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In my search of an Islamic book, by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi in my office library an old news paper happened to come underhand. The words Milli Gazette I sighted, caused me to stay for seconds. I caught it and decided to go through it. It was a very old issue perhaps vol.1 No.18. I observed minutely, read it crucially to find excellence. Really I found that the fortnightly contains valuable contents. I am greatly impressed that in these horrible days, Muslims have too a courage to emanate English at least fortnightly that too in appreciable language. This event caused me to get introduction to set cooperation and coordination, if any. Here in Maharashtra State, we are disappointed of the Muslim leadership. Muslim minority lags behind far away. We have founded Educational trust Amtec Foundation in the fond memory of late Allama Mohammad Taher, the social and secular-minded renowned person, in the interest and betterment of Muslim minority. Stress is being given to technical education of the minority students. Paramedical courses recognized by the State of Maharashtra are being run in order to build economic status of minority. MGM Paramedical College, Arabic Schools, Urdu primary Schools, English Schools, national institute of English language & Oxford English school, are run as usual. The institutions deserve to Zakat and sadaqat etc. Kindly lead us to such great donors, who feel pains for minorities and poors. 

Vakil Ahmed Kazi, Amtec Foundation, Beed, Maharashta


I am a voracious reader of Milli Gazette. By reading I regularly know about Islam and sunnah, in a detailed manner. I thank the editor-in-chief for publishing genuine articles time to time, driving the misconceptions from the minds of non believers in a rightful way, as many of my friends have become subscribers. I enjoy mostly Mr.Ram Punyany's article in MG.

Mohammad Azam Khan,Telangana


Undoubtedly, the Milli Gazette is excellent English fortnightly. It is no exaggeration to say that it has excelled all English newspapers of India due to its unbiased, free, frank, bold and fearless reports, articles, editorial, letters and rejoinders by readers. The Milli Gazette is very good from worldly and religious point of view. Whatever information is published in it is based on facts. It is an eye opener to the evil doers, corrupts, tyrants and criminals. Congratulations to Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor, for publishing such excellent English fortnightly at a very cheap price view of inflation these days.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur


Solution in Personal/Indian Law

This is in reference to letter by Mr. Muhammad Habib of Cochin, appearing in MG 16-31 September, 2010. While I have full sympathy with him, I advise him not to be so panicky, worried and disheartened at all. Islam is not so rigid as some of us and others often think. On the contrary, it has flexibility and provisions so that one may comfortably and conveniently precede in the right direction of his/her legitimate choice and options. The essential outcome of nikah/marriage is that it should be consummated in any case failing which it is void. In the case of his daughter since the marriage is not consummated till now she is free to move either to the Shari Adalat for restitution of conjugal rights/Khula on the ground of impotency of the husband or she may approach the family court or any other court on the same grounds having jurisdiction to deal with matrimonial disputes.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Please do not print KABA SHARIF photo

Please do not print 'KABA SHARIF' photo on your newspaper on any page please,because it hurts when my or any newspaper man just throw the MG newspaper on the floor and go away. It’s a humble request, reader of your MG newspaper.

Imran Shaikh

MG editor: The Ka'ba itself is sacred while its photograph is not. We avoid printing Quranic verses in Arabic which may be trampled or desecrated, but we see no harm in printing Ka'ba photographs which are widely printed all over the Muslim world.


Editor’s reply to an angry letter-writer whose letter was abridged: We have no personal preferance whatever for you or Mr Faheemuddin or anyone else who writes letters to MG. We need short, crisp and focused letters. Long letters have to be edited in order to be included. We try to accommodate all letters we receive, though this is not always possible. Only offensive and abusive letters are excluded. Letters or portions containing baseless and defamatory allegations against others are also excluded.


Muslim mind must not be misunderstood

Friendships need not break when any responsible Muslim leader express concern for far away Muslims because it is never bases on racial relation. Abu Jahal and Abu Lahad were arch enemies of the holy Prophet despite belonging to one family. On the other hand Salman from Persia and Bilal from Africa were among the closest companions of the Arab Prophet due to their longing for truth and justice.

Sultan A.U. Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150


Supreme Court and Babri Masjid

It is the Parliament which lays down the law and the Supreme Court interprets it. Whenever a dispute arises or clarifications are sought the ruling of the Supreme Court is supreme. But now a days Supreme Court also lays down the law in matters of public interest. When Supreme Court lays down the law it is the supreme body and all the lower courts have to follow. In the case of Babri Masjid The Honourable High Court does not seem to have considered three judgements on Wakf And Masjids. Had it considered them the judgement would have been different. Supreme Court decision reported in AIR 2000. Supreme COURT 594, in which it was held that: a)precedents- Firm foundation of administrative justice in our judicial system is- precedents must be followed- So the Precedent cases on Masjid, which is also a wakf ought to have been relied upon and acted:- Supreme Court in AIR1998 (supreme court in 972) had declared the law on wakf ‘ that ‘once wakf is always a wakf and the second case is in the year 1976 in 1976 4 (s c case 780) Pertaining to a mosque it said ‘EVEN A VACANT PLACE MAY BE DEDICATED AS A MOSQUE, WITHOUT HAVING APPEARENCE OF A MOSQUE’  So it will be correct to say that the site of Babri mosque is still a Mosque

Noor Mohammad


Bihar’s mandate

Since development has emerged as the biggest factor behind the landslide victory of NDA in Bihar. It is time that not only BJP gives up communal politics but also the parties like SP and BSP should stop playing Muslim vote bank and caste politics. Lalu Prasad dominated Bihar politics as long as he continued to convince the citizens that he was their messiah against his upper caste precedents. But the voters showed him the way out when his promises for a better infrastructure turned out to be mere lip service. Caste politics will pay no more because the voters now believe in development and a better life standard. A. Hameed Yousuf, Bangalroe


Wrong analogy and double-standards

The demolishers of Babri Masjid try to mislead people by equating Ayodhya dispute with Shah Bano case which was an internal matter of Muslims. Shah Bano case was not one of immoral and illegal possession of a temple by creating a dispute over it. In fact it was a case of misinterpretation of the Quran by the Supreme Court. Muslims (Sunnis and Shias both) unitedly and peacefully protested against the Judgement and got their grievance redressed through legislation which is a democratic and constitutional measure.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) – 441904


Arundhati Roy vs Taslima Nasreen

The kind of the ladies mentioned above is condemned for their bold views. One on religious matters whereas other on politics which has wrongly been dubbed as patriotism by a certain section of the country. When Bangladeshi expressed their wrath and threatened Taslima the same section of Indian society came forward in her defence by protecting her “so-called Freedom of Speech expression” and revealed soft corners of their heart towards the foreign lady. Same is the case with other writers, speakers who go against Islam and Muslims anywhere in the World. Well Anudhurti Roy spoke on the issue of Kashmir. Freedom of Expression and patriotism has now been mixed up together. What Roy wants to say that her heart bleeds when she sees so many Kashmiris passing or forced to pass through agony and torture merely because they happened to be Muslims, the same Arundhati becomes a traitor, anti national whereas Taslima is free to write against Islam and Muslims despite she being a foreigner. She is the favourite of a particular section of the society but Roy for speaking truth is condemned simply because in both the cases Muslims are the focal point.

Farhana Siddiqui, Nagpur


Power leads to corruption

It is an irony that within a one month the country has witnessed three major cases of corruption and irregularities; the CWG, the Adarsh scam and the 2G spectrum. It is also sad that the supreme of a country is being criticised for his alleged silence on the irregularities. Growing number of cases of corruption and mystifying silence of masters are not good omen for the country. Immediate action needs to be taken to bring the culprit to book otherwise the silence will virtually allow others to choose the same way leading to chaos and business as usual.

Shafaque Alamand Hasnain Rizwi, New Delhi


‘Times of India’ becomes ‘Crimes of India’

The way current issues of The Times of India, India’s leading English language daily newspaper, has been devoting its Front Page as well as the next 3 to 4 full pages on breaking news and in-depth investigative reporting on huge corruption case by the political class, it appears to have transformed itself into a new identity – ‘The Crimes of India’. At the beginning, they way ToI covered only corruption scandal like Adarsh High-Rise Building’s flat grabbing by politicians, bureaucrats and army officials as well as Commonwealth games scandal of crores of rupees being siphoned off from a huge state budgetary allocation to Commonwealth Games, the focus of ToI’s scandal-mongering appeared to be on one single ruling party of Congress. But now with BJP’s Karnataka Chief Minister coming under a open corruption charge of illegal allotment of land to his kith and kin, and the role of BJP’s Arun Shoerie and late Pramod Mahajan awarding mobile phone spectrum to selected and preferred firms, widely believed to be against underhand payments to corrupt officials rather than being collected by the State, ToI’s investigating zeal is dragging it into a partisan exposing a high-way robbery by the ruling oligarch in a most brazen and shamefaced manner, treating 1000 million Indian to be mere zombies forced to vote the same corrupt political class again and again. ToI’s lead is rather luke-warmingly followed by other newspapers and New Channels; but with highest readership and TRP coming TOI/TIMES NOW’s way, the impact of its campaign should make a big difference as to where the snowballing effect of this domino game will lead. The amount involved is so huge and mind-boggling that common people are at a loss to even figure out if it is true. If a revolution is must to clear up the mess, this is the most opportune time for the people to rise and register their disgust with the system and call for a new crop of secular nationalist leaders to come forward and take over. A home-grown regime change is the need of the hour.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Muslims are their own enemies

As a Muslim I must stress my feelings of disappointment when Islam is constantly being attacked by non- Muslims, for petty minds have a poor perception of other faiths. However, it should be realized the reason why westerners are obsessed with Islam is because Muslims are their own enemies. Atrocities, being perpetrated by some individuals or groups who are practicing terrorism in the name of Jihad, despite this act being forbidden in our religion. They are causing great harm to Islam and Muslims. The demonic crimes carried out around the world and particularly in U.S.A. and the U.K and Mumbai were terrifying incidents which obviously had adverse consequences on Muslim Ummah. Therefore extremists among us have generated fears, suspicion and hatred among westerners to the extent Islam is being portrayed as cruel, backward, barbaric, inhuman and evil. We are being despised so much that even Qur’an is mistreated and burned. Therefore, in the aftermath of past incidents Muslims around the world are facing the harsh hostilities due to some downright fundamentalists who have perverted the teachings of Qur’an. Majority of Muslims are law abiding citizens of this country (U.K.). However a small group of British Muslims are being manipulated by extremists and stir trouble for peace loving Muslims. These misguided are sent to the countries where they are being trained to be terrorists and become no less than enemies of their own. Lack of proper guidance breeds disunity. How could there be brother-hood and unity when conflicts among Muslim sects are old-age? Those who consider themselves and their sycophants to be true Muslims than others must change their un-Islamic attitudes of discriminating, hate, stigmatising and considering other Muslims as Kuffars. Muslim communities will continue to disintegrate. Muslims have to rise to credible levels of benevolence in order to ward off hate and criticism. Particularly young Muslims must not tolerate leaders and clerics who consider themselves infallible and must not invite degrees of ferocity and commit heinous crimes at the expense of Islam.

A.M.A. Pira, London (via email)


Wasil Khan proved Indian after 25 years

Muslims by nature are fighter against injustice and oppressions. We have opposed Batla fake encounter, Sohrabuddin fake encounter, Ishrat Jahan fake encounter etc. Muslims are easy target for police to hide police efficiency and misdeeds. Punjab Police branded Wasil Khan as Pakistani. Punjab police filed 8 cases in different cities (V/S 302/28 June 2000/Jalandhar Jalandhar station V/S 3-4/23 February 2001, Khanna V/S 307/14 March 2001, Ludhiana V/S 4-5/18 June 2002, Dera Baba Nanak V/S 25-54-59 19 July 2002, Batla V/S 4-5-25-54-59/7 July 2002, Kartarpur,V/S 302, 307, 427/24 July 2002, Hasharpur V/S 302-307/ 31 January 2002) Wasil Khan is acquitted of all charges by court even then Punjab police wanted him to deport to Pakistan. Say Wasil belongs to Kaler Mohalla, Karachi, Pakistan. In fact he went to earn his livelihood to Punjab but police picked him for blast, murder etc. As news spread in media, Wasil Khan’s relatives went to Amritsar and brought Wasil Khan to his home.

S. Haque,Patna


Two Jews are more than 257-300 and 700 Indians

In the wake of the anniversary of 26/11, India’s English ‘paid media’ gives more front page and column space to the 2 Jews rather than to the 257-300 dead and 700 injured in 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai, as if the Indian and other foreigner dead do not have equal status. Their relations are now moving heaven and earth back in the Jewish city of New York and creating more international media drumbeats than Indian Government could. While the grandfather of the saved child harangues from TV screens that we will fight the terror with goodness and peace, his clenched fist that attacks the air again and again gives lies to his any announced peace moves. The tradition of Jewish victim-hood to thrive on claimed reparations and compensation over tragedies visiting the community through ages, has come out in the open when even though the grandfather categorically states that he is not after the money, his moves are all paved with dreams of compensation and donation money that is to make mockery of the poor dead and injured Indians who have suffered the same or even worst fate as they are yet to be either compensated and/or rehabilitated. It is a shame that media that is the pulse of the people in any nation, in India should be so sold out to Mammon, that it has completely lost touch with the feelings and sentiments of the fellow citizens and is more concerned with foreigners, whose presence on their sacred soil is still to be explained if it was not being used for improper information gathering and anti-Indian activities. Chabad House has yet to be cleared for its real antecedents. Let Indian authorities be aware of the consequences of any moves in haste to become unintended victims of international terrorism by joining the fight with those that have their own agenda, not necessarily in the best interest of the people of India.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Coaching for UPSC PCS (J) begins in AMU

The Coaching for the Civil Service Examinations under UPSC, Provincial Service Commissions, Judicial Services [PCS (J)] etc. is starting from November 25, 2010, at the Residential Coaching Academy, Aligarh Muslim University. Prof. Ziauddin Khairoowala, Director, Residential Coaching Academy said that the Residential Coaching Academy provides coaching to the aspirants of the Civil Services under UPSC and Provincial Service Commissions, Judicial Services [PCS (J)], Public Sector Banks, Insurance, Indian Railway Services and other competitive examinations for minorities/SCs/STs & Women. He further said that admission to these coaching courses had been done through national level entrance test. Prof. Ziauddin Khairoowala, Director, Residential Coaching Academy said that consequent upon ceaseless and sincere efforts of visionary and dynamic Vice-Chancellor, Prof. P.K. Abdul Azis, the Ministry of HRD has honoured AMU by establishing a Residential Coaching Academy here.

Zeeshan Ahmad, AMU, Aligarh


Ayodhya Verdict

It is quite foolish to term the judgement a legal verdict as minus legal sanctity everything is there even against the prayer clause which never sought partition of the land. Plainly speaking, the verdict is an attempt to strangulate the Justice on one hand whereas on the other side it is an open but undeclared support to stimulate with open invitation for a Section of Communal forces of majority Community to go ahead by continuing the hatred policy against Muslims if they failed to honour even unjustified, illegal and coercive demands of Hindutva forces. It also exposes the very strategy/policy of Congress and Hindutva forces to degrade. Muslims in India to the position of second grade citizen which was hitherto remained hidden agenda. The 30 September, 2010 along with 6th December, 92 is an another black day for them which may continue tormenting the Muslim generations to come as apparently it shows that the Constitution has permanently overlooked for which reason the Indian Muslims are right to claim that in their case the Indian Constitution is shelved altogether.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur

Letter from a Terrorism-accused

Ex-ATS Chief K.P. Raghuvanshi denies. So does Kasab. In my 2 years of judicial custody, I am yet to find a person who accepts his guilt, and if that be so, prison is full of innocents only. And this experience has taught me to accept everyone’s word with a pinch of salt. That includes Raghuvanshi’s. I and my co-accused have gone through the torture, complained in Court and at all available forums. Nothing happened. Nothing happens. Police denies. Public Prosecutor says it’s an after-thought. Court grants judicial custody. Matter ends. Be it K.P. or Karkare. Ehtesham Siddiqui’s version is true. Give it wider publicity, if you can, please.

Major Ramesh Upadhyay
Accused, Malegaon Blast , New Mumbai – 410210