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Dr Taqi Aabdi’s Kulliyat-e-Ghalib Faarsi released in Tehran

Tehran: Ambassadors of India and Pakistan jointly released Dr Taqi Aabdi’s well-researched, compiled and published book Kulliyat-e-Ghalib Faarsi at a function sponsored by Iranian ministry of arts and culture in Tehran on 20 September. Chairman of Tehran’s famous publishing house, Dr Ameeri has published this book in large number. The book also contains a Foreward by Aabdi in Urdu. Two books written by Iran’s present expert on Ghalib’s Persian poetry Muhammad Hasan Haairi have already been published in this country. Speaking on this occasion Dr Taqi Aabdi said that with the publication of this book here (in Iran) avenues for popularisation and familiarisation of Ghalib’s poetry in Persian language among the people of Iran have been paved and people in larger number will be able to read Ghalib’s poetry composed by him in Persian language. It may be incidentally mentioned in this connection that Ghalib’s couplets in Persian are in far greater number than in Urdu which are almost unknown in both India as well as in Pakistan.