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Bhagwa Terrorism? Why it bloomed?

Home Minister of India P Chidambaram used “Bhagwa terrorism” in a police officer meet. Shiv Sena/ BJP opposed such word and they innocently asked what is “Saffron Terrorism” there is nothing like saffron terrorism. BJP national President Nitin Gadkari said on 26 August in Bhopal that there is nothing like Bhagwa terrorism. Saffron Terror pronounced by PC is nothing new, more than 37 thousands anti-Muslim riots, Kandhamal riots in which more than dozen innocent Christians were killed, 1984 Sikh riots in which more than 3 thousands innocent Sikh were charred in one day, Grabbing of Qabristan, placing of idols in Qabristan to capture Qabristan, Pragyas, Purohits and Pandeys, Pramod Muthalik’s Sri Ram Sena. Abhinav Bharat blasts at Makka Masjid and other blasts etc are burning examples of Saffron Terror. Demolition of Babri Masjid in front of Constitution, Judicial and Administration and killing of Gandhiji are Bhagwa Terror list historical deed. Why Bhagwa Terror spread and developed all over India? Ex-Minister of Bihar Shakil Ahmad Khan said under the protective umbrella of Congress Bhagwa Terror spread and strengthened.Why and how Bhagwa Aatank could spread in India, to know the facts we must go back to 1948. When Mr Rajeshwar Dayal was home secretary of UP. One day western range DIG of UP Mr BBL Jaitley with his two officers visited his house they brought two big tin trunks and opened them. Mr Dayal felt amazed to see papers, documents, maps which show that there was a notorious planning to organise mass riot in western UP. Paper maps and documents had complete details about every village, Muslim population, Muslim status, and dwelling style with their condition. This showed the progremma of riots. Mr Dayal and Mr Jaitley with all papers, documents, maps in two trunk visited Chief Minister of UP Govind Ballabh Pant’s residence. Mr Jaitley submitted his reports that these documents paper, map were recovered from RSS officer during raid. As CM of UP Mr Pant should had given order to arrest Golwalkar the RSS chief but Pant said to leave those papers and through his cabinet, issued a simple letter to RSS chief Golwakar to explain. It is amazing to know that letter could not reach Golwalkar.Mr Rajeshwal Dayal wrote it in his book “A Life of Our Times” since 1948 there are ample episodes in which Congress helped and protected Bhagwa Terror.   

S Haque, Patna


Pune bar association president Milind Pawar appealed to its members not to represent Himayat Mirza Baig (an accused in the German bakery blast) when he would be produced in the court. But Shushil Mancharker has defied the appeal by saying that Baig or any other accused has the constitutional right to be considered innocent till proven guilty. Further a lawyer’s job is to represent the accused. Whether he is guilty or not will be decided by the court. Now its interesting that the president of the Pune Bar association is appealing to his lawyers not to represent an accused who is associated in a heinous crime against the nation, but he himself represented Abdul Karim Telgi(main accused in the stamp paper scam).

Atiq Khan, Mumbra


Pressurizing Adv. Mancharkar not to represent the case of Himayat Baig is just not an irony of our secularism but tantamount’s to abusing the constitution that has guaranteed the right to represent the accused unless proven guilty. Had the self appointed custodians of the much abused word patriotism Shiv Sena and BJP, convincingly responsible for tearing apart the fabric of democracy demanded the same thing from the lawyers of their co- religionists, Lt. Col. Purohit Prasad, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Mahant Pandey, Major Upadhyaya, Sameer Kulkarni, Rahirkar and other accused first, in the Malegaon bomb blast and later in all the bomb blasts that took place in different parts of the country including Samjhouta Express blast?. On the contrary, to the horrors of secular minded people, when Lt. Col. Prasad was brought in the Nashik court he was greeted by a huge mob, showered flowers and applauded for his courage and patriotic feats. With this traditional rather inherent hypocrisy and prejudiced mindset of the majoritarianists, India is aspiring to be world power and competing with the developed nations? How could an accused be denied of even representation, expect a fair trial and justice, supposed to be the pillars, essence and spirit of a vibrant democracy? Given the current polarized environment, I, however am of the opinion that if at all, India failed to achieve what she aspires to, it would only be because of the adamant, oppressive and mindless patriotic approach of the majoritarians.

Mushtaque Madni, Pune


Congress hypocrisy

If the Indian National Congress wants to escape the wrath of the Almighty who can bring oppressors to sense within minutes through a little jerk of garth, air or water turning ground into water and water into ground, it must, at once, weed out from its ranks the admirers of Karkare-killers. Those wearing saffron turbans and mufflers openly say that non-Hindus are second class citizens of India whereas the hypocrite Congressmen first opened the Babri Masjid for idol-worship and finally forgave its prime minister who allowed its demolition in day light. Are the masses in J&K getting from the so-called democracy what the masses in Hyderabad and Junagadh got? Are self-respect-sellers being not propped up to seats of power there at gun point?

S Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150


The lecturer - new developments

On 12 Sept., pastoral letters were read to the faithful in the Churches coming under the arch-diocese of Kothamangalam under which Newman College where the impugned question paper was laid. In the pastoral the Church gives its reasons for its dismissal of the lecturer whose hand had been chopped of. The question in the paper which led to all this contained a passage from a Malayalam story titled "God and the madman" The lecturer substituted the name 'madman' with the name 'Mohammad' According to the pastoral when the question paper was given to DTP for printouts the computer operator pointed out to the lecturer that putting the name Mohammad may not be in order. But the lecturer told him/her to go ahead anyway. But now the lecturer feigns innocence that he did not think of the consequences. The lecturer who asked the diocese to forgive him in the name of God has now bounced back after the pastoral letter and now says he is totally innocent and that the church authorities are framing him.   

Xavier William


Patna police burnt a Muslim as per Hindu rituals

Police has its own manual for rules and regulations. But in spite of it they are free to act as they liked. Patna police burned a Muslim in Samashanghat withought taking any pain to recognise the person’s identity and his religion. Md Israfil of Azad Nagar, Phulwari Sharif, Patna went to his bank (SBI, Gandhi Maidan Branch) for his duty on August 10. He didn’t return from duty. Md Israfil’s relative lodged an FIR. After 3 days, police found a dead body at Peer Ali Park opposite DM’s residence. Gandhi Maidan police station, Inspector Ganesh Mishra took the body to Bhaans ghat and burned the pyre of Md Israfil with Hindu rituals. Md Israfil’s son Md Sahreb visited police station but could not find trace of his father, then he went to Baans ghat showed his father’s photo, the pyre burner (domes) recognised. Police manual clearly directs that prior to disposal of unknown body photo must be published in newspapers and wait for 72 hour at least. But police SI Ganesh Mishra to get some money fixed for disposal of unknown body burned Md Israfil. This is the face of Patna Police.

S Haque, Patna


Namaz is prohibited in Sushashan region of Bihar

In Punjab, many Masjid’s are rehabilitated with the revolutionary effort of Maulana Habibur Rahman Sani Ludhianvi, President of Majlis Ahrar. (MG/ 1-15 Sept ‘10/ Community News) but Bihar NDA champion Mr Nitish Kumar boasts his five year rule as Shushashan (good governance) where Masjid is waiting for Namazis? In Sahsaram there is a beautiful Mosque situated on mountain near Tara Chandi Dham. Bhagwa brigade throw stones and start fighting when any namazi visits the Aurangzebi Mosque to offer prayer. Muslims of Sahsaram complained to the district administration but it’s all futile. The BJP MLA plays active role to get mileage in election. You have rightly mentioned Congress and BJP hand in hand. (MG,  1-15 Sept).         

   S Haque, Patna


The essence of Islam is submission to God's will

In a recent report in the local press, "Imam" Hydal is reported to have said “Whoever submits to good is a Muslim." The occasion was during the Eid ul Fitr season and he was trying to be ecumenical and seeking to embrace all in the spirit of the season. The message he was giving was that submission is the defining feature of being Muslim and that even those of other faiths could be submissive without compromising their faith. As Jesus cried: "Thy Will be done Father, not mine." This is the epitome of submission. To be submissive, one must also submit to non-good as Jesus sought to do in the garden of Gethsemane. What he contemplated was not a good, but an assault upon his person, an evil about to be visited upon him. The essence of Islam is submission to God's Will, in all circumstances, not merely in happy ones. When seeking common ground, we must guard against diluting the message in anyway.



Political dynasty

It refers to RJD supremo Lalu Yadav introducing his son Tejaswi to media-persons as his political heir to run his political shop. System of political dynasty is being largely misused by Indian politicians in general to run politics as business-shops for minting money. System will induce young talent to enter political system apart from having an effective check towards dynastic politics. System may also prevail towards two or three party system which is the ideal for democratic form of governance.             

Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6


Smile please

They say we Muslims are poor. I have one formula to become rich. The first step to become successful is to learn how to keep on smiling. We do not need money on smiles. We can attract many people with our smiles. I do not want to say that a smile is the solution to all the problems but I say that smile can create wonders. We must learn to smile from our heart. Frowns and grimaces push people away. Smiling helps the immune system to work better. When you smile, immune function improves possibly because you are more relaxed. When you smile, there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure. Smiling helps to prevent us from looking tired, worn down. Smiling people appear more confident. I request all the Muslims to smile. It will bring kindness to your heart making you stress free and acceptable to others.             

Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat


The Games

However you may cavil,

We got the game, the game;

However it may unravel,

We have no shame, no shame.

                Only a hundred workers lost their lives,

                Only a footbridge fell;

                Only the beggars were put to the knives,

                Our hands remain in the till.

Our metaphysics teaches us

To look with benign eye

On scoundrels and scallywags

Who leave us high and dry?

                O India we assure you

                Your image shall not be dented;

                Even if the shit hits the fan,

                Our glories shall be scented.

Be not the anti-national wag,

Sing praise to national pride;

Whatever is the price to pay?

We shall bring in the bride.

Vinod Raina, Delhi


Join the dots

The firing and bomb blast near Jama Masjid indicate that some people of vested interests are trying to poke their nose and hinder the commonwealth games. Targeting foreigners or sending threatening mails really instil panic among the Delhites in common and foreigners in particular for their safety and security. However to put the blame on a particular community and hold it responsible for the deplorable act cannot be justified; because a few people who believe in hatred and ill-will can never be the representative of a religion or community, especially Islam – which literally means peace. However, dots of the recent firings and blasts should be joined and culprits brought to book at the earliest so that no misfortune befalls place and games go successfully.

Shafaque Alam, New Delhi


Pakistan’s Cricket shame

Pakistan National Cricket Team is always in the news for one or the other wrong reason. The recent Spot-fixing controversy is part of the same widespread epidemic engulfed the team long back for which the PCB failed to find out any concrete solution till now. The present controversy not only demoralised the team but the whole Nation in particular has staggered by the scandal exposed by a British Tabloid “The News of the World”. However, interesting part of the episode is the ridiculous statements made by the highly placed officials of PCB, Mr Haroon Largat, ICC, CEO and Mr Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan High Commissioner to British. Whereas the PCB officials and Mr Haroon Largat indirectly make futile attempts to shield and bring out one of the culprit Muhammad Amir on age factor (he is 18 years) from the turmoil and subsequently to pave way for others to go scot free and not proved guilty. The officials favouring punishment for them is infact a drama being staged to befool the masses of the country? The statement of Mr Wajid Shamsul Hasan is without jurisdiction is nothing but an attempt to disown the factual position. In his statement he stated that Pakistani players have been framed and the entire scandal is a conspiracy to alienate Pakistan Cricket. He further accused the President of Apex Cricket Body Mr Sharad Pawar for creating the controversy which itself is a ridiculous.    

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Behind the 9/11 attack

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s allegation that some segments within the US government orchestrated the 9/11 attack to the reverse the declining American economy has evoked wide criticism. Iranian leader should evade alleging such strong criticism especially when the US and its allies have been monitoring its activities round the clock and waiting for an excuse to thrash it. If we trace the history of only last decades, we can find that Afghanistan was bombed to find out Osama bin Laden and Iraq to trace nuclear weapons. In both the cases America cannot claim to have won the battle. However, directly accusing America for orchestrating the plot is not fair, but if any country’s president alleges, suspicion cannot be ruled out.

Shafaque Alam,New Delhi


Well done Justice Sn Dhingra

Justice SN Dhingra of Delhi High Court has once again established faith of media and civil society in justice-delivery-system when he rightly slammed Delhi Police for acting as "His Masters Voice" by filing a charge-sheet against courageous journalists for their carrying out infamous 'cash-for query' sting involving corrupt Parliamentarians. Complete judgement with all praise for involved journalists should be a trend-setter in such cases filed to discourage journalists from exposing corruption in the system. Present verdict by Justice SN Dhingra reminds of a Supreme Court bench headed by the then Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan seeking apology from Zee TV and journalists having carried out sting-operation to expose corruption in lower judiciary. Even that was a bold journalistic attempt to courageously expose corruption in lower judiciary through sting operation. However earlier, previous Chief Justice of India Justice RC Lahoti was visibly upset in the Court when the outcome of the sting exposing issue of non-bailable warrants against even the President and Chief Justice of India by an Indian court came to his notice.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Right to Education bill 2009 and Muslim's concern

This law provides right to get education for the children from 6 to 14 years of age. This law shows the central government's intention in educating every child whether he is tribal or from minority communities. According to this law, the government will take all responsibilities of education of these children. But, on the other hand, this bill is a killer of minority community's institutions and their schools. Muslims’ madarsas and modern institutions will be affected more if the bill is accepted without any amendments. Here are some points showing how this law will affect Madrasas and schools run by Muslims: 1. This law is silent on Madarsas, its education, syllabus and the students are studying there. 2. Government's approved education which is being taught in government's run schools or in government's affiliated schools, is acceptable only as stated in the objectives of the Education in this bill. Such as only government's approved and prepared syllabus will be acceptable under this law. Question arises here; will government accept the Madarsas syllabus? Will the education being delivered in these Madrasas be acceptable? 3. According to it, nobody can open schools without government's approval. 4. The conditions of schools are stated in this bill, Madrasas are unable to fulfil these conditions. 5. Those, who violate it, will be punished, which is one lakh rupee fine for the first time, after that they will be given three years to correct their mistakes, 10 thousand rupees fine every day if they do not follow government's guidelines. 6. According to it, other private schools, private Madrasas and private institutions run by Muslims will be closed automatically. Their independent work is unacceptable by this new law. 7. Government will prepare the syllabus and finalize that which kind of education to be taught in the schools. In that situation too, Muslims children will be deprived of their religious education. They cannot have access to study and read their history. 8. This bill not only destroys Muslim's religious education, but also forbid them to open their schools or Madarsas and teach there the syllabus prepared by them only.

In a conference held by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, Mr. Kapil Sibbal had said that government will not interfere in Madarsa education. It is possible that current government will not obstruct these institutions. Is there any guaranty that future governments using this law will not intrude in Madarsas education? Everyone knows that various governments have tried to take Madrasas under their control. This law facilitates such efforts and provides a way within the law to stop Muslims from running the Madarsas.

Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi, Jeddah, KSA