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“’Let 99 Muslims be hanged to death…”

I read the letter written by Mr. Rahul Raj with the title “let 99 Muslims be hanged to death rather than...” in your edition of 1-15 th June. Many of my non-Muslim friends question me and express doubts about Islaam the way it is misunderstood by Mr. Raj. I really appreciate your efforts for answering him in a convincing manner. I would also like to humbly request Mr. Raj through your newspaper to read and learn more about Islaam from authentic sources so that he would get a wholesome image of this religion.

Rehana Shabbar Hussain, Indore (via email)


Dr. Engineer

I will also never forget that despite his huge engagements, Dr Asghar Ali Engineer used to reply my letters in whichever language I wrote: English, Urdu, Gujarati.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh – 392150


Wrath of Almighty 

In this hour of gloom and woe we should give heed toward the catastrophes occurred in Uttar Akhand, UP and Behar specially the religious places as Kedar Nath and Badri Nath have been in the floods.Thousands of houses broken and flown out like match boxes.The rebellious water streams giving as if thousands of lions and tigers collectively sent by God.Thousands of men and women are missing probably died in the gusts of water and took the grave of water. They will not come back to their houses. Even if some men will come back they will not find their houses where they were standing. We cannot imagine the plight of such people. The whole country should feel the agony of the sufferers. But alas we do not  see any worry or sorrow in our country men. They are busy in their daily activities ,Thousands are viewing cricket matches, dancing and singing in theatres ,clubs and gardens The NGOs are just spell bound Only the Prime minister and Soniaji flew in copter to see the woes of the affected areas. The Pm has declared the aid of 1000 crores. This is nothing but what more he could do.  Now the most important question arise why such calamities, catastrophes and disasters come across. Though this phenomenon is not new but so far the scientists,philosophers,intellectuals etc are still in dilemma. They are not in a position to reply satisfactorily. They can reply it is by chance and no any valid reason for this destruction. The holy Quran gives definite reasons for such incidence. The almighty becomes angry when people worship other than God ,or they worship several Gods along with one real God. They reject the teachings of God sent through His messengers.There are other sins ,murders ,rapes, gang rapes, drinking of wines, Justice by the government is delayed or denied. apprehension of innocent youths and putting them in jails for years together. The sins committed by the people and the government  is responsible to enrage Almighty. If the government is targeting a particular community or religion and the rest of the communities do not raise objection they face the wrath of God. Now north Indians are more criminal therefore they were hit by God.The only remedy is to take forgiveness of Allah and stop the worship of false deities. Stop the oppression and injustice towards Muslims.         

  Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad    


Statement of Indian Muslim leaders against the Israeli President

Al-Hamdulillah! Allah (s.w.t.) is the best of planners. Let these cancerous, arrogant and self-centred President and his stooges in India, who are very few in numbers, learn and understand from history the fate of such people/regime. Muslims, on the other hand,  should contemplate and try to understand, as to why this Zionist, cancerous, arrogant and self-centred President/regime is being permitted by Allah (s.w.t.) to openly utter such hate-mongering words, that too advising an independent nation like India, which is 200 times bigger in population. It is nothing but the result of our failure to fulfil our commitments to Allah (s.w.t.), which is giving rise to discord, intimidation, division and corruption within our Ummah. Then such creatures start barking and the weak lions start running, not knowing its ability. O Muslims on the upper deck! Please keep in mind that the ship will sink with you too, if you fail to help in stopping the water gushing in from the holes at the bottom of the ship. Let all of us be together, try to mend the holes created by these hate-mongers of Islam and Allah’s help will surely come. We all should learn lessons from true Islamic history. Pray Allah (s.w.t.) grant us all His forgiveness for our sins and guide us to understand Islam in its true essence/sense, keep us united and to overcome such hurdles with peace and progress. Amin.

Maldar S.A.



It took seventeen long years for Mr. Nitish Kumar to realise that BJP is a bad party. As a matter of fact, two things have started haunting him. One is that the presence of Narendra Modi at the top level, will cut drastically his own chances of becoming Prime Minister and secondly he will be losing a big vote bank of Muslims for the same reason. Even now, Mr. Nitish praises Atal-Advani duo. Does he mean to say that Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. Advani were good samaritans. Is it not a fact that these two people were the chief architects of modern day communalism and they only projected and protected Modi after Gujarat carnage? Nitish could also have resigned from the union Railway ministry immediately after the Gujarat riots, if he really meant secularism. Now the big question is , whether Mr. Nitish is going to offer only his opposition to Modi as a sop to the Mulim vote-bank In other words, will the Muslims of Bihar would remain content and placated by the Modi factor alone and will they look forward to their development in the fields of education and economics.

K. Malikul Azeez, Perambur High Road, Chennai


Big change in Bihar Urdu dailies character

There was anti-Muslim riot news on the first page on 5th June and the news of the blocking of Masjid construction appeared on page 1 of Bihar Urdu daily on 6 June. Hindus prevented Masjid construction at Gaya and at Bhal Patti Darbhanga Hindus prevented Muslims from calling Azaan in the Masjid on mike. Hindus attacked Muslims after Maghrib. Earlier such news had been covered on the inner pages but in recent days a vital change in the Urdu dailies character is seen because “Inquilab” now without any government ads started in the last week of May.                  

  S. Haque, Patna



Modi faithfully played the fascist tune, spiced with Gujarati ‘sub- nationalism’, the common man’s desire for economic development and enjoyed the support of the business elite and the Gujarati diaspora in the West.  But India will not prosper if it is dotted with forts and fortress in constant conflict with each other.   To save India, a reaffirmation of the basic values of our freedom movement and of our Constitution, is needed. The creation of a truly secular state, establishment of a non-partisan administrative machinery and non-interference into judiciary system are pre-requisite for India’s becoming super power.  Gujarat riot of 2002 is a test of our human sensitivity.  The brutal and power-hungry killed innocent persons, exterminated properties and used the body of women as the foremost battle ground to wage their ‘holy-war’,….. and still there is no sign of regret or remorse.  With no love for democracy, with no belief in the rule of law, with no respect for human rights Modi remains true to his convictions and unapologetic to  his deeds.  This is worse than the ‘original sin’. But the History shall record that in moment of trial, though belatedly, Nitish Kumar, jeopardising his fate, disassociated it’s party from Modi led BJP. Hats off to Nitish Kumar! 

 Naushad Ansari, Patna - 800 002


Ishrat Jahan murder

The Gujarat High Court’s direction to the CBI, to ascertain the genuineness of Ishrat Jahan’s encounter instead of focusing on the inputs given by Intelligence Bureau (IB) is heartening.  But what is depressing was the telecast of a conspiracy story by a news channel - Headlines Today, about a plot to kill Narendra Modi, at a time when the CBI was closing in on Rajendra Kumar, a top IB officer for his role in the alleged fake encounter.  It is quite obvious that the IB has chosen to distract the attention of the people by planting a story through a media house, which boasted the concocted story as the result of “investigative journalism”.  Even in these tapes, Ishrat Jahan was neither a caller nor was she referred by the callers!  Yet, the channel had the audacity to shamelessly declare the telephone tapes as “Ishrat Jahan terror tapes”.  Doesn’t ethical journalism entail a TV channel to refrain from character assassination of an innocent person?

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)


 Sangh Parivar

In the “family” called the Sangh Parivar, the operative principle is primogeniture. Thus it is that observers have shown sympathy for Lal Kishenchand Advani, born 1927, being pushed out by Narendra Damodardas Modi, born 1950. All know that Modi was to a large degree created by Advani, so thoughts of parricide cannot be distant.

Primogeniture does not seem to apply in relations between the RSS and the BJP. Advani promptly withdrew his resignation(s) following a phone call from Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat, the RSS Fuhrer. Bhagwat, a former Akhil Bharatiya Sharirik Pramukh who now declares that women “should restrict themselves to doing household chores”, was also born in 1950. A friend remarked yesterday that one of the “brats”, Bhagwat, is eminently qualified to handle the other, Modi, by virtue of having studied veterinary science. This may not amuse Advani, though.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Is it a Muslim appeasement or oppression?

English print media is playing a crucial role in favouring the government policy of oppression towards the Muslim youths. Caste Hindus which are rulers of this country are scared that Muslims may rise and succeed gaining their share of power in India. Islam is slowly progressing in the most lower caste communities and highly educated Hindu elites, The opponents can’t ideological defeat Muslims. Islam is spreading throughout the world. Even in America and Europe it is talk of the day. Thousands of mosques are being constructed in Europe and America. Proper timings, call of Azan on particular timings give a sense of spiritual satisfaction to Muslims and even to non-Muslims.  Thousands of mosque have been constructed in cities and villages. The non-Muslims also contributed for the construction of mosques.  But this state of affair is intolerable to the caste Hindus who are in full control over the government and have caused thousands of anti-Muslim riots killing lakhs of Muslims, gutting their shops and houses, raping their ladies and killing them. The Gujarat genocide was monitored by Narendra Modi.The Muslim youths especially practicing Islam were targeted. The police have been given free hand to apprehend Muslim youths in the false charges of terrorism. Thousands of them are in jails. The police can put some RDX rods and level the charge of terrorism. After 5 to 10 years of jail, they are freed. This gory game is being played by the rulers. They think that they have adopted a successful strategy toward Muslims of India and Islam. They do not have perfect parameter to assess whether they have gained or what they have lost. They have forgotten that there is a Supreme Power above them. He will do justice one day.

Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad


 Mazharul Haque university set aside

Bihar NDA government has been announcing “development with justice” and Mazharul Haque university has been kicked from one flat to another and now it is imparting education in the Haj Bhavan but in this year, two medical colleges - one at Madhepura, the other at Bettiah - are going to start. Both UPA & NDA had a common plan to corner Muslims by thwarting Muslims initiatives.       

S. Haque, Patna


Burma Nuslims

After the Human Rights Watch report on the genocide of Rohingya Muslims at the hands of Buddhist terrorists in Myanmar, the apathy of international community has once again, highlighted the fact about its claims on the human rights issue that these are just empty and dead. Human Rights Watch has confirmed in its report that massacre of Muslims in Myanmar is not just a result of communal riots, but also it is genocide of Rohingya Muslims. The most dangerous aspect of this report is that Human Rights Watch has also held Myanmar President Thein Sein responsible for the genocide that he has failed to take anyone into account who was responsible for the riots. When the Human Rights watch report came to light, it was the duty of the international community to check with Myanmar about crimes against humanity, but on the contrary the European Union has acted as if it has presented a gift to Myanmar for this massacre. It may be mentioned that the European Union has announced to permanently lift the ban imposed on Myanmar. The announcement came on the very next day of release of the Human Rights Watch report. The European Union had temporarily lifted the ban on Myanmar in 2012, and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi expressed her consent that reforms were being carried out on merit, so the ban should be lifted permanently. Although Human Rights Watch has warned the EU that lifting ban from Myanmar government will be premature because the Myanmar government is involved in the massacre of Muslims and in crimes against humanity, but the self-proclaimed pioneer of human rights, Europe, did not consider the Human Rights Watch warning worthy of practice and by lifting g the ban from Myanmar, it has sort of directly supported the genocide of Muslims taking place in this country. However, now when the detestable face of Myanmar government and police have been exposed to the world, the United States, West, Arab countries, and the Indian government, which presented the resolution in the United Nations against war crimes in Sri Lanka, must take strong notice of it and pull all sorts of pressure on the Myanmar government to ensure the protection of life and property of Rohingya Muslims and give them all their rights. The European Union should also review the decision of lifting ban on Myanmar; it should rather impose further sanctions to stop massacre of Muslims in that country.

Abdul Haque Khan, Azad Gandhi Inter College, Kasganj-UP



Mr. Advani was the architect of the Babri Masjid issue. Now, the BJP is well aware of the fact that this issue is no longer working. So they wanted to get rid of Advani. The entire drama was being played out to sideline Advani in order to bring Mr. Modi to frontline. It would be difficult for the BJP to project Narendra Modi as a prime ministerial candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha election in the presence of the founder of the party. It should also be kept in mind that for the BJP, Rahul vs Modi game appears to be stronger than Rahul vs Advani. But, perhaps the BJP is taking it too lightly by projecting a controversial figure to its national politics. They should not forget that the ghost of Gujrat riot still haunts Mr. Modi. It is no hidden a fact that he has yet to clean his hands from the Gujrat carnage. There is no doubt that the development in Gujrat has been phenomenal but it doesn’t exonerate him. He is responsible for the killing of more than 1200 people. The alienation of Advani may bring further crisis for the BJP, the result of which may be disastrous in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election.

Salman Ghani, Patna


BJP feels pain at exposure of fake input of I B.

Whole BJP started screaming as news came that CBI was going to quiz about input of Ishrat Jahan innocent to Let operative. RAW or IB or CBI, SIT, police etc are not holy cow and have they immunity to hide facts? If they are just Let them explain the facts because at last human lives are precious. But media plays trick in hiding facts as NDTV aired a programme on “CBI quizzing IB about their input”. In the panel 3 retired IB, RAW top boss one cong. MP, and BJP leader Ms Lekhi had duet. This debate was worthless because in panel no fake encounter victim was included like CP fake encounter relative, Khawaja Unus fake encounter victims etc. Such victim in panel would have exposed security agencies conspiracy. But media wouldn’t listen such fare voice barring few media groups.              

   S. Haque, Patna


Modi as BJP supremo

By declaring the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as chairman of its Election Campaign Committee for the 2014 polls, a move considered just short of making him the prime ministerial candidate, the Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP), has unfolded its real face.  The 2002 Gujarat genocide wherein more than 2000 Muslims were massacred in the state under Narendra Modi’s rule is a big blot on him which can never be washed away. The so called aura of development in Gujarat is nothing but fallacious and attempt by Modi and his supporters to reshape his image as a champion of development from being a mass murderer. The fact, in Gujarat the rural poverty of the state is still 51% and there is no real development found in Gujarat, however, Modi and his team keep on singing the same tune which is nothing but an attempt to paint a rosy picture of the state to befool people. However, a number of contrary vital statics about Gujarat speak otherwise as the living standards of the common people, which is still abysmal. Child malnutrition at 48 per cent in Gujarat, which is higher than the national average, in fact, much higher than the poorest of poor nations at African like Somalia and Ethiopia with 33%. The infant mortality rate in Gujarat is 48 per thousand, which is the 10th worst in India, Education, health and income levels in Gujarat is placed after 8 other Indian states.  However, Modi was no doubt successful in projecting an image of ‘Gujarat Shining’ under his leadership; however, the truth is just the opposite. Though Modi has given huge concessions to big industrial houses, giving them cheap electricity, land, etc. and has built roads, etc. But the standard of living of the masses is still at stake.  If you look at the recent figures about Gujarat, they seem to be very much dismaying. It is a sad day for one of the oldest civilization in the world that India is seeing the elevation of person accused of supporting a large scale massacre in 2002. He is so arrogant that he has not even bothered to acknowledge the brutality and sufferings. His arrogance is derogatory to the growth of our great nation. History will never forgive the supporters of this man who does not even have a family of his own and he seeks to rule the Great Indian family of a 100 billion. His speeches are taunting and far from being civilised. Does this man love anyone other than himself? Do we really have no one better than him, well if yes then it is a rather dark prediction for this nation.  The coming 2014 Lok Sabha elections people like Modi and his party would give a befitting reply and stop Modi in his tracks before he could unleash his destructive policies at the national level to bring miseries to millions of people of this great country called “Bharat”.

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440013


Punishment to Advani

What a pity that a senior most party leader who served the party more than 50 years was dishonoured and his house was gheraod by miscreants. Advani had the greatest honour of demolishing the Babri Mosque. The reward from the party was debar him from the chairmanship of the parliamentary party board ..He served as deputy prime minister and was aspiring to become the primeminister. He was a fitting candidate for the assignment. The only drawback was that he did not belong to the highest caste ie Brahmin ..It was a great injustice done to him. The other point of view is that he committed a greatest sin was the demolition ob Babri Mosque. Being a sheer politician he could not understand the importance of Mosque in Islam ,what is the spiritual impact on Muslims. What is the basic deference between a temple and a Mosque ..Why Muslims gather 5 times to offer Namaz collectively. He might have thought that if he demolish the he could construct a grand Ram temple and Hindus make him a Hero. and finally he will become the Prime Minister of India. But Allah who is God of All false Gods failed Advani in all planning’s. He was debarred from his post. the Plan of construction of temple was not accepted by Lord Ram Himself the motivation behind the demolition Mosque was purely political. The only way out the present plight is take forgiveness of Allah and analogize Muslims of the world and advise the government to construct the Moqsue on its previous place. Lest the country shall break like BabriMosque. Non-Muslims of India are not aware of the secret powers of Almighty Allah.

Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad