of Milli Gazette online and read it even living thousands of mile away from India - The work done by Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan and his team is commendable. Well done Zafar sb.              Afzal Usmani, Austin TX, USA


CONGRATULATIONS for putting MG online. May Allah reward you for your hard work.  

Zafar Iqbal, Washington

MG: Thank you very much for your kind wishes. In fact during the first six years of MG’s life its website was very punctual and rated as second only after Islamonline in the category of Islamic websites worldwide; it was among top Indian news websites but later we could not maintain the momentum due to our financial problems though the website was never dead. Now the previous issue goes online as soon as the new issue is out. We also keep updating the website with material which does not appear in the print edition. We have also started Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with the latest trends.

Zafar Iqbal: I am sure that MG is now the most circulated Muslim community English newspaper in India. It is the reliable and unbiased source to get information about current affairs. I am really very happy to see it online.


Very happy to go through the online print edition of MG. Heartiest congratulations to MG team. Long live MG.

Salman Sultan, Shibli National College, Azamgarh, U.P.


The articles and the news in your newspaper are very well covered and nicely written.      

Mr Saifur Rahman, Lucknow


I am MG’s old fan since the year 2000 due to it’s up to the mark and informative reports and articles and the editorial. I wish that two pages should be devoted to the life and contribution of Muslims Scientists, and two pages should also be devoted to the teachings of Islam, and also the life and teachings of Sahaba-e-Karaam, and Shahda-e-Karbala every fortnightly. Some general letters should also be published in the MG, for example, unemployment problem of the Muslims and how to solve them and the causes of poverty of the Muslims; and how to solve them. The language of MG should be very simple.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (UP)


Indian Muslims and the situation in Kashmir

The situation in Kashmir cannot be understood, unless we take in the stand of Syed Geelani, associated with the Jamaat e Islami. By openly supporting the cause of Pakistan, as against the two other options of independence or association with India, Syed Geelani may be causing great difficulties for the 170 million Muslims of India. I am seriously worried about what would happen to Indian Muslims in the event of Syed Geelani succeeding in his mission in Kashmir. Equally troublesome is the stand taken on Bangladesh, where the Jamaat e Islami, is openly hostile to India. I am not an ideologue. I am just a simple believer in Allah and His Prophet and the Holy Book. I have seen and suffered in the tragedy of Gujarat 2002. I know the passions the Sangh Parivar can arouse on Kashmir and to a lesser extent on Bangladesh. Our community has suffered enough in the last 63 years. We do not want another Syed Geelani to inflict another tragedy on us. I urge the leaders of the Jamaat e Islami e Hind to strongly dissociate itself from Syed Geelani. Equally your resolutions must be categorically against the stand taken by the Jamaat e Islami in Bangladesh.           

Prof. J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodara


Sikhs are not Hindus

This is in regards to your report “Hindu sacrificed his child to keep word to Muslim”. It states that a "Hindu" sacrificed his son (MG 253, 1-15 Aug 2010). It is totally incorrect to consider Sikhs as "Hindus". Requesting if you could correct it. Sikhs are not idol worshippers, they believe in one God. Hindus are idol worshipers and believe in multiple gods. Even the foundation stone of Golden Temple was laid by a very respected Muslim saint Hazrat Mian Mir of Lahore and was inaugurated by Emperor Akbar. Baba Farid was a Muslim saint widely respected by Sikhs and his birth anniversary is still celebrated at Faridkot in Punjab (India). It is the malicious propaganda of some rightwing parties like RSS, VHP etc. which try to portray Sikhs as equal to Hindus in order to mislead not only Sikhs but everybody in world. Their ultimate aim is to ultimately convert people of every minority religion in India into Hindus. Their code word for this is "Shudhi Karan". Many Sikhs before partition had relatives with Hindus as well as Muslims. Just as many Jews and Christians converted to Islam when it started (and brought in their traditions), similarly many Hindus and Muslims converted to Sikh religion when it started and bought in their traditions. If you would like to know the original cause of Sikh religion a detailed work is available at

Goodboy Mentor

MG: We do not mix Sikhs with Hindus. In the source we used, the father of the boy is described as Hindu while it says that the village had Sikh, Hindu and Mulims inhabitants. If there is any proof that the concerned gentleman was a Sikh, please let us know the reference.

Goodboy Mentor: No problem sir!. No issues at all. I do not have any "proof" but since I am also from Punjab and during 1947 in villages of Punjab, it had only Punjabi Muslims, Punjabi Hindu and Punjabi Sikhs only. Punjabi Hindus do not keep their surname as Singh. Yes non Punjabi Hindu Rajputs and Yadavs in rest of India do have surname as Singh. Since the name of father of boy is written as "Master" Maan Singh, chances are very unlikely that some non Punjabi Hindu had taken an employment as a Master (teacher) in school of a village in Punjab at that time and was also living in village.


Hadith exhorts Muslims to seek knowledge in China

My heartiest congratulations to the MG team with your print edition online. I am based in Australia and for the first time came across MG through facebook nevertheless your efforts are quite commendable. With my brief capacities in journalism I was able to have a critical and analytical view on your collected material. I am quite familiar with the socio-political scenarios in India and thus given on those ground your work is impressive. However one concern that I would like to raise here is the use of Qur’anic Quotations in your subject matter. in your issues 16-31 August pg. 16 Destiny’s child 1st para 2nd sentence its mentioned and I quote "Qur’an further says that if one is required to go to China for acquiring knowledge, one musnt’t hesitate." Firstly, apart from the grammatical glitches here the following are the major concerns; There is no reference of the aayah and there cannot be cause there is NO aayah mentioning the above ‘saying’ of Qur’an. Secondly, it is a more popular hadith not a quranic aayah where it is falsely mentioned. Now finally let me also mention that the above being a popular hadith is again not a ‘genuine’ hadith mainly because of the lack of evidence of its channelling and logically speaking China during the rise of Islam particularly was NOT the centre of learning. While we intend empower the Muslim masses with the information through print media we must not forget our duty towards providing the right information. Please I bother to point this out only because I care.             

Taufeeq Ahmed, Australia

MG: Thank you for your mail and appreciation. It was a mistake on the part of our editorial staff to have failed to detect the mistake where the writer says that the Qur’an orders Muslims to go even to China to acquire knowledge. It is a hadith, no doubt and only means that you should not hesitate to acquire knowledge even if you have to go to a distant place like China; it does not say that go to China because it is a centre of knowledge.


"This Ramadan, please don’t sell Islam"

This is with reference to the article "This Ramadan, please don’t sell Islam" in the 16-31 August 2010 issue, written by Mazin Khan. The article was very lucidly written and I would like to convey my differing thoughts on the matter. If we keep Islam aside for a while, I think Iftar parties are a great tool for earning goodwill and name in present times of politics. A non-Muslim could use it to earn some soft corner in the hearts of Muslims. Although it’s a small price they sell themselves for. But sometimes they don’t even have a choice. The non-Muslim candidate may not even be concerned about Muslim welfare but he shows a side by throwing iftar parties that he is not into communal politics. And Muslims are happy just to know this. Sometimes they don’t even want more. A Muslim candidate could use it to earn respect from fellow Muslims and show his wealth. Again this is very un-Islamic. We must also not forget that Dr Abdul Kalam wasn’t into mainstream politics. So from the viewpoint of a general Muslim, Iftar parties have become more or less harmlessly secular. They don’t even endanger the non-Muslim votes. The Muslim candidate doesn’t want to pose too much as Islamic because this is only going to alienate the non-Muslim votes. The Muslim candidate thinks he got to be a liberal Muslim to win election in India. Ideally if non Muslims and Muslims alike could think ahead, a pious Muslim would be a good choice for their votes. But a pious Muslim would rather not jump into the dirty gutter of politics.

Humayun Manzar, Malaysia


Deal before nuclear deal

This refers to the accusation by Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mulayam Singh and Brinda Karat that the Congress has agreed to let off Narendra Modi from the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, in return for the support to the proposed Nuclear Liability bill. The sudden volte-face by the BJP vis-à-vis the bill – stating that the raise in the cap of nuclear accident liability from Rs.500 cr to Rs.1500 cr is okay – gives credence to the theory that there was some quid pro quo behind the deal. If this allegation comes true, it would add another feather to the nefarious cap of the Congress party which has sabotaged the proceedings in the Parliament several times so far – winning the trust vote by the P.V.Narasimha Rao government in 1991 by offering kickbacks to JMM leader Shibhu Soren, to quote an example.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)


Punish the culprits behind all fake encounters

When LK Advani was Home Minister, two Muslim youths were killed in a fake police encounter at Ansal Plaza; New Delhi. Dr Hari Krishna, an eye witness, told media that it was fake and false. During NDA Govt after murder of some Sikhs in Chhattispura by the police, five innocent Muslims were gunned down in fake police encounter. A 13-member fact finding committee headed by retired Justice Klse Patil of Bombay High Court had termed the Nagpur encounter (RSS Headquarters), where two Muslims were killed, as fake and fabricated. Modi Govt had admitted in Supreme Court that Sohrabuddin was killed in fake police encounter and his wife was also killed by Gujarat Police. New Delhi’s Batla House police encounter was also fake and false where two innocent Muslim students of Jamia Millia University were killed. Ishrat Jahan and Javed Shaikh were also killed in fake police encounter in Ahmadabad on 15 June, 2004.There have been dozens of such false and fabricated encounters in Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra, UP etc where large number of innocent Muslims were murdered. UPA Govt. should publish a white paper on all such fake encounters and must hold high level judicial probe to punish al the culprits and their masters.      

G Hasnain Kaif

Azad Ward,Bhandara (MS) – 441904


Congratulations to Dr GS Hashmi

This refers to the report (The Milli Gazette: 1-15 August, 2010). It is a matter of profound pleasure to know that Dr GS Hashmi, Assistant Professor in AMU’s Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr ZA Dental College, recently been nominated as member to the editorial team of the International Journal of Rare Tumours and Journal of Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology Research Dr Hashmi. He deserves heartiest congratulations and commendations for it. May he live long to serve humanity to benefit human beings! He is like a shining star of India, and he is a worthy son of India. We should be proud of him.   

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhkpur (UP


A Political Roza Iftar Party in India

A Political leader in India is issuing following directions to his subordinates to arrange a ‘ROZA IFTAR PARTY’. ) Count all the known ‘BEARDS’ with utmost care, Seduce them all into our Party’s voting share. Give them the title of ‘ULEMA’ of high esteem, When they come, like the locust, it must seem. Manage to make them sit in separate rows, To send a strong message to our foes. For us, all of them are a great asset, Their every motion must be recorded in cassette. The ‘LONGER BEARDS’ must occupy central places, From all sides, the media must cover their faces. On this gullible community is resting our hope, To blunt their minds, these ‘IFTARS’ are a dope. With round caps on, like them, you must look, To trap these ‘FOOLS’, it is the best hook.          

    Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow

Indian Democracy or Hinducracy?

We noted with interest media’s comment that America warned India about an attack in advance, but India did nothing. It is almost as if India wanted the attack. Indeed, sources in South Asia, as well as Newsweek, have suggested that the RSS and its political arm, the BJP, are the ultimate beneficiaries of this terrorism. The RSS is certainly capable of such an attack. But Indian commercial pro-Hindu media is wrong to claim that the government of Pakistan supports Lashkar. Pakistan has outlawed the organization while India continues to openly support and tolerate the RSS. India is no stranger to militant terrorism. On January 2, 2002, the Times reported that India supports cross-border terror in the Pakistani province of Sindh. India’s leading newsmagazine, India Today, reported that the LTTE, which has been designated a terrorist group by the U.S. government, was created by the Indian government and its leaders were put up in

Delhi’s finest hotels by the Indian government. The Indian newspaper Hitavada reported that India paid the late governor of Punjab, Surendra Nath, $1.5 billion to foment and support terrorist activity in Punjab, Khalistan and Kashmir. Meanwhile, it has violated its promise to the United Nations in 1948 to hold a free and fair plebiscite in Kashmir on its status. Instead, India has sent over 700,000 troops to Kashmir and over 500,000 troops to Punjab. The Sikhs of Khalistan are among 17 freedom movements within India’s borders, including those in disputed state of Kashmir, Nagaland, and others. While we condemn terrorism, these attacks are a response to the oppression that India has inflicted on its minorities. India has murdered tens of thousands of Sikhs since 1984 as well as tens of thousands of Assamese, Bodos, Dalits, Manipuris, Tamils, and other minorities. It has killed thousands of Christians in Nagaland, as well as tens of thousands of Christians in other parts of the country. Over 70,000 Kashmiri Muslims, 2,000 to 5,000 Muslims in Gujarat, and tens of thousands of Muslims throughout India have been killed as well. India holds 52,268 Sikhs as political prisoners under the repressive TADA law, which expired in 1995. It is also holding tens of thousands of other minorities without charge or trial. India attacked the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion. India is unreliable as an ally, is democratic only for the upper caste Hindus, and is unworthy of the increasing U.S. support it is receiving. We call for the most severe punishment for whoever carried out the Mumbai bombings, and we also call for a more balanced approach to news coverage of South Asia. We thank free media organisations from India, Pakistan and Kashmir for discussing Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism. Now it is time to expose India’s support for terrorism. The international community should pressurise India to act like a democracy.

Sheikh Gulzaar, Editor, Writer-South Asia, Srinagar


Home ministers let the minorities down

Home minister is such a powerful post that it is considered next to PM but home ministers of our country disappointed the minorities. Union Home Minister P Chidambaram confirmed that 23 year old Abdul Samad arrested by the Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) in Mangalore on 24 July was the prime suspect in the Pune blast case. He declared Abdus Samad prime suspect in Pune Blast Case on 25 May, 2010. Why PC was in hurry and what was the necessity to declare Abdul Samad prime suspect of Pune Blast? Later Judiciary released Abdus Samad. It is shear matter of ridicule that while police didn’t charge Abdul Samad in Pune blast case but illegal arms case whereas Home Minister P Chidambaram declared Abdul Samad prime suspect in Pune blast case. The worst prime minister of India Narsimha Rao was home minister in Indira Gandhi / Rajiv Gandhi regime. When Indira Gandhi was shot by her own sikh body-guard, Anti-Sikh riot spread. In a day only in Delhi 3870 innocent Sikhs were killed. As Home Minister Narsimha Rao was least interested in controlling riot. There is the historical failure of Rao as prime minister. Rao was used by Brahminical forces in National shame crime i.e., Babri Masjid demolition. Ex-home minister Shivraj Patil was very unsuccessful he could not check Hindutva Terrorism, simultaneously Naxal problems escalated, but Shivraj Patil supported police story in fake Batla House encounter. To save his skin and divert country’s attention he declared Atif and Sajid as mastermind of Bomb blast. Under Shivraj Patil ministership union home ministry had filed an affidavit that Ishrat Jahan had terror links with Pakistani Terror modules. In BJP state a fake encounter took place, without necessary check union home ministry filed affidavit declaring Ishrat Jahan as terrorist. BJP takes up oath to construct Ram Mandir at historical Babri Masjid site whole Congress tacitly supported demolition of Babri Masjid and construction of Ram temple. Now P Chidambaram through NIA is spreading news that Hadlee declared Ishrat Jahan had terror links. When Sohrabuddin and Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case bare pending in Court and in final stage, what was necessity to leak baseless information? Why NIA is in hurry to mislead country on the Hadlee information who was smuggler, arm dealer and double cross agent. In Nehru’s government Sardar Patel as home minister wrote a letter to UP chief minister Govind Ballabh Pant to remove idol from Babri Masjid. UP chief minister Mr Pant did not pay any heed to Patel’s letter. Was this not home minister’s shear failure even though Patel is remembered as Iron?      

S Haque, Patna


Justifying State Terror

Once a paradise on earth, Kashmir is burning, bleeding and devastating due to the naked brutal State terrorism of Indian forces of all hues. The actions of these brute forces of India are directed and commanded by the Indian Government. The words of condemnation spelled by them are aimed at befooling the International community. Otherwise, every Kashmiri is aware about their showy crocodile tears. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after a chat with the loyalists of India seemingly showed concern about the Kashmir situation just because the anxiety of losing grip on Kashmir. His announcement of the economic package, employment to the youth and autonomy is aimed at diverting the attention from the basic mission of Kashmiris freedom from India. However, people of Jammu and Kashmir have in one united voice unequivocally rejected this offer.. Nothing less than freedom is acceptable. So is this demand sustained by peaceful sittings and protests in which thousands from every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir’s Muslim dominated areas? This mass revolution all over has frustrated the Indian rulers. How can stones cause the death of armed personnel? How can these stones demolish the structures of camps and police stations? Why this direct indiscriminate firing above bellies? Nevertheless, unfortunately these international guidelines are not adhered to as far as Kashmir is concerned. Given the powers of Disturbed Area Act and Armed Forces Special Powers Act, the forces have the unlimited powers with impunity from law for massacre, genocide and repression in Kashmir. During the last sixty days starting from 11 June, 56 persons were done to death and thousands injured including women and mostly minors due to indiscriminate firing and teargas shelling above bellies. What it depicts? No one should be allowed to come on streets to voice the demand of freedom. The voices against subjugation are silenced by force and this inhuman, unethical, and brutal force is justified and legalized by false, fabricated, and concocted claims and blames.

Mohammad Yousuf Naqash, Islamic Political Party (JK), Srinagar