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Bal Thakeray demands ban on purdah Shiv Sena Supreme Bal Thakeray demands ban on pardah (hijab) on the ground that “from Santacruz Hospital on 15th October a burqua clad woman stole two months baby.”. Shiv Sena daily “Samna” wrote in its editorial on 20th Oct this news published on National Media. If this logic is accepted then Bhagwa dress should also be banned because a sadhvi was running a gang to sell new born babies and kids to issueless couples for two year in Delhi. Delhi Police nabbed the gang of Sadhvis who steal the kids and sell. Police revealed about a dozen kids were sold by the gang of sadhvi who wear bhagwa dress and chandan on forehead. News flashed on 20th Oct. (what a coincidence) Rajasthan ATS nabbed Swami Aseemanand who is mastermind of Mecca Masjid blast. Swami Aseemanand wears Bhagwa dress. Does this not mean that Bhagwa dress must be banned? S. Haque, Patna   Consider total disarmament rather non-proliferation WikiLeaks report exposing Saudi Arabia urging US attack on Iran is ironic. It may be a step in international diplomacy to get US support and little political mileage.  Islam does not allow weapons of mass murder; even it forbids killing of even a single living being without reason. Hence no country should wish for it.  However it is hardly justifiable to impose ban on a nation, like Iran, of nuclear facilities which has invariably claiming that its act is only to continue power supply in the country.  It seems that coming days not prosperous. It would be better for world leaders to consider about total disarmament rather non-proliferation of nuclear weapons for the heyday. Shafaque Alam, New Delhi Dream Too Good a Dream! When my dream will come true I will own bungalow       Have an account in Swiss Bank My balance, the government will never know Poor and the rich will earn Their earnings will be mine I will lead a luxury life Thus my fate will shine Too good a dream; will never come true Unless a minister I be Indulge in ghotalas, loot the public And occupy government’s property A Hameed Yousf, Bangalroe-08   The bald eagle The bald eagle, that is what America's emblem or mascot is and they display it everywhere - basket ball court, wrestling rings ...Indeed the eagle is a magnificent mascot. Though it can fly high there is a problem with it, it has no balls Xavier William   Nobel boycott It is in the good interest of India that it should boycott. The number of senior officials as mentioned in the news published in Hindu seems have soft corner towards US and Europe .But the ground reality must not be neglected. China is our close neighbour. It is playing mischief on our border of PoK, Laddakh, and Arunachal Pradesh. And its companies can cut or reduce trade links putting us in loss. In all adverse prevailing conditions we are just mute spectators.Our army according to American experts are suffering from cold start syndrome. China’s president Mr. Wen who is going to visit India just after the ceremony may cancel his tour and take tough stand against our country if we send the representative to attend the Oslo function. By weighing the pros and cons I suggest India should abstain from attending the Nobel Prize awarding function. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   United West versus the divided rest Leader of the west and so called protector of right of expression; the Britain is itself busy in murdering the freedom of speech. It is the same world of west which regularly criticizes Islam under the pretext of freedom of expression. And this is all over the west in form of a constant conspiracy. But when a Muslim puts forward his words using this freedom of speech then why snake crawls over the chest of west And that person starts appearing as the acquaintance of terrorists to them and the world of west bans him from coming to their States.. But they back up cursed Salman Rushdi (CSR) and spend tens of millions for his security,. This is how this west regularly cools its liver. They constantly do their duty of supporting CSR and people of similar tribe.  They don’t feel they are backing up wrong doers. The job of supporting CS Rushdi, CT Nasreen and Danish cartoonist is being done right from the day one and it is still on. According to Britain each and everyone has right to express his views then why this behaviour with Zakir Naik? Tariq Abdullah, New Delhi   Reality shows on channel The Big Boss session 4 which is being telecast on Colours TV channel is nothing but bogus and scripted to fool the viewers. These programs devise methods to fool the viewers and gain the TRP. The show which claims that the participants Sara Khan and Ali Merchant got married before the camera is nothing but bogus. They have made a big drama and big deal about their marriage in the show to improve the TRP of the show, which paid the couple a total amount of Rs. 50 lakhs (Rs.25 lakhs each). The report suggests that the wedding on the set was bogus and a complete farce to misguide the viewers, while the fact is that the couple are married for last two years since November 10, 2008 in Bhopal and as they wanted to celebrate their second anniversary, they planned this drama against a hefty payment, for which they can go to any extent. It is shocking and disgraceful how people and channels can stoop down to any level for TRPs and cheap publicity. It is high time the channel and media at large grow up rather than fooling people for their own selfish interest and personal gains. Mohd. Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Kashmir anger The geography of prolonged betrayal, hatred, anger, etc, all along with the state sponsored fear in actual sense a hard brute experience, reflecting a prolonged craving of masses, a yearning and an apparently impossible aspiration of a common oppressed chunk who even being in majority are fearful toward everything and are made to accept what she calls self spun myths by a definite power class. On one hand the alarming geography of anger, violence, hatred, brewing Azadi sentiments and on the other creation of a scared atmosphere to stop voices, will simply lead to a more deadly internal chaos. So a whole hearted out let to resentment has to be provided as it reflects democracy in true sense. Also we need to see why Kashmir like problems are still lingering  for decades together while as even more violent conflict in African countries like that of Liberia came to end. Primarily, because peoples voices were listened to and addressed as well. It is a hard reality that talks of helmsmen matter, if they feel to talk, the conflict will be over but they develop a dual sense, they talk conflict for power, they ignore conflict for power. One fails to understand that even blood baths are let to continue and those who can make the difference are silent and with their own ideologies and dilemmas. The last hope is that government listens to interlocutors and act practically on the problem instantly so that Kashmir can some day see the dawn of peace and a abuse free dusk of glittering moon and we can get rid of the major chunk who likes to get benefited even out of the blood of the poor. Syed Adfar Rashid Shah, New Delhi.   Let us curse the rogues Rogues indeed are the poisonous chair-seekers of our time in Indo-Pak sub-continent because, in the preceding centuries, people of all religions were living amicably notwithstanding what their forefathers might have done to one another erroneously. Therefore, let us all, believing in the Might of God, curse the mean-minded political leaders of our time. Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150   India once had an uncle chief justice Things are changing for betterment at Supreme Court ever since present Chief Justice of India (CJI) Sarosh Homi Kapadia has taken charge. Nation does expect from the sincerely hard-working CJI for establishing a judicial system which may not be tainted with ease later even after his retirement. I am a victim of a system where even an ‘Uncle’ Chief Justice of India patronized misdeeds of his close friends in higher judiciary when he filed my documented complaint with all the proofs without even invoking ‘In-House procedure’ drafted unanimously by all the judges of the Supreme Court. Nothing can satisfy me till an impartial enquiry may be directed into my dumped complaints against misconduct of those in higher judiciary where my prime-time youth was mercilessly crushed for 16 long years depriving me of possible opportunities to earn violating even my human and civil rights. Even Union government did not find the person fit for being NHRC Chairperson after his retirement from post of Chief Justice of India. Only consoling remedy for judicial victims like me is to curse from the inner-most of heart such persons misusing temples of justice like slaughter-houses for those having suffered through misconduct and corruption in judiciary. Only and the best practical way to check unholy incidents of ‘uncle judges’ in High Courts is to appoint all judges of High Courts compulsorily from outside their home-states also to effectively check influences and approaches on locally appointed High Court judges through their local friends, relatives and former bar-colleagues. Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi   Kettle hotter than tea As per the above quoted Gujarati proverb, some Gujarati Muslims have reportedly demanded a countrywide ban on cow slaughter. Here one remembers a UP incident of nearly half a century ago, published in a Lucknow weekly Sidq (edited by Maulana AM Daryabadi). When Nil Gais (Nil Cows) began to destroy human food crops in fields, the cow savers had announced that those animals were not ‘Nil Gais’ (Nil Cows) but ‘Nil Ghodas’ (Nil Horses) and, therefore, could be slaughtered! Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150   Jagan’s turbulence It seems the Congress high command is fully under the strong clutches of Brahman lobby. After the resignation of K Rosaiah it was good opportunity to make Jagan as the CM of AP in view of the troubles of regionalism. Being a  Christian he was wontedly neglected.Jagan’s disobedience could be forgiven. After becoming CM he could set right himself and there would not be any hurdle in smooth functioning of the government. Now the Jagan group will  create a lot of trouble. The congress has laid down the tradition of giving important assignments to the sons and daughters of former leaders as Rahul Gandhi. Meera Kumari, Sachin Pilot, Murasali Maran etc then why Jagan be deprived of? Only because he is Christian. The high caste lobby is very much particular in keeping its interests above the interests of the state. This will result is anarchism in the state. The BJP wanted to replace a caste Hindu in place of Yeddiurappa in Karnataka but it was counter productive therefore the high command was compelled to keep Yeddurappa as CM of Karnataka Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Abolition of slavery December 2, being the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, reminds us the date of the adoption of the United Nations Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others (resolution 317(IV)of 2 December 1949) by the UN General Assembly. Ironically, despite passing of so many decades, today, child labour, along with trafficking of people, is the worst form of slavery known to mankind. Though, we hear lots of hue and cry with the World Bank calling it as the economic exploitation of children as an insult to humanity. The fact is around 215 million children across the world are still trapped in child labour, according to the International Labour Organisation. Millions of them work under hazardous conditions which present dangers to their health, safety and welfare. All over the world children continue to work, putting their education, health and normal development at stake. Many are enslaved in bonded labour, isolated in domestic service, and traumatized and abused in the commercial sex trade, says the World Bank study. Amidst all the claim of India shinning and similar things, our nation is among the highest child labourers. Child labour accounts for 22 per cent of the workforce in Asia, 32 per cent in Africa, 17 per cent in Latin America, 1 per cent in the United States, Canada and Europe. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Obama’s visit to India Apropos of Barack Obama’s visit to India, who nicely converted India’s weakness into an opportunity for the U.S.  Instead of craving for the permanent membership of the United Nations, which has already become a toothless entity functioning under the shadow of a few Western countries; our policymakers should have decided to take India the China-way, to make it an economic superpower.  With the riders coming in the shape of India’s pledge to partner the U.S. in its “democracy promotion” project which is envisaged to contain countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Iran and the “circle of democracy” project designed by the U.S. to encircle China with the support of Japan, India and Australia, the sovereign interests of our nation are bound to take a beating.  More horrific conditions which are in the offing, like the Logistical Support Agreement (LSA) and the Communications Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement (CIS MoA) would compel India to perpetually serve as a junior partner to the U.S., in all its imperialist designs. Then, in the name of promoting food security and raising agricultural productivity, India signed “Evergreen Agreement” with the U.S. which would open Indian agriculture and retail trade to American MNCs like Monsanto and Walmart. It appears, barely after 63 years of independence achieved after countless struggles and sacrifices, the history of India is about to turn a full circle by falling into the grab of another imperialist force. It is high time; the democratic forces in the country strived hard to defeat the nefarious attempts by the Manmohan Singh government, to save the nation from another stint of slavery.  Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa   Afghanistan At the time when things are going from bad to worst in Afghanistan Nato is preparing its exit strategy from Afghanistan. In shocking news, US leading newspaper revealed that a man claiming to be a leading Taliban negotiator in secret talks with Afghan officials was actually faking and received a lot of money from Karzai government. Only last month in his recent interview former Soviet Union president Gorbachov warned that victory in Afghanistan is an uphill task and not possible. Former Soviet president warned that due to geographical difficulties and very different Afghan cultural values victory is not possible in Afghanistan. Gorbachov recent prediction came at a time when number of NATO soldiers killed rose to six hundred this year which is already crossed total number of NATO casualties last year. Now attacks at NATO bases, Government facilities, incidents of road side bombing and suicide bombing have become daily routine in country. Last month Karzai backed governor in Gazni lost his life in suicide attack. According to NATO high command after nine years of war Taliban is still controlling seventy two percent area of Afghanistan. Only last month’s militants burn down more than one fifty NATO supply containers in different parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Allies are still paying millions of dollar to secure NATO supply route from possible attacks. After huge military spending and high war casualties allies are facilitating negotiations between militants groups and US backed Karzai government in Afghanistan. Pakistan released key Taliban Mullah Abdul Ghani for negotiations with Karzai government. Mulla Brother was arrested in Karachi some months ago. Unfortunately after nine years of war US and its allies still are not able to win the hearts and minds of ordinary Afghan people. Khawaja Umer Farook, Jeddah   Nobel Prize for Peace It was surprising for the whole world and even for President Obama when he was nominated for Nobel Prize for Peace. Nobody knew for what he got it. There is substantial decline in the standards of selection committee and there were sarcastic comments from all the corners of globe. They would not hesitate to do anything necessary for keeping U.S. number one in matters of Power and Economy. U.S. past history is full of many devilish actions including dropping of Atom Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing Lacs of people in seconds, using Nepalm bombs in Vietnam, attacking Bengahazi and Tripoli in early eighties killing many innocents. It even did not hesitate in attacking Libyan president house killing Gaddafi's daughter, attacking Iraq in early nineties by Bush Senior killing large number of civilians including women and children. Before that it supplied arms to both Iraq and Iran in the same war. Attacking Iraq by President G.W. Bush killing Lacs of innocent people and lastly continuation of Iraq and Afghanistan war by President Obama is a proof that being number one is hobby of America. It does not matter who the President is. Obama came to power on majestic wave of popularity both at home and outside because of false assurances given by him like other politicians. Economy was in a mess, attitude of Republicans was hostile and thinking of Muslim population in about 57 countries where they are in majority and many other countries where they are in sizable minority was very much negative for U.S. and governing situation most uncongenial. At the end of roughly a year and half Guantanamo still exists, illegitimate support for Israel is at its peak, two and half crore people in U.S. have lost jobs, number of Muslim countries ruined by America is increasing, hatred for Americans has increased vertically and horizontally and desire to punish Iran for a crime which it has not committed is very high. Dr. Javed Akhtar, Azamgarh, U.P.