U.S. Blocked Joint U.N. Statement on Israeli-Palestinian fighting

UN Security Council members failed to agree on a unified position on the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel during an emergency session Sunday.

United Nations Security Council members condemned the violence in the Middle East during an emergency session Sunday but failed to agree on a unified position after China accused the U.S. of blocking a joint statement, the Wall Street Journal reported.

This is the third time that the US blocked the UN statement.

“Regrettably, simply because of the obstruction of one country, the Security Council hasn’t been able to speak with one voice,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during the virtual meeting. “We call upon the United States to shoulder its due responsibilities of taking a just position,” the WSJ quoted Yi as saying.

Wang Yi said that the Palestinian question has always been the core of the Middle East issue. Only when the Palestinian question is resolved comprehensively, fairly and permanently, can the Middle East truly achieve lasting peace and universal security.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the ongoing Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip has risen to 212, the Palestinian Health Ministry said on Monday.

The grim figure includes 61 children, 35 women and 16 elderly people, the ministry said in a statement, adding that 1,400 people have been injured during the offensive.

The Israeli military has staged airstrikes across the Gaza Strip since May 10, leaving behind a massive trail of destruction across the coastal territory.

Ten Israelis have also been killed in Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Erdoğan proposes new administration for Jerusalem

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan proposed late Monday establishing a new administration for Jerusalem.

Speaking at a press conference at the Presidential Complex in Ankara, Erdoğan proposed the idea that "Turkey will support both politically and militarily each step of the way."

"Israel is a terror state which tries to legitimize its actions by mentioning Palestinians' resistance," he said, condemning Israel's attacks against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its indiscriminate bombardment of the region.

"They don't have warplanes, you have countless. Who are you trying to fool?" he asked.

"Those who are not terrified by the killing of Palestinian children by Israel are terrified by the fact that Israeli children are scared too," Erdoğan added.

"I condemn Austria for hanging the Israeli terror state's flag. I guess Austria is trying to make Muslims pay for the Jews they subjected to genocide back in the day."

The blue and white Israeli flag flew on official buildings in Austria on Friday in a sign of "solidarity" with the Jewish state, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said. "I condemn with the utmost firmness the attacks against Israel from the Gaza Strip," the conservative leader said a statement sent to AFP.

President Erdogan revealed a conversation he had with a former Israeli prime minister whose identity he did not disclose.

"A former Israeli prime minister, I am not going to give his name, told me years ago that he had the 'biggest pleasure' when he killed Palestinians during his military service as a general," he said.

Biden approves $735M weapons sale to Israel

Tellingly, the US is not only supporting Israel diplomatically at the UN Washington is also supplying arms to Israel. The Biden administration has approved $735 million worth of precision-guided weapons to be sold to Israel, a congressional aide confirmed to The Hill on Monday.

The sale, which Congress was officially notified of on May 5, has concerned some House Democrats who have pressed the administration to limit military support for the Israeli government in the face of its growing assault on Gaza.

A majority of the possible sale is of Boeing-made Joint Direct Attack Munitions, equipment that can make unguided bombs dropped from aircraft into guided missiles, the aide confirmed.

“The United States should not stand idly by while crimes against humanity are being committed with our backing," Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, said in a statement.

“It would be appalling for the Biden Administration to go through with $735 million in precision-guided weaponry to Netanyahu without any strings attached in the wake of escalating violence and attacks on civilians," Omar added, referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "If this goes through this will be seen as a green light for continued escalation and will undercut any attempts at brokering a ceasefire."

The sale, which was first reported by The Washington Post, was approved five days before Hamas, the militant group that controls the Gaza strip, began firing rockets toward Israel in response to Israeli police action at Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the holiest sites in Islam.

—Abdus Sattar Ghazali is the Chief Editor of the Journal of America ( email: