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Jahangirabad Institute of Technology announces Distinguished Fellows program

Jahangirabad Institute of Technology (JIT) has announced JIT Distinguished Fellows (JITDF) program which is available to persons of senior standing in academia and business with interest in making a distinctive contribution to an area of current or future interests at JIT.

AICTE-approved Jahangirabad Institute of Technology (JIT) is in Barabanki (Uttar Pradesh) and offers different degree and diploma courses. Jahangirabad Institute of Technology is affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh (APJAKTU).

The fellows would be expected to spend a minimum of one week or preferably a longer period, at JIT making a distinctive contribution to one of the following areas:

COURSE INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Teach an accelerated course within the context of STEM in one or more-degree programs. The degree programs currently being offered in the Faculty of Engineering include civil, mechanical, computer science, electrical, electronics and communication, and mechanical. MBA program is being offered in the Faculty of Business Administration. JIT is also offering a number of diploma programs in technology and electronic media. The technology diploma program is new. The electronic media program is well established and has received recognition for a number of documentaries that it has produced. Proposals for an accelerated course in media are equally welcome.

TOPIC INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Teach a topic that appears as a core body of knowledge in one or more programs using the STEM context, or a topic in electronic media and mass communications.

PROJECTS: Propose and supervise projects involving teams of students from various disciplines. Preferred focus is on the needs of rural communities such as clean water, alternate energy, access, healthier living environment, safe disposal of waste, etc.

SEMINARS OR WORKSHOPS: Propose and conduct seminars or workshops on emerging trends in engineering and management education or media studies.

INCUBATION INITIATIVES: Propose and set up an incubation center for an area of high demand in India.

INNOVATIVE PROGRAMMING: Propose an innovative and possibly futuristic program in an area such as the energy sector in India, particularly small to medium scale low cost solar or bio-energy devices and systems.

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Propose and conduct development and training activities within the context of the National Skill Development Policy (NSDP) in India, taking into account the challenges that exist, and focusing on strategies for success

For those in the United States or Canada, JIT will also provide guest house and local hospitality.

The interested candidates can send applications or nominations for JITDF with relevant details to Professor Emeritus Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ahmad at  Links: (PRESS RELEASE)