Israel warships following Asian Aid Ship to Gaza

New Delhi (2 January 2011): Two Israeli warships are following the Asian Aid Ship (Salam) to Gaza (Palestine) via Al-Arish (Egypt), according to Feroz Mithiborewala, organiser of the Indian contingent of the Asian Caravan now in Damascus. The aid ship is carrying aid to be delivered to the Egyptian authorities for checking at Al-Arish before delivery to Gaza through the Rafah checkpoint.

Senior Indian journalist Ajit Sahi and three other Indians are on board in addition to Hakim from Azerbaijan, Nur el Din from Malaysia, Mohammad Hossain from Indonesia and Sagaguchi from Japan. They are accompanying the aid while others will fly from Syria to Egypt to join them later at Al-Arish.

According to reports reaching The Milli Gazette from Damascus, Israeli commandos have entered the aid ship by force, inspected the material and interrogated the crew. They left later but two Israeli warships are trailing the ship while an Israeli helicopter is flying overhead. Israeli commandos did not detain anyone according to the caravan twitter handle.

Ajit Sahi (right), senior journalist from India on the caravan

Free Gaza India Asia People's Movement against Israeli Occuption
Free Gaza India Asia People's Movement against Israeli Occuption

The Asia2Gaza ship Salam is carrying food, medicine, toys, generators and ambulance vehicles as gift to the people of Gaza Strip as an effort to ease life of its people who are suffering from an illegal Israeli blockade for over two years. The volunteers on the ship may be contacted on satellite phone number 008821621294881.

Free Gaza India Asia People's Movement against Israeli Occupation
Free Gaza India Asia People's Movement against Israeli Occupation

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