Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Mandela v/s Gandhi/Nehru/Patel

While Mandela united a divided nation, Congress trio divided a united nation. There is conventional myth that Gandhi inspired South Africa's freedom movement and South Africans are generous in acknowledging the debt. However, Gandhi who is such a powerful symbol of justice and fairplay for the discriminated worldwide unfortunately could not do justice to his own nation. Gandhi, unfortunately joined Nehru and Patel, (the trio that was most powerful after ostracizing Maulana Azad within the inner coterie) and historically stands as THE symbol that failed the United India and agreed to divide the nation. The relevant question is if the Indian Muslims were as bad and oppressive as the Afrikaans were in South Africa that a case can be made out for partition. Did Muslims divide the country into castes as the Brahmins had religiously divided over thousands of years? If Muslims were supposed to be foreigners, were not the Brahmins too from Caucasian region. Urdu poet Iqbal indulges in a nostalgic trance when he fondly asks Ganges to remember the times when Brahmin caravans descended on its banks:

Ae a'abe roode Ganga, woh din hai yaad tujhko

Utra tere kinare jab caravan hamara

Sixty years is long time in a young nation's freedom history and instead of it getting united, it is continuously threatened with fragmentation and divisions. Something is wrong somewhere in the Idea of India that the Brahmins are imposing on the multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi- language continent size nation that is incongruent with building of a strong and united nation. Is there a Mandela like figure born among us even in this moment in time that arises to unite the nation and put it on the path of peace and prosperity? Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is making some moves to improve relations with our neighbours, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. However, unification at least in economic terms to the fullest extent possible, can only become the foundation for a later unification of India, in its real ethos.     

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Revival of Nalanda University

The passage of the Nalanda University Bill in Parliament is a firm indication that India is moving in the direction of unleashing its soft power on Asia and the world. Education is the only liberating force which can alleviate the masses. We had the world’s best university but now unfortunately the same university desperately needs a crutch to joint its fraternity which left it behind centuries back. When universities like Oxford were expediting their functioning our universities were witnessing the sad journey. However still if adequate attention is paid lost glory can be brought back.

Shafaque Alam,New Delhi


Mumbai environment

Doesn’t the MNS stand for a Mosquito Nourishing System?

S Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150


Jai[ram] Ramesh

Hitherto apathetic and toothless ministry of environment and forest [MoEF] has come to life under the dynamic leadership of maverick “Green Minister” Jairam Ramesh. He has become the blue-eyed boy of the environmentalists, animal lovers and friends of trees. He has blocked 64 projects and kept 469 on tenterhooks awaiting environmental clearance. No wonder he has been lauded by Divya Raghunandan the campaign director for India unit of the Greenpeace, the most vocal eco-activist group in the world. He has stepped on the toes of Kamal Nath and Jaiprakash Jaiswal. He has locked horns with Raman Singh, the CM of Chhattisgarh on the matter of Elephant corridors. He has shot down Vedanta mines, much to the chagrin of Navin Patnaik, for flouting ecological and tribal rights policies. He is taking on Praful Patel who is out to flatten a hill, destroying 400 hectares of mangroves and changing the course of two rivers ignoring the possibility of submerging entire Panvel just because he wants Mumbai’s second airport in that region. And because the site falls within CRZ [Coastal Regulatory Zone] where no construction is permitted, he thinks nothing of engineering an amendment to CRZ act. The man has ruffled too many feathers. Powerful lobbies of industrialists and their friendly politicians have started bearing pressure on the prime minister. One keeps one’s fingers crossed wondering whether Prime Minister Manmohan Singh – more Money Mohan Singh- buckles under this pressure. Let us hope we do not see the back of Jairam Ramesh in coming days.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West,


Appointment of Judges in Higher Courts

It refers to eminent lawyer and Parliamentarian Ram Jethmalani rightly advocating setting up of a Commission to appoint judges in higher courts. Despite so many lacunas having been emerged from present system of appointing judges, it is a matter of concern that no concrete change could be done in the system in last so many years. It is despite the fact that Union government is on record to confess that former Chief Justice of India YK Sabharwal could not be appointed NHRC Chief because he was not considered fit for the job. Irony of Indian system is that a person who was not considered fit for being NHRC Chief could head Indian judiciary in admittedly faulty and non-transparent system of appointing judges in higher courts. A high-powered full-time National Judicial Commission should be constituted with retired Supreme Court judges as member-nominees of President, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Chief Justice of India, and Bar Council of India with Chief Vigilance Commissioner its ex-officio member. This Commission should be an authority to recommend all appointments, transfers and promotions in higher judiciary apart from looking into complaints against judges of higher courts and to decide on punishment and removal of guilty-found judges. System will provide a ‘judicially refined’ say of all concerned ones including those in legislature in appointment-process of judges of higher courts practically eliminating all apprehensions of interference by legislature in judicial-system. Even all appointments of retired or serving judges to judicial commissions and panels should also be done by this Commission. To prevent unavoidable chances of influence by former bar-colleagues and local relations, all High Court judges must compulsorily be appointed from outside their home-states.            

Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi


Petition against genetic food

Soon all of us will be eating genetically contaminated food. The Cabinet has just approved the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill which will allow genetically modified food into the country. The bill can be tabled in the Parliament anytime. The BRAI will be a body of technocrats whose decisions will remain unquestioned. Our state governments and people like us will not be able to question this body. To stop this, Greenpeace, a civil society organisation working on varied issues including sustainable agriculture, is sending an open letter to the National Advisory Council (NAC) Chairperson Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The letter asks her to make the Government re-draft this bill after consulting the public. I have already signed this letter and more signatures will make the case stronger. To sign, please visit:



Causes of sexual anarchy, brutal, violence, moral degradation

Bollywood and Hollywood films, TV Serials etc are full of vulgarity, sex, obscenity, nudity, violence and liquor addiction. Newspapers, magazines are also printing obscene, semi-nude and vulgar contents. Pornographic literature and books are being published and circulated. These are the main causes of sexual anarchy, drug addiction brutal violence, and heinous crimes against women, like rapes, abduction etc, juvenile delinquency and moral degradation in our society. Such films, TV Serials, books and periodicals are injuring spoiling and weakening the social fabric of the nation. There is urgent need to protect the society, particularly minors, from their bad influence. Film Censor Board should be more vigilant & strict in future. Scenes depicting nudity, vulgarity, sex and violence, in no case be allowed on the small and big screen. Books, periodicals, files posters etc containing such objectionable matter should be prohibited. This kind of poison is being constantly put in the raw adolescent minds. Its disastrous results are creating grave problems for our society and the country.

G Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS) – 441904


Danger of booth capturing and EVMs tampering

It was we people who first pointed out the possible tempering with the EVMs in India. I was a candidate from Ambedkar Samaj Party and well received by the voters of Nagina Parliamentary constituency in Bijnor (U.P.). On the other hand one and all not only discarded the notorious BSP candidate but he was welcomed with shoes, rotten eggs and tomatoes. The BSP candidate was being held responsible by the electorates particularly the Chamars of Nagina Parliamentary constituency for getting murdered 18 innocent chamars as such there was no hope that he could save his deposit. But the election result has put ever one to surprise that he got 1, 77000 votes! How? It was his setting with the authorities of the district conducting the election as well as the top brass sitting in Lucknow secretariat. It may not be out of place to mention that the wife of the BSP candidate was a minister in Mayawati cabinet. The astonishing factor was that I was just awarded 2400 votes. Thanks to the tempering with the EVMs. The workers meeting of ASP was called for on 16th May 2009 and it was we people who pointed out the tempering with the EVM which was well received in print media. Now, we not only condemn the illegal arrest of brother Hari Prasad ji who not only exposed the tempering of the EVM but also proven to the world but also calling emergency meeting of our cadre on 29 August 2010, to decide a demonstration before Parliament, New Delhi for the unconditional release of Hari Prasad. We shall also decide to launch countrywide agitation against the use of the EVMs in future elections.

Bhai Tej Singh, Ambedkar Samaj Party


Safety measures ignored

The recent collision between two cargo ships - MSC chitra and M V Khalijia III off the coast of Mumbai has exposed several systemic lacunae. First the collision of two large vessels close to port exemplifies as a failure in navigation protocols. Both the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and the Mumbai Port Trust have vessel guideline systems and were in touch with the two ships. Indeed, this shows the lack of communication resulting in collision. Those guilty must be brought to book. The other concern relates to the environmental disaster the collision is turning out to be. Reminiscent of Exxon Valdez, around 900 tonnes of oil has leaked out of the damaged duel tanks of MSC Chitra. Also worrisome is the fact that the grounded ship is carrying 31 containers of corrosive chemicals and pesticides. Unless these are salvaged, they combined with oil spill, will have an adverse impact on the surrounding marine ecology. With shipping and port traffic increasing at a furious pace, maritime agencies and coastal security authorities need to be on their toes. Better coordination and greater investment in disaster management infrastructure is the way forward.              

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur


Chinese temptation and threat

It is a threaten development that Chinese army has entered into Pakistan occupied Kashmir. It had started construction of roads, bridges and railway line long back in Baltistan which is a disputed area between India and Pakistan. Pakistan tilted towards China in view of the hostile relations with India. India failed to resolve the Kashmir Issue. After the strong insurgency and anti India campaigns in Kashmir China took the chance of fishing in the troubled water. It tried to develop close relations with Kashmiri insurgents India’s soft attitude towards China made it bold to make trespass in POK. Now its next strategy will surely be infiltrating its forces into Indian Kashmir called paradise on the earth. China has obliged US in several ways therefore US will remain mute spectator in this Chinese venture. Our army commander has declared already that our forces cannot apprehend China when its forces advance into Indian territory. In such circumstances the government of India will try to keep the nation in dark. The US will reveal the march of Chinese in Srinagar. The government of India should use its successful missiles in POK and stop all defence activities of Pakistan and China before they think to enter into our Kashmir.             

  Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Ground Zero as the House of Abraham

Listen to my voice, Oh my American friends, ! Stop the futility of your religious fight; Let us all reject the claims of both of you, To make your existence happy and bright. On 9/11, declare Ground Zero and its land, As the House of Abraham and his belief; The dispute over mosque must see its end, To give your restive country a sense of relief. From Abraham emerges your combined faith, He is the confluence of your divergent views; Soon his son Jesus is returning to this earth, To purify the Eternal Truth from its ugly hues.

Dr.Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Refusal of Indian aid by Pakistan

According to news published in a section of press that Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Makhdoom Qureshi has directed his ministry that visas should not be granted to Indian and Israeli citizens who want to provide flood relief in Pakistan. The Pakistani foreign minister has further directed that aid will not be accepted directly from India, it may be routed through Nepal, if at all. Pakistani foreign minister’s above directions are required to be investigated or dissected in the context of history. Looking to the age old hostility between Islam and Judaism, the denial of visas to Israeli citizens living anywhere in the world can easily be understood. But, as far as India is concerned, the case is little bit different. We should examine our role in 1971 Indo-Pak war. We should also examine our contribution in creation of Bangladesh. We should also examine our role in partitioning the Pakistan. While condemning the Pakistan, we should not forget all these historical facts and see to it that their doubts are genuine or not. They have got some tangible reasons to suspect our bonafides, integrity and honesty. We need to do some introspection. Secondly, Pakistan has agreed to accept aid through Nepal, which was a Hindu nation till now. So the question arises as to how can an Islamic nation agree to accept aid through an ex-Hindu nation, and not through a secular nation like India? Will some of the learned readers of MG throw more light?

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Gujarat


The biggest clock in Makka but….

As news came in the media that the biggest clock would be installed in Saudi Arabia. APP News Agency said that this biggest clock would be fixed in tower of 601 meter high. Many Muslims became glad hearing the news but is this news in a matter of rejoices or not. We must discuss which is useful or useless for Ummah. It is this clock made in KSA or not? If Muslim company have made it then it is good or merely paying and installing of others manufactured clock is useless. We see that billions and billions are spent by the people of Muslim countries. Every 5th person is Muslim of the world. Muslims have 57 countries and full of petrol, gas, gold, and every metal. But even then we are treated as out religion. Even small countries target Islam. Some bans puradah, some country ban minars of mosque some bans beards etc. Why this is possible? With discussing this Ummah will have to be treated like this. See the other news about Muslim country, that USA would supply arms and ammunition worth of 20 trillion dollars in 10 yrs. Muslim countries are dependent on other countries they don’t have factories to produce because Islamic countries have not concentrated upon education in world best 2010 academic ranking – Harvard University of USA topped. Out of best 15 universities of USA and 5 of UK ranked. Not a single Muslim countries university appeared in the list whereas 57 Muslim countries exist in the world. Only 500 universities are present in 57 Muslim countries whereas only Japan has 1200 universities. For our marginal station it is Muslim responsible we forget that the Qur’an begin with the world “Iqra” means “read”. Instead of concentrating on education Muslims involved themselves in film, song, music, story, novel, etc. ummah must know that without education no community could survive with heads high.

S Haque, Patna


Too much of Internet resulting in depression

Excess to anything is always a danger game, so is the technology. A recent study has revealed that teenagers who use the Internet pathologically (uncontrolled or unreasonable) are more likely to develop depression than those who don't. Pathological use of the Internet has been associated with relationship problems, physical ill health, aggressive behaviours and other psychiatric symptoms. So teenager and their parents need to note that too much social networking on Facebook or Orkut or anywhere can leave them depressed and anxious! Now we all know that teens like to gab about everything under the sun, but going repeatedly over the same issues they face at that stage in life aggravates the situation. In other words, the medium they use Facebook, the cell phone or e-mail -- allow this to happen and lead to a constant re-hashing of their trials and tribulations, which in turn results in a depressed state of mind.

Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur


The Liquor tragedy

A liquor tragedy has struck Malappuram and the toll is a phenomenal 21 dead which is probably unprecedented in Kerala. Last week a close relative had told me that now Muslims drink more than others and there is more liquor sold in Malappuram than elsewhere. I told him that it was Chalakkudy that topped the list and that to say that Muslim drink more than others might be an exaggeration. In the toll of 21 dead I think there is only one Muslim - Anwar. Only tomorrow will the full list of the causalities be known. This is not a big number considering that Kuttipuram where the tragedy took place is predominantly Muslim. It is also possible that many Muslims may be lying off the bottle due to the Monsoons. I know many regular Christian drinkers lying off the bottle during lent. So I figure some 2 percent of Muslims may be drinking though such a conclusion may not be anywhere near right. If 2 percent of the Muslims in Malappuram drink then the percentage in other districts may be slightly higher considering the fact that there is more communal pressure in Malappuram to conform to religion.     

Xavier William


Palaces Abroad

Why do our leaders buy properties, palaces and penthouses abroad especially in and around London's posh areas at enormous prices? They could always rent something similar for their sojourn when needed at less than the monthly interest that would accrue to them by keeping such money instead in a bank. Apart from the initial purchase cost the regular maintenance and running expenses of such palatial houses must also be substantial. Why spend such huge amounts unless they want to have an assured haven to fall back upon in the event they have to flee the country, in which case it is certainly the most prudent investment on their part?!

Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi 46000