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MG MGis a worthwhile periodical which enlightens the core issues of the community among several national and international news and articles of important nature. U.F. Malek,  Sarkhej Road , Ahmedabad – 380055 (Guj) II Milli Gazette is doing a wonderful job. It should reach each and every household of Muslim families so that they know the truth behind  many stories. Mohammad Illiyash, Jhansi III It is a matter of profound pleasure that the Milli Gazette is on the way to progress, and it is becoming popular among the readers not only of India, but also among the readers of foreign countries. The credit goes to its Editor, Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, and also to the M.G. team for taking much pains to make it more informative upto the mark and useful to the readers. It is my heart felt desire that one page should be devoted to a short story for children. The story should teach the children moral lesson for building their character and life. Another page should be devoted to poems for children. Short story for children and poems for children will certainly add beauty to the M.G. Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur, UP   Will Tahir Mahmood oblige? We stand enlightened by the opinion expressed by Prof. Tahir Mahmood, as finding place in The Milli Gazette ( Dec 1-15, 2010), as regards the concept that masjid can be lost by adverse possession but not the mandir, as commonly understood to be propounded by the Privy Council, in Shahidganj Masjid, Lahore case. However, it appears that still there is some ray of hope and in that regards we may have some light from the judgement of Justice SU Khan in Ayodhya verdict on Sep 30. In this context it appears desirable that some further study is made and such work is needed to be done, not by a common man, but by a person of eminence and we expect and request Prof. Tahir Mahmood, with impeccable credentials as a legal luminary, to have a relook over the matter and further enlighten us. Mushtaq Ahmed Siddiqui, Lucknow   Role of Islamic jurists in Ayodhya dispute I have read with interest the article of Mr. Haider Abbas on a possible role for Islamic jurists on the Ayodhya dispute. I would like to explain that while Muslims can well take their position on the basis of Shariat, a dispute between two communities cannot be decided on the basis of Shariat or the Dharam Shastra, but only on the basis of the Constitution and the law of the land.  Unfortunately, a complete analysis will show that our lawyers did not do full justice to the case and that at critical stages they failed to take a strong stand. Also, the entire community slept over the illegal  occupation of the Babri Masjid in December 1949 and the subsequent exclusion of the Muslims from it from 1950 onward. It is only in 1986 when the Babri Masjid was unlocked & turned into a regular Mandir that it woke up. Today, neither organizationally nor financially we are in a position to make an effective well-coordinated appeal or intervention against this ill-founded Allahabad verdict in the Supreme Court.  It is thus not a question of Islamic jurists to stand up and be counted but for the Muslim community to stand up and be counted for the survival of its historic mosques and shrines in coming years on the soil of India. Syed Shahabuddin   The Rank? The Milli Gazette (16-30 November, 2010, page 16) in newsmaker section mentions the rank of Syed Ata Hasnain as Lt. General. Whether Lt. Generals are posted as Commanders in army cops as I know the rank is equivalent of deputy chief of army or chief of  five zone commands of our country, so clarify the rank  in the next issue Abdul Bari, Gudayagini – 762100   Shabana Wasim - a name yet to recognised I have read with great interest the Letter of Mr. S. Haq of Patna appeared in M.G.1-15, Nov.10. The said piece of writing is about Musammat Shabana Wasim for her meritorious service to the society. I offer my Salam-e-Afreen-o-Tahseen to the great Khatoon for her selfless social services towards the humanity especially helpless, poor and downtrodden ladies. Infact we the Muslims throughout the country, under our male dominated society do not like to push our khwateen in the field of social services which has been, hampering and causing great damage in the progress and development of our womenfolk and subsequently generation too. The complaint of Mr. Haq about the Urdu newspapers not denied as they have the space available for self-styled, cunning-fox and selfish Muslim leaders but they hardly like to count or appreciate the services and encourage the khwateen like Musamtnat - Shabana Wasim and others. Faheemuddin, Nagpur 440013   An unclean chit to Narendra Modi Mr. R. B. Sreekumar, former Gujarat Director-General of Police, submitted four affidavits before to the Special Investigation Team which has been entrusted, by the Apex Court, with the task of finding out whether Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi aided and abetted the post-Godhra carnage. But, for obvious reasons, Mr. R. K. Raghavan has chosen to consider those affidavits unfit for consideration. It will be pertinent to state, in this connection, that Mr. Sreekumar’s statements were recorded by the Nanavati Commission earlier. It is clearer than daylight that the non-consideration of the Ex. DGP’s affidavits are beyond all canons if justice, equity and fairplay and a serious attempt to give the Gujarat C. M. a clean chit. I appeal to the Supreme Court to call for the said affidavits and peruse them before giving its verdict. S. M. Pasha, Chennai   A new begining in a Muslim village A begining from village, Muslims started to make “education” as prima agenda. In a remote village Madhopur Madhumalat of Turkaulia Block of East Champaran “Abu Huraira Committee” has organised” Talimi Bedari Conference (Awakening for education conference). They referred that the Qur’an began with first verse “Iqra” means read. So Ummah must strive hard to excel in education. Mukia Enamul Haque said that no one should employ children and every one should send their sons and daughters to school and Madrasa. H.O.D. Urdu of B.P.S. College, Kesaria Md. Ataullah was at mike. Huge Muslim gathering attended the conference. S. Haque, Patna   Demolition of Babri Masjid is demolition of Indian history Demolition of Babri Masjid is demolition of Indian History. Hindutva extremists cannot fool the world with their skewed version of 'faith-based' mythologiation of Indian history and Brahmin Aryan's vain attempts to treat Muslim Rule as alien while trying to pretend the very original inhabitants of India divinely chosen to rule the lesser children of God. The Aryan Brahmins cannot digest what they have chewed. Bigger fish always swallow small fish. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   Arundhati on Kashmir The article by Arundhati Roy has given a series of instances where Pandit Nehru had committed to the resolution of the Kashmir issue on the basis of the native people’s aspirations.  The Kashmir issue has become an endless imbroglio due to the duplicity of the Western countries which have taken the reins of United Nations.  They never wanted the Security Council to seriously pursue the Resolution 47 passed by it on 21 April 1948 which required the Pakistan army to retreat from the part of Kashmir occupied by it and then carryout plebiscite in the entire region acceded by Maharaja Hari Singh to India.  As things stand today, Pakistan has declared the part occupied by it as its own territory and India has morphed its position from the Nehruvian stance to claim Kashmir as its integral part.  The order of a Delhi court asking the police to book FIR on Arundhati Roy and others on charges of sedition smacks of indifference to the democratic rights enshrined in the constitution. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (AP)   Attack on Umar Farooq is an attack on freedom of expression All Party Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was heckled at seminar organised at Chandigrah (Punjab). Mr. Farooq was to deliver a speech on the subject "Jammu and Kashmir problem in the context of Indo-Pak". According to news published in various newspapers, he was attacked and manhandled by activists of right wing Hindu Organisations and Kashmiri Pandits. They shouted slogans against Mr. Farooq, the Hurriyat Conference and Pakistan, threw stones and hurled flower pots. Mr. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is the third Kashmir-based leader who was manhandled by right wing Hindu parties. Previously, Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Shah and Syed Ali Shah Geelani were also heckled by the very same group. Indian Citizens are empowered to express their opinions, views within the boundaries of the Indian Constitution. If Hindu rightists do not agree with their views, they have got every right to arrange the seminar on the subject to appraise the people about their view point. But to attack, to throw stones and to disrupt the proceedings of a seminar is against the norms of decency and decorum or against the principles of civilized society any body who upholds the freedom of expression should condemn the attackers in the strongest possible terms. Farook Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot   Wikileaks disclosures and Muslim world The recent disclosures made by Wikileaks about the Muslim countries are an eye opener. It is shocking to know how countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey  who calls themselves as the protector of Muslims worldwide, persuaded and offered refuelling facilities to Israeli and US aircrafts to attack a fellow Muslim country Iran, and also how Egypt and Fatah faction of PLO was consulted by Israel before enforcing the economic blockade of Gaza. More shocking is the response of the Muslim population in Arab world. These disclosures should have created turmoil in the entire Arab world, as is being witnessed in European countries on other disclosures, but surprisingly it has not created even a ripple effect. What a shame that  stooges of US  in Arab world are not utilising their wealth for the welfare of its people by building schools, universities, hospitals, industries but wasting it on building shopping malls, acquiring football clubs , buying luxurious yachts and jets. More shameful is the fact that these same stooges are conspiring with Israel and US to destroy Iran the most progressive nation in mid east and who is spending its wealth for the development of its country. The tragedy of present day Muslims is that we   lay emphasis on wrong priorities.  Our main priority should be modern education, but sadly today's Muslims are averse to it. The second reason for our present day plight is jealousy because of which we have never been united and has always been manipulated by the western world.  Another reason is the lack of democracy. Another factor is that we do not have a powerful democratic body or pressure group that can effectively put forth Muslim point of view in international fora. Ahmad Subzwar, Hongkong II It has come to the notice that people feel that The US will attain the stance of wet cat but so far there no sign of repentance is seen in the reaction of US diplomats. Even the politicians of our country are spell bound. .It is just like the reaction shown by the Indian women when she notice that her husband has started drinking which is a bad habit. She can neither make any strong objection nor can she think of divorce. The super power America has two wives the elder one is India and   the younger one is Pakistan. Usually younger wives are loved more than the elders. The husband is confident that the elder wife will not dare to take the divorce and marry another man. He becomes somewhat careless. But he is in doubt about the second wife she can severe her relations and enchant other young person (China) America does not want India to enchant China. As a matter of fact India should come closer to China and develop strong relations to the extent that America should be compelled to divorce India China is not only a strong super power but also a neighbour. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga III US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley: "These cables could compromise private discussions with foreign governments and opposition leaders," Everybody, all the time: "We have nothing to hide." Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091   Muslim and terrorist What makes me surprise is that whenever there is any blast or terrorist activity, all the media, police, administration blame Muslims by various names like IM, Lashkar, HM. Last night also they did the same, but when they tracked the mails and found two non Muslims.  They immediately declared that they are innocent and their WiFi was hacked by Indian Mujahideen. As they are bound to start their investigation by assuming that only Muslims can do this. I ask why these TWO men cannot be the actual culprits. We should not forget the inquiries in Malegaon, Ajmer blast, the culprits were non Muslims. Same thing happened when blasts happened in Jaipur in 2008, after the fifth blast DGP officially declared the hand of Lashkar behind the blasts. Today in our country there are lot of antinational elements who are active and doing these activities. But why only Muslims are blamed? More over so called Rehanumas (Leaders) of Muslims in India kept their mouth shut, This can be a very big issue of debate that why only one community is blamed for all the mishappening in India. And this is leading to very negative impact of Muslim youths, They feels that they are not in our own country, There is a big need of bringing up Muslim youths from this situation of  depression and this can be done only when we stand united. The agencies are trying to depress brains of Muslims by tagging them as terrorist, and this will continue till we stand united and strong with the weapons of education, participation, and communication. Faisal Khan, Jaipur   The New Nikahnamah We shoud study and support the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan's Nikah  Namah  Which is true to the basic Quranic injunctions of equality and justice. It should be supported for affirming that the marriage contract is a legal document under the exclusive jurisdiction of secular courts, for requiring the bridegroom to declare his existing marital status, for supporting monogamy, for barring triple talaq in one sitting, for stipulating that neither party can terminate marriage unilaterally, for laying down an arbitration mechanism in case of serious disagreements, and for making the mahr more explicit and more enforceable. Women (and men) should insist that such a Nikahnamah be used for all marriages. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York 12804 USA (via email)   Bihar’s mandate is an eye opener for Congress Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar had set an example to all political parties, specially the Congress, which was cut to a minimal size, despite of its false promises. Mr.Nitish Kumar was sure of his win as he took several measures to uplift the poor conditions of Sc .Bc and Muslim minorities..Lalu digged his own grave, and it will be his political end.nobody can fool people with false promises, Muslims have played a key role in the victory of Nitish Kumar, as his magic lured Muslims. Mohammad Azam, Telangana   Yusuf Pathan’s superb innings A great return of Yusuf Pathan with an incredible 123 made India’s victory possible achieving a daunting target of 316. Certain the hefty total did not fluster Yusuf Pathan a bit and the swashbuckling batsman brought laurels to his country in the fourth One-day International against New Zealand in Bangalore. Yusuf, who came in at the fall of Parthiv Patel in the 20th over when India was 108 for four, said he grabbed the chance to score big with both hands. Thus with such a performance, we can see his natural attacking game though took some time to settle down first before opening up his arms. Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur   Jihad’s true sense Jehad means to strive hard. A Mujahid is one who struggles with himself for the sake of one and only Allah. Jehad essentially is a peaceful struggle. According to the Islamic Shariah,peace is the rule in the matters of Jehad, while war is the least desirable option. Countering aggression with aggression is a hard option, while countering aggression with patience and forbearance is an easier option. The mission of Islam is based on monotheism. Islam believes in turning one's enemy into a friend through peaceful means, one should not wage war unnecessarily. War is to be waged not against enemy but against the aggressor. Enemy can be quiet at times and a Muslim is not supposed to attack him. Islam believes in defence and not aggression. Jehad in the Quran means an ideological struggle to conquer people's hearts and minds. Islam is peace. Non-Violence is very important in Islam. Words of wisdom have great value. All the classical literature of Islam which adorns our libraries is the result of our Jehad of kindness in the time of peace. The adoption of a policy of tolerance in the face of controversy and opposition is not our weakness. It is undoubtedly a positive course of action. Islam is truth. Let us study it and purify ourselves. Let us spread the word of Islam. Let us have half of the world under the flag of Islam by 2035. Many people from Gujarat have decided to work for it. Nazneen O. Saherwala, Gujarat Dress code I have been reading a lot about Islam and Muslim Community. There are certain points which have arisen in my mind for which I could not find any satisfactory explanation from anybody. I ask you with a hope to get satisfactory solutions. 1. Why M C Chhgala, M. Hidayatullah, Hameed Dalawai were acceptable to the Hindus only and hated by the Muslims? Why these people were in the good books of Hindus only? 2. Qaide-a-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, father of Pakistan, was not wearing Islamic dress, was not good at Urdu, was a clean shaven man, was eating pork, was not Hafiz-e-Quran, and was thoroughly westernized. In spite of all these overwhelming majority of the Muslims in pre-partition days was behind him, supportive of him. Whereas Maulana Azad was wearing Islamic dress, was Hafiz Quran, had a long beard, and was quoting verses from holy Quran in his speeches and writings. In spite of all this, Maulana was hated by the vast majority of the Muslims. Why is it so? Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot              Is BJP a party with a difference even now? BJP leader Arun Shourie has now exposed real face of his party when in the TV interview, he made honest confession that he was denied for being the lead speaker for Union Budget 2009 in Rajya Sabha at last moment because notorious corporate lobbyist Neera Radia successfully persuaded top BJP leadership to replace Venkaiah Naidu as the lead speaker so that party could take a more accommodating line on proposals that could help country’s richest industrialist Mukesh Ambani. It is now clear that all political parties and alliances, whether in ruling or in opposition, dance to tune of rich corporate because of their being funded through approaching lobbyists. In fact, party-based political system has collapsed in India, and the country needs a refined democratic form of governance which should be qualitative and not just quantitative free from domination of party-bosses. CNN-IBN TV channel should also be complimented for being bold to break unethical code of media for not raising bitter facts about each other, when Karan Thapar in the programme ‘Devil’s Advocate’discussed with Arun Shourie also role of top media-persons Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi as revealed through Nira Radia tapes earlier exposed by Open and Outlook magazines. Otherwise all major news-channels blacked out news of such exposure of media-personalities in Nira Radia tapes. Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi