Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


India and UNSC membership

I think that there is very little chance of India becoming a permanent member of the security council as long as the Kashmir problem continues. How can a nation help solve international problems when it cannot solve its own internal problems? China is a permanent member of the UNSC inspite of internal problems and so was the former USSR. But they had the military clout to back up their claims to the UNSC. In contrast India can be ignored without raising too many eyebrows.        

Xavier William


The cop should not have died

A 42 years old police constable died of 40% burns in Mumbai’s Masina hospital. Masina’s burns department has an excellent reputation. It was reported that the constable did not respond to the treatment because he was diabetic. It is obvious that his diabetes was either undiagnosed or uncontrolled. This speaks volumes for the inadequacy of our health care system. A young member of the police force, undoubtedly a very important section of government work force has been living with an unmanaged health condition which contributed to his death. The young auto-driver who sprinkled petrol on him and set him ablaze will be tried and punished. However it will help the system a great deal if certain questions are raised and answered.  Surely doctors will debate among themselves whether this man with 40% burns could be saved but for his diabetic condition. However there are questions which the government’s healthcare system should answer. Was not the constable’s diabetes diagnosed?  If not, why not? Is not the police force subjected to regular health check up which would include a simple blood test for sugar at regular intervals?.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054



It’s strange to see media including politicians hurling the allegation of sedition against the world acclaimed author turned activist- Arundhati Roy. What she said, at recent public meetings on Kashmir is what millions of people here say everyday and other commentators have written and said for years. Her statement is nothing but a call for justice for the people of Kashmir who live under one of the most brutal military occupations in the world. The Kashmiris who seems to pay the price, day in and day out of this occupation are now learning to live in the terror of what is becoming a police state. Ironically, despite all claims of justice being delivered, peace being prevailed by the childish government of Omar Abudullah, nothing seems to be seen in practice, on the contrary, Omar seems to be busy passing his weekends in farm house away from these voices for justice. We Indians, who find pride in calling Kashmir as an integral part of the country, have least to do anything for the Kashmiri’s rights. It comes from not wanting people to be killed, raped, imprisoned or have their finger-nails pulled out in order to force them to say they are Indians. It comes from wanting to live in a society that is striving to be a just one. It’s a matter of shame when someone calls writers to stop  speaking their minds and demands  jail for those who ask for justice, while communal killers, mass murderers, looters, rapists, and those who prey on the poorest of the poor, roam free.      

                Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur


When we go through the newspapers of 6 August 2010 we found plenty of news about Julia Roberts, a Hollywood actress, practising Hinduism. Those days it was among the top news. In contrast to this, when we read the newspapers of 26 October 2010, we found that the news of Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of Tony Blair, who accepted Islam is completely ignored. Really, it is a great cause of concern that under the flag of secularism both print and electronic media are doing bigotry. Their voices are totally controlled and gagged.                

Shayan Ghani, Bihar


Azam Khan’s offer

May Sr. Kavita Karkare accept Br. Azam Khan’s offer of his seat in the legislative body.!

S. Akhtar U. Patel

Khanpur Deh - 392150


Betrayal of America

Apart from other low income percentile Americans, 20 % of Americans are unemployed or underemployed hence they all and their dependents are unable to get proper medical assistance. Substantial part of these medical-assistance-deprived people are non-whites (African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos). That means this apathy of US governments (Fed + State + Local) towards these unfortunates has racial element also. I request you to view the following 5 minutes video on U-Tube regarding solution to the problem of health care in USA:- “Betrayal of Americanism”      Hem Raj Jain

 Amazing facts of Numerology

Islam does not believe in Astrology or Numerology or future telling. But we do have faith in number 786 because it is the total number of Bismillah Hirrahmanirrahim. Allah=66, Mustafa=229, Ali=110, Fatema=135, Hasan=118, Hussein=128. The total of these six numbers is also 786. Isn’t it amazing?

Nazneen O. Saherwala, Gujarat



I wish to seek your opinion with relevant facts about circumcision also called Khatna orSunnah. As I am related to Health care sector. One of my doctors a pediatrician (Non Muslim) asked about this practice and he also specifically asked about its effect on mind specially the neurochemical effect. He told me that,the Jews did it on 8th day of the child birth and it has scientific evidence that it brings a jolt to the brain and their senses gets activated ie why Jewish people are more educated and learned in today’s world. He quoted the example of Einstein,and few other Jewish scientists. Do we have any study justifying this aspect of Sunnah? Also quote me relevant Ayah quoting this practice from Qur’an.

Ziaul Khan


Popular Front

In reference to the below press release by the Popular front of India, It would be inappropriate to refer to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as an RSS associate. Everyone who speaks for the Hindu cause does not become an RSS associate. If Sri Sri is an RSS associate, so would be Mahatma Gandhi. Guruji’s grandfather lived in Sabarmathi and Sri Sri’s teacher Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi was Mahatma Gandhi’s teacher (and a close aide of the Mahatma). It would not be right to blabber without knowing the facts.

Ramesh Nasidoo


Scam after scam

It is a pity that the Indian National Congress is bankrupt of clean hands to replace the tainted Ashok Chavan. It is again pathetic to see the party high command dithering in accepting Ashok Chavan’s resignation. After a scam of such a magnitude, the ouster of the Chief Minister should be automatic. Unfortunately the reason why the Congress high command is slowly making up its mind to sack Chavan is the intense heat generated by the media, civil society and the opposition leaving them no alternative. We have seen Congress leaders sacked for some reason or the other, hibernating under the wings of High Command, enjoying its blessings and emerging at a convenient time in the arena of active politics. If Ashok Chavan today deserves to be sacked he deserves to be banished from the public life also. The Congress party should have the courage to start the process of purging politics of the corrupt elements. That alone will infuse fresh and clean blood. That alone will make politics an instrument of  service to the nation and not the refuge of the scoundrels.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai


Rahul Gandhi CM then PM

There is little doubt in asserting that Rahul Gandhi is a young leader of great potential, which the country has been witnessing for the last few years by his active political performances, causing a special corner in millions of Indians which is likely to pave the way for his Prime Ministerial candidature in the following years. But Nitish Kumar’s, chief minister of Bihar, statement is also, to some extent, reasonable as “Rahul should be CM first before aspiring to be PM.” By executing his duty as a CM Rahul might get ample amount of experience before leading India with the comity of nations. That will really convey a healthy message to the democratic nation.

Shafaque Alam, New Delhi


Sinful silence

One wonders which hypocrisy can be more heinous and what silence more sinful than not hailing Ahmadinejad’s slogan of universal good calling for “Atomic energy for all but bombs for none”?!!

Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150


Pleasant is the morning

Green is the grass of Nehru Park

Beautiful are followers

Trees are tossing their heads merrily

Birds are pouring their melodious songs into atmosphere

A gentle breeze is blowing

The fountain water is dancing

And my heart is dancing with it

But I feel no joy

Alas! My friend is no more

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur


Muslims under pressure

The Milli Gazette of 1-15 November is full of reports on Babri verdict, involvement of the Hindu in some of the bomb blasts, Kashmir, Narendra Modi using his patent propaganda ploys to garner votes in recent corporation and panchayat elections and the CWG sans Muslim participation inspite of the fact that Muslims have contributed greatly to Indian sports. True india is not a neo-Nazi state where minorities suffer persecution day in and day out.But reports on TV and printed media do suggest that all is not well with our great country. There is freedom of expression, nonpartisan judiciary and lots of well meaning Hindus who will not let their fringe elements overstep their bounds. But it is equally true that in states like Gujarat Muslims in some areas still live in fear. Some Muslims themselves harm their community by becoming puppets in the hands of the hostile elements. Covert methods are used by them to satisfy their basest instincts and there by do great harm to the community economically and socially. So instead of ranting against known enemies, Muslims should identify their own “ghar ke bhedis” who are always on the hire and Gujarat has lots of money in some pockets where they burn holes.

Yunus Chitalwala


Ban Tips

Elite urbanites in India blindly follow status-culture of British legacy by paying ‘tips (Bakhshish)’ everywhere which is nothing but a bribed gift for a purpose for being treated well. Interestingly heavy amount of ‘tips’ is received by highly paid employees in five-starred hotels and restaurants. Even credit-card slips have special space to write ‘tip’ amount. Union government should seriously consider advice from former President APJ Abdul Kalam on gifts. Quoting from Hindu code in ‘Manusmriti’, Dr Kalam rightly analyzed that gift coming with a purpose cause persons losing their personality greatly. Government should impose a ban on paying or receiving ‘tips’ which many-a-time induce bribes by getting added facilities/services/goods free-of-cost. It is sure that status-conscious people will also gladly accept ban on ‘tips’ if implemented by government-order. Even Mumbai High Court has rightly ordered Bakhshish (Tip) to be taken expense for Income Tax purposes. ‘Tip’ is considered highly objectionable by every citizen in world’s top-ranking countries in honesty-index.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Vote for rioters?

Some people claim that Muslims in Gujarat are turning to BJP.It is not true at all. There are 42 seats in Godhra municipal area, out of them 18 seats are in 100% Muslim population area. Not only BJP won no seat out of these 18, but also they had no courage to put any candidate on these seats due to their black inhuman deeds during 2002 riots!           M.K. Kumar


India now slips down to 87th position on honesty index

Our heads are down in shame that India has further slipped down to 87th position from earlier 84th position in global honesty index with latest score of just 3.3 out of 10 in honesty-ranking. Such a shameful index is at a time when our Prime Minister Dr Manmohansingh is globally considered as an icon of honesty with full marks for his personal honesty-ranking. It is time that our top leadership may sit together to decide on some crash programmes to achieve a goal of crossing world’s most honest nation Denmark for global honesty-ranking. If necessary, a high-powered autonomous commission may be formed to achieve the goal which will automatically solve many problems of the world’s largest democracy in India. This Commission can invite and study suggestions from general public and others with an authority to implement at its own without needing any direction from the government.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006



The verdict of Allahabad High Court on the high profile land possession of historical ‘Babri Masjid’ is quite political and unlawful. Here, the honourable judges kept the law, evidence, proper history aside. They upheld the Hindu myth. Here the honourable judges completely insulted the judiciary, secularism, Indian constitution and Muslims. Many retired judges having reasons and impartiality viewed that the verdict was quite political. It has no basis. According to them judgements are given on the basis of the law of a country and on the basis of evidence available. This judgement seems like a compromise about the portion of a land of a father who left three heirs. All the three heirs took the matter of distribution of their paternal land to the judges. The judges just divided the land into three parts and gave one portion of land to each of the heirs. Such type of judgement/verdict are given in the village panchayat by the village elders. This type of verdict from an Indian High Court in quite unfortunate. Judges and the Govt. as well as the saffron groups have to understand that Muslim want to preserve the Mosque. Muslims of the whole world can never leave or hand over the place where a Mosque once stands for any other purpose. Muslims do not want to build Mosque but to preserve the holy place. Hence, men of reason and sense should come forward. After that verdict many leaders of VHP, RSS and other saffron groups have announced to build ‘Ram Mandir’ in the disputed place (land of Masjid) anyhow, whether court or Govt. allow them or not. And they will not allow the Muslims to build any Masjid near the disputed land or in the portion of land that has been given to the Muslims. Veteran advocate and the leader of saffron group Ram Jethamalani very shamelessly called Indian Muslims to come forward willingly to help Hindus in building the Ram Mandir in the disputed land. He also called Muslims to offer their portion (1/3 of the land, got according to the recent verdict) to Hindus willingly and offer bricks etc to Hindus to build Ram Mandir in the disputed land. It is quite humiliating to Muslims. Therefore, O’ men of reason, honesty, humanity and impartiality, please come forward and take proper steps.

Fuzail Ahmad, Assam


Ungrateful forgetting

I very humbly and respectfully pray that the good fortune of reminding our country men of their duty by publishing “Gumnaam Mujahideen in various languages be reserved for the towering lamp named ‘Pharos.’    

Sultan A. Patel

Khanpur Deh - 392150


State secularism in the land of religions and mythologies

Javed Akhtar, the well-known Bollywood lyricist, a self professed atheist with a Muslim name given by his Muslim parents, and a committed ‘secularist’, finds it increasingly difficult to balance himself sitting on his two-legged chair perched on a political tight-rope. His appearances of TV channel debates register his acute dilemma. ‘Lord’ Meghnad Desai in his Sunday Indian Express column quoted Javed Akhtar saying: as a Muslim he cannot be secular. To add insult to injury, Lord Desai suggested that Javed Akhtar should have added, it is not for people to prove their secularism, but leaders of political parties. What comes out of this short exchange of views is that the Indian State should be secular, as per our constitution, though people need not be secular. In Indian context, all citizens may belong to any religion or creed or no creed, as long as in matters of state, they confirm to secularism. (Reminds me of old Henry Ford dictum: People can have Model T car in any color, as long as it is black!) But what can be done when a miniscule minority of 3% Brahmins, impose their will, their religious symbolism and their so called Hindu culture, on rest of the 97% non-Brahmins and get away with it. Imagine, though Muslim kings and nawabs ruled all over India, for over 1000 years, they did not impose Islamic Sharia on the non-Muslim masses in any permanent manner or continuity. Some of the Kings may have used ‘Jaziya’ for some of the time, but only as reaction to some rebellious groups’ resistance to their rule. Many of the Muslim rulers were pioneer in creating a multi-cultural ethos widely known as Ganga-Jamni culture, for their adopted country.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai