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I am a regular reader of MG, which deliverse good articles on Islam. I read all the pages and articles with keen interest, which not only gives me happiness, but everlasting peace. I shall be waiting eagerly for M.G. and I thank you for sending the copies promptly. If by chance I miss it, I feel that I have missed every thing.

Mohammad Azam, Telangana


Masha Allah. Happy to see a CMS version of MG website.

Ameen-e-Mudassar, Bangalore


I am a subscriber of your fortnightly newspaper, MG. Thanks to you for your bold and sacrificing steps for publishing such a newspaper. It may be said ‘the voice of Ummah’ in India,. voice of the oppressed in India and the world. I wish grand success to every attempt of MG. May Allah fulfill our wishes and give strength to fight legal and democratic fight about everything and everywhere. We have no means to present our views nationally or internationally which is read or watched by large number of peoples belonging to different languages, religions and sects. Through the MG we have to advance and reach our essential goal. Now Indian so-called secular media (really saffron and Jews media) have been publishing whatever they like. Their news, views, data, column etc everything are in favour of saffron and Jewish ideology. Each of them try their level best to present Muslims as terrorists, anti-civilization etc. Though we are oppressed and backward and right even then they continuously make us victims of their pre-planned ideology. Thanks your paper is publishing facts on various issues for the readers. As for my state Assam where Muslim population is about 30%,. saffron groups investing its full strength to spread many baseless things about Muslims of Assam. They have convinced the anti-Muslim groups of Assamese Hindu that Muslims are anti-national one and had come from Bangladesh. Therefore they should be turned out from Assam other wise they would capture the power of Assam and your (Assamese Hindus) survival will be in danger). Majority of Muslims in Assam are Bengali speaking Muslims. They all are Indians. They are citizens of Assam like Assamese speaking people. Yes, some Muslims came and settled in Assam from (present Bangladesh) during British rule. Therefore, no question arises about their Indian citizenship. But anti-Muslim group in Assam raise the question of citizenship of entire Muslim community in Assam. They massacred Muslims many times of which the ‘Nellie’ Massacre in 1983, ‘the Barbaric’ massacre in 1991 are known to all. Many thousands of Muslims were killed. Many thousand houses were arsoned. Muslim properties were destroyed, looted. Brahmaputra also took many thousand acres of land of Muslims. In short, Muslims in Assam are living in a very poor condition.

Fuzail Ahmad, Assam


We are not second class citizens

Your reaction to the Allahabad H.C. judgement was very timely and exhibited true feelings of Muslims.  I had mailed the same to some of the persons known to me inlcuding to some e-groups. Jazak-Allah,

 M Naushad Ansari, Bangalore


Elegy of Ummat-e Marhooma

This has reference to the letter addressed to you as the Editor of this journal and one of his closest associate announcing the closure of the Muslim INDIA TRUST. About 20 years ago, I edited and published a magazine entitled ‘MUSJAN” It was a Voice of Muslim Janatha. Many eminent Muslim intellectuals including Janab Syed Shahabuddin Saheb appreciated the quality of the write-ups. What happened unfortunately that the financial load became unbearable-not because of mismanagement but because of lack of patronage by our fellow-Muslims. Ultimately, having no other go, I was reluctantly  constrained to close it down, In the last issue I had a cartoon published which displayed a “Janazah” carried by few bearded gentlemen donning turbans and caps carrying a corpse on which was written in bold characters : “MUSJAN” - meaning thereby that the “ house was gutted by its own house lamp. I wish Shahabuddin Saheb had also givensome such parting kick to the members of our community who act as per a Persian saying: “Gar jaan talab asth, haazir asth; gar zar talab asth, saqune deegar asth -meaning: “ if you ask for my life, here it is: if you ask for money, that’s a different matter,”

S.M. Pasha, Chennai


With reference to the article ‘Elegy of Ummat-e-Marhooma’(1-15 Nov. 2010), I wish to bring it into your kind notice that Indian Muslims speak diverse languages. It is always difficult to acquire proficiency in foreign language as compared to mother tongue. I think Muslim magazines and papers should speak the language of the community in order to communicate with Muslims effectively. You can check it at every tea stall owned by a Muslim,a Hindi newspaper is received in northern India.Fazail-e-Amal,a book of Tablighi Jamaat, is available in Hindi in almost every mosque in north India. Muslim magazines and papers in English are limited to urban India. In regional languages, Muslim media can penetrate in rural India also unifying Muslim community. Here you can follow the model of ‘India Today’ group. The India Today group first brings out English edition. After 3- 4 days, the group publishes translated versions in many languages. May Allah succeed you and others in this endeavour! Ameen!

Mahrajuddin, Meerut

MG editor: I very much understand the need for our media to be in the language best understood by the community and for this reason many attempts are being made all over India including our own plan to bring out a Hindi paper. But English publications like Muslim India and Milli Gazette are not for the ordinary masses. Instead, these are for the elite and the highly educated class, mediapersons and researchers among both Muslims and non-Muslims and this class still reads English publications. To publish and sustain such publications is a farz-e kifayah so that our voice is heard and reaches the right places.


Syed Shahabuddin

The most misunderstood politician, thy name is Syed Shahabuddin by Mr. Ghazali Khan, appearing in MG 1-15 Aug 10 is worth reading and informative as well. While agreeing with the views of the learned writer about the undisputed and un-matched great personality like Mr S. Shahabuddin I differ with Mr.Ghazali at the point that he is the victim of hostile media which in my opinion is the secondary reason or to some extent no reason as entire media is not restricted in case of Mr S. Shahabuddin but biased in case of all Muslims who have at least one percent interest in the political and other such related awareness of their community members. It is not correct to blame, allege or cry foul against media, governments and others for apathetic attitudes against Mr. S. Shahabuddin. Like other fields, in politics too. the majority of Indian Muslims welcome only those politicians who have no conscience. In fact they totally remain indifferent, isolated, un-touched and motionless in the case of welfare, betterment, development and progress of the community. They are fully elusive in case of pogrom, slaughtering, atrocities and all sorts of destruction at the hands of Hindutva forces in association with Congressmen. They avoid to call themselves Muslims while amongst or in the mid of non-Muslims but try to prove themselves secularists. Contrary to the above Janab S. Shahabuddin and such others equipped with heartful love and worries for the community, dreaming to serve the Millat selflessly with pious and cherished desire never like to act as liege but  as a servant has no place under the present setup. It is strange to note that for the Muslims a fourth grade leader from any political group irrespective of his religion is every thing for them. Back to home, the potentiality, credibility, abilities and qualities alongwith his love for Islamic values and Muslims can not be questioned. However it is true that he did never take pains to reach to the community via a regular course of contact which he could do well as a Muslim Leader, thinker, M.P. and a journalist. For unknown reasons he restricted himself to writing and making statements without any effort to break the ice. Subsequently, he confined to the particular class of Muslims which hardly covered  1% or 2% of Muslim population of the country. In short he left the masses to the whims and caprice of the self-styled and cunning Muslim leaders.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 440013


Forgotten freedom fighters

A synopsis of Br. Abdul Gaffar Khan’s review on Br. Waseem Ahmad Saeed’s book Kaala Paani gumnaam Mujahiddne Azadi has been published on the editorial page of “Gujarat Today” on 19/10/10.

S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh- 392150



Kashmir was, on the dawn of Independence, one of the 565 Princely States and not a part of British India.. It became just a unit of the Indian Union only after the Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession, and not a full-fledged State, like other States, as evidenced from the simple fact that it has TWO government flags and NOT one. The rulers of Kashmir prior to Independence were independent kings and so their land was never an integral part of India. It can become one only if and when the UNO (before which the case is pending disposal) decides in favour of India or the parties to the dispute come to an understanding.

S.M. Pasha, Chennai 600003


People of Kashmir should not much harp on Obama’s visit to India. He is primarily concerned with a huge military deal with India. Americans are least bothered about the oppressed people of the globe. America is strengthening its hegemonial grip over the world. If we peep into history the state of America has been more a problem creator than a problem solver. US played a pivotal role in the creation of Israel in the homeland of Muslims. In fact in the late 19th century US in collaboration with other imperialistic forces backed the Zionist movement, thereby the Jews from all over the world began to concentrate in the Palestine. The legitimate residents of Palestine were ruthlessly dragged out from their homes and the alien Jews were settled in the occupied areas. This policy of Jewish settlement is still continuing at the behest of US. US forces are brazenly involved in the massacre of thousands of Muslim in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.Unwarranted drone attacks are killing the innocents in Pakistan. Afiya Siddiqi is languishing in America.Iran is being targeted and threatened time and again to discontinue its nuclear programe while Israel is always backed to intensify its hostilities against the innocent Palestians and to go ahead with its nuclear programe.In such a state of affairs it is quite absurd to expect any helping gesture from Obama in resolving the Kashmir issue.

Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar


Many do not know why the Hindu Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu are raising the bogey that they were mercilessly driven out from their homes. It is because they are, with a view to enjoying political power, scheming to establish a full fledged a PANDIT PRADESH State in the Indian Union, Two questions which still remain unanswered are:: Why were Muslims driven out of Jammu and why the Indian army is concentrated in Muslim majority area of Kashmir and not in Jammu? For the UPA Govenment, sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander.

S.M. Pasha, Chennai


Arundhati Roy must be supported

A celebrity and a lady of calibre has dared enough to openly declare the ground realities seen by her in Kashmir. The BJP and the RSS talk the matters sitting in their AC offices they should have visited the state without security and discussed their problems. At least they could have meet thousands of widows and orphans of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Kashmir .If the government gives the data base the casualties are more than a lakh and half. We fought with the British for freedom but we did not kill them in such a great number during  the  period of 150 years and the  Indians also did not sacrifice their lives  as much for the freedom as the Kashmiris have sacrificed .With this observation we can infer that their freedom struggle is more serious than ours. The Kashmiris have moral and spiritual support of 20 crores of Indian Muslims and others persons .Ms Roy has seen the monetary loss being incurred by our country.and the unending terrorists’ attacks and constant threat on our army .Our politicians live 24 hours in security in Delhi and other cities .They do not think of the poor Jawans who have joined army to make both ends meet. We should apprise the genuine advice given by her .Our lady president Smt Pratibha Patil  will easily understand the severity of the Kashmir imbroglio

Kausar Fatime, Gulbarga


It’s ironical to see Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy facing the allegation of sedition charges over remarks made about the Indian Kashmir which happens to be an eternal problem of the country. Unfortunately, India has a long history of carrying prolonged atrocities through its army based for a very long time. It is also reported, that the army has been involved in the killings of tens of thousands of Kashmir residents, thousands have ‘disappeared’, hundreds of thousands tortured, injured, raped and humiliated. For all these years, the Indian State is known to have done everything it can to subvert, suppress, represent, misrepresent, discredit, interpret, intimidate, purchase and simply snuff out the voice of the Kashmiri people. It has used the power of pouring massive money and violence, disinformation, propaganda, torture, terror, illegitimate imprisonment, blackmail and rigged elections to subdue the will of the people. Instead of castigating Arundhati Roy, an honest introspection of the issue should be made, and perhaps the conclusion would be the same what she said and had been saying so often. 

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur-440013


Obama’s Visit

US President Barack Obama’s visit seems to strengthen bilateral ties between both the countries. This visit is likely to resolve certain national and international disputes, which the countries been encountering. Obama’s speech on different occasions is its firm indicator. His statements have also enlarged people expectation. If assertion made during the visit are followed, it might prove a milestone in the development of the countries, otherwise business as usual.

Shafaque Alam, New Delhi


It is being repeated number of times that Obama trip to India will elevate Indo US ties to new level .But non of the politician or senior journalist is able to assert what is the material benefit the Indian nation will achieve as fall out of his trip .His promise of UNSC seat for India is nothing but lending and losing a friend .The major deal is of F-16 planes The US will fetch billions of dollars .Though we are not able to make use of this war planes .But our neighboring super power will be enraged and his hostility will increase. The US will not come to our rescue in case China does any mischief .The US is doubly benefitted out of  this deal .It wants that the relations between India and China should remain strained and it can supply more arms and weapons to India .As a matter of fact India needs courage and diplomacy more than arms and ammunitions. The left parties are launching protest on Obama’s visit of India but I don’t think it will be effective to serve the cause. The BJP leaders are proUS they will not take interest to counter the harmful effects of Obama’s’ diplomacy.

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Justified BJP criticism of US president Obama

BJP has rightly and very timely criticised US President Brack Obama for his deliberate avoiding naming Pakistan for terror-attacks on India including the infamous 26/11 Mumbai episode killing many innocent persons including even US citizens. Instant criticism by India’s main opposition party will give opportunity to US President for his much-needed direct indicting of Pakistan for terrorist-activities some time during his rest of present India’s tour. USA has an unfair policy of having a tilt in favour of Pakistan. It never stops financial and military aid to Pakistan despite clear role of Pakistan authorities in patronising terrorist elements disturbing peaceful living of Indian citizens. US always avoided direct help to India in its fight against Pakistan-sponsored terror-attacks on India. If US would have sincerely and practically helped India in its tackling IC-814 hijack at Kandhar, perhaps fundamentalist-elements would not have dared to destroy US World-Trade-Tower at New York in infamous 9/11 attack.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Saffron Terror

With the arrest of RSS pracharaks Harshad Solanki and Mukesh Wasani, in the Ajmer bomb blast, the ever reluctant ATS, who never bothered earlier to look into the confirmed cases of ‘Brahminical Terrorism’, seems to have come out of its shell and displayed a little courage in arresting small fries. However, given the depth and fatality of ‘Brahminical Terrorism’, unequivocally glorified in ‘Manusmirti’ and sanctifyingly indoctrinated by Golwalkar and Hedgewar, deadliest RSS stalwarts, ATS will have to dig much deeper in order to reach out to the big sharks who, in the garb of ‘Nationalists’ are ruling the roost. But, is that that easy? Rajasthan ATS has chargesheeted Indresh Kumar in Ajmer Sharif Dargah blast but, despite he being at the forefront to guide the ‘Crusaders’, failed to charge him as an accused. Why? ATS knows one fact candidly. That ‘Brahminists’, given their age old mastery over hypocricy and conspiracy, are so dedicated and committed to their ‘Mission’ that they would never hesitate to eliminate any ATS officer, however mighty he may be, if he chose to cross the given boundries. What happened to Hemant Karkare, could very well happen to any ATS officer. It is this fear of death that has so far kept the ever ‘vigilant’ ATS ( That may include Raghuvanshi and Maria) blinded from the stark truth that was known to them from the day first.

I can’t agree more with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat when he says that terrorism and Hinduism are contrary to each other and that a Hindu can never be a terrorist. What he conveniently ignores to mention is that a Brahmin and precisely an Aryavart Brahmin that he himself is, could very well be a terrorist and is born with terror instincts. Since the arrival of ARYAS from central Asia, India, for centuries, has witnessed series of brutal attacks and terrorism on peace loving Jains, Buddhists and local Dravidians unleashed by the Aryans. And who can pardon the assasisnation of Mahatma Gandhi, conspired and implemented upon by the Pune based Aryavart Brahminists with an active connivance of Sardar Patel himself. And look at the long list of today’s star terrorists of ‘Abhinav Bharat (all Brahmins) pioneered by another Brahmin terrorist Damodar Savarkar and later revived by Lt. Col. Prohit Prasad, whose involvement in all the bomb blasts, that were carried in different cities including Samjhouta Express, is being confirmed today even by the Brahmin supportive main stream media. The irony however, with our Hindu brethren, given their simplicity, is that they could easily be victimised by the Brahminical conspirical theories and statements that are actually aimed against them and not minorities. The day the indigenous Hindus woke up (and they are waking up fast) and realised how for centuries, they had been fooled and victimised by the Brahmins, India would witness a new dawn and true sense of democracy and Independence.

Mushtaque Madni, Pune


No tobbaco campaign

Union government is ignoring Supreme Court strictures on pictorial warnings on tobacco products. It refers to reports about Group of Ministers (GoM) recommending further postponement of printing more stringent pictorial warnings on tobacco-products even beyond 01.12.2010 despite Supreme Court having shown concern on such usual postponement of the decision again and again. Evidently role of money in getting the poisonous postponement can and should not be ruled out. Our government neither cares for people’s life nor Supreme Court strictures before influential tobacco lobby. Indian government solemnly celebrates ‘No-Tobacco-Day’ on 31st May as a ritual ignoring even the bitter fact that tobacco-companies are now targeting women to develop smoking-habits amongst them. Earlier also tobacco-lobby was successful to dilute area and design of pictorial-warnings on cigarette-packs against the wishes of the then Union health Minister Dr A Ramadoss and other senior officials of his ministry. Proportion of pictorial-warning area on cigarette packs in India is lowest in the world with Brazil even having 100-percent area on both front and back panels of cigarette-packs. However the only remedy for effectively curbing smoking is to follow sensible countries like Bhutan and Ireland by imposing a complete ban on manufacture and sale of cigarettes in the country. Even family-members of smokers will support such a bold step, because it is the family which suffers from death of persons caused by smoking. Smoking is an addiction started out of fashion at the young age when initial puffs even cause discomfort. Revenue-loss from ban on cigarettes will be more than compensated by funds saved on tobacco-related diseases. If self-regulation is the policy to check human evils, then Union Government should withdraw attempt-to-suicide from Indian Penal Code. Likewise using helmets by scooterists should also be made self-regulatory rather than being forced as compulsory.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006