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I like Milli Gazette and its outspoken secular policy. I particularly recall the publication of my rejoinder on meat-eating and Jainism published by Milli Gazette and also on Jains and meat-eating.

Bal Patil, Mumbai (on MG Facebook page)


I have never missed a single issue of The Milli Gazette since 2003, and I thank you for sending the copies without fail. I don’t hesitate in telling this fact that people like you, who are very few in numbers, motivate the young generation to grow. In usual cases, the older generation can’t bear seeing their youngsters grow. That is what creates the generational gap and intellectual vacuum which is a common scene in Muslim societies.            

Asif Anwar Alig, PMU, Al-Khobar, KSA


I am a research analyst based in Chennai. I found The Milli Gazette quite useful in addressing various issues including the propaganda of mainstream media.      

Ershad Abubacker, Chennai


Is there any chance of changing the name from Milli Gazette to "National Gazette", without changing the content or approach?

Manzoor Khan(on MG Facebook page)


I am really very happy to see this page because it means Muslims are waking up. Keep it up.

Salman Qureshi(on MG Facebook page)


We need a true leader...and not chumchas...

Iftekhar Kabeer(on MG Facebook page)


The Milli Gazetteis the voice of Muslims in India. It fights for the rights of the minorities.       Ibrahim Syed (on MG Facebook page)


Long Live MG!

Zakir Hussain (on MG Facebook page)


I was going through your website and liked your work for Muslims...

Suhail Rashid


Muslims, be united

MG’s contribution to the readers will never be forgotten by the readers, specially Muslims whose voice is raised in this English fortnightly newspaper. MG has inspired and encouraged Muslims, and they have comprehended very well that Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor of MG, will always endeavour his level best to guide Muslims how to solve their problems. Dr Khan can only guide and he can only show the right path to the Muslims, so that they may know their rights and how they can demand their rights from the government and from the so-called leaders. But the Muslims should be united, and they should come on one platform. Now the question arises how all Muslims will come on one platform? The so-called leaders advise Muslims to come on one platform but the big question is how? The answer is that all Muslims should be united, they should forget the differences of caste and creed, and should not quarrel among themselves over petty matters, they should have no ill-will, hatred, jealousy towards any Muslim, and each and every Muslim should have the feelings of love and help and sacrifice for other Muslims. Then only Muslims will be able to be on one platform. If Muslims do not put this characteristic in them, they will never be united. Muslims should leave their selfishness to stand on one platform. The truth is that united we stand, and divided we fall. Undoubtedly, unity is strength. O Muslims! Now, the time has come to be united, so that you may raise your heads proudly and so that you may raise your voice for your rights in India. Be sure that your unity with Muslims will compel the government to give you your rights. The truth is that just as Hindus have their rights in Bharat mata (motherland), so Muslims have also their rights in India. Not only Hindus but Muslims also took part in India’s struggle for freedom, and they freed India from the shackles of slavery.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Bulaqipur, Gorakhpur (UP)


Saffron terror, the new entrant in US Mainland

America’s Home Land Security Department has its hands full with Islamic ‘terrorism’ within the country and abroad too. However, if India’s Home minister P. Chidambarms’s clear warning in the parliament about ‘Saffron Terrorism’ has opened a Pandora’s Box and news is gradually filtering that Saffron elements are active in the US at different levels. The arrest of an Indian film maker Jay Kumar at a Texas airport with Jihadi literature and brass knuckles, together with a host of material on the art of spying, has shocked India. Jay Kumar with the extremist RSS links had been invited to address a Hindu gathering in Texas. It shows that there does exist in the US various religious or religio-social groups, with links to India’s extremist terrorist organizations that have now become an open secret in India. RSS, which was formed back in 1925, had nurtured grass root cadre who took part in organized communal riots. Another warning was raised by Dr. Omar Khalidi of Waltham, MA, about the proposed visit of one RSS rabble rousers, Kumari Rathambara, who played a major role in mass movement leading to the pulling down of the Babri Masjid, in Ayodhya. Thousands innocent died in communal riots organized by Saffron cadre, all over the country. If she is coming to US, that means she could be having an agenda that may or may not be in consonance with US policies in India, especially concerning either Indian Muslims or the Muslim world at large. Saffron extremist find ready help, assistance and support from extremist Zionists. The recent upsurge in Hindu extremist entry into US mainland is possibly an organized attempt to present the US administration with some fait accompli, about their anti-social activities, their anti-Muslim agenda, their media savvy, and their identification with other anti-Muslim groups in the US. A face-off between the two sides will further disturb America’s communal harmony. The reaction of Muslims whether Indian or world Muslims, is still in the offing. It will appear once the Saffron shows their true colours in the US. It is better for Homeland Security to be forewarned. Raj Kumar’s US visa was cancelled instantly, even before any court proceedings against him. Such vigilance in issuing of US visa to dubious extremist characters from India would go a long way in maintaining peace.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


This refers to the protest in Rajya Sabha by some BJP and Shiv Sena MPs over the home minister’s remarks on the ‘saffron terrorism’. The repugnance is understandable as terror was linked to extremist Hindutva ideology. What is not understandable is, as to why these rightwing parties think terrorism to be the monopoly of only Islamic fundamentalism and have least penitence to castigate any terror activity done by a disgruntled Muslim organization as ‘Islamist terrorism’?

              Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, (AP)


On 17 August RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat announced that Ram Mandir will be constructed with force. Does he mean that till this date secretly placing idol in historical Babri Masjid, banning Namaz by secular govt, opening door for puja by our pseudo meritorious judiciary (our judiciary is exposed how meritorious and just public survey conducted by media group question asked that is judiciary have become corrupted, 81.1percent says corruption is penetrated deeply in judiciary, 8 – high court and supreme court judges character be screeched and encircle into a character law, 81.7% agreed to enforce such character law) rath yatra whose wheel deeply wet with innocent Muslims blood, and in front of Constitution, Judiciary and Humanity Babri Masjid destroyed etc are lawful and peaceful acts. Due to silence of Judiciary and tacit support of government Hindutva brigade could brag so much and makes India fool. As Bal Thackery advised Hindus to form Hindu Human Bomb Cells. Does Thackeray think Hindus fool, the Hindutva brigade have bomb blaster, rioter, looters, Rapist like Shri Ram Sena. Pragya, Purohit, Pandey, Pramod, Kodnani, Modi, Daya Nayak, Vanjhara, MN Amin etc like lakhs who are to kill innocent Muslims.  

S Haque, Patna


Sadhvi’s health

Unless there is compelling reasons not to do so and unless it is logistically impossible, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, the prime accused in Malegaon blasts should be kept under house arrest.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai


Asghar Ali Engineer’s imaginary dialogue

The other day I was in receipt of a pamphlet written by Asghar Ali Engineer, comprising an imaginary dialogue between The Holy Prophet of Islam and Mahatma Gandhi on the current topic of terrorism. I wonder if you have seen it. If you go through it, I am sure you will have no hesitation to dub it as blasphemous. I hope you will take proper notice of it and do the needful in any manner deemed fit. The author could have dealt with the topic in a different manner.

Dr. Abdus Subhan, Kolkata

MG: I have seen the write-up you mention. It had come to us for publication but we did not consider it. But on a lighter vein, isn’t there Shikwah and Jawab-e Shikwah tradition in our literature? We also tolerate Ghalib who said: Kya Namrood ki khudayee thee / Bandagi mein mera bhala na hua...


Kashmir continues on the boil

Apropos the debate in the Lok Sabha over ‘azadi’ and autonomy for Kashmir, the BJP should realize that the more you intimidate and repress a people, the more it leads to stoke parochial sentiment. The Left parties are right in suggesting that a genuine economic package clubbed with a tinge of political autonomy is the right answer to bring the Kashmiri people into the national mainstream. The prime minister’s initiative to start a dialogue to soften the imbroglio in the volatile state is welcome, but he should begin the process with the withdrawal of paramilitary forces as a goodwill gesture.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin,


Kashmir is an integral part of India. It cannot be separated from India. No Indian is ready to give this Paradise on the earth to Pakistan. Pakistan should stop it’s interfere in Kashmir. What is the use of it? Pakistan’s interference is wild goose chase. The Kashmir problem has become a headache for al the Indians, the Kashmiris and the Pakistanis. This Kashmir problem is the cause of great human bloodshed, no religion allows doing so. The Pakistan government and the Indian government, and the so-called leaders should solve the Kashmir problem amicably and in a friendly manner, not by guns. I am of this firm opinion that Pakistan will not be successful to make Kashmir its (Pakistan’s) pant to be in Pakistan. Pakistan will never be successful in its unholy determination.” Kashmir ha Bharat ka,Kashmir na dengen” Kashmir belongs to India. We shall not give Kashmir to Pakistan. The truth is that Kashmir is India, India is Kashmir. Let us hope for the best for India in the matter of Kashmir.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (UP)

Eid Greetings

The joy that never sees the eclipse

The joy that never sees the eclipse,

The hope which never meets the despair,

I pray! This crescent of Eid may bring to you.

The mind that fastens human bonds,

The heart which bleeds for the love of man,

I pray! This crescent of Eid may bring to you.

The soul that buries all its ills,

The world which aspires for the lasting peace,

I pray! This crescent of Eid may bring to you.

The passions that even the angels’ envy,

The humility which placates the Divine Wrath,

I pray! This crescent of Eid may bring to you.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Zakir Naik

Mr AMA Pira through his letter MG 1-15 August, 2010 though failed to claim that whether or not he is the spokesman, agent or an authorised representative of UK still he speaks shamelessly and unwarrantedly on behalf and in favour of UK authorities for British ban of great scholar and preacher like Dr Zakir Naik thus proving beyond any doubt that he belongs to a group and is engaged in activities of spreading hatred against the Muslims by making all efforts to tarnish Islam. The question of anger or annoyance does not arise. Such type of activities by Zionists, Christians, Piras and others have become worldwide phenomena and part and parcel of Muslims lives. This all is being done to avenge the defeat during Crusades at the hands of Muslim Warrior Chazi Salahuddin Ayyubi (RA) Their motto is to shatter the Islamic integrity and brotherhood in such a way that whole Muslim world kneel down before them. The destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, and African countries. One should not overlook the words/statement of the than American President George W Bush who on various occasions referred the wars at Iraq and Afghanistan as a Crusade. In this process, out of thousands of conspiracies, planning’s and modus-operandi one is to generate and produce such groups amongst Muslims themselves who under the guise of Muslims must act insidiously. Their selected leaders are provided trainings thorough the institutions run and managed by the Christians and Zionists in US, UK, other European countries and India too where they are trained in ribaldry and use of profane language against true Muslims. They are also trained to spread negative aspects about Islam and Muslims. According to them those who follow Islam truly are not Muslims but wahabis (A term used by them to brand them non-Muslims). They always try to demonstrate that they alone are Muslims in real sense. In European countries and in India too it has become quite fashionable to draw sketches and cartoons, LAN ethical pictures, imaginary photos, naming dogs after Prophet (PBUH), attacking and accusing Prophethood, passing of indecent, filthiest and dirty comments against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islam and Muslims contributing and writing blasphemous articles through papers, booklets, books and other such resources for which lacs of true and faithful Muslims throughout the world take to streets, organise demonstrations, agitations and protests on many occasions and many of them lost their lives too. However, these so-called lovers of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) go under ground on such occasions.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Ramzan, Roza and Eid

Ramzan is the month of Roza (fasting) and praying. It is the month of purification of the inner self. The Vedas and puranas also prescribe fasting with differences in form and number of days. In Ramazan fasting must be observed by every Muslim if he/she is adult and physically well. From dawn to dusk Muslims eat not a grain of food nor drink a drop of water. Faith I God and fear of Him and of the Day of Judgement makes them undergo such hardships. They seek the pleasure of God. Fasting inculcates piety and righteousness in Muslims. Month long self-purification coarse enables Muslims to abstain from whatever has been forbidden by Islam. It makes them good Muslims and good citizens of the country. Fasting also makes Muslims realize the hardships of the poor and hungry. Eid-ul-fitr is the reward of month long fasting and special prayers.

G Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS) – 441904


Unity and Imaan are foundation of Islam

Islam seems to have replaced communism as the common enemy of the West and hence the so called clash of civilization of Samuel Huntington seems to be on course. Islam had in history met greater challenges and had succeeded by its institutionalised Jihad and after all history repeats itself, we have to get united and march forward. The Umma is going through one of the deepest crisis in its 1430 years of history due to disunity and weak Iman. Let us hold fast to the rope of Allah swt and cherish the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah (pbuh).      

P.A.Mohamed Ameen


Verse of hope

Here is a verse of the Holy Quran which evokes much thought and gratitude, having a clear meaning and message of consolation that resonates in our hearts:- 39:53 - "Say: O my slaves who have transgressed against themselves, despair not of the mercy of Allah. Verily Allah forgives all sins. Truly He is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful." This verse is offered without commentary or exegesis, for your own pondering and inspiration.          

MFRahman, Trinadad & Tobago


For lecturer, it is tragedy at both ends

The lecturer whose hand was chopped off was visited by the union to which he belongs and they gave him a cheque for Rs.700000. Reports say that his hospital expenses were also taken care of by benefactors. The staff and students of the college concerned took out a protest rally against the sacking of the lecturer. Various Muslim groups in the state have expressed their approval of the dismissal. Meanwhile the lecturer on his turn has picked up enough courage to say that he will go to court against the dismissal order. According to me, he has little chance in court as the dismissal action against him was taken on the recommendations of some very senior advocates of the High Court of Kerala. However the dismissal may also have been eyewash which may be reversed in court so that the college management can wash their hands off the whole imbroglio              

Xavier William


Mr. Chidambram! What Have You Said?

If they call us terrorists, they must know;

Our bombs explode with a nationalist voice;

It echoes our faith and deep patriotic words,

We are the masters of our land: It is our choice.

Have they forgot the death of Hemant Karkare,?

Against us, he wanted to spread rumour and hate;

Now no one has the courage to reveal the truth,

Do our opponents want to meet the similar fate?

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


God, Hawking and Collins

Stephen Hawking has surprised people by his statement “God has not created the Universe”. However, a recent poll showed that 40 percent of scientists believe in God although they do not “come out of the closet”. This is not the case of Francis Collins, winner of the Principe de Asturias Award in 2001, director of the historic project of the Human Genome who states: We are living in a critical time regarding how we should look for truth and meaning. I believe that the Universe was created by God with the concrete purpose of its leading to intelligent life. The existence of God outside the Universe (time and space) is the only valid rational explanation for the nature we observe. DNA is the code used by God to give life to beings, as He thought of a plan to create creatures with who he could relate. As a scientist I discover that by exploring Nature I find a path of understanding of the mind of God, who can be found equally in a laboratory and in a cathedral. I try to give time to prayer in the mornings, when the rest of the world is still in silence. But also, to keep my spiritual side awake and alert during the day. I keep a Bible on my desk and I endeavour to go more deeply daily into my relationship with God”.

Lucía Rivera, Madrid, Spain


Media must play an impartial role

Hindu media in the national media is flourishing. In India, Hindus are micro-minority. Money, media and mafia are playing vital role in making them the ruler of this land of ours. The whole Hindu Media, the so-called national media, deserves treatment from RASHTRIYA JOOTA BRIGADE. Let us come together and join hands to win back our freedom to be the masters of our own. There is no other way out.

Bhai Tej Singh, President, Ambedkar Samaj Party