Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor



Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir have been threatened to convert to Islam or leave the valley. This is potentially an alarming situation unless it is pre-empted with promptitude. A mere assurance from the home minister that no harm will come to Sikhs is not enough. The militants issuing such threats should be hunted down. Any inaction on part of the home ministry will be taken as its weakness and raise the militants’ morale. The silence from Muslims of J&K and indeed from all over India will be taken as endorsement of the animosity towards this minority community. It will be a great shame to our law and order regime and a disgrace to Muslim leaders of the state of Jammu and Kashmir if a single Sikh is made to leave the valley. The leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, including the CM Omar Abdullah have been eloquent in their support for the Pandit refugees. Unfortunately this has only remained mere lip-sympathy. They have failed the Pandits. They have a chance now to prevent any harassment to Sikhs and ensure their safety and security.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West,


Decades long turmoil in Kashmir, due to blinkered vision, inept leadership, puny politics and corruption. We need permanent solutions. I offer, without prejudice, the following crystal clear blueprint so that sanity returns to Kashmir once and for all. (a) Peace loving Kashmiris should unite, serve a notice of intention to the state CM, union home minister, union defence minister, prime minister, that they would like to March Peacefully on 15th August or 2nd October or 26th January, at the beginning of dawn, to present a Peace Memorandum to the President of India and put roses in the bayonets of various security personnel who are killing people in the name of restoring law and order in Kashmir.(b) This Peace March will be led ONLY by women accompanied by small children of less than 10 years and hence the First Lady -the President of India should be present to welcome this Citizens Initiative and to receive the Peace Proposal of the People. Also, men folk and chest-thumping leaders of any political outfit should NOT be allowed in this exclusive March of women and children of J & K for Peace. (c) If the President of India cannot attend such a historic event, then the Union Home Minister, or Union Defence Minister (both level headed leaders) and CM of J&K (Commanders of the Armed Forces, should receive the Flowers and People’s Petition. The People’s Petition to restore Peace in Kashmir should, inter alia, state the following: - On this solemn 64th Independence Day  We the People of J & K declare our unequivocal unity with India. We will not shelter the Terrorists from across border or anyone trying to destroy our unity. We want India to recover POK and Aksai Chin from where all the problems are instigated by foreign powers. We want Peace and not terrorism and we will not allow our Heaven on Earth to turn into an open jail due to periodic curfews.  We will not indulge in any disruptive activities and request Govts - both state and the union to help us in this resolve, by immediately arresting all suspected terrorists / leaders who instigate and by withdrawing unnecessary army personnel. This Appeal should be signed by the prominent apolitical women’s leaders of (Hindu) Jammu, (Muslim) Kashmir and (largely Buddhist) Leh and Ladakh. After unfurling the Tiranga, the President of India or the Union Home Minister and CM of J & K should receive this memorandum and read it out to the world media, and assure the people of Kashmir publicly that we permanently dump the divide and rule policy and make a new beginning.

Prof. Dr. Leo Rebello, Mumbai


When Omar Abdullah took over the state’s top job last January, expectations were high, he claimed to provide clean governance and generate employment for the youth. However, just three months into office, both Omar and New Delhi received their first shock. When we look at him, we notice that he has failed to decentralize power. He has no understanding of the history and heritage of the Jammu region and does not have time to consult people and experts in the region. He has not attended to institutions like the State Accountability Commission and State Human Rights Commission that are defunct. He must decentralize and democratize before he turns into an autocrat. So much could be initiated if he does that. Omar himself calls his performance a “mixed bag” and tacitly acknowledges the importance of having New Delhi on his side. Unmindful of what people in Kashmir may think of him. Compared to his predecessors, Omar enjoys a clean image. Yet he is widely seen, among his people and in the media, as having failed during his first year in the hot seat. But has Omar Abdullah failed or was he failed by what has become of Kashmir, something many describe as a repository for much of what is wrong with India as a nation? Given the importance of Kashmir for the national conscience, no other CM faces the limitations as J&K CM does. Though he says he has “no complaints,” Omar Abdullah’s failure can only be part of another saga: New Delhi’s continuing failure in Kashmir.

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan


Pride or National shame

On the eve of Independence Day, a message was aired that “31 states, 1618 languages, 6 major religions, 29 National festivals, 1 country, proud to be an Indian, Jai Hind”.Some Indians may feel proud but how any justice loving people can be proud when in 63 years of Independence 37000 anti-Muslim riots took place i.e., (37000 divided by 365x63) approximately 2 anti-Muslim riots per day. Is this a matter of pride? Crores and crores of Muslim properties looted, thousands Muslim women raped in anti-Muslim riots. For whom is this matter of pride? No government agencies or NGO have records of anti-Muslim riots but they keep data about rats and bats, Cobra and Zebra etc but not how many rioters, killers, and rapist sent behind bars or Muslim killed, Muslim properties looted. Why? Because it is a matter of pride for….? Now nobody feel ashamed because of female infanticide. Can it be a mater of pride? Bride burning for dowry is so rampant that this has become no news item. Who will be proud? Muslim in 18% of India’s population did not get representation in government job is merely 1.5 to 1.75%. Under the duress of secularism, communism, social justice Bahujan, Sarvjan rule or Sushashan, Muslims are deprived systematically and silently.

S Haque, Patna


Transparent interrogation

The transparent interrogation recently granted to a tainted minister in Gandhiji’s Gujarat must be welcome. But why should it be limited to only one fellow? Will intelligent and aware gentlemen and ladies in our country ask our judiciary why it was not given to internees in the past and why it must also not remain in force in future too for protecting uninfluential people from the inhuman atrocities being carried out in lock-ups mostly to please mean-minded chief ministers?!!

Sultan AU Patel

Khanpur Deh – 392 150


Mulayam’s crocodile tears

Mulayam Singh has apologised to the Muslims for his mistake for shaking hands with Kalyan Singh, who is an anti of the Muslims, and is an enemy of the Muslims. Kalyan Singh being an enemy of the Muslims means that he is an enemy of Islam. By shaking hands with Kalyan Singh, Mulayam has shown that he is an enemy of the Muslims. It is too late for him to apologize. He should have apologised earlier at the very beginning. It is true of Mulayam Singh that “sub kuchh luta ke hosh mein aae to kya kiya”. He is an opportunist. His apology is a political stunt. He knows it very well that he cannot come to power once again without the support and votes of Muslims. Muslims should not pardon him and teach him a lesson.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank

Gorakhpur (UP)


Wine and woman – Western culture

Pune rural police had raided a farm house in Theur on Pune-Solapur road on 01 Aug, 2010 where 489 students (254 boys and 235 girls) of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies were holding an illegal alcohol party. 80 students, including girls who had consumed alcohol, were arrested. The police seized liquor worth Rs 17000/- from the farm-house. We are aping the west blindly. Like Europe and America, drinking has become common in India. Even ladies are drinking as is mentioned above. Alcohol is not only an evil. In fact it is the root of all evils. It is a source of misery in a man’s life. Women suffer more due to this evil. Drinking is destroying the physical, moral and social health of our society. After independence, it was hoped that India would become free from the vice of drinking. Gandhiji had made this concept a part of freedom struggle. The India Constitution too strengthened the idea. But after independence the argument of financial loss was put forth and the policy of prohibition remained unimplemented. If this attitude of mind is not changed one day every evil would become good for us.

G Hasnain Kaif

Azad Ward, Bhandara (MS)


Taliban’s regime and Khap panchayat

Taliban’s severe punishment after the onset of honour killings in India should not remain astonishment. The punishment of stoning to death is not a new affair, In the Jewish religion the followers of Prophet Moses had this sort of punishment in Judaism .Once The Jews came to Prophet Mohammad with guilty of adultery and wanted to get the punishment minimised. Prophet Mohammed asked them to tell honestly what punishment was suggested in their scriptures the clergy told “RAJEM”. This is the Hebrew word for stoning to death; Then Prophet executed the same punishment to Jewish adulterers. Prophet Mohammad gave the same punishment to the sinners of adultery. But before enforcing this law he curbed the chances of adultery in the society Islam has allowed polygamy subject to the condition of justice among the wives, strict purda system is imposed. .All the sexual inclinations and stimulations are curbed. The atmosphere is not congenial for adultery. In such conditions if any man commits adultery and four persons give witness then the punishment is executed in the public gaze after the Juma prayer. .The plight of the pair is seen by all the viewers. After stoning, the doctor present examines the deceased and Namaz-e-janaza is offered and the person is put into the grave. God may forgive his sin and allow into Heaven. .This severe punishment serves as deterrent to whole society .Islam made marriage a very simple and adultery, a tough. No diseases will spread and no cases of talaq and infidelity become rampant as they are seen in unIslamic society. .As we are coming across in India and European countries The honour killing is also based on caste, But the caste system is itself wrong .It is obligatory on the government and the Hindu reformers to scrap and eradicate the caste system. India is number one Country in spread of AIDS. Number of rape and gang rape cases is recorded. As a result India has become a hub of crimes. Our media is still barking at the wrong tree they are more interested in boosting their business by publishing the nude pictures of young girls. How can we expect reformation from our mindless media?

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Expressway and farmers

The order by UP Chief Ms. Mayawati for a judicial probe into the death of three farmer’s agitation over forcible acquisition of their lands for Yamuna Expressway is laudable. Nevertheless, more important for our security forces is to learn non-lethal crowd control that no causality occurs. While tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon should be used in situations where protests turn violent, the police in the UP seem to have preferred live ammunition as a means for defence. It is also a tragedy that tear gas canisters are so poorly designed in India that they lead to fatalities.

A Hameed, Ulsoor, Bangalroe-08


We Indians!

It is apparently clear that USA is fighting its strategically forceful war (in the far away places) to control Asia & trying to boost its economy for lavish spending by controlling Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. Recall East India Company please. I am afraid USA may even not hesitate to control India in the same way in the long run. What these Joe Bidens, Obamas, Bushes, Clintons say is a bigger game plan than what meets the eye. Why these right (?) thinking, democratic people do not talk and/or condemn Israel for their misdeeds? On the other hand, self declared PATRIOTIC Sangh Parivar is helping USA/Zionists in keeping hate-propaganda alive between different religions (Hindus, Christians Muslims etc.) They do not desire India & Pakistan should come together and have good relations or else their ambition of Hindu Rashtra will be thwarted. These self declared patriots do not care about the innocent Indians being killed in large numbers, for years together, by the Naxalites/ Maoists. Why? Can anyone say that they are true patriots? The hate flame is kept burning to keep Pakistan suspicious about India’s motives. Same is the case on the Pakistani side. Think of Samzouta Express & Godhra mishaps. Thirdly India is surrounded by China, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh. Just think of our relations with these countries and you can very well visualise where we stand in World scenario. The recent spate in Shri Lanka directly supported by China speaks a lot. Quote "Pakistan is a constant challenge to India’s security and an unstable and relatively weak Pakistan will be more dangerous". Unquote: Absolutely right. But who is funding & arming Pakistan?. Who is making Pakistan weak? Yes, the so called super power. Apply your rightful thinking & read between the lines please. Once Pakistan is controlled, like Afghanistan, by this so called super power, India will be a sub-standard nation. world powers do not desire India to be a self efficient Nation. There was never an aggression from our side. We should take pride in mentioning that we Indians are peace loving people with such a cultural background that, we can be World Leaders, if only our self declared patriots shed away their inhibitions and let India prosper to greater heights.

Maldar S.A., Pune


Real character of media

Minorities have been complaining about biased reporting of media. National media never give minorities’ genuine problem any importance and hide minorities’ dues in government schemes or government services. The injustices upon minorities are least reported but media gives full coverage to Muslim name walla filmy artists like Salman Khan, Shahrukh…. Naushad, K Asif…etc and simultaneously media synchronised propaganda with saffron brigade this is very dangerous side of media. The biased reporting against minorities were silently appreciated and the Court is now complaining about medias false reporting. The double bench of Justice CN Ramchandram Nayar and PS Gopinath of Kochi High Court while hearing a revision petition filed by Kerala government regarding organising public meeting by the road side the bench cautioned section of media that false reporting is very dangerous. Now ECI (Election Commission of India) feel media’s foul play in election time. That is why ECI has initiated move to check insertion of paid news items in the print and electronic media by political parties and candidate during election. Bihar state chief election officers have been directed to form a committee in each district for this purpose (TOI 5 August, 2010 – page: 1) this shows that media plays mischievous role during election so election commission finds necessary to put a scanner against media. What minorities especially Muslim had been complaining against dubious character of media is proved now. Educated Muslim youth should form a forum to scan media in every district so that media’s dubious character is checked.

S Haque



It refers to a bold CNN IBN presentation in its programme ‘Face the Nation’ (10.08.2010) where Ashutosh, the associate editor of Hindi news-channel IBN 7 strongly criticised the Apex Court order restraining media to cover crime-reporting in infamous Arushi murder case. Media-role has by and large been very fruitful in achieving justice done including even sue-motto re-opening of some hi-profile cases like of Jessica Lal murder case involving very influential persons as culprits. Media takes risks of useful stings which exposed hi-profile conspiracy involving even senior public-prosecutor in yet other infamous BMW case. India has too many laws like of defamation which can restrict irresponsible media. Therefore Supreme Court order trying to restrict media in Arushi murder case could be avoided.

Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi


Salary hike for parliamentarians?

Our Parliamentarians are demanding their pay-hike emphasizing that it should be at least one rupee more than that of Union Cabinet Secretary because of protocol. There should be a system to give a complete package of monthly salary by merging all types of freebies like travel-fares (air, rail or bus), telephone-calls, and each and every types of perks, privilege and facilities and even daily allowances in the monthly package so that real picture of our ‘poor’ MPs burdening exchequers may be highlighted before public. Such merger will reveal that they are already getting much more than salary of Union Cabinet secretary even at present. Instead of paying daily allowances extra, provision should be of salary-cut for their not attending Parliament sessions. Parliamentarians should be allowed only such medical and other facilities at government-hospitals which are available to members of general public. Our Parliamentarians give examples of other countries while demanding pay-hike. They should also compulsorily follow system of those countries by putting data of income and wealth on websites to make public aware at least about their known sources of income.

Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi


Visa to Taslima by the government

The extension of Taslima’s visa by the UPA Government of India bears glaring and eloquent testimony that it is constitutionally and overtly secular but covertly and practically communal. By this act, it has driven yet another nail in its political coffin.

S.M.Pasha, Chennai 600003


Mosque at Ground Zero

America rose in stature when she accepted Obama as her President. It took a long time, but her people matured in regard to racial tolerance and human values. The road may now be rocky for Islam, but the darkest moment is the one before the dawn. Muslims have an important role to play by becoming stronger in their resolve to endure with quiet dignity. Some of our brethren have virtually destroyed Western goodwill, and regard must be paid to non-Muslim sensibilities.However, true Christian values will endure, as even now Christian Organizations are rushing to the aid of Pakistani Muslims without discrimination. One cannot help but admire those Americans who stand up for Justice and speak up in the cause of others.

MFRahman, Trinidad & Tobago