Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Army Rule in AMU

This refers to the latest controversy surrounding Aligarh Muslim University. In my opinion, there is no harm in running the University by armymen, if they making rational decisions. When Lt Gen. Shah joined the AMU as its Vice Chancellor, there was turmoil, uncertainty and lawlessness on the campus. For a new VC, job was challenging. But Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah displayed the great qualities. He has had the experience of dealing with the tough situations. During last one year, VC Shah has brought changes in the academic and administrative areas. Not issuing hall tickets to students with less than 75% attendance was a good thing. Most students live in the hostels. Why they are attending their classes? In my opinion, the attendance bar should be raised to 90%. If the VC has banned motorbikes from the campus to check crime, there is nothing wrong in it. Lt. Gen. Shah being a disciplined and discipline lover person, may sound autocratic to some people who don’t like discipline. He is laying a lot of emphasis on improving the living conditions of students and making all possible efforts to revive traditions of the University. We should appreciate his efforts and support him to bring AMU on the top position.

 M. Yunus Khan. University Polytechnic, AMU


MPs’ letter to Obama re. Modi

In reference to the recent letter to the President of the United States, it has become imperative for me to respond to some members of Parliament who deny having signed the letter to 2012. In this context, it may be noted:

1. The most serious charge is that of doing a “cut and paste” of signatures. The fact that some signatures overlap adjoining signatures shows that a “cut and paste” would simply not be possible. In any case, I am willing to have the two letters submitted for signature authentication using advanced digital technology that can easily detect if any of the signatures were either forged or pasted from elsewhere.

2.  Frivolous doubts about the authenticity of the letter appears to be distracting from the real and genuine issues of justice and human rights, and Mr. Modi’s role in the 2002 pogrom that have been raised in the letter.

3. Two Lok Sabha MPs inadvertently signed on the letter that was sent on behalf of Rajya Sabha MPs. The fact that this mistake could not be corrected proves that the signatures are genuine.

4. The letters were signed and sent to President Obama in December 2012. As some MPs have said, they simply do not remember having signed such a letter. Their failure to recollect is not an indication that the letters lack authenticity.

5.  Given that there has been criticism in some quarters about the wisdom of writing this letter, it appears that MPs who are denying having signed the letter are actually backtracking under pressure. Again, some MPs buckling under duress does not take away from the genuineness of the letter and the fact that all the MPs listed on the letter did actually sign it.

6. The letter should not be seen as asking a foreign power to interfere in India’s internal affairs. It is only asking the US to continue the same policy it has had for almost the last decade with respect to a specific individual’s admissibility into the US under US law. The fact that he is an elected Chief Minister only adds to the gravity of the situation, and the need for other elected representatives to speak out.

7. I believe the letter to President Obama is actually rooted in a desire to protect and uphold universal human rights, which are also enshrined in the Constitution of India.

I would like to end on the note that I can understand if a MP given the time lapse, forgot that he/she had signed the letter, I can also accept that he/she may have read the letter but not understood the issue in its totality before signing on the dotted line but I cannot and will not accept that the signatures are forged. I reiterate that I am ready, indeed am asking for an enquiry to be set up to prove the authenticity of the letter and the signatures as this is a direct attack on my integrity, my honour and my reputation as a respectable Member of the Indian Parliament. I end by saying that if I am found to have forged signatures (specially Members of Rajya Sabha as I myself took the signatures), I will immediately resign as well as accept any punishment levied on me but if proven innocent, I will file defamation cases against those who tried to tarnish my reputation.

Muhammad Adeeb, MP (Rajya Sabha)


Renaming of UGC

Nobody can deny the need of a controlling and supervisory body over Indian Universities. On this account several decades ago such a body known as the University Grants Commission had been set-up and his body has been functioning. The very name of nomenclature of this august body is really disgusting to be academic world and calls for a change to dispel the impression that academic issues are to be decided from the monetary point of view. It would be quite in accordance with the academic nature or spirit, if this body is named as The University Commission.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Mayur Vihar Delhi - 110091


Indian Buddhists are different from Burmese

It is projected now-a-days that Indian Buddhist are under attack from Indian Muslims in reaction of Muslim suffering in Burma & North East. I think this conflict is deliberately designed to suit the need of Brahmin, so that Indian Minorities can never be united to counter the forces of Hindutva. The Buddhist religion was stated by a Kshtriya youth prince Siddarth. The Brahminical religion has define the role of kshatriyas to fight against each other. They declared it as there religion. So the Indian kings always fought against each. Because of this whoever attacked our country, easily won. Otherwise kshtriyas if united were brave enough to counter any attack. So kshatriyas were in need of peace. Siddarth teaches peace & non-violence. As many kshatraiya king’s accepted this religion specially Samrat Ashok, the religion spread from India to others foreign countries including Burma. Later on Brahminical forces re-organized themselves and banished this religion from the countries so the religion was vanished from India. In 20th century Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar (The father of constitution of India) under stood that the only way for the libration of dalits is conversion so he converted to Buddhism. Many of his followers also converted to Buddhism. In this manner Indian Buddhist are very much like backward class Indian Muslims. As Muslims get liberty, equality & peace in Islam, so is the core of Indian Buddhists.

Abdur Razzaque Ansari, Indore


A tale of two neighbours

If observed honestly and compare the to neighbours China and India above the so-called patriotism as claimed every movement in India by these who defied and defiled the soul of patriotism, China is emerged to be the land more advanced, developed, progressed in all respects and fields in comparison to our country which is quite inferior to that country in various ways. But the people and their leaders never sing a carol in China nor they claim to be most patriotic and faithful to their country as we see in India where even traitors claim to be more patriotic and proud of being Indians. The glaring example of social, political and above all judicial honesty with remarkable discipline in China surpassed our country gorgeously thus showing way to us. China’s former Railway Minister Liu Zhijun awarded a suspended death sentence by a court there for corruption and abuse of power. Liu, 65 year was found guilty of accepting bribe to the tune of USD 10.53 million over 25 years by the Beijing Number Two Intermediate People’s Court which was conducting the trial announced the stiff verdict coming with death penalty with a two years reprieve, deprival of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property. He was also sentenced to under go 10 years imprisonment for abusing of power. Coming home we know that we have two Law and Judiciary systems out of which one is meant for VIPs and another for common citizens which include less influential, middle class and lower category people whereas VIP judicial system covers members of all political parties both National and regional levels, their leaders from top to bottom, rich and influential persons, their kin and kith as they are all treated above the Law and constitution of the country. Mere majority of ministers, parliamentarians, members of legislative assemblies, politicians are notorious in every aspect, un-social, corrupt, gangsters, murderers, criminals, responsible for genocide, accumulating wealth from all illegal sources, committing offences against society and humanity, creating false, concocted and fabricated stories and plans to down the weak and hapless persons either in the name of religion or for other reasons, involved in number of scams, scandal, pogroms, demolition of religious places, engineering riots, killing of lacs, raping innocent and helpless women, involved in all illegal and law breaking activities still they are not only shielded by law but awarded and decorated with high ranking awards and positions. Here the fake encounters take place at regular interval at the behest of politicians with their open involvement in the crimes but they are not found guilty for want of certain reasons like “not proved” guilty, “no sufficient evidence” etc. The man wholly responsible for 1992-93 pre and post Babri Masjid demolition communal frenzy at Mumbai whose involvement was clearly confirmed by Srikrishna report is not only paid rich tribute in Loksabha but called a great patriot by non less than the India P. M. Mr. Manmohan Singh, what a irony of Indian fate? and lastly after just a few months in jail, Suresh Kalmadi returns to the Lok Sabha with his head held high and Kanimoshi gets elected to Rajya Sabha or Modi becomes the prime ministerial candidate or L. K. Advani is the most respected and highly dignified leaders even after the crime of rath-yatra and demolition of Babri Masjid. In China, a former minister is sentenced to death for corruption and abuse of power but in our great beloved motherland leaders, ministers and all those enjoy the status of VIPs are treated as worthy of punishment even for most heinous, barbaric, un-social, illegal and inhuman crimes.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13


On Aamir Raza Resignation From BJP

The reason of given by Aamir, BJP Vice President, for his resignation from BJP that people like him want anti -Congress option which a Vajpayee or an Advani led BJP provided but Modi mentality projected in his remarks on Puppy deaths and Burqa of secularism has closed that option for us is totally misleading. The reason giving by Aamir is not convincing. No self respected Muslim can think of joining Communalist party with fascist ideology like BJP even if he finds lot of faults with Congress How could BJP led by Advani could be an option for any anti-Congress Muslim? Advani is responsible for demolition of Babri Mosque and killing of thousands of Muslims in the riots followed by his Rath Yatra in 1990 and after demolition of mosque in 1992. Even for Gujarat genocide of Feb, 2002 Advani is equally responsible because being the home minister at that time he did not take any step to stop the massacre of Muslims organized by Modi and his government.

Prof. Shamim Ahmad, AMU


We have become suicidal

More than 1400 years have passed. Hazrat Mohammed (pbuh) made Islam systematic and he was the last Prophet. He also did not know anything about the future of Islam after 1400 years. Allah only knew it. Today, we are out to make Allah cry. He is love and pure love. We have betrayed Him by fighting among ourselves and killing each other. We do not love Him enough. Our Prophet brought Arabs from different cults under one flag. He invited Jews and Christians also. It was a very difficult task but he did it for us. He understood Allah and His message. According to his teachings Allah is the heart of Islam. Unfortunately we have forgotten Allah and we are fighting for trivial matters. We recite Qur’an but we do not understand that Allah is love. He is the most benevolent and merciful. We have failed in explaining the truth and beauty of Islam to the world because we have not digested the truth. We are digging our own graveyard. We have become suicidal. We have sealed our heart and we do not let love flow from it. It is time to understand, it is time to rise.

Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat


Modi a Hindu nationalist?

If Modi says he is a Hindu immediately the question arises. He belongs to which caste, Is he a Brahman who are born from the head of God. Is he a Sudra who are born from the feet of God? Or from some other caste? The Hindus or progressive mined people ,So far material means ,for example in olden days they were travelling in bullock cart, then they stared sitting in motors, then rails ,then planes now they are able travel in helicopters. They are using science and technology. They invented atomic bombs and missiles to counter the hostile countries.. We have good progress in information technology. But so for morality spirituality and religious practices and rituals they follow 5000 old beliefs and sentiments. The fundamental belief is erroneous. They revere. Serpents, animals, rivers, mountains, trees etc, The latest view is God is only one. He is the Creator, Fosterer, and Sustainer Therefore only He must be worshipped. Hindus believe in polytheism which is irrational. So far worshipping mode is preliminary and needs correction. They are lacking the sense of cleanliness they drink cows urine thinking it sacred. They ignite their corps spreading lot of pollution. Their mode of celebration of festivals is dangerous and objectionable to the people of other religions.     Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad. 


Is it ‘Paak’ Sthaan?

Dancing day and night in today’s Pakistan, Satan must be telling Bernard Shaw that ‘Muslims’ can sometimes be made much more mad than he could have imagined. Only ‘Muslims’ having longest beards and shortest sights can bomb every place including Masjids, Madrasas, graveyards, schools, markets and hospitals. They must have curd instead of brain in their drain-like heads. Innaa Lillaah…

Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150


BJP, murder and terror activities

BJP is a party which believes in communal politics and wants to grab power on dead bodies, Modi wants to become Prime Minister of India and wants to erect his castle on the heads and bones of uncountable innocent citizens. Involvement of BJP and its Parivar in anti-national criminal and terror activities is very manifest like Babri Masjid Demolition,  Bomb blasts across India from Srinagar to Kerala, Uncountable Communal Violence including Gujarat, Fake encounters, Defend the act of Terrorism and safeguard terrorists in jails, Spreading communal hatred amongst the people.

Bodhgaya is the new destination of BJP and Sanghi Terror, where they wanted to achieve the goal of communal violence between Dalit (Bodh) and Muslims now that Nitish Kumar has split from BJP on the issue of Gujarat Violence and State sponsored Terrorism. Same trick Sanghi terrorists adopted in Hyderabad Mecca Masjid and Malegaon Blasts. They wanted to ignite communal violence after the blast and caused more casualties in the form of one sided police firing.

Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai


Actor Pran

The nation has lost a great actor who enthralled the movie watchers for almost six decades with some electrifying roles - Sher Khan in Zanjeer, Malang Chacha in Upkaar, dacoit Raka in Jis desh mein Ganga Behti hai - to quote a few. Pran had a philanthropic heart helping the needy silently. But the thespian deserved a more respectful adieu by Hollywood actors who preferred to condole on twitter rather than attending the funeral.

S. Sultan Mohiddin, Kapada (A. P)


Casteism and High Court

The Allahabad high court on Thursday banned caste based rallies in Uttar Pradesh with immediate effect. It also issued notices to four major parties in the state-as well as the central and the Election commission to present their points of view on how to curb the menace of caste politics that threatens to rip apart the country’s social fabric. The next date of hearing is July 25. I applaud the feeling of the honourable judges that though late but they found out the castes have divided the society. But the political parties, EC, and state and central government are not competent to give their point of view to curb the menace of caste politics. In my opinion the so far the castes remain the caste politics will also remain. The other name of castes is Hinduism. All Hindus are divided in 4 major castes, The superior most is Brahmins and lowest caste is scheduled caste (SC).According to Hindu mythology The Brahmins are superior as they have taken birth from the Head of God. The sunders are lowest as they have taken birth from the feet of God. All the highly educated Brahmins including the judges of Supreme court and the SCs of educated cadre strongly believe this dogma, The makers of constitution of India have also taken down as a fact. They have recommended reservations in jobs for SCs. The caste politics has started from then only To curb the caste politics is a Herculean task the Brahmins who are the rulers of this country claiming to be the superior caste will never agree to forgo caste system. They have captured all high profile jobs. They are ministers party bosses, bureaucrats. Though they are 3% but have gained 75% of all important assignments. All other communities are their subordinates. The SCs who give importance to self respect should take shelter in the fold of Islam Christianity or Buddhism.

                Maqdoomi, Hyderabad.


Indian Mujahideen

Since the time taking over the charge as Union Home Minister, Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde started speaking in the tune and tone of Hindutva forces and majority of anti-Muslim Congressmen, biased investigation police force of different states security agencies which he himself has proved time and again with the sole intention to receive blessing from RSS and congressmen as well. Very recently while addressing members of the consultative committee for home ministry at New Delhi he made a blurt statement that a terrorist group by name Indian Mujahideen was set-up by Pakistan based terrorist elements in order to retain deniability and most of the recruits in the said organisation were drawn from India. According to him security forces in the country have managed to identify and arrest the I. M. operatives thus ably frustrated their objectives The statement is an attempt to kill many birds with a single stone and that since the matter is related with Indian Muslims it must have been applauded, appreciated and welcomed not only by hindutva families but anti-Muslim lobby in congress too. On one hand the statement may help congress to garner maximum votes from all sections of hindus, pave way to the various security agencies and police atleast in selected states like Maharashtra, U. P., Karnataka, Andhra., M. P. etc gear up free and frank arrest of well educated Muslim youths in the name of members of I. M., to bring down Indian Muslims to the status of second grade citizens justified all illegal and unprecedented actions against Muslim youths and to put them behind bars for years to gather without any trial, arrange fake encounters, kill innocent Muslim youths in the so- called safe custody of jails either by police or by inmates who are specially brought and put up in lockups with Muslim youths to assault and kill them under the drawn plans. It is quite surprising that Hon’ble Home Minister remained silent about the centre of activities and placement of headquarter of I. M. in India.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 440013


Institutions betray people

Many people come to the defence of the accused cops & IB men in the Ishrat case with the argument that their morale will be shattered by such charges. This is a dangerous argument to encourage lawlessness among law enforcers. There is no immunity for any security men who violate the law of the land even while tackling terrorists and dangerous criminals. A TV channel recently exposed a torture chamber operated by the Delhi police at a private residential building in the nation’s capital. Cops abducted a few poor innocent youth below the age of 18 and tortured & sodomised them in this private premise to extract confession on some unsolved crimes. An ex-top cop called this crime an ‘’aberration’’! Tribal schoolteacher Soni Sori and her relative & journalist Lingaram Kodopi were arrested two years ago on the charge of arranging protection money on behalf of Essar company to Maoists. The main accused, D. V. C. S Verma, general manager at an Essar steel plant, and B. K. Lala, an Essar contractor, were also arrested for disbursing the money. Police allegedly seized Rs. 15 lakh from Lala. Rejecting the bail petition of Sori & Kodopi on 8 July, Justice P K Mishra of CG HC said that “on basis of the seriousness of the evidence,” the bail petition had been rejected. Verma got bail on grounds of ill-health within a few months. Police did not file a charge sheet against the contractor Lala within 90 days, and thus facilitated his bail. Are we to conclude that if one is with Essar, he can get bail, and rot in jail if she or he is an Adivasi? Sori was tortured so brutally by the CG police that foreign bodies were recovered from her private parts. She was also given electric shock in the name of interrogation. All these were reportedly executed on the orders of SP Ankit Garg. Instead of probing the alleged misdeeds of this cop, he was decorated with a gallantry award. NHRC probed several encounters. It found many hundreds of them as staged. But the customary magisterial enquiry conducted on all these encounters certified them as genuine. When the law enforcers have become law breakers so brazenly, people care a hoot to respect the law and its enforcers.

Sankara Narayanan, Bhubaneswar