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First Persian dictionary was compiled in India

Philologists say that the first Persian dictionary was authored in India. This view was expressed by philologists in a national seminar on Persian Dictionary writing sponsored by Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad. Presenting his keynote address Dr Ziauddin Ahmad Shakib cited some seminal works in this field in India viz: Fuwaidul Fuzala, Fuwaidus Ssanaie, Majmaul Lughat, which was compiled under Abul Fazl’s supervision.

In the seminar, Syed Ghulam Hussain Raza Agha, representative of Ayatullah Khamenie in India, also expressed his views and said that Persian language has become obsolete in India now, but there was a time when it was an official language.

He also said that Urdu is a younger sister of Persian because major portion of its vocabulary came from Persian. Other important participants of the seminar were Dr Rahimuddin Kamal, Dr Mrs Aziz Bano head of Persian department and Prof. Amina Kishwar, dean School of Languages, Linguistics and Indology.