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Sunshine Global Education celebrates 1st anniversary


Purnia (Bihar): Sunshine Global Education Ltd (SGEL) celebrated its 1st anniversary on 17 April at Hotel Rajlaxmi in Purnea with fanfare. The celebrations consisted of its success story, presentation of business plan, speeches of dignitaries, MD’s account regarding the progress of the company and the emerging trends in the educational sector in India.

The company was established on 14 April last year to contribute to make our society fully computer-literate, which stands today at 15%, providing low cost services and reaching the rural masses. For this purpose, SGEL prepared a video tutorial on how to operate computers. Thus at the very onset the company’s product made education easy to be acquired through e-learning without Internet access. The company created its virtual institute to provide Education in Residency.

The programme was started by the welcome speech of Mr. Jalal Hassan, manager operations, SGEL. He presented the business plan of the company which is based on the binary system of earning following the principle of Earn-while- you-Learn. Special guest Hardeo Misra, renowned advocate of Purnea, expressed his gratitude to the organisers of the function and praised the company for empowering the underprivileged classes.

Top ranking associates of the company, coming from across Bihar, Jharkhand and W Bengal, shared their happiness with the audience, participating from all walks of life, and expressed how the company brought socio-economic development for lakhs of people belonging to the poor segments of society through different plans. Kits containing the literature about the company and the business plan CDs were presented to the associated leaders and aspiring associates.

While explaining the objectives of the company, Minhajuddin of Kolkata, Chief Operating Officer of SGEL, said that the company launched its business plan designed to meet the educational needs of the poor segments of the society. He said that there are many challenges and opportunities before a company dealing with online education as on one side students feel isolation and a lack of in-person connection but its availability at low cost anywhere any time attracts a large segment of the population which wants to enhance its knowledge and skills for better prospects in life.

The online course of computer operation which is designed by the company is available now at the cost of Rs. 5000 which is being provided offline by reputed institutes at Rs. 50,000, said an official of the company. SGEL used this opportunity to discuss the emerging trends in educational sector with its peers and practitioners besides the capacity building of the associated leaders and workers for upcoming challenges before the company. (Tameemuddin Humble)