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Fifty years of INSAN: A path of knowledge, excellence and humanity

We all are in journey—we as humans, as well as our societies and institutions. Our paths and destinations may appear to be different, at least at times, but we all go through an abundance of experiences. At each stop along the way, we rejoice the moment, reflect on the past, and look towards the future.

It was a cold morning in Delhi on January 5, 1965. A gathering of people was at the Delhi airport to welcome back Dr. Syed Hasan who was returning from America after having spent 10 years there. When he arrived, to everyone’s astonishment, he landed with no radios, tape recorders, TVs or other fancy American stuff usually expected from those who come back from abroad, but rather 7-8 sandooqs (big storage trunks) filled with books. At that moment, no one could imagine the incredible journey that was about to unfold.

Couple of months ago, I was in Kishanganj, India, during INSAN’s 50th anniversary Golden Jubilee celebrations; with over 150 alumni from different parts of India and abroad. INSAN’s Shiksha Nagar campus used to be referredas Jhohopron ka Shahar (City of Huts) due to its bamboo infrastructure have been replaced by brick-tin cabin like huts, though it still infuses a sense of serenity, a welcome breeze for those of us coming from big cities. The memories of that visit are still freshly wrapped in emotions. It was very heartwarming to see so many of the alumni who had come despite the currency crisis India was then facing. Besides being part of the historic event, many of them came to give their final respect to the founder, Dr. Hasan who had passed away last year on January 25th and to pray Fatiha at his grave. Those who could not physically attend the ceremony sent their hearts by following the events through various social media groups. The intense love at the celebration was palpable everywhere in the atmosphere.

Here are some photographs from the event:

(Students making dua'a e maghfarh for the late founder Padam Shri Dr. Syed Hasan after the Quran Khwani)    
(Students performing INSAN Tarana Insan banein ge hum insan banaein ge)    
(Students in front of their model of Maya Civilization)    
(Barefoot College is being honoured with INSAN's 50th Anniversary Commemorative "Path of Knowledge Path of Humanity" Award. Mr. Ravindra Nath is accepting it on behalf of his organization)
(RAHAT is being honoured with INSAN's 50th Anniversary Commemorative "Path of Knowledge Path of Humanity" Award. Dr. Farzana Begum is accepting it on behalf of her organization.)    
(L-R, Mr. Zafar Anjum, Dr. Shafey Kidwai, Mr. Isa Kamari during the book launch of Isa Kamari's "Tweet")    
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