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Dr Ejazuddin Khan — destiny’s child

A cursory glance at the never ending and quite an enviable achievements of Dr. Ejaz Khan confirms his genius in no uncertain and unequivocal terms.

Holy Qur’an lays utmost and unequivocal emphasis on the quest of knowledge. It begins with ‘iqra’ (read). The Prophet (pbuh) has said that if one is required to go to China for acquiring knowledge, one musn’t hesitate. And those who are the true seekers of knowledge are placed on the highest pedestal. A cursory glance at the never ending and quite an enviable achievements of Dr. Ejaz Khan confirms his genius in no uncertain and unequivocal terms. He has achieved so much in his academic career that nothing seems left out and untouched.

Born on 15th August in 1955 in a literate family, Dr. Ejaz, after completion of graduation came to Pune in 1977 to pursue post graduation from Pune University. ‘A true teacher is an eternal student’. This Arabic proverb is fully applicable to Dr. Ejaz Khan. He, probably, was destiny’s child who, despite having options wide open, chose to engross himself in the unending endeavour of the historical ‘Scholar batch Movement’, of Azam Campus, dreamt and envisioned by Mr. P.A. Inamdar.

Dr. Khan, is an eternal student in many walks of life. He, despite having enormous powers in his hands, as the principal of a large educational institution, never sought to exercise them. On the contrary, he made himself easily accessible to all those who sought his assistance and help in matters not exactly related to education alone. He, over the past ten years, has been striving hard to reach the ever elusive perfection by the dint of hard labour and perseverance of a diligent student. His objective, despite having a galaxy of degrees to his credit, is not to amass degrees as he staunchly believes that degrees alone can’t make a person truly knowledgeable or a good human being. He never hankered after them, rather degrees seem to have fallen in his kitty as acknowledgement of his immense talent. Abundant knowledge made him unbelievably accommodative and humility personified. Dr. Ejaz Khan, is a committed socio-education activist in his own right. He truly wants to see every single Muslim boy or girl well educated. His activism is indifferent to the glamour or glorification. In a time, when every single ‘selfless’ activist seems to have embodied the age old philosophy of ‘I, me, myself’, Dr. Khan is redefining the essence of activism. He would rarely be noticed hogging the limelight of seminars or conferences actually conceived and organized by himself. He enjoys the company of lesser mortals rather than the self centered celebrities. Accumulation of hard earned knowledge has given him oceanic depth and a kind of cosmic consciousness. A quick look at him can convey the fecundity of his intellectual faculties. There is no arrogance or haughtiness in this genius who richly and rightly deserves this accolade which, in this rash and reckless age, is used so carelessly. Many would agree with me that his gentle disposition and ever-helping nature endear him to all and sundry.

It is said that getting a Ph.D. from Pune University is no joke. Dr. Khan made this uphill task look like a child’s play by getting Ph.D. degree on ‘An Insight into the electronics and magnetic interactions in complexes of redoxactive ligands’ in 1993 under the guidance of Dr. S. Y. Rane. Prior to that he was awarded M. Phil degree with ‘O’ grade by University of Pune in July 1987 under the guidance of Dr. S. Y. Rane. And this is just a glimpse of the mind blowing feats that have enriched the academic scenario of Pune. It won’t be a hyperbole to call Dr. Khan a polymath or a multidimensional academician. He has not just excelled in the sphere of traditional academics, but in other areas too. He worked as selector for Inter Collegiate Cricket teams, Zonal teams conducted by University of Pune. He has been a Member, Board of Studies Environmental Sciences, University of Pune, 2008-10. He organized Orientation Workshops for science teachers. He has been organizing Science Exhibitions to popularize Science since 1997 at College. He is also credited for organizing various research Seminars at district, state and national levels in various subjects. He worked as a resource person for NCERT’s scholastic Aptitude test (SAT). But the most important thing about him is that in spite of doing so many things in so little a time, he is always zealous and fit like a fiddle. Those crib about boredom in life and often say that they have not done much must take a cue from Dr. Khan’s fulfilling life, that exemplifies how life should be lived in a fruitful manner. Finds time to read and write as well, albeit subject matter. His three books on Chemistry have hit the stands so far and all the books have been well-received by the student fraternity.

Philanthropy, in its true spirit, can’t be confined to merely monetary benefits as is widely believed. Prophet Muhammad described many forms of philanthropies. Even a smile or removing of the stone from the street could also be an act of charity. Dr. Ejaz, in his capacity makes it a point to reach out to the have-nots of the society regardless of their religious or social allegiance. This helping nature makes him immensely popular among students, teachers and those who know him even remotely.

With each passing year Ejaz Khan has become synonymous with scholar batch. This very unique concept, in the last ten years, has remarkably changed the entire Muslim educational scenario so much so that being ‘Scholar’ ceased to be the core monopoly of the few and privileged. Dr. Ejaz, undoubtedly, despite being visibly overshadowed, played an instrumental role in achieving this status.