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Do Indian Muslim Students really try to avail the govt scholarship schemes?

Muslims in India should be grateful that in India "Bribe" does not discriminates among any.

We at Parvaaz Foundation receive over 200-300 new cases on beginning of every new session of school/college. And to our surprise, none of these have ever heard of or even bothered to have found out about the various Scholarships available from different agencies. Even if they knew — they didn't know how to go about applying for one. And if any student who had even applied for it — doesn't know the follow-up systems with the agencies; they sit down quietly and eventually after few months give up the hopes of getting any.

While other minority communities are fully benefiting from these so called scholarships which were meant in general for Muslim students. So where does the problem lie? The problem partially lies with ourselves and partially within our government system. 

First of all, in general, our community lacks basic education which gives them limited access to print media. Very rarely you will see Muslim families living in lower strata subscribing to the newspapers — while it is different in other communities who are also in the same situation. Hence the various schemes announced by Government reaches only selected minorities. While various State Governments have unlimited budget in putting hoardings all around the state highlighting ambitious projects — but they all fail to provide Scholarships related or any other schemes related information hoardings in different neighbourhoods of the cities. 

Secondly, even if a Muslim student applies for a scholarship - he/she lacks the means in followups. "Means" could be interpreted in two ways; means to pay the bribe in getting the necessary application passed or means to put a successful followup efforts on a regular basis. Muslims are extremely hesitant in paying the bribe or so called "suvidha shulk"; and at once start complaining about the discrimination in the system. Muslims in India should be grateful that in India "Bribe" does not discriminates among any. If you have money...the work gets done. But unfortunately, offering bribes haven't gone too well among the Muslim community — which naturally results in delay of work or sometimes no work at all. In fact, there is one Non-Profit Muslim Organization in Lucknow that helps the very needy Muslim student in paying the bribe money in order for them to get scholarships from Government.

Muslim community, in order, to benefit from such schemes of Government, have to work like other minority communities of India.

Some Important Scholarship Websites for Minorities in India:  

Parvaaz Foundation (formerly Aaghaz Educational Foundation) is a non-profit organization working towards eradication of illiteracy from the community and can be reached at:[at] or call on 09936177112,  09839288000,  09415020212. At present, Parvaaz provides tuition fees to over 650 needy and deserving students studying in various schools of Lucknow. It's a 100% Community Driven Program...where your and mine efforts make a difference in lives of thousands of school going children. Join us and be a part of this cause. 

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