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Campaign for primary education in madrasas

Baghpat: Millat Charitable Trust has decided to start an awareness campaign and asked all religious educational institutions to start at least a primary section for secular studies at par with government standards to get it recognized by the Department of Education and affiliated to UP Madrasa Board. This would provide employment opportunities for their students in government offices. It also stated that when many religious institutions are providing computer, English and Hindi education, there is no difficulty in setting up separate department of primary education in these institutions and availing of all government facilities and concessions to them. If in such institutions departments of theology, Qur’an and Hadees are kept separate and recognised primary education department’s syllabi are introduced, there will be motivation for religious education among other students also and they will be protected from the prevailing unhealthy and immoral habits and practices in government and modern educational institutions.

Millat Charitable Trust authorities said that religious educational institutions and systems were set up by them, on their own. What is needed is that these should be brought in harmony with govt. set up and equipped with modern requirements and standards.