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Appeal to support Alliance School, West Bengal

Alliance School — run by Charity Alliance was founded in May 2009 — in a Muslim majority belt of West Bengal — which has unfortunately some of the most disadvantaged members of our community.

The school is housed at present in a rented building and current landlord will not be able to renew the lease due to personal reasons which ends this March.

With Allah's grace and help from brothers and sisters like you, land has already been bought for the school. We have started constructing rooms on it. Due to paucity of funds and little time at hand, classrooms of bamboo are being made.

We request you to help us build a few pucca rooms and lavatories. About Rs 2 lakhs is required immediately for this purpose and lots of duas.

Charity Alliance
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Cheques payable to “Charity Alliance” should be marked account payee.  
We prefer cheques to bank drafts. Individuals are welcome to pay cash in our office or send M.O.

To contribute through credit card or internet-banking visit (secure processing).

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Donations to Charity Alliance are eligible for tax deduction in India under Section 80G   Zakat, Bank Interest, Sadaqa, General Donations all accepted.