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While the verdict on Babri seems to have disappointed most Muslims, our hon’ble intellectuals, mostly Hindus, sympathising with Muslims, once again came out with a noble suggestion, ‘Move On’. Is the task of ‘Moving On’ left only of this country who, for the last sixty years, has always been at the receiving end? Be it Muslims, Sikhs or Christian, genocides, carnages, humiliation, discrimination and bias attitudes seem to have become their everyday fate. Why the Hindus didn’t move on after the killing of Indira Gandhi? Did she belong to Hindus alone? Why the majoritarians didn’t move on after the killing of a priest in Khandmal, allegedly by a Maoist and went on rampaging and killing hapless Christians? Why didn’t they move on after 56 kar sevaks, whose identity to this day is a mystery were burnt inside the compartment, went on killing, burning, and raping three thousand innocent Muslims in Gujrat in 2002? NO! NO!! NO!!! Hindus, being the majority and eternal patriots of this country ought to have an eternal right to retaliate with total brutality even after six centuries. But minorities, being vulnerable and ‘lesser’ patriots, despite being wounded, in order to prove their patriotism, needed to keep on moving because India is moving.

Mushtaque Madni, Pune


It is said that Ameerul Momineen Ali Abi Talib declared: “See not WHO says, see WHAT is being said.” Kindly pooh-pooh my suggestion just because I am not a V.I.P. Please ponder over my suggestion dispassionately, I beg of you. The MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW BOARD has sagaciously decided to become an “INTERVENER” in the appeal proposed to be filed before the Apex Court by the Sunni Waqfs Board. Besides, the Sunni Waqfs Board, lakhs and crores of Muslims are affected parties. HENCE WHY SHOULDN’T LAKHS AND CRORES OF MUSLIMS BECOME ‘INTERVENERS” in the suit to demonstrate their interest in the case and incidentally demonstrate their unity of thought and unity of action. Hope my appeal will not be a cry in wilderness.

S.M.Pasha, Chennai


After 60 years of long wait finally the High Court verdict on Ayodhya is out, we have already seen enough of bloodshed, hatred and also those who roasted their tandoori chickens on our burning houses. Now time has come when we all sensible people stand up and say enough is enough, building our nation and providing bright future to our kids is more important. Now when the verdict is out, let us put all these fighting hardliners aside and show the world a new India as an example of brotherhood and peace. For me my religion and beliefs are important but at the same time equally important is my friend’s religion too, with whom I work daily, who stands beside me in my bad times, who is worried if I am in trouble, Though we are from different religions its makes no difference, as a social being it’s our duty to respect each other’s religions and care for them. Here is a golden opportunity to prove that we are good and civilized people and not barbarians. Let us all come together and build world’s largest and most beautiful architecture on this disputed land (Ram janmabhoomi/Babari Masjid) where Ram and Rahim I mean temple and mosque reside in the same building and we people from different religions go and pray with pride. The structure should be so grand that world forgets the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel tower. We should make it our nation’s biggest pride, the entire world should come to witness this grand legend of brotherhood. Each country should learn a lesson of unity and harmony from India this will make us proud and also our country proud

Asif Patel, Karnataka


RSS and SIMI two sided of the same coin: Rahul

The comment of Mr. Gandhi that RSS is as fundamentalist as the banned Students Islamic Movement of India is meant only to appease the Muslim community which will be the king maker in the upcoming Bihar assembly elections. The Congress has been exploiting Muslims emotionally for political vote bank. This time by speaking in favourable tone for Muslims Gandhi considered that he would win the Congress a stronger favour of the community. But at the same time, he forgot that his statement could anger Muslims majority who have yet to believe that SIMI is a fundamentalist outfit.

A. Hameed Yousuf, Bangalore


Digvijay’s "SMS"

The BJP has been exhorting their cadres on a daily basis to maintain peace and poise. Advani has said that the Allahabad court verdict is not the end of the road. It is one step in the judicial process and that the RSS parivar should not react too strongly to it even if it goes against them.The same has been the message from all Parivar leaders to their members. Where was the need for a responsible leader like Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh to rake up 1992 and the affidavit of the BJP had given to the courts and how the country was betrayed. He has gone to town on how the RSS/VHP/BJP cannot be trusted to maintain peace. His statements on the very eve of the Allahabad court judgment has served no purpose but to create fear psychosis in the minds of the vulnerable section of the population. Perhaps one million banned bulk SMSs cannot do the harm Digvijay Singh has done.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mmbai 400054


Personal Law issues

My daughter was married in a traditional manner to a Muslim gentleman almost three years back, but the marriage hasn’t been consummated as yet for reasons best known to him. I would invite scholars to come up with a remedy by which my daughter could obtain divorce from him, in the face of his refusal to grant it. This question has wider ramifications in the light of the changes needed in the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939.

Habib Mohamed, Cochin

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Kashmir imbroglio

According to news published in a section of press that Mr. Syed Ali Shah Geelani has advised to the parents of Jammu and Kashmir not to send their children to schools and they should join Azadi Movement of Kashmir. This advice of Mr. Geelani is not in the larger interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This is nothing but nonsense and I appeal to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to reject Geelani’s appeal outright. I would also like to know from Mr. Geelani whether his children or grandchildren are going to school or not. He is also requested to let the people know whether his children or grandchildren are studying in India or abroad.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani


The eight point formula declaration by the union govt. to appease the people of the troubled valley could not buy many subscribers in the valley. Both the factions of the Hurriyat conference denounced this package; terming it a mere eye wash. Mirwaiz in his statement rejected the package as the formula does not address the core issue. In fact such half-backed tactics and gimmicks have been applied in the past as well but fetching no desired results. In the words of Ali Shah Geelani, these formulae are just to buy the time. By feeling the gravity of the situation, centre should have devised a matured policy vis-à-vis Kashmir to solve this long pending issue. Without further losing the time India should involve Pakistan and Hurriyat people in the meaningful dialogue to put a Kashmir stalemate.

Nasir Hussain, Srinagar


All party parliamentary delegation visited J&K on September 20, 2010 and held a meeting at Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre, Srinagar. Commoners of Srinagar were found asking questions to the honourable members of delegation which were mostly ignored by mainstream media. Please publish the following questions, points so that learned readers of this journal may come to know the other side of the coin for the formation of balanced and rational opinion. (1) What can be expected when they only meet those who are their own people? They are meeting the NC, PDP, Congress and BJP leaders. (2) I want to ask you why you are firing bullets at us whenever there is any protest. Protests are always peaceful but unlike other states, you are straightaway fire at us here. Why is it different in other states? (3) If we are citizens of India, why are you spraying bullets on us? (4) The Kashmiri youths only see darkness. I would also say that Kashmiri’s want Hindustan to resolve its issues with its younger brother Pakistan. You have come with a lot of hope. But now this issue must not remain an issue. Please try and solve it. (5) You called Kashmir an atoot ang(inalienable part ) of India . If it is so, why are you firing at us? Why are you killing us? If Kashmir is atoot ang, why are you putting this ang (body part) into the frying pan? Why doesn’t it caused you pain? Why don’t you feel our pain, if we are part of your body? (6) Centres look upon the leaders of Kashmir with suspicious, if ever they express any opinion except a parrot like repetition of Kashmiri being an integral part of India. (7) There are so many outfits still operating within India. How can we ask for any other country to dismantle their terrorist outfits? (8) We the people of Kashmir believe that real power comes from New Delhi irrespective of political party at the helm of affairs, and not through elections. (9) National Conference is seen as an agent of New Delhi in Kashmir rather than the representative of Kashmiri aspirations.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot


Fate of Muslims

Prophet has said fear with the insight of momin who sees through the light of Allah In the perspective of this Hadith I can predict that the High Court verdict will be in favour of Hindus .After the independence .The Hindus who are Kafers and Mushriks Tried there level best to harm Islam and Muslims. Thousands of religious riots took place in which lakhs of Muslims were killed. .Their Mosques were demolished and transformed into cattle sheds. Their personnel law was damaged. In Gujarat genocide thousands of Muslims were massacred, their ladies were raped in Surat Muslim girls were compelled to run nude on the road..The atrocities in Kashmir did not remain any secret. In 1992 the demolition of Babri Masque was an international event which injured the feelings of Muslims of the whole world. Allah has given them number of chances to get His pardon. But the ruling caste did not make any apology or repented on their satanic deeds. They made bomb blasts and threw the blame on Muslim youths. Thousands of young Muslim youths who were innocents apprehended and were put behind the bars no court of law could go to their rescue after years they were released. .Many youths were killed in fake encounters In all such circumstances only naïve person will anticipate that the verdict will come in favour of Muslims,Those culprits who are sitting in the parliament who lead the team for demolition of mosque they have to be exonerated it is possible only if the title goes in their favour. In this big game both BJP and Congress have united It is the matter of life and death. After This verdict we can think their boast of sins will be filled up and Almighty will intervene and will show His existence and famous proverb Khuda ke pas dare haiy andher nahin haiy

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Practice Gandhian principles

UN General Assembly had decided to observe Gandhi Jayanti, Oct. 2, as “International Day of Non-Violence” each year. This is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and India by the world body. The founder members of UN, America and other NATO countries have been indulging in violence and blood-shed on large scale in Afghanistan. The UN must condemn it and ask invades to withdraw from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Mahatma Gandhi, Preacher of non-Violence was murdered by an Indian fanatic. Violence against Dalit, Muslims, Christians, women etc is increasing in India. Naxalism, terrorism, bomb-blsts, fake encounters are on rise. Gujarat-home state of Gandhiji has tarnished the fair name of India in the world. We Indians must practice Gandhian principles of Truth, Non-violence and communal and caste harmony.

G Hasnain Kaif, Azad Ward, Bhandara (MS) – 441904


Different law for rich and poor

Supreme Court verdict in infamous Priyadarshini Matto murder case letting off the influential culprit Santoshsingh for an easy life-term was on expected lines because it remains a bitter fact that rich and influential in this country are never given capital-punishment. Everyone knows that Indian jails are nothing but holiday-resorts for the affording ones who are also at liberty for outings in name of easy-to-achieve medical advice. It will not be a surprise when son of the former IPS officer will soon be freed on basis of his ‘good conduct’. On contrast, 32-pages of file-notings received under RTI Act reveal about a case of a poor young man Ravji @ Ram Chandra who was supersonically hanged to death in less than three years of murdering his family after crossing all stages of trial court, High Court, Supreme Court and mercy-petition decided in record six days. Even though no deciding-authority could establish motivation for crime. The poor fellow had neither influence not money to get justice twisted in his favour!

Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi


Villagers set ablaze man for raping

As per the news appeared in newspapers, the villagers of Saoli, Distt. Chandrapur (Maharashtra) set ablaze a man who allegedly raped and killed a three years old girl. The incident needs to be viewed very seriously as happenings like the present one, lynching of persons involved heinous crimes against humanity becoming common day by day which speaks volume of deteriorating law and order situation in the country. Such incidents evidently confirmed that people have lost faith in our present system as well as legal process and remedies. Our legal system consume long-long period to try the culprit/s with least guarantee to punish the offender even for heinous crimes like rape and others, whereas many a times the offender set free for one ground or the other.The very purpose of the punishment is not merely to send the offender in jail to lead comfortable life mixed with hardship within the four walls of the jail but the punishment should be deterrent, stringent and exemplary to such an extent that other persons think hundreds time about repercussion and consequences of committing any offence but our present panel system or law lacking this sanctity unfortunately thus paving way for taking law in hand by the people as an immediate and quick punishment for the crime. To follow the saying “let the noble thought come from any direction” we should look into the Islamic Penal Code and at least in the event of heinous crime and crime against humanity which provides fastest, appropriate and just punishment against the offence and offender. This is the reason the criminal rate in those Islamic countries where Islamic Penal Code is in practice is either rare or negligible. Instead of pointing out finger by calling them bar barbarous, inhuman and out dated we must adopt them to minimise the ever growing crime graph permanently which is need of time or otherwise we would continue to witness hundreds of Saolis in every nook and corner of the country with no solution at sight.   

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Defeat the Congress

It’s surprising that Congress is calling Lalu Prasad Yadav a swine flu virus which has turned the state sick. But the million dollar question is who helped to grow and spread this virus in the past??, Certainly the Congress. It’s very much clear to all of us, the opportunistic role of the Congress, wherever it consider itself weaker than others. Therefore, it will be better for Bihar electorate to elect an educated, sincere and secular candidate of their own choice, who should give priority to all over developments of the area, provide employment to youths and take care in general for all communities of the constituency, and teach a lesson by defeating the opportunist Congress.       

Atiq Khan, Mumbra.


CWG Village

Okay so Suresh Kalmadi & Co is doing what they are good at. India is my country and yours. Not only Kalmadi’s. No? So there are mistakes. Let’s insist that GoI takes serious action but what’s the benefit of broadcasting over and over with horrible pictures that a man was killed in the CWG lane on SP Road as a result of an accident with a CWG cab? Or that a CWG dog shat on a CWG bed in the CWG Village? Notice I am using the word benefit. I am not sure if the dog saw his deed on TV but the rest of the world sure did. And the benefit? Apart from depression for all of us who love our stupid country and a good laugh for all those who don’t? Is there nothing at all that’s good in the CWG? South Africa recently hosted the World Cup. I know South Africa and know that they made their own mistakes. But did the whole world get a Breaking News opportunity to laugh at them? You know why? Because South Africans are proud of South Africa; of their country, the Rainbow Nation. So they clean up their own mess quietly and nobody else’s the wiser. And we?

Mirza Yawar Baig, Hyderabad


An insult to entire humanity

The wild arrogant who thrashed and burned Qur’an have, in fact, insulted not only Prophet Moses of the believing Jews and Prophet Jesus of the true Christians but insulted the entire humanity because the book presented to the whole world by Muhammad gives full respect to all divine guides including Adam, the first foremost father of us all everywhere!!!!

Sultan A Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150


Charity or heritage

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, both of them atheists, have donated the lion’s share of their wealth to charity. Though I am an atheist I cannot deny the fact that many Christians have donated considerable parts of their wealth to charity whereas others like Mother Teresa and Fr.Damien dedicated themselves to charity. Muslims also have a provision for charity in the Zakat though I do not know how many practice it. There was a news a couple of weeks ago that a migrant beggar was caught in Dubai last Ramzan and it turned out that he used to live at a five star hotel. Coming to Hindusim why people who boast of the Vedas and the Geetha are so stingy when it comes to helping their own poor brethren. This morning there is a news item that a Krishnakumar, the MD of a software firm in Trivandrum has bid 9.5 lakhs for a fancy number for his car. Some time back the MD of Sobha Group offered his own weight in gold (Thulabharam) at Guruvayoor temple. Long before that Jayalalitha of TN offered an elephant to the same deity at Guruvayoor. I wish people who boast so incessantly about our heritage would show a bit more of humanism and charity.

Xavier William