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Isn't this a bit selfish when we only talk about Muslims as a minority. We should also talk about other minority groups within our country which share the same problems.               

  Trafdar Zaman, New Delhi

MG: This is not correct. We also report about other minorities though not in detail.


Marxists bare their Stalinist fangs

Marxists are known for their anti-Islamic activities right from the Soviet Revolution era. They were to capture erstwhile Muslim khanates of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarqand and other predominantly Muslim territories. The Stalinist policies were all directed towards breaking the backbone of any Muslim resistance and disbandment of millions of Muslims to Sub -zero Siberian region as punitive measures. The destruction and desecration of Islamic religious places of worship and places of public activities were common during Stalin era. All were done in the name of Marxism where religions hold no regard. The Russian orthodox Church had rough time though had not suffered like the magnitudes of the Muslims sufferings.  The faithful Muslims were tremendously marginalized,discriminated and were reduced to second grade populace  for around 60 years or so. The same mechanism with varying degree and styles, were applied by our Indian Marxists in Bengal. The pattern of discrimination appears to be very systematic when we go through Sachar Commission report. A common Muslim can’t earn even  more than Rs.20  a day in the districts of Murshidabad, Midnapore and others. Muslims had poorest of representation in all sectors of West Bengal polity. The irony doesn’t stop there. The Marxists of Bengal are the only Marxists in the world, who are pathetically "very communal lot” and who says that Bengali Communist are not die hard Hindus. They are the ‘Pure Brahmin Marxist’ whose agenda had always been a policy of discrimination and marginalization of the faithful poor Muslims of Bengal.

  Dr. M. Waseem Raja, Aligarh


How much “unbiased” is BBC?

How much “unbiased is the BBC can be seen from its blacking out of the (14/15 Sept, 10) Iranian tremendous protests against the American and Israeli sataniyyat of Qur’an trampling and burning! Down with the monstrous media mischief throughout the world.

Sultan A Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150


How long will parties exploit Ayodhya Dispute?

As we await a verdict on the Ayodhya issue which seems to be in court for 60 years there is a lot of tension in the air about the same. The whole issue has been deeply linked to the faith and has been used to whip up communal hysteria. As such Muslim minority has been the major victim of the violence due to communal issue which has used the emotive appeal around Ram. The RSS-BJP and the saffron brigade have been trying to experiment with different emotive issues but no other issue has been as powerful as to bring it to centre of political power again. And now with this forthcoming verdict in offing its sister organizations have stepped up the campaign to demand the building of Ram temple irrespective of the judgment. In anticipation of the judgment, there are various types of efforts on in the society. It’s high time that we as responsible citizens play our part in maintaining peace irrespective of the court’s verdict and must be accepted by both the communities and that will be a fair way for the social harmony. 

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur


It has been close to two decades when we witnessed a mad frenzy of convoluted and perverted thinking. We saw an orientation that was completely alien to the normal Indian psyche. The politicians and other disoriented vandals attempted to hijack the true Indian ethos when they mauled the spirit of the Indian constitution and in a brazen display of arrogance and malevolence they razed the Babri Masjid to dust. They had trampled the rich heritage of India when they sought to sow seeds of hatred among fellow Indians on the basis of religion. There were cracks within the nation. Or at least it appeared so. Muslims were wary and apprehensive of the intentions of the Hindus. There was a feeling of suspicion that there would be attempts to attack and capture more mosques across the nation. This feeling got strengthened as militant and rambunctious saffronites took to the streets airing their plans of taking over mosques in Varanasi, Mathura etc. Muslims were petrified, mortified and a pall of gloom shrouded the community. And then they prepared to fight back, come what may. People lost faith in the government and governance. They were prepared for the worst. Today, in 2010; we stand with our heads high. Indians have proved once again that brotherhood among fellow citizens is strong and vibrant. Hindus and Muslims have not blown the battle bugle. They have, on the contrary, seen through the façade of the bigoted, overzealous politicians. They are seized of their hidden agenda. No more blind faith or following as each one realizes that the significance of the destiny of his community is linked with the fate of the nation. A strong and resilient nation ushers well for a dynamic and bubbling community. Since Dec 1992, there have been no more attempts to capture any more mosques. Muslims were no longer facing a bellicose opposition. Better sense prevailed upon all the concerned. The nation prospered. We prospered. We as Muslims have shown our courage and resilience in ensuring that no place of worship can be bullied into acquisition. We can wait for the court to decide and then abide. Justice Sachar opines the decision should in all probabilities be in favour of the Muslims.                

Syed Abdallah Rizvi


Though the verdict of the Mandir-Masjid issue was deferred but there is no possibility of the issue being amicably resolved and whosoever is defeated now will knock the doors of the Apex court to seek redress. So we have to prepare ourselves up for a long protracted legal battle ahead. Ever since the verdict date has been announced, extremists and radical elements from both camps have unsheathed their swords. Given the combative mood simmering beneath the deceptive calm, there does not seem to be any resolution to the 60-year long legal battle in sight in foreseeable future. It snowballed into a major crisis of modern India, threatening the semblance of unity and camaraderie between the two major communities.

Abdul Hafiz Lakhani, Ahmedabad


It is extremely important to pre-empt any communal mobilization in the aftermath of the Babri verdict. Without delay what Muslims should do is to announce that they will abide by court’s judgment without going into appeal if the judgment goes against them. If the verdict goes in their favour they should take it with equanimity, wait for the other disputants to either agree to abide by and hand over the Babri land or let them to go in appeal.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West,


All the Hindu parties have categorically declared that they will not accept the high court verdict in the same way. The Muslims will also be unhappy if the decision comes against them and they will approach the Supreme Court. In turn, the Supreme Court will take its time to give the verdict. The verdict of the Supreme Court will be the final and all the parties will have to accept the judgment. The government can enthusiastically implement the judgment. The matter is serious and the government is already in stress due to turmoil in Kashmir. If the verdict is against Muslims the Kashmiries who are predominantly Muslims will accelerate the agitation with additional zeal. If the high court gives the judgment in favour of Muslims the fanatic Hindu parties will react against Muslims and the police cannot control the rioting youths with sword, kirpans and Trishuls. They will burn shops and houses in their strongholds. In view of the above circumstances I strongly plea to the President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, to advise the High court to keep the decision in abeyance and hand over the historic file of Babri Masjid Ram Mandir case to the Supreme Court. Let the apex court take its own time to give the correct verdict which will have international implications. The peace meal judgment will be viewed as the flaw of the Judiciary

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Shri Mohan Bhagwat of the RSS is reported to have said that "Muslims ... [have] to 'remove the trust deficit' by helping to build a Ram temple in Ayodhya." Just what is this "trust deficit"? Who, other than the RSS and its spawn, does not trust India's Muslims? For whom does Shri Bhagwat speak? Who or what gives him the right to seek to direct the actions of India's Muslims? Besides, what can the Muslims expect in return? Do they not know, from decades of experience, that their good will shall only be countered with further hooliganism and barbarity in the name of Hindutva? Does Shri Bhagwat seriously expect them to feed a meat laddu to a crocodile?

Mukul Dube, Delhi


Islam advocates and enjoins Muslims to tread a middle path avoiding

extremes. Hence, the Babri Masjid Reconstruction Movement Committee appeals to Muslims to neither resort to public rejoicing nor to pubic mourning. Whether the verdict of the Allahabad High Court is in their favour or against them. In case they win the case then they must put their heads together and chalk out a plan to peacefully reconstruct the Masjid on the sacred site. And if the judgement is not in their favour then they should prepare to go to Apex court and appeal.             

S.M. Pasha, Chennai



Court verdict on Ayodhya and its implementation

Certain communalists are undermining the very foundations of India's secularism and judiciary by refusing to abide by the court's verdict. In the past, the state played a significant role in supporting communalism; yet now, the state must demonstrate its firm commitment to secularism by not bowing down to any communal force while implementing verdict of the court. In a democratic society we have to accept the judicial verdict.            

M Naushad Ansari, Bangalore


Everybody knows the truth of Rahul Gandhi's comments on the need of education, technology,infrastructure etc. But he should not have forgotten that Babri dispute has been a burning national problem. It has taken many innocent lives and as of today it has the potential of becoming a cause for an unprecedented bloodbath. Today when security forces are so massively mobilized throughout the country to preempt any untoward incidents Rahul Gandhi's dismissing "Ayodhya' as a non-issue is thoughtless. Alas it has been taken up as chorus by the mighty Congress party as reflected in the remarks of the spokesman Tiwari and a very senior leader Digvijay Singh. Through the history of Babri dispute Congress's attitude has been to take the political advantage from the persistent low intensity hostility between Hindus and Muslims. The Indian National Congress has done precious little towards facilitating a dialogue between two communities in spite of repeated plea from the Hindu groups. Better was expected of Rahul Gandhi.         

  Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West,



No need to give unnecessary advice to Kashmiri youth! We know what we are doing and what our leaders are. It's a shame for people like you that instead of sympathizing with Kashmiris who lost around 90 innocents in just three months, you are rubbing salt on their injuries by saying their destiny lies in India. Are you daydreaming? You may be a nice person but you don't know that the highest form of cruelty is witnessed in Kashmir, committed by the so called security forces. Damn it! Unfortunate is it that you people don't understand a simple fact. J&K is not like Delhi, Punjab, AP, etc. Its a different region, occupied by India. You need to be humane with conscience, while discussing Kashmir. Regarding Kashmiri pundits, it is known even to the kids that it was their own decision influenced by the then governor Jagmohan. This is an absolute lie to say that they were driven out. There are still thousands of Kashmiri pandits living in harmony with us. Even these migrants often come here to celebrate their festivals, getting more than warm welcome from us. We know since India is a powerful country, having around 10 lac forces stationed in Kashmir, can make any propaganda to malign the genuine demand of Kashmiris. But we are determined too. We have lost around 100 thousand people and we are sure this precious blood will not go waste. Almighty God willing, Kashmir will surely achieve independence whether you and me are alive or not to see it.

Ehmed Shefiq(via MG website)


The conditions prevailing in the valley are quite volatile and highly infuriating. Both the state and the central govts have utterly failed to normalize the situation. More than hundred innocent killing have so far occurred in just hundred days. No concrete strategy has been devised by the coalition govts to overcome the situation. Infact it can be said that the situation has completely run out of hands of the ruling coalition govt.It has been quite unfortunate for the people of the region that the Indian authorities have been.The conditions prevailing in the valley are quite volatile and highly infuriating. Both the state and the central govts have utterly failed to normalize the situation. More than hundred innocent killing have so far occurred in just hundred days. No concrete strategy has been devised by the coalition govts to overcome the situation.Infact it can be said that the situation has completely run out of hands of the ruling coalition govt.It has been quite unfortunate for the people of the region that the Indian authorities have been ignoring the genesis of the Kashmir issue. The authorities have clamped an indefinite curfew and the public movement has come to standstill. Almost all the activities have been paralysed; there is acute shortage of all the essential commodities including edibles and drugs. The educational institutes are closed and all the examinations suspended. The authorities have not conceded to the conditionality’s put forwarded by the pro-freedom leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani.As such it seems that return of normalcy is still a distant dream, and people might have to suffer. No solution would work unless that addresses the genuine aspirations of the people of the region. It is high time that the govt. of India should take the due cognizance of the ground realities and come up with a pragmatic solution. The all-party delegation visit to the troubled state is a welcome move provided they make an honest and comprehensive analysis of the ongoing unrest in the valley. It would be quite disastrous if the situation is not handled properly and the past blunders are repeated afresh. The sagacity demands that a broad based solution involving all the stockholders is hammered out for the betterment of the region.

Nasir Hussain, Srinagar


It is a wonder that amateur Rahul can intervene in the serious and sensitive problem of Kashmir. It seems the top brass of Congress party have lost hope in Omar Abdullah, now she wants to shift the blame on the naïve lad Rahul. The idea is beyond the perception of his mother Sonia Gandhi. The Kashmir is not a simple problem to be entrusted to an innocent boy. The boys can play some game but not meddle with the serious and Herculean task of Kashmir. Farooq is a fool. Kashmiris thinks him a hypocrite. He sold himself to the Indian government.             

   Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


The present chaotic socio-political condition in Kashmir compels one to compare it to Afghanistan or Iraq. Violent protests leading to arson and destruction of public properties is really not welcome in a democratic country. But the harsh law ASFPA, which gives free hand to the army in Indian Kashmir to search house and make arrests without warrant, to shoot at anyone suspected of being a separatist or a separatist sympathiser, to blow up a building or a home on suspicion of insurgents using it, is also unfair to the poor Kashmiris. The government must take measures to redress the victims.

Shafaque Alam, New Delhi

An Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi on Kashmir

(These are reactions to MG editor’s open letter to Shri Rahul Gandhi, reproduced on
p.21 of this issue, which was sent and made public on 17 Sept 2010. These reactions, with the exception of the last two, were posted on MG’s Facebook site)


Mohd Amin Bhat:Mr. Editor these r ur views not of Kashmiries

Wajahat Ahmad:Embarrassment. It is unfortunate MG stil sees a saviour in Congress.

Shadab Siddiquee:ppl hv to suppport Rahul Gandhi n Umar Abdullah. . The situation of Jamu n Kashmir is sos critial ppl have to support them.

Mohammad Fahad:Lets see now what is going to happen after this.. Or again the matter goes into their cold bags...

Zubair Bhat Mr. editor. All the kashmiris(99%) want freedom.. Does a poll on the internet in which some 2000 people participate represent the whole kashmiri nation. I never thought that you would be such a hypocrite.. You are not even true to your name, how can you be Zafarul Islam, you are lanaath for your family and yourself. May the wrath of Allah (swt) be with you.

Yousuf Ul Umar: Mr. Zafar let me tell u , people of Kashmir, Jammu, Doda, Kishtwar, Poonch, Rajouri n Laddakh want simply U.N Resolution by Plebiscite in laymans language.

Shadab Siddiquee:Mr. Zubair bro u r rite man but the way u ppl protest is nt correct . as u knw the situation of muslim ummah so now v hve to being educated n literate n mk our position strong in diz democratic country . y v fight unnecessary n lose our bro n sis yen v hv capable to work hard study hard . hope u got wat i mean to say .

Zafar Hasan: Which Opinion poll are you referring to Mr.Editor. If People are happy living with India then why are they out on the roads of Kashmir shouting Anti India Slogans like Go India Go....Either you are deaf n blind or your are trying to please Rahul Gandhi to get some benefits. We Kashmiris challenge you to go to Kashmir and find yourself what they want. Please make public here what opinion polls and which agencies you are talking about.

Trafdar Zaman:It is a letter full of emotions which shows editor’s concerned for the human rights violation and an appeal for the better tomorrow in the valley. we stand with him.

Trafdar zaman, President, NSUI, Jamia Millian Islamia, New Delhi.

Omar Qadri:here is the link to the poll Mr. Bhat MA:

Vineet Khare:i wonder how can a group of people claim to be represent the voice of kashmir, and presume that Kashmir only belongs to them... it’s my Kashmir as well... living on a piece of land doesn’t mean the rest of us are aliens. whether u like it or not. attacks on an opinion only talks of their troubled psyche..

Geer M Ishaq: Though the intent behind the letter is welcome and laudable, notions such as Rahul Gandhi can prove to be the saviour, majority of people want status-quo as per some opinion poll, governor raj and elections can help solve the problem are misplaced and ill-concieved notions. As per recent BBC sponsored Catham House report and Hindustan Times poll, majority (95% in first case and 60% in second case) of people within Kashmir valley want independence, please be informed.


Dear Dr. Zafrul- Islam Khan Saheb, I compliment on your right and appropriate move in petetioning Rahul Gandhi to take up the Kashmir issue and douse the burning flames there. As on today, he is the only leader with an open mind and a sincere heart, whom people will heed and trust. I pray Allah that this youthful leader heeds your call and also the call of the Nation to intervene without any loss of time.

EtibarShah Rahim Khan, Mumbai - 400021

MG: Thank you very much for your feedback. Our problems will be over the day our elite starts taking interest in the community’s affairs.


An Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi on Kashmir by Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan is a very nice letter. However, do you find any similarity and/or parallels between Palestine & Kashmir? We cannot rule out the chances that, some powerful lobby with vested interests is dictating terms in handling problems of Kashmiris (not Kashmir problem) our corrupt polity has no other alternative but to follow the dictates. The aim of this lobby seems to make India weaker, derail its economy and bring the nation at par with Pakistan's present situation. Your erudite letter rightly looks forward to Rahul's intervention.

Shafiq Ahmed