Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


AMU rejoinder

Kindly refer to your personal comments on the press release regarding the appointment of Maj. Gen. G. G. Dwivedi as Professor in West Asian Studies Department of the University, published in the online issue of Milli Gazette of May 20, 2013. Your comments lack truth as the facts are otherwise. The new Proctor, Dr. Jamshed Siddiqui is not a former military officer. Please give the names of military officers in the Medical College as reported by you to be "teaming with former military officer running the show". The General earned the rank of Lt. General after serving the country for 40 years and has the right and honour to retain the prefix of Lt. General. The President of the Students' Union was expelled primarily for financial irregularities. The Vice Chancellor was elected by the Muslim community represented by the AMU Court and Executive Council and it is his prerogative to choose the team he can implicitly trust. We would request you to give us the name of any academician who is better qualified in Chinese language that Maj. Gen. Dwivedi. He will be selected for AMU. You are also requested to visit Aligarh Muslim University as a Guest of the University and meet the Vice Chancellor.

Dr. Rahat Abrar, Public Relations Officer


AMU: Aligarh Sherwani: Sartorial Excellence

The Vice Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University Lt. General (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah is making all possible efforts to revive culture and traditions of the University. Recently, he has asked students to wear sherwani when coming to meet him. Sherwani has been closely associated with founders of Aligarh Movement. Following Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, teachers and students wore sherwani. Inspired by the popularity of the design at Aligarh Muslim University, the name Aligarh Sherwani was derived. At the AMU, sherwani is still considered as the University's traditional dress. University provides cloth for sherwani to each student and charges a nominal amount for it at the time of admission. Even tailors are fixed who stitch sherwanis for students. VC Shah has said to the students, "I intend to give more opportunity for interaction. Students who wish to meet me in the office will be dressed in Sherwani". He said that he would be delighted if he sees students dressed in Sherwani on Fridays and during University functions. Kudos to Lt. General Shah, who inspite of spending his entire life in army uniform, has a great respect for traditional dress of the University. One should not forget, last year when retired army officer joined as the Vice Chancellor of AMU, he was wearing black sherwani.

M. Yunus Khan, AMU, Aligarh.


Ambani mansion: rejoinder

This is with reference to an article "Part of Mukesh Ambani's mansion demolished in your esteemed publication "The Milli Gazette" Published Online: May 29, 2013 ( ambanis-mansion-demolished-waqf-wakf). The article states facts which are incorrect. No such demolition has taken place and the land is neither encroached nor illegally occupied to build this mansion. The public is misguided with such incorrect facts. Please connect with us officially for any such facts and figures regarding the same. Request you to look into the same and get the article rectified.

Bhuvaneshwari Joshi, Corporate Communications


Tipu Sultan - the great freedom fighter

On the 214th death anniversary of India’s great freedom fighter Tipu Sultan who sacrificed his life fighting the British Imperialists, we pay homage to him. Muslim haters have been tarnishing the image of Tipu Sultan by calling him fanatic, cruel, temple breaker etc. On the contrary eminent Hindu historians and scholars like Dr. B. N. Pande, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagwan S. Gidwani etc. have paid glowing tributes to the religious tolerance, patriotism and political foresight of Tipu Sultan. Mahatma Gandhi in his “Young India” has called Tipu Sultan one of the greatest heroes of India. Gandhiji has refuted the false and baseless allegations that Tipu Sultan had inflicted atrocities on Hindus. Gandhiji had written that Tipu Sultan had donated lands and sanctioned huge yearly grants to Hindu temples. Dr. B. N. Pande and Bhagwan S. Gidwani had also written in their books similar historical facts. History bears testimony to it that had the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Marathas not joined the British army in the war against Tipu Sultan, He would have driven out the British imperialists from India.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M. S.) - 441904


Plant trees instead of statues

Many Political parties are installing the idols of their leaders at the main junctions of the cities spending huge amounts causing problems to the public . If 'Tree Plantation' is done instead we can save the environment with 'Clean and Green concept', as each tree sucks 28% of pollution and generates oxygen , and saves us from heat and diseases.         

        Mohammad Azam, Karimnager


Hindutva: Treason & Terrorism

Hindutva: Treason & Terrorism is a perfect book written by I. K. Shukla to understand the NDA government's Bloodbath of minorities between 1998-2004. This book is a tight slap to Hindutva Communal parties of India and their fake development agenda. There record of pyramids of crimes and corruption in the NDA rule. They even didn't spare Kargil martyr's Coffin in looting money. How the Suppression of Freedom of Expression was a widespread and common phenomenon in NDA rule like banning documentaries on Gujarat riots which has won prestigious awards abroad . Handing of National resources to foreign coorporations. There are some interesting facts which are known by very few like Vajpayee as a british informer, The Baren Ray episode, Vajpayee was silent for 8 months Inspite of knowing that infiltration is going on in Kargil etc. How the Bhagwa warlords in New Delhi systematically trashed the Non-Aligned Movement and aligned with Imperialist forces like Israel and USA and many more interesting facts are produced in this book      

                         Mohammad Zaki Naeem


Clerics promoting education

With reference to Mr. Kaleem Kawaja's article on the role of the theologians in promoting higher education in the Muslim community, I am afraid neither the Crescent Civil Service Academy, New Delhi nor the Rahmani Coaching Centre in Patna have ever published the number of candidates coached by them, course-wise, every year and the number who have finally got into the intended lists. It is not enough to clear a test but to get into the services and institution as well. As for as incharge Dargah is concerned indeed through the Khaja Education Society. It has done a marvelous job in establishing regular colleges for Medicines and Engineering. I hope this example is followed by other Dargahs in the country which have the resources.

Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP, New Delhi


Muslim liberals

Our national press has been lionising "progressive Muslims" as "liberal Muslims". But liberalism by no means advocates abandonment of one's religion. Maulana Azad, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Dr Ansarii Rafi Ahmad Kidwai, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, Fakhruddin All Ahmad and Syed Mahmood were all great Muslim leaders and were also staunch nationalists. They neither abjured Islam nor did their being Muslims opposed in any way their "Indianness". They were true liberals as they were free from communalism. They cannot be compared with the present liberals who oppose Islam.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-M. P., Rajya Sabha, Delhi


No Tobacco day

On the eve of World No Tobacco Day (observed every year in 31st May), if you check the amount of people losing their lives due to this menace the figure seems to be alarming. As per the WHO more than 6 million people die all across the world consuming tobacco in various ways, with India the maximum number of victims of this menace with around 1 million people losing their lives. If you look at the number of side effects being caused by the tobacco products like cigarettes, bidis, water pipes and bidis than more than 6 lakhs people die due to the smoking habits. As per research there are more than 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, of which at least 250 are known to be harmful and more than 50 are known to cause cancer. While, one study revealed that chewing tobacco poses a bigger threat than smoking, another study has revealed that an estimated 10 percent of tobacco-related deaths are caused by passive smoking. As per the WHO every year 6 lakh out of 60 lakh deaths due to tobacco are because of second-hand smoke. Banning tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship is one of the key ways to protect young people from starting smoking as well as reducing tobacco consumption across the entire population.

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur- 440013


National Advisory Council

Aruna Roy's decision to quit the National Advisory Council is the unfortunate corollary to the UPA government's denial to pay minimum wages to MGNREGA workers. The Prime Minister's defiance to pay heed to his party chief Sonia Gandhi's letter asking him to honour the promise made to the aam admi before elections, and his audacity to disregard the interjection over the issue by two High Courts, speak volumes about his penchant to the capitalist policies. The neoliberal economic reforms have indeed transformed the rich into super-rich and also helped many a techno-savvy middle class people. But his promise that the benefits would 'trickle-down' to the poor had been a complete disaster. At least at the eleventh hour of his tenure, Dr. Singh must try to bring a cheer to the faces of millions of the poor in the country by giving their due minimum wage.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kapada (A. P)


Mulayam Singh politics

It should not be surprising to anybody to understand the reason of Mulayam Singh replacing its three Non muslim MP candidates by Muslim candidates. SAPA consider congress a big threat as the Muslims is the common vote bank of both the parties. As a result SAPA prefers victory of BJP candidates as compared to Congress. So Mulayam Singh shall play all games to ensure the defeat of as many Congress candidates as possible. SAPA talk of keeping Communal forces away from Power is a just a farce. Mulayam Singh thinks that if BJP is in Power then Muslims will be the main sufferer and by speaking few words of sympathy for Muslims they will return to him. Secondly he is having in mind that in case congress do not get sufficient seats after 2014 elections he could manage to get support of BJP to form the candidate. If one goes through the developments during last one year of SAPA UP rule, it is not difficult to understand the secret understanding between BJP and SAPA. Mulayam Singh is wrong if he thinks that by replacing three non Muslim MP candidates by Muslims he will win the confidence of Muslim Community. Already 60% of Muslims who voted for him in 2012 Assembly elections have deserted him.               

Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU


How to solve Telagana problem.?

The best solution for Telangana problem is to form a development committee of each district comprising MP and MLAs under the presidential order at least one thousand crore rupees be allocated to each committee. Let the District collector monitor the schemes .This development work should continue for five years .The leaders should support the presidents orders .Those leaders who oppose the presidential order must arrested and sent to jail for six months . The separatist’s leaders have poisoned the minds of people. They are unable to bring extra funds for development. So far the central government was lenient on the demand of separate state .In Europe the states are merging to form lager states but Indians wants to separate ourselves. Are we reverting or going ahead?              

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Saffron terrorism in India

The learned judges, blind judiciary, and coward judgements totally tarnishing the minority people in the country. The judges knows to punish only the innocent Muslims! Are the judges acting according to the tune of the saffaronists? Who demolished mosques, bombed in mosques and public places leaving the real culprits and national criminals the learned judges showed their efficiency to establish farce and fallacious crimes on Muslim youths and jeopardise them for years together, as per the direction of saffaronists as well as cruel jews. The judiciary has not pointed out so far their fingers on the cruel criminals like L. K. Advani, Narendra Modi, Varun Gandhi etc who created and now creating national disasters in Ayodhya, Gujarat, Malegaon etc, now in Assam and else here. When will these criminals will be hung as Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru were hung. The learned judges have discovered that demolition of Babari Mosque is just an incident and nothing famous about it. What kind of law and justice in India. If power and majority in the hands, any kind of ghoondaism can be implemented and can will any number of Muslims. The supreme judiciary will say (‘ho’) it is just an incident, nothing to worry. The rulers, politicians, judiciary and medias promoting corruption in India. They are digging grave of India. The Muslims are not expected to have any feelings or sentiments. They are being abused, killed, burnt, raped and their little properties destroyed. Such criminal atrocities are being carried out in India by a group of people against minority people. Justice is denied to this weaker section and providing injustice to them. Muslim kings ruled across the country nearly thousand years. But there are no palaces, or their dynasties, their belongings remaining in India. All the belongings, valuables diamonds, crowns, thrones etc tetc were smuggled to England and they are being sold in public auction bit by bit.

M. A. Khan, Kamaleswaram, Trivandrum


Why this discrimination between China and Pakistan

It is ridiculous that BSF Kill the Intruders on the line of controls on Pak border but the same BSF neglect the same crime done by Chinese forces. Has India love with China. Recently China intruded 19 KM into our territory and established there camps and now It has built 5 KM road inside our land and our soldiers were made runaway from the scene. This action will encourage China to make more intrusions. It seems our foreign policy is based on Muslim hostility. This is very harmful. China is taking undue advantage of our policy. Why our army success on Pak border and fail on china’s border.

AH Maqdoomi,Hyderabad


A Controversial Issue of Pasmanda and Ashraf

Mr Khalid Anis Ansari has posted a video clipping of interview of a School teacher Eijaz Jogi which is full of venom and hatred against a particular section of muslim community. There are lots of comments in support and against the interview. It is better that we don’t further create any division in the community. We are already a divided house, between Shia’s and Sunni’s, Deobandi’s and Barreilvies. In Islam there is no castism while there is a concept of high and low cast in Hinduism. The 99% muslims in India are converts even so called Ashraf, not only Pasmandas as claimed. So there is a social influence of Hinduism on Muslims. To put all blames for their backwardness on upper casts by Pasmandas is not justified. If one goes through the share of these so called Pasmandas among the muslims representation in Assemblies, Parliament, Ministers in States and Central Governments, government services and even in business, that is, distribution of wealth it could be observed that Pasmandas have the major share. Ansaris, Qureshies and Saifies are some of the communities out of Pasmandas who are doing excellently and are ahead in every field. As a matter of fact there is no class except that of rich and poor. Now it is more than sixty five years of independence, who is stopping so called Pasmandas not to get education, jobs etc. Secondly so called Ashrafs have no power under their control to harm the interest and progress of Pasmandas. Is there no upper cast and lower caste in Hindus? Brahmins are not more than 5% but their share in every field is more than 20%, it is because of their hard work. I feel people like Ansari and Jogi are a frustrated lot, certainly what else could be expected from a School teacher. No Muslim is opposing 9% out of 27% OBC quota for Muslim OBC. Still if people like Jogi feel uncomfortable as part of Muslim community they are free to adopt Hinduism where they could find classless society and no discrimination.

Prof. Shamim Ahmad, National President IFSDSD

New Zealand


‘Hinduism is not a religion’’

I am an ardent fan and subscriber of M G since its inception. I thank Mohd. Abdus Samad of Gouripur who elaborated the true meaning of HINDUISM , of my letter published in M G 16-31 , which I read with interest along with my friends.’’Rejoinders ,Letters , Opinions is the Gist and the Cream of M G liked by many .for its authenticity . Islam is the Religion of the entire universe. but most of the Muslims are not following Islam , But one can witness the Hindu Congregations blindly following the Dummy Gods made by them day by day though it is not a Religion. I Congratulate the Editor -in -Chief for publishing the opinions of the readers and encouraging them time to time .

Muhammad Azam, Karimnager TELANGANA.


Muslims are deceived by secular Tamasha

15 colleges of Bihar are selected for professional courses by the department of education where important courses like software dev, food processing, mobile com., computer appl, info tech, I T, retail etc will start after approval from MHRD and AICTE. In this of 15 colleges not a single minority college is included and from Darbhanga CMSC college of Darbhanga is selected. Darbhanga is the district where Nitish Kumar camped on 17 May for his yatra and addressed Muslim gathering from Millat College stage. But CM Science College of Darbhanga is selected for community college where professional course would start.

S. Haque, Patna


In Syria, Sunnis form 74% of the population, Shias 13%, while Christians are 10%. Syria’s population is about 21 million. The rulers are minority Alawites, a Shia offshoot. Shia villages are distributed in the middle of Sunni majority villages and towns all over Syria. Due to both sides increasingly exploiting the draw of religion - Shia or Sunni, the population is getting radicalized along the fault line of Shia or Sunni. A large number of Shia fighters from Lebanon mobilized by Hizbollah and from Iraq are flocking to Syria to fight Sunnis. Also there are rumours that some Afghan and Arab Sunni fighters are being mobilized to go to Syria to fight Shias. Iran buying weapons from Russia is the major supplier of weapons for Shias. SA and UAE buying weapons from US, UK, etc are the major supplier of weapons to Sunnis. If the Shia-Sunni hostility and hatred spreads widely with sectarian actions like those of Hasan Nasrollah and Imam Qardawi, soon the many Shia villages in the midst of Sunni majority Syria may face annihilation, or the minority Sunnis in Shia villages may face annihilation. This could become like the 1947 Hindu-Muslim killing where about 1 million people (Hindu and Muslim) were killed in a religious frenzy and settling of historical complaints. Except here it is a bloodbath between two halves of the Muslim Ummah! Do we still have a Muslim Ummah?       

    Kaleem Kawaja, Washington DC


Saffron conspiracy against licensed slaughter house

Karnataka BJP government had banned slaughter of cows when it came in power. In Bihar, BJP is partner of JD (U) and clandestinely pushes RSS agenda. Waqf properties encroachment, Qabristan encroachment are common and the major saffron agenda to ban slaughtering, local VHP / Bajrang dal leaders with officials beating persons (Muslims) carrying mutton and playing mischief against slaughter house. It is Hajipur sub division Mahua where earlier a Qabristan was transferred to some person and higher officials saved the C O.

S. Haque, Patna