As settlers go on the rampage, Palestinians won’t budge

Israel’s atrocities on Palestinian populations are limitless, it would seem. Israel’s single aim is to oppress and inflict cruelties in a way that Palestinians are expected to either mutely bear it all, or meekly surrender their just claims. It is clearly the sense of defying the irrational designs of the racist colonialist regime that keeps the Palestinian struggle alive and kicking.

In the week that passed, Israel decided to cut funds that should rightfully go to Palestinian prisoners. By curtailing these funds, Israel indulges in pipe dreams that wish Palestinians would diminish their resistance. As per prevalent peace deals, Israel collect taxes on behalf the Palestinians that amount to $222 million a month. When it decides to withhold $130 million of this, it is committing theft because it is not Israel’s money to decide upon or to hold back. The withholding of prisoner stipends amounts to cruelty and criminality that will punish families of prisoners. Sadly, the international community pleads helplessness and turns a blind eye in the face of blatant rights violations. This is clearly complicity with Israel’s willful illegalities.In virtual license to brutalize, settlers are allowed to wander Palestinian streets, armed and unchecked as they lay siege to Palestinian houses, and barraging them with bottles and stones. They do so mostly under the watchful and protective eyes of soldiers. Israeli settlers routinely storm the Islamic holy site of Al Aqsa on a daily basis, in their somewhat overt attempt to Judaize the city of Jerusalem. They are accompanied by their religious leaders - their Rabbis. The unfounded allegation that Palestinians are violent ignores the support to aggressive settler behaviour that is propped up by soldiers and Rabbis. It’s hard to see how soldiers and the regime paste the ‘terrorist’ tag on the Palestinians rather than on themselves. Israeli forces use even cruder and malicious ways to punish Palestinians. They cut off water supply lines and target citizens and in an attempt to force them to leave their homes in favor of settlement expansion. Israeli occupation forces even prevent the construction of roads and obstruct the provision of basic services in these areas.

A sedate source—the United Nations—meanwhile reports sharp and severe instances of settler violence. Trees are knocked down in large numbers, vehicles were vandalized, and people injured in attacks by Israeli settlers.  A report stated that 425 Palestinian-owned trees had been vandalized by Israeli soldiers while they also punctured the tires of Palestinian-owned vehicles, spray-painted racist graffiti in villages, and even attempted to torch a local mosque in Ramallah.

It is not good news from Palestine for now. But one knows that this situation is untenable as a permanent Israeli arrangement for its people. After all, despite all the security measures in place, Israelis remain a people in siege imposed by their own political behaviour.